Allie’s Bet

— by Anonymous —

Allie should have known better than to bet on St. Stephen’s. A professor of psychology at Florida Tech, Allie was none the less torn when her alma mater, St. Stephen’s U. was slated to play a 1st round NCAA tournament basketball game against her current employer. Giving her more grief than anyone that week was her graduate assistant, Heather. Ultimately, a wager was made, with Heather setting the terms. “If you win I promise to enter the case file archives on my own time, before Spring Break begins…”

“Sounds great!” perked up Allie, temporarily forgetting that St. Steve’s was a 15th seed in the Southeast bracket. “What’s in it for you, Heather?”

Turning mischievously toward Allie, Heather grinned and said “Well, chief, let’s just say that if I win, I own your ass for the rest of the day.”

Allie gulped. “I’m not sure I get what you mean?” she asked half-worried, half-intrigued.

“Nothing major” Heather responded re-assuringly. “It’s just that it’s been a long year, and by your own admission, you work me like a dog. I just want a little payback. Don’t worry, it’ll all be in good fun. Besides, don’t you have any faith in your alma mater?”

“We’ll kick your ass!” shot back Allie instinctively “You’re on!”

The NCAA Tournament is notorious for early round upsets. However, this one was not to be. The final score Florida Tech 78 St. Steve’s 67. Almost immediately after the final buzzer, Allie’s phone rang. “Put on your Sunday best, chief.” It was Heather, speaking in a stern monotone “I’ll pick you up in precisely one hour. We’re going to Artaud’s, your treat.”

“Artaud’s, Heather? You’re not gonna be cheap tonight, are you?”

“Just be ready.” With that Allie proceeded to take a shower and get dressed. After getting ready, she stopped to admire herself. Though she had just hit the big 3-0, Allie didn’t look much older than the students she was teaching. Her shoulder length dirty-blond bob, green eyes and pouty lips perfectly offset her porcelain skin. She was dressed in a strapless, floral pattern dress that came to just above her knees, thigh-high suntan stockings, and a pair of strappy, white high-heeled sandals. Sipping a glass of white zinfandel, swaying to Lorena McKennitt’s “All Souls Night”, Allie fixated upon the image gazing back at her from the full-length mirror. “Mmmm….I could make love to myself all night long” she thought to herself.

BZZZZZZZZZ…..the doorbell rang. “Come in! It’s unlocked!” Allie shouted. It was Heather, but not like any Heather Allie had seen before. To say Heather dressed casually around the office was an understatement, but tonight…Wow, what a difference. Heather was beautiful by any standard. Her long, brown curly hair was flecked with sun-bleached blond. Her piercing green eyes, Mediterranean complexion, and button nose made for an extremely appealing combination of cute and exotic. She was wearing a little, black cocktail dress, black garter and stockings, and a pair of black high-heeled ankle strap sandals.

“Hi chief! Ready for Artaud’s ?”

“Uh sure, Heather. I have to say you look really nice tonight.”

“You don’t look half bad yourself, chief…I mean Allie…I forgot, I’m in charge tonight”

“By the way, Heather, what’s the deal with tonight?”

“Well, I thought you’d treat me to a nice little meal and some wine.” replied Heather innocently “And then?…”asked Allie with a hint of concern

“Now that’s the fun part. Don’t think I’m going to spoil the surprise!”

One expensive dinner and almost two bottles of wine later, Allie and Heather arrived back at Heather’s house. Allie was now a little tipsy and wondering just what Heather had in mind. Was Heather trying to seduce her? The thought had Allie more than a little nervous, yet somehow it seemed intriguing. Allie had never fantasized about a woman before, but Allie had to admit that her eyes kept wandering back to Heather. Then again, she thought “Maybe I’m overreacting”.

Heather could sense the tension surging through Allie. It was now time to take control. “Allie?”


“The time is now.” Heather spoke in a firm but almost hypnotically relaxing tone of voice. “I know you’re probably a little nervous about what is going to happen to you shortly. I want you to relax. I need you to surrender to my will. Listen to me and enjoy the ride. Are you ready?”

