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New Bondage Furniture

Four years ago, my sweetie found this outdoor storage container on sale at an outlet store and thought it would be lots of fun to lock me in it once in a while. But we didn’t actually want to set it up outdoors: heat, bugs, etc. didn’t sound like kinky fun. So it stayed in the shipping box for years.

Now we finally have room to set it up in our new place! And while I only had a few moments for a quick tryout right after setup, my friend Dreamkissed offered to give it a proper trial run of at least an hour. So I gave her the “bondage dumpster” experience!

I guess she liked the new furniture since she fell asleep in there. 🙂 It’s all soft pillows and foam, so it’s super comfy. Still needs a ventilation fan for long-term sessions, and maybe a little extra padding on the floor for comfort. But I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Oh… and it’s really close to a shower… in case someone ends up in there in a bag with the bakery trash… heh heh heh.

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