Athena Celebrates Secretaries’ Day

— by Hfann —

I wear a Ivory business suit that has a low V-collar jacket and ivory tight mini-skirt, white silk low V-collar blouse, white lace bra, white lace bikini panty, white garter belt, ivory stockings, ivory 4″ high heels. The blouse is so sheer. You can see my favorite white lace bra. The low V-collar really shows off my cleavage!

It is secretaries’s day coming up and my boyfriend is celebrating it with me today. He knows what I like. Therefore, after dinner before dessert, he tells me to get ready for celebration. I am already wearing my favorite white lace bra, and ivory 4″ high heels. So, I retouch my makeup and brush my long black hair. I put a fake-pearl necklace.

As I step into the playroom on my beautiful ivory 4″ high heels, I notice that there are buckets of stuff everywhere. Of course, pies and cakes are everywhere as well! Yummy!

First, I sit on a chair in front of a large fruit cake. He suddenly pushes my head into the cake. My face is completely covered. Some of my hair is covered with cream and cake as well. Next, he drops 2 lime cream pies on my head and completely covers my hair. It is dripping with cream. I feel so horny. My suit jacket is still quite clean. He gives me a chocolate cake and tells me to hug it. I tightly squeeze the cake and it spills everywhere on the front of my business suit and on my mini-skirt as well. Then, he sprays ketchup all over the back of my jacket. I can feel that the wetness. Then, he pours yellow custard into my blouse. It soaks my blouse and skirt.

Then, I step on a cream pie and get my left heel all messy. He then pastes more lime pies on my stockings and sprays whipped cream into my skirt. My stockings turn greenish and I am so hot with my pussy soaked with cream and custard. I reach an orgasm.

He then throws more cream pies on my business suit and on my face. After the pies, he empties another can of cream on my breasts and my favorite bra. I can’t help but to squeeze my breasts. I am so hot!

Then, he puts a strawberry cake on the chair and I sit on it. I love it. Next, he squeezes 2 lime cream pies into my tight mini-skirt. I close my legs and crush them. Pie filling splashes everywhere on my skirt and my soaking stockings.

Last but not least, he pours a bucket of chocolate syrup from head to my high heels. I am completely covered. I am so messy. When I look into the mirror, I reach another orgasm because I am the messiest secretary!

Then, he takes off my messy clothes and play with me for while. Then, I take a shower and we fuck for the rest of the night.