“Yes” said Allie breathily

“Good. First I must blindfold you.” Heather then tied a silk sash over Allie ‘s eyes. “Now follow me.” Heather took Allie by the hand a led her down a flight of stairs. Once downstairs, Heather commanded Allie to get down on all fours. The drones of the Velvet Underground’s first album played in the background, lending a foreboding ambiance to the occasion. Over the drones, Allie seemed to hear a second pair of footsteps. She then felt a sandal clad foot graze softly against her cheek, then lips. The three criss-cross toe straps and nylon-clad toes seemed to feel like how she remembered Heather’s feet looked.

Heather’s voice cooed seductively “Allie, I want you to use that sexy tongue on my foot. Make love to it the way I know you want to.” Allie then took the foot in her hands. She started to lightly kiss each toe, before using her tongue to explore each space between toes. Massaging the instep with her hand, Allie started sucking the toes, her tongue sandwiched between the nylon-clad toes and the sole of the sandal. The sighs of pleasure coming from above, the wine, and the droning music were combining to make Allie feel alive in a way she had never quite felt before. At this point, she wanted nothing more than to rip off the blindfold and ravish Heather. As her tongue worked its way up the foot to the ankle, Allie could feel that she was getting wet between her legs…

All of a sudden, Allie felt a pair of lingerie clad breast gently stroke against…her back?? Allie could feel Heather’s warm, sweet breath in her left ear as she said in a voice barely above a whisper. “You’re doing wonderfully, my little flower….I’m going to remove your blindfold now.” When the blindfold was removed, Allie looked up. “Oh my god….” , she thought.

It was Wendy, her top student, looking down on her, with a look of satisfaction. She looked like an angel, her long strawberry blond hair winged back revealing her gorgeous baby blue faraway eyes, and lightly freckled skin. She was clad in a white teddy, a white garter, suntan stockings and a pair of white high-heeled ankle strap sandals that were identical to Heather’s in all but color.

Heather then swung around to face Allie. She was now dressed in a black teddy, in fact she was dressed like a negative image of Wendy. She got behind Wendy, straddled her, and lightly kissed her cheek while stroking her hair. Wendy sighed deeply, and then turned her head to kiss Heather sweetly on the lips. Heather then turned her attention to Allie. “Allie, I hope you don’t mind. Wendy is here to earn extra credit assisting me tonight. With your approval, of course.”

Allie looked up at Wendy. She had a puppy dog look of anticipation on her face. “Oh… why not!” Allie sighed, trying to hide any looks of infatuation. She was now completely disoriented. Allie felt very embarrassed, yet aroused. She had no idea what was next. Heather then nodded to Wendy, who then proceeded to take Allie by the hand and lead her to a support beam. Wendy then used the silk sash to loosely tie Allie to the support beam, hands behind her back. Heather then walked up to Allie and started caressing her.

“Allie, I had a wonderful time tonight at dinner.” Heather cooed as she moved her lips tantalizingly close to Allie’ s. “But it was missing just one thing”

“What would that be?” Allie purred seductively, her eyes locked in a longing gaze with the luscious brunette temptress.

“Why dessert, of course!” With that Heather took the de-tinned banana cream pie Wendy had slipped her, and sensuously smeared it in Allie’s face. As the cool cream exploded across her face, Allie felt a shudder go throughout her body. Impulsively, she licked Heather’s cream and crust covered fingers. “Allie!” giggled Heather, slightly taken aback “You really seemed to enjoy that, you wildwoman. This is gonna be fun. Ohhh Wendy. Please be a dear and clean off our guest’s eyes. It’s time for you to earn your extra credit.”

Wendy then reemerged with a rolling tray loaded with dozens of cream pies of various flavors. Heather then produced a chair for Allie to sit on. “Have you ever had a lap dance, Allie?” asked Heather. Allie shook her head no. “Well, Wendy’s dying to give you one. Don’t you think she’s beautiful?”

“Without question.” Allie looked straight at Wendy and said invitingly “I’m all yours. Don’t hold anything back.” Wendy broke out into a big grin, like a little kid just about to open her Christmas presents, she turned toward Heather who nodded approvingly, and then picked up a heaping key lime pie. She then walked over to Allie , sat down on her lap, cleared the pie left on her face, and then kissed her passionately on the lips.

