Another Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Myself Into…

— by ADVNTR123 —

I was in a bit of a dry spell in my dating life, and having always loved the feeling of helplessness of bondage (but with no one to help) I started experimenting with different ways to immobilize myself. This really gave me a thrill, not only for all of the prep time that would go into it, but also there is an added rush when you think that this time, you *just… might … not…* get free… and you did it to yourself!

On this particular day I wanted to try to accomplish the entire feat using nothing that was not commonly available in a normal household. This added to the feeling that it could happen at any given time, anywhere… I knew my friend, Mellisa, had to work from 12-6, and so at 12:05, just before I began my adventure, I called her workplace and left a message for her to swing by after work. This way she could use her key to the apartment and rescue me if my timing was off and I got myself stuck. She and I had talked often about various bondage fantasies, and I knew she got into it with *her* girlfriend and had a very mischievous mind… the perfect deterrent, as I *knew* I wouldn’t want to end up in her clutches. I had dreamed of it, but as her tastes were not for my sex, we had just remained great friends (although she always said that given the right circumstances, … who could know??!) Hanging up the phone, I unpacked the supplies:

In the kitchen, on the floor beside the stove I placed a small knife on a plate. I would have to work my way out of the bedroom, down the hall, through the living room and into the kitchen to cut my way free. However, since I was planning to hog-tie myself, this would be very difficult and time consuming. I went into the bedroom and opened a fresh cotton rope. I unrolled it and cut it into pieces of various lengths (so that untieing one series of knots would only release one part). Then I laid them out on the floor of my bedroom. I then laid out my old sleeping bag, for cushioning, and got out the box of Christmas tree disposal bags left over from last December (these are large oversized trash bags). I placed the bag around the open sleeping bag, and viola! A comfy spot that would also keep the carpet clean (since apartment deposits and cleaning are so expensive!) Finally, I got out the elastic blindfold I had made, complete with padded sections around the eyes, which completely eliminates cheating. Finally, I got out the 32 oz. bottle of Elmers Glue I had purchased from the warehouse club store across the street.

Finally, it was time to begin. I stripped down to a pair of old boxer shorts, crossed my legs, and beginning at my big toes, used one rope at a time to bind my legs together. I made sure that they were tight and could only be untied by reaching my knees, which since I was to be hog-tied, meant that my legs could only be freed once my hands were free. First the toes were bound (also adding an erotic feel) then the ankles, then below the knees, then above the knees. Then I finally tied my ankles to the ropes around my thighs, pulling the strap tight and locking my legs tightly and solidly into position. Now my legs were completely immobilized, and I thought about quitting right there while I could still undo the knots, but with excited, shaking hands I continued.

I had prepared an elaborate version of the handcuff knot, which is similar to a hangmans noose, with two loops. The rope slides only one direction… once tightened, it *won’t* come loose! The free ends of this were where the challenge of escape was: I would tie them with a string of knots to my knees and to the bed post with the knots being *just* barely within fingertip reach once complete. From practice, I knew I was able to safely untie 18 tightly made knots in 20 minutes. I also knew from several experiments that ropes soaked in Elmers Glue harden to the point to where knots in ropes can’t be untied after 20 minutes… here was the challenge! After tying 15 knots (I left some to spare, the reason will soon be described) I opened the jug of Elmers and poured it thickly onto the ropes and knots, rubbing it in. I also covered the handcuff knot, so that once on there would be no way out but to squirm my way to the knife and cut my way out. But if I didn’t get the knots untied before the glue dried, I would be stranded there, unable to reach the knife unless I could pull my bed down the hall (not!). The glue had the added effect of coating me in a slippery (until dry!) coating that added to the experience. After also spilling a good quantity onto the other ropes and my body, I knew that even once free, I d have to wait for the glue to firm up or else risk ruining my carpet… and I had the constant knowledge that the knots would be ever so slowly but surely drying… thus creating the perfect bondage time-trap!

