A Foodiful Surprise

— by Anonymous —

John was a bit of a lonely bloke and hadn’t had a girlfriend for a number of months. One day he decided that he wanted a bit of fun and as his father was on holiday and his sister was staying at her boyfriends he thought it would be the perfect time to have a little fun. John went down to the shops and came back with 10 tins each of catering custard and beans. He then proceeded to tip the entire contents into the bath with custard at one end and beans in the other

The weather was terrible outside and he saw a number of people that he thought were wearing the right clothes to get drenched not like they were in rain but in food, but of course it was ridiculous to think that he could ask them to join him. When Jon had finally put all the contents into the bath he went into his sister’s room and looked around to see what he could put on. He decided on her purple jumper that was really warm and its neck came up to his neck and then was folded over to be quite thick. He then put on a pair of her leggings and then the main feature, her only pair of boots that had cost her 90 pounds. He knew he shouldn’t but he did.

He then walked into the bathroom, looked at the mess and just got in. The custard and beans come up to just below the knee-high boots and he started to put his hands into the mess and move it up his leg. He then sat down in the bath and was covered up to the neck of the jumper in the beans and custard. He sat there for about 5 minutes just messing about in it and then there was someone calling at the door. He suddenly realised that he hadn’t shut the door properly. The door to the apartment was a bit old and had to be pushed firmly for it to be shut completely otherwise it would just pop open with a gust of wind flowing through the corridor.

The voice was of Clare, a single girl that lived opposite and was a bit of a babe. They had often spoke but it never went further as she always had a boyfriend. Jon didn’t know what to do and thought that he couldn’t get out as the food would be dripped everywhere and he could lock the door as she would think that this was strange so he just laid there and waited. Clare eventually made her way up to the bathroom door and she opened it and looked in. All that Jon could do was smile and say hello. Clare was shocked and gobsmacked. She then came out with asking what he was doing so he thought he had better tell her the truth; she looked at him and asked if she could join in. It was then his turn to be shocked. She took of her socking wet puffa jacket and revealed a jumper not to dissimilar to the one of his sisters that he was wearing but it was black, much thicker and looked warmer. Clare also had on a leather skirt that was 3/4 length and then her pair of knee-high zipped boots that she always wore especially on nasty days and to the night-clubs.

Clare was soaked through as it was raining heavily outside. Jon asked if she was going to take of her clothes and Clare responded with the fact that he was wearing clothes in the food and that they were wet through anyway. Jon even asked about her boots and Clare said no as they added to the fun, Jon then revealed that he was also wearing legging and his sisters boots. She then lifted up on leg and just put it into the bath and then the other. Her boots were then fully in the bath and her skirt was just covered in custard and beans, she then proceeded to sit down in the bath slowly lowering herself until she was sitting down on the bottom. Jon asked her how she was felling and Clare said great but wished she was wearing trousers or legging like him as the custard and cream had gone up her skirt and covering her panties.

They sat together in the bath for about 5 minutes and the Clare started to explain how she always had a fascination to get wet and messy, she said that on a wet day you would always find her out somewhere getting soaked through. Jon thought that this was the perfect time to do something that he had always wanted to do, touch her boots. As she was sitting at the other end of the bath he could reach them as they were up by his hands. He started to rub his hands up and down the leather and then with one tug he pulled Clare towards him and her head went straight under the food and when she popped back up she was now totally covered. She was not to happy but then thought about getting him back. She stood up and took of her skirt. It was not doing anything but just getting in the way. She then knelt down in front of Jon and started to rub the custard all other his face and around his body. Jon then saw another opportunity and he scooped up a handful of the custard/beans mismatch and chucked it down her jumper, the Clare dunked him and they proceeded to muck around for about half an hour in the bath and then Clare said that she would really have to go and get clean as she had to work tonight.

Clare worked at a local shoe shop and had to work some late nights. They decided that she couldn’t walk out of the apartment covered in food so they both got out and walked in the shower and washed themselves of fully clothed. Clare then put back on her skirt and coat and although she was soaked, she really only looked a bit more wet than when she had came in. They then kissed and arranged to meet again after work that evening. Later David watched, as Clare stood outside waiting for a bus in a short skirt, long waterproof coat and those boots that had early been covered in custard and beans now being soaked in the rain that was still chucking it down.