Wendy then forcefully smushed the Key Lime Pie right in Allie’s kisser. Allie moaned appreciatively. Then Wendy pulled her teddy down, exposing her voluptuous breasts. She grabbed Allie by the back of her head and pulled her face toward her chest and started to grind away. “No wonder men have such a thing about big breasts” Allie thought to herself. Wendy slowly pulled away and again gave Allie a long, slow, wet kiss, getting a little white cream and green filling on her face in the process. As she saw Wendy’s face, Allie began to hope fervently she would have a chance to return the pieing. For the time being, this was out of her hands.

Wendy grabbed two whipped cream topped cherry pies and pied Allie’s breasts, making sure the bulk of the mess got inside her dress. She then massaged Allie’s chest, working in the cream and cherry filling. After another long kiss, Wendy got up and started obliterating Allie’s dress with a mix of chocolate cream, and lemon meringue pies. When she was finished, Wendy paused for a moment to admire her work. She then unzipped Allie’s dress and slowly wriggled it off her.

Allie was now stripped down to only her little white panties, stockings and sandals. Wendy then removed her teddy altogether, exposing her neatly trimmed bush. Picking up an extraordinarily thick and gooey marshmallow cream pie out of its tin with both hands, Wendy then straddled Allie and gently pushed the pie into her face, completely obliterating her features. With two heaping handfuls of excess pie cream, Wendy massaged Allie’s bare chest, paying special attention to her deliciously pointed nipples.

As she did this, Allie began to notice Wendy was getting rather moist between her legs. Seemingly reading Allie’s mind, Wendy took a pie covered finger to her wet mound. She then offered the scented finger to her captive, who ecstatically slurped it up. Wendy then dipped her hand into another marshmallow cream pie and pulled out a giant handful. Allie braced herself for what was coming. Wendy smashed the pie cream into Allie’s crotch, fingering her clitoris as she worked the cream in. Allie started breathing harder and harder as first one and then two fingers penetrated her sugar walls. The two women’s bodies rubbed against each other, lubricated with sweat and pie cream. As Allie approached orgasm, time seemed to stop. As waves of ectascy began to reverberate from her vagina, Wendy smashed a de-tinned banana cream pie right into Allie’s face. The impact of the creamy pie intensified the orgasm to such a degree that Allie let out a scream of pure ecstasy.

As the two of them caught their breath, Heather re-emerged, thrilled with Wendy’s performance. She walked over to the couple and reached out to Wendy, who took her hand and got up. Allie felt a twinge of jealousy as Heather started kissing and caressing Wendy, occasionally pausing to look at Allie devilishly, as if to say “You lost our bet, remember?” “So Allie, how did my little angel do tonight?” asked Heather, while still focusing her eyes and hands on the lovely Wendy.

“She was wonderful.” said Allie warmly “If you untie me, I could show her my appreciation up close and personal.”

“Now come on Allie. I did win the bet. I’ll do the rewarding around here.” said Heather as she moved her hand down to Wendy’s mound. “But I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll let you share the reward with Wendy. Wendy, if you want to share your reward with your new playmate, untie her and bring her over to the sofa” Wendy’s and Allie’s eyes both lit up. Allie licked her pie covered lips. Wendy walked over, untied Allie and the two lovers embraced. Wendy then dropped to her knees, hooked Allie’s panties around her thumbs, and yanked them down. She then stuck her nose between Allie’s legs and smelled her womanhood.

“I said the sofa Wendy!” said Heather, pointing to the couch in the corner. Wendy and Allie walked over to the sofa hand in hand. Wendy then sat Allie down , sat on her lap, and put her arm around her. Heather then sat down next to Allie and pulled out a 2 ft sheet cake with extra frosting off the pie cart. Allie and Wendy put their heads together, with their faces side by side, both tingling with anticipation.