I slipped on the blindfold and it’s well crafted shape pressed quickly into place: it was not coming off without hands specifically removing it! Feeling the glue starting to dry, I quickly sat up on my legs and slid my hands into the gooey knots behind my back, coating the fingers and making the challenge even greater, and before I would loose my nerve, I leaned to the front and fell onto my stomach, causing my legs to snap into the hog-tie position, which pulled the handcuff knot tight, securing my hands and pulling tight against the bedpost… I pulled on my hands and found that the knot had again worked perfectly: I was stuck and the game had begun!

All of the elaborate process of tying myself up had excited me and lying on my stomach, I needed no artificial stimulant. As I squirmed, my dick rubbed against the mat, thus creating another trap: As I struggled to escape, I stimulated myself more and more. Then my mind faced a serious decision: obey the libido or get the knots loose! I had used about half the bottle of glue, and it had run down onto the mat. As I struggled, I felt and heard the constant, “slurp” of the thick, slippery goo as it coated my legs and stomach. It was harder and harder to concentrate on untying the knots as my efforts pushed me closer and closer to cuming. This is why I had left a few less knots… I had to allow time to enjoy the situation before release! As Melissa often teased me, that is one of the disadvantages of being a man: once it’s over… you just feel silly until you can get it up again! After the third knot, my libido won out and I writhed against the unyielding bonds with all my might. A few moments later came the wave of release, pulling every knot tight and stretching every rope to its limit.

After a few seconds to catch my breath, I quickly resumed my task of untying the sticky knots, a task that was getting harder and harder. I knew that even if I did get them free, I’d still have the long squirm across the floor (good for another orgasm!) before I’d be able to cut myself free, and still have time to shower and clean up before Melissa came over.

On knot #9 I froze and felt a huge lump form in my stomach as I heard the door rattle and open with the jingle of keys!

Melissa’s voice called in: “Hello?” followed by the sound of footsteps down the hall.

When she got to the bedroom door, I heard a gasp and a quiet “Oh my God!” She rushed to me and pulled off the blindfold. “What happened?!”

Then she stopped, and a grin slowly spread across her face as she surveyed the room.

“You did this to *yourself*… didn’t you! I can’t believe you actually went through with it!” she squealed. My totally embarrassed expression was all the answer she needed as she burst out in laughter! “and you didn’t expect me until 6:00 did you?”

I shook my head. “Just *what* are you doing here now?” I asked.

“Got to go home early… another girl had to trade shifts.” she replied, appraising the situation. “Besides, if I had known this was waiting, I would have taken time off just to watch!” she giggled. “So I was your ‘safety net’?… hmmm… bad choice, but too late now!”

“I think Scotch is in order.” she said, walking to my kitchen. She & I had shared many bottles of Scotch, and she knew right where the good stuff was. As she left I frantically untied the next knot… but the glue was thickening at its constant rate, despite my own delay. I slowly got one knot free, but knew that it was now going to be very difficult to get the rest undone…if I could at all…

Melissa returned with my best bottle of scotch and a large glass filled with ice. Filling the glass, she said “It looks like you could use a drink!” I replied, still totally humiliated, that indeed, now would probably be a good time. “I don’t want to spill any…” she said as she took a large mouthful and leaning down, pressed her lips to mine, and passed along the 21 year old nectar to my trembling lips. “Good! you didn’t spill any!” she complimented. “How about another?” she stated and repeated the process.

“So just how did you plan on getting loose?” she asked, taking another swig for herself.

I explained about the knots and glue, and the knife in the kitchen. At the part about the glue she cringed. “Ew, that might hurt if it got on hairy spots!” She carefully examined my handiwork as she gave me another shot. “Nice job,… although, hmmmmm……”

On the next shot fed to me, I swallowed awkwardly spilling some of the liquid down my chin.

“Oh!” she shouted, leaping to her feet! “You wasted 21 year old scotch! I’m going to have to punish you for that!” I looked up and she winked. “Any objections?”

My heart skipped a few beats as I realized that one of my greatest fantasies might be ready to come true, as this tall beautiful woman was totally in control, and *wanted* to have fun with me! “I guess I deserve it…” I replied.