Heather held the cake about 4 inches from their faces, psyching them out several times before plunging the gooey confection deep into their waiting faces. Heather swirled the cake sheet around for maximum coverage before slowly removing the cake sheet. Both women cleared their eyes, looked at each other’s completely frosting covered face, and got instantly wet. Allie kissed Wendy full on the lips, and the two of them rubbed their faces against each other, further smearing the frosting.

Heather then took a pair of key lime pies and plastered them to Wendy’s chest. She did likewise to Allie with a pair of coconut cream pies. This was followed up with a cherry cream pie to each girl’s stomach. As the pies hit, the telephone rang.

“I can’t believe this!” shouted Heather “I was just getting started! Look ladies, I’m gonna take this call upstairs. Here’s a tray of marshmallow cream pies to keep you busy. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Once Heather left the room, Wendy finally spoke up. “I can’t believe we’re doing this! This is so crazy!”

“You mean having a naked pie fight with your Psych professor?”

“Yeah that…I mean I’ve never made love to a woman before and if you don’t want to…I mean I want to…make love to you…but…”

“Of course I want to make love to you” Allie said reassuringly as she took Wendy’s hand “Look, no matter what happens after tonight, don’t worry about it, tonight nothing’s off limits” Allie then kissed Wendy on the cheek and rearranged their sitting position so that both women were seated on the sofa facing each other, legs spread, vaginal lips touching. Allie wiped Wendy’s face clean and then her own.

She then reached over and grabbed two pies, handed one to Wendy, and kept one for herself, which both lovers both promptly de-tinned. “Wendy, my love” Allie cooed affectionately “I want to thank you for the hottest, the funniest, and the sexiest experience of my life. This exchange of pies will symbolize our mutual exploration of each other this evening.” With that the two lovers slowly and sensually pied each others face, smearing the marshmallow cream and crust in a circular motion, while simultaneously grinding their two wet pussies together. Allie and Wendy slowly opened their eyes to look at each other, avoiding wiping their eyes clear to preserve maximum facial coverage. Wendy’s face was completely covered in white with the exception of her open eyes and slightly open mouth, and her hair was streaked with pie cream. Allie’s face was also totally pie covered with a stubborn piece of crust still stuck to her left cheek, her dirty blond hair sticky with pie. The sight of each others pie covered faces caused the two lovers to speed up their perfectly rhythmic thrusting. Allie was so worked up, she grabbed Wendy by the hair and pulled her close for an intense, seemingly endless french kiss. After the kiss, Wendy reached over for another pie and handed it to Allie. “Allie, I’m gonna cum anytime now. When I say now, let me have it. Pie my face like its never been pied before.”

“Anything for you, you little vixen. Just close your eyes and let me take you to heaven” Wendy closed her eyes, and Allie picked up a second pie. She held both pies tantalizingly close to Wendy’s face while Wendy wrapped her arms tightly around Allie’s waist. Both women were breathing rapidly and moaning. Wendy was starting to scream “Oh…oh yeah…harder…oh yeah…oh…oh..oh..NOW!” At that moment, Allie smushed both pies into Wendy’s face and hair, as both lovers came simultaneously. “Oh Allie, I love you.” cooed Wendy as the two lovers embraced.

Now lying on top of Allie, Wendy started softly kissing her face all over, gradually working her way down her neck to Allie’s small, but perky breasts. Wendy gently licked and nibbled at each nipple, driving Allie crazy with lust. She then got off Allie and kneeled on the floor in front of the sofa. Wendy picked up a tub of Cool Whip, spread her lover’s legs, and then proceeded to empty the entire contents on Allie’s spread pussy. “I am now going to give myself a hair-pie in the face” Wendy solemnly proclaimed, and with that dove face first into the Cool Whip. Her tongue worked fast and furious, darting in and out of Allie’s folds, teasing her clit. Allie seethed with passion as her lover brought her to new peaks of ectascy. It was the best oral sex Allie had ever had in her life. Wendy seemed to instinctively know Allie’s little pleasure spots. As she began to focus on Allie’s clit , Wendy could feel her lover’s legs wrapping around her head tighter. Allie was thrusting her womanhood with increasing intensity, fucking Wendy’s creamy face. As the thunderous orgasm approached, Allie took another cream pie and pied herself forcefully. Wendy soon came up for air, climbing back on the loveseat, embracing her lover and kissing her, giving Allie a taste of herself, as their tongues intermingled.