“Yes, I’d say you do!” she said. The rapid shots of scotch began to hit as I saw her sandaled feet approach and the black darkness of the blindfold recovered my eyes. “I’ve got to run out and get a few things.” she announced. “be back in a sec.!” and I heard the sound of footsteps followed by the click of the door and lock. I struggled with the knots, and managed to actually undo a couple more, but the time seemed to pass slowly, as it does when you’re immobilized and completely deprived of sight.

Soon I heard the door unlock and open again. “Honey, I’m home!” she called. I heard her set down some bags and soon she padded into the room. I heard her kick off her sandals. As she removed the blindfold, I opened my eyes to a set of perfect, red toenails. She said pitifully, “Still not free… what a shame!”

“If you wouldn’t have come over early, I’d be out by now” I protested.

She frowned. “I’d be a little nicer to me if I were you!” she reminded. “Tell you what… I’ll even give you a second chance! ” She went into the other room and carried in a bag. “I’ll hog-tie you *my* way, and if you can get free, I’ll make it worth your while… but if you can’t get free…”

“Yes?” I queried.

“Well, it *might* be worth MY while!” She smiled wickedly. “And since you’re in no position to bargain, I take it it’s a done deal!” At which point she took out the long, cotton rope. Starting at the elbows, she cinched them close together, wrapping each arm solidly before crossing to the other. As she worked down to my wrists, she gave them a wiggle, and seeing that I’d not be able to offer much resistance, pulled out a penknife and cut loose my glue encrusted bonds. “Man, this stuff is tough to cut when hard… I don’t think you’d have gotten out anyway…” she mussed. Then once the old bonds were free, she let me stretch a bit and massaged my wrists. “You’ll need the break” she explained. Then she continued knitting my arms together and tied each finger to the opposite compliment. Because of the evenness and quantity of her bonds the circulation to my hands was better, but the solid nature of the bonds made it a totally helpless situation.

Then cutting my legs free except for the ankles and toes, she repeated the process on my legs, until I was solidly mummified. “Let’s see, “she said thoughtfully inspecting her work,” you’re always bragging about how you could escape anything…” She then added 15-20 knots to the legs and wrapped a few loops from the ankles to the wrists. Pulling the rope taught, my knees bent and I was forced back into the hog-tie. She tied another 15 or so knots to secure it, then used the remaining rope to wrap the connecting rope tightly to my thighs, rendering me almost completely unable to budge! As a final act, she waved the pocket knife menacingly towards my crotch. “Ever wonder what Bobbit felt like?” she asked evily. Then in one fell swipe, she cut off my boxers… leaving me completely naked. Pushing my helpless body onto its side with her soft foot, she tied a short length of rope from just above my wrists down through between my legs and around the base of my dick. She wrapped the rope around and around, causing it to swell to full proportions. “That will keep you hard and ‘distracted’.”

She walked back to the box of Christmas tree bags and pulled out two more. Snapping them open, she worked one after the other around my bound knees up to my neck. Then she pulled the tie strap sung, but not too tight. “Don’t want you to get cold.” she said comfortingly.

She leaned down and fed me several more mouthfuls of scotch, lingering with her cool wet lips on mine. Again, this continued until a drop escaped, and she again snapped upright. “A repeat offender!” she shouted. “Just for that, no movies!” she sentenced as she pulled two video cassettes from the bag. “and, it looks like you have no incentive to get loose. By the way, I won’t cut you loose… I’ll leave the knife where it was and promise not to impede you, but I won’t help in any way!” Then she reapplied the blindfold.

As she left the room, I started wiggling my fingers, testing the knots. As I heard her fixing a snack in the kitchen, I found that I could get my fingers loose with a little more work, and felt the ropes around my hands. A wave of disappointment washed over me as I felt all of the knots within reach… I probably *could* get out without her help. I felt a little relieved, but also regretted not getting to experience total helplessness.

At this point I heard her bare feet pad back into the room. She tweaked my nose with her toe and said “By the way, since you got to use glue I decided to pick up some goodies at the store while I was out… see if you can guess what this is…”

I felt her hands pulling the bag open and reaching back to my rear. My hands tried to stop her from forcing some conical, plastic object up my butt, but my fingers weren’t free enough yet… I felt something thick and sticky squeeze into my rectum… along with the smell of chocolate.”

“I took a cake decorating class one time…” she mused as she emptied the bag of frosting up me. I had never had an enema, and the sensation felt like a cold, bad case of ‘the runs’. As she removed the tip, I felt the gooey mass ooze out. It was disgusting and humiliating… as I squirmed, it squished out and ran down between my legs. “That’s just so you have a little more incentive.” she said as she gave me a thick chocolate frosting kiss.

She padded out of the room and I heard the can opener open two large cans. I struggled to get my fingers free and managed to get the ones on my right hand loose as she reentered the room.

“Now, now, Mr. Houdini…” she chided. “let me finish before you ‘escape’ ! Time to guess substance number two!” I smelled nachos…

“Mexidips and chips?” I offered.

“Close!” she said as she pulled off the blindfold. In front of me were two 7 lb. cans of cheddar cheese sauce. I swallowed hard and emitted a quiet “eeewww!”

“Aren’t warehouse stores great?” she said with a tone of superiority. “It’s incredible the size of these things… it makes you wonder if they really *meant* for them to be just eaten…” She picked up the first can and began dumping it over my arms, pouring down toward my ankles. The thick, sticky sauce slowly engulfed me, soaking into and between the ropes, both coating me with a oozing, gooey mess and causing the ropes to soften, but also to swell. She puled the bag shut and announced “In ten minutes, I’ll add the other can… if you’re not free…” she added, presenting the possibility of escape. Walking close with her toes by my lips, she commended “Kiss me good-bye…” I knew that she had a foot thing, and I kissed her toes, sucking on them as she slowly wiggled them. I heard her moan quietly, and she said “Now I *know* I better not let you out!” and dumped the second can into the bag, and patting the excess air out, resealed it.

“Don’t worry, there’s more surprises in store!” she added as she slowly padded out of the room.

I tried loosening my other fingers, the thick cheese reducing every action into slow motion. The ropes stuck together, and I felt the cheese stick and suck at me with every move I made. I realized it was a trap better than I could have ever devised myself, and I struggled once more to loosen my bonds. The huge globs of cheese mushed around me and I knew that it would be a chore to clean up… I realized how absolutely ridiculous I must have looked and how strange and wonderful Melissa’s little mind worked! The constant sucking and oozing of the cheese combined with the back and forth motion of my struggles pulled on the rope around my dick and I felt the climb up to orgasm resume. As my breath quickened and I struggled futilly against the bonds I came with a loud moan that went on for what seemed forever, the dick-rope sustaining the orgasm.

When it was finally over, I heard a slow clapping from the doorway… she had quietly crawled back and watched the whole thing! “Way to go!” she congratulated. “you’ve got 5 more minutes until the next treatment… and too many more and the bag will be too heavy to move…”

As I started the slow process of squirming toward her voice and the door, I felt the weight of the goo in the bag and realized that she was right! Not having much slack to work with, I could only squirm forward a half inch or so with each action. “Good!” she said with mock encouragement. “You’ll make it down the hall in… oh… an hour or so at that rate!”

“Don’t you have some movies to watch?” I asked, embarrassed. “None as good as this!” she answered. I continued trying to work free of the ropes as I squirmed, slowly making my way to the door. I was able to undo a couple of knots by the time I reached the doorway. I heard Melissa’s voice chirp “Time!” and then heard her get up and go into the kitchen. More rustling of bags as I frantically worked at the ropes, undoing another knot and feeling the ropes stretching and loosening a tiny bit. Presently soft, bare feet on carpet returned and I felt the bag open.

“Brrr!” I cried as the thick, cold liquid spilled down my back. This was much stickier, it had to be molasses or honey. It kept coming and coming… just how big was this bottle?!? My hands were now a sticky, nearly helpless mess. The tangle of ropes were stuck together with the goo into globs and as she closed the bag, I heard the keys in her pockets jingle. Then I heard the sound of keys in cloth dropping to the floor. Her toes brushed my face as she placed what I gathered to be her shorts over my blindfolded head. “This time the kisses have to work their way up…” she said as she sat down, one leg on each side of me. I felt her toes work their way into my mouth and sucked obligingly. Her other foot caressed my head, massaging and moving it to her will. Then her toes slid out and I felt the soft skin of her calf. Kissing frantically as I worked the knots, she purred with satisfaction. Her feet wrapped over me and began to work the molten bag around me, mixing the gel inside.