Allie then reached over for another marshmallow cream confection, and lovingly pied Wendy’s face yet again. “Hey, what was that for?” asked Wendy

“No reason.” replied Allie “I just love pieing your gorgeous little face. Are you enjoying it?”

“Totally. All those pies were originally meant for you. But when I put that first key lime pie in your face, I knew that I had to experience what you were feeling myself. When Heather put that cake in our faces, I could hardly control myself, it felt so good. Each pie you hit me with just makes me want you more. I’m looking at you now, all messy and everything, and it puts me in heat. I love the expression you make right after I pie you, all indignant at first, then ecstatic.” Changing the subject, Wendy continued “I have a confession to make, Allie. In class, I can’t keep my eyes off you. I love those short skirts you always wear to show off your legs, and you always have the sexiest, strappiest sandals on. That’s why I started dressing like that. I figured that if you were turning me on , you must be driving the guys wild. I never thought about actually…getting together…with you, but when Heather found out I worked at a bakery part-time and set up this deal…I asked to be a part of it. Heather asked me if I would be willing to fool around with her a little tonight, in the spirit of fun. I told her I had never fooled around with women, but that I had an open mind. She said ‘Cool. Things could get interesting between the three of us’.”

“Yeah, what happened to Heather? She’s missing her own party.” “She’s probably arguing with that asshole boyfriend of hers, Allie. I don’t know why she keeps putting up with him. Who needs men anyway? Let’s 69, teech!”

“That’s one phrase I didn’t think I’d hear this semester.”

“Well that calls for another round of pies, if I do say so myself.”

With that Wendy and Allie stood up. They each took two extra-large banana cream pies and de-tinned them, and then stood facing each other toe to suntan stockinged, strappy white high heeled sandaled toe. On a three count, each girl pied the other’s face with their right hand and the other’s pussy with their left. The pies were smeared slowly and sensually for about thirty seconds, as Wendy and Allie moaned and sucked each other’s fingers. As they did this, excess pie cream dripped down their legs onto their feet and wiggling toes.

“Oh dear, what a mess.” sighed Allie, with mock sincerity “This will never do.” Allie led the still blinded-by-pie Wendy back to the loveseat and laid her down. Laying down opposite her, Allie started licking Wendy’s pie covered sandals. Wendy followed suit and took Allie’s nylon clad tootsies into her mouth, fulfilling yet another fantasy.

“Mmmm…not only do you have beautiful feet to look at, Allie, they taste great, too.” said Wendy playfully.

“Yeah, your tootsies are pretty tasty, too. But I bet your sweet, young pussy is even tastier.” moaned Allie sexily.

“You’ve got a point there, Allie.” The two lovers, lubricated with pie cream, slid their faces into mutual muff dive position. Allie’s tongue went to work on Wendy’s folds as Wendy teased Allie’s clit with soft kisses. The two lovers ate each other out with gusto, building up to near peaks, periodically slackening the pace to prolong the sensations. Wendy and Allie starting slurping each other’s throbbing clits with increasing speed and intensity, finally exploding in a violent crescendo of thrusting, grunting and moaning. The two lovers experienced a mutual, simultaneous orgasm that seemed to fuse their two bodies together, as what felt like an electrical current surged through their bodies. Afterwards, Allie spun around and silently cuddled with Wendy, as the two lovers caught their breath. Both knew that they had just shared the greatest erotic experience of their lifetime…and it wasn’t over yet. There was still over 30 pies and two more cakes on the cart, and one thoroughly unpied brunette to play with.

Allie and Wendy took turns toweling each other off, totally clearing their faces and getting most of the accumulated pie off their bodies. Wendy put her white teddy back on, as Allie de-tinned the rest of the pies. “I can’t wait for Heather to get back down here.” mused Allie “We’re gonna give her the pieing of a lifetime.”

“Among other things.” said Wendy as she walked over to a remote corner of the basement and picked up a strap-on dildo.