Suddenly she stopped, and with a big cleansing breath of fresh air, announced that it was scotch time again. This time I heard her take a few drinks before feeding me my usual two shots. My head was buzzing both from the alcohol as well as from the isolated feeling that the blindfold and bag of stuff provided. I heard the TV come on and the sounds of video tapes being cued up.

“Did I bore you?” I called. “No, I’m just getting hot, and need to keep things going until the next ten minutes!” she called back. I shook off her shorts. This time I made it down the hall maybe ten feet… it was hard to tell with the blindfold and buzzing. Although I had a constant hard-on because of the dick-rope, and my libido constantly pressed onward for more, I tried to focus on the task at hand. Finally, the TV went silent and I heard her return.

A few moments later she returned. “Next!” she said as I felt a soft cloth drop over my head. This was followed by a strangely shaped bit of clothing that despite my situation could instantly be identified as her bra. She laid down on the floor and I felt her arms encircle my head. “Ravage me!” she moaned as I felt her small but firm breasts press to my face. I kissed and licked for all I was good as her hands lifted and guided my head to the desired spots. Her breathing became more and more agitated, and her hands more insisting. The bag clung to me at every point, the thick glue-like liquid now having formed a smooth, thick layer over my whole body. My feet and hands were encased in the oozing mire and it felt like the wonderful, warm inside of a woman. I felt my libido and body surge as I bit into her nipple. She gasped in ecstasy and cried out “Oh, yea!” as my body wrenched with another bone-crushing climax. As her fingers kept frantically running through my hair, I kept cuming, until totally exhausted, I collapsed into her lap.

“Enjoyed ourselves, did we?” she asked. I panted and nodded… it was all I could do.

“…and what about me?” she asked again. I couldn’t speak… I muttered a few syllables.

“Well, take heart… this is the last substance I could afford… but you still have a lot of work to do to make it worth my while” she consoled. With a slight grunt she got up and went into the kitchen. I was too tired to move, every muscle was dead. As I heard her soft footfalls, she sat down again and spoke.

“Your being this tired is no good to me. I’ve only got one piece of clothes left on… want to see?” At this she removed the blindfold. Sure enough, she sat there wearing only a pair of black satin panties. I had seen her in one piece swimsuits but this sight of her was a vision! Her long, slim legs reached past my range of vision over my shoulders, where her feet slowly rested on my shoulders. Sitting up on her elbows, she continued. “…and their getting almost too wet to wear! Now here’s the deal: I’ll add the last goop and then you have however long it takes to make it to the floor of the kitchen. Once there on the floor where the mess will be easier to clean up, I’ll cut you free, I promise. But there will be one obstacle in the way, and you’ll have one last task to perform…can you guess what that is?” Seeing her soaked panties, I raised an eyebrow and licked my upper lip. “Good…” she cooed with a slight quiver in her voice. “Now let’s make this last part a little more difficult!” She replaced the blindfold and I heard the sound of a plastic pail being opened.

“Not ice cream!” I shouted!

“No…” she purred as I smelled the approaching peanut butter, “…not ice cream but that’s the size of a pail they had! Amazing, isn’t it?!!” I felt her slender hands open the bag and scoop in handful after handful of the globby substance, each time mixing the surrounding sticky goo into it. It got thicker and thicker, until it was like tar. “This is *really* disgusting…” she announced. “I wouldn’t want to try to move in that stuff.”

“What if I just decide to give up and sleep here a while? You wouldn’t enjoy that too much, would you?” I said egging her on.

“Oh, so you want to sleep? How about a little ‘snack’ before beddy time?” she said sarcastically. I felt my mouth forced open and a huge scoop of peanut butter stuffed inside. As she forced my mouth closed, it squished out, and I tried to complain about the mess on the floor. Her voice softened in concern for a moment: “Can you still breath o.k.? she asked. I nodded… as long as I didn’t do anything stupid, everything would be o.k. My tongue was mired in the sticky morass inside my mouth and for a few minutes, speech would be impossible. The thought of a food gag had never occurred to me, and despite my exhaustion, I got a little rush. “Now let’s make sure the TV doesn’t keep you awake!” she added. “Nighty, night!” was the last sound I heard before I felt the sticky globs of PB stuffed into my ears. It was one of the most horrible sensations I had experienced as the goo molded its clinging shape to every curve and crevasse of my skin! I was completely unable to do anything about it as she filled my ears completely and smoothed it off, like a master mason. I was now in a completely isolated world, unable to hear more than muffled sounds, unable to see, unable to feel anything but the gooey mass around me and unable to speak. She touched my mouth and I chewed and eventually was able to make sounds, although my dry tongue stuck to my mouth. I felt her move close to my ear and heard a muffled “Can you speak enough to call if you need me?” I grunted affirmatively and felt a kiss on my forehead and felt the floor vibrate as she walked away.

From this point on, time had no meaning. After unsuccessfully trying to shake the PB out of my ears, I rested for some span of time maybe even dozing off a bit. Finally, I felt strength enough to resume my slow path to the kitchen. I knew the sooner I passed the final obstacle, the sooner I’d be released and get the PB out of my ears! It was a real annoying sensation and a terrific incentive! I bumped into the walls several times, totally disoriented by this point. I heard the muffled sounds of the TV and knew that I had made it out of the hall and into the Dining area. I had no clue as to time and hoped that I was heading in the right direction. The heavy mass of glop around me made every motion ten times more difficult… the knots of the rope were a solid, gooey mass with no hope of being untied. My only chance was to make it to the safe spot of the linoleum kitchen floor.

With each squirm I hoped to feel its cool, smooth clean surface, but instead felt only carpet. I bumped into a wall.

Moving left, I touched the phone table and knew I was off my target by almost ten feet! I heard a muffled laugh, and a soft foot pushed my shoulders toward the right direction. This new touch reawoke my libido, and as I crawled through my endless sucking morass, my chin felt a scrap of cloth, and I smelled the wet scent of a woman aroused.

As I worked my way forward, I felt a smooth calf on my cheek. As I had expected, Melissa was sitting right in front of the kitchen and the only way to safety was through her thighs. Kissing and licking as I made my way up her legs, I felt her writhing body, hot and sweaty. When I passed her knees, I felt her now wet, sticky fingers caress my face. Then with such relief, I felt her fingers scoop out my ears. Sound rushed in and I felt as though I was reborn again. The first sound I heard was her moans and breathy command “Don’t… stop!…” I resumed the task of eating my way up her leg until I reached the wettest, stickiest spot I’d encountered all day! I had never encountered a woman who was as soaked and sticky as she was! As I approached, her hands grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth deep into her. She writhed and moaned as she held my head firmly, covering my face with her juice. As I licked and licked, my face was soon covered in a coating of her. While her moans became louder and nearer, I beginning to squirm myself, aroused to a climax even greater than before! Finally, after a minute or more of this, I exploded, briefly stopping my actions on her. “If you stop now, I’ll never let you out!” She shrieked, rubbing my face into her crotch. Frantically, I continued as best I could and felt another wave of release wash over me as I was forced to service my Mistress. She gasped one last long breath and started a long, growing moan that lasted seemingly forever! Finally, she collapsed, and pulled off my blindfold. I looked up at her wide smile and knew my sentence was fulfilled. After cutting one hand free, she dropped the knife and I knew I still had at least a half hour of hard work ahead… plus a mess to clean up… but watching Melissa pick up her clothes and get dressed, I could only smile. She wiped the peanut butter off her thighs, and gave me a wink. “You going to be ok?” she asked. Summoning all of my remaining strength, I nodded. Melissa blew a kiss as she walked to the door with a final warning: “Good, because next time, I won’t be so nice!”