“My lord! What did Heather have planned for you anyway!?” “She is so bad.” giggled Allie, as she took the dildo from Wendy “I think we might have to turn the tables a little bit.”

“You mean, give her a little taste of your medicine” cooed Wendy, as she stroked Allie’s bush ” I think she’ll like that.”

“Wendy, I think I hear her coming. Just follow my lead.” Allie then proceeded to strap on the dildo, which had a french tickler used to get the wearer off, and loosely wrapped a towel around herself, in order to conceal it.

Heather came down the stairs wearing a smug smile. “Ladies, I finally did it!” she announced “I dumped that scumbag! I’m a free woman!”

“Congratulations, Heather! It took you long enough.” responded Allie “You missed a great pie fight. Wendy and I are gonna go shower up and grab some coffee. Wanna join us?”

“Hold on!” shouted Heather “What about our bet?!”

“Well, I took you out to dinner, and Wendy took care of pieing me.” Allie offered teasingly “Believe me, I was totally pied. What else did you plan to subject me to?”

“Well…uh…” stammered Heather, suddenly turning shy “I didn’t really get a chance… to pie you the way I wanted to.”

“So this is about pies.” said Allie, feigning disappointment. Taking a hold of Heather’s hands, she moved in for the kill “I thought you might have wanted to make love to me.” Turning towards Wendy, she continued “Oh well. Wendy have you ever tried Java Hut’s double expresso. C’est magnifique!”

As Wendy and Allie walked towards the stairs, Heather cried out anxiously. “Wait! Won’t you both please stay a little longer?” Wendy and Allie looked at each other, giggled, and then slowly walked over to Heather.

As Wendy gently massaged Heather’s shoulders, Allie got up close to her prey. “The question, my lovely Heather, is how bad do you want us?” Allie then reached for a pie and held it mere inches from Heather’s face “Would you let me take this thick, gooey lemon meringue pie and rub it in your face?”

Heather looked her tormentor straight in the eyes and replied seductively “With pleasure.” Allie pushed the pie into Heather’s waiting face, twirling the crust in a circular motion. As she removed her hand, the pieces of crust slowly slid off, leaving Heather’s gorgeous face a gooey swirl of lemon custard and white cream. Heather muttered an almost inaudible “Wow” , as the sensation of the cool, gooey mess on her face made her tingle all over.

Allie then picked up a coconut cream pie. “Would you like me to pie you again?” Allie purred “You look so cute with a pie-face, I could just eat you up.”

Heather licked her lips thinking of her mentor’s face between her legs, and responded “Let me have it!” Allie pied Heather’s face forcefully, pushing her back into Wendy’s waiting arms.

Wendy started to nibble on Heather’s pie-covered ear, driving her crazy with lust. “Mmmm, you taste good.” Wendy whispered softly “But I’d love to see how you wear banana cream”

“Ohhh, that’s my favorite flavor” murmured Heather as she picked out the thickest, gooiest banana cream pie off the rack and handed it to Wendy. “Please do me the honor of putting this in my face.” Wendy happily obliged, smearing the overloaded pie all around her friend’s face as she rubbed her barely concealed breasts on Heather’s back. Wendy used the excess pie cream on Heather’s teddy-covered breasts, causing her to gasp and moan.

Still blinded with banana cream pie, Heather did not see Allie approach with two chocolate cream pies. Wendy pulled Heather’s teddy down to her ankles, as Allie delivered a pie to each bare breast. “Oh god…that feels so good.” Heather moaned as Allie massaged her gooey pie-covered breasts. As Allie stroked and pinched Heather’s deliciously hard nipples, Wendy picked up two cool whip loaded cherry cream pies. She smashed one pie into Heather’s dripping wet pussy and the other into her firm ass. After helping Wendy massage the cream and cherry filling into Heather’s hot, wet pussy, Allie dropped to her knees and started furiously eating her out. Wendy started licking Heather’s face clean, pausing occasionally to passionately french kiss her. Heather, between moaning and biting her lower lip, managed to pull down Wendy’s teddy and feel up her ample breasts. As Heather moved closer to orgasm, Wendy picked up two marshmallow cream pies and handed one to Heather. Seconds later, Heather started to scream. “Oh..oh..oh..OH..OH” SPLAT!! Wendy and Heather smashed the pies in each other’s faces, and marshmallow cream flew everywhere. The pie in the face triggered the most intense orgasm Heather had ever experienced, as she rode Allie’s face for all she was worth.

When Allie stood up, Heather rewarded her with a lovingly rubbed in faceful of banana cream pie. Allie then picked up two key lime pies and pied Heather’s and Wendy’s faces simultaneously. Heather and Wendy retaliated, taking turns pieing Allie’s face and body with a series of cool whip pies.

Allie then took Heather by the hand and led her to the sofa. Unwrapping the towel, Heather discovered the dildo strapped to Allie. “Oh my God!” shrieked Heather “I forgot all about that thing!”

“Do you want me to use it on you, cupcake?” Heather smiled mischievously , spread her legs, fingered her pussy, and said playfully “Climb aboard, pardner” Allie mounted Heather, who let out a soft gasp as she was being penetrated. With each thrust, Allie got deeper inside Heather. Soon, the lovers got into rhythmic unison, with Heather’s legs wrapped tightly around Allie. They embraced and kissed passionately, their erect nipples grinding against each other.

Wendy, wanting to take part, picked up another 2ft long double-frosted sheet cake. After getting Allie and Heather to turn their heads sideways, Wendy gently pushed the cake into their faces. The two lovers enthusiastically ground their faces into the cake for maximum coverage, before french kissing once again. Wendy took the extra cake and rubbed it all over Allie’s and Heather’s respective chests. Allie’s thrusting was picking up intensity, as both lover’s moans turned to screams. At the moment of climax, Wendy smashed coconut cream pies in both Allie’s and Heather’s faces, vigorously rubbing them in.

After cooling down, and exchanging one more passionate kiss, Allie and Heather turned their attention to their virtually clean prize student. Heather walked over to the pie cart and picked up two huge lemon meringue pies. After handing one to Allie, they proceeded to give Wendy a very messy pie in the face sandwich. They then sandwiched Wendy’s clean body against their pie covered bodies and ground away, messing her up some more.

After removing Wendy’s teddy altogether, Allie picked up the last 2ft sheet cake and smashed it into Wendy’s chest, totally covering not Wendy’s large breasts, but her tight stomach and neatly trimmed bush with gooey cream. Leading Wendy over to the sofa, Heather spread her legs and began eating her out. Allie concentrated on Wendy’s breasts licking, sucking on, and lightly biting her erect cake-covered nipples.

After a few minutes of this, Heather pulled away and strapped on the dildo. Laying down on the sofa, she had Wendy get on top of her. Wendy guided the dildo inside her and started grinding away. Allie steered the pie cart over to the side of the sofa, and then proceeded to straddle Heather’s face, facing Wendy. Picking up a banana cream pie, Allie slowly and deliberately pied Wendy’s face. Wendy returned the favor and slowly pied Allie’s face with a chocolate cream pie. Each pie in the face was followed by a long, wet, sloppy kiss.

The erotic, tit-for-tat cream pie facial exchange continued until there were but three marshmallow cream pies left. As all three lovers, reached a scarifying climax Wendy and Allie pied each other in the face one final time, as a warm orgasmic rush told a hold of their bodies. Climbing off of Heather, the three lovers sat next to each other, exhausted, but completely satisfied.

As a coda to this most carnal of nights, Allie picked up the final pie. “Heather.” Allie intoned “This night together with the three of us was the most fun I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure that’s the case with all three of us. Because this was your idea, to show our gratitude, Wendy and I would like to present you with this final pie.” Wendy and Allie then took the final pie and slowly smeared it in Heather’s face for a full minute, and followed it up with a final group hug before collapsing exhausted, into a pile. New doors were opened for all three women that night. The three women would remain close in both their professional and personal lives. Their newly discovered bi-sexuality, and pie-sexuality, would lead each to frequently re-live the experience and share it with other partners as well. But that’s another story.