Athena Gets Pied

— by Hfann —

I am a petite sized lusty woman. I love to get wet and messy when I am well dressed. I always wear hosiery and high heels.

I wear a white low V-cut blouse, a white lace teddy, a navy flare mini-skirt, black tights, black 4″ suede high heel. I am the sexiest student around! The low V-cut really shows off my deep cleavage! The black tights and the suede high heel are so sexy that makes me feel horny! They bland into each other very nicely and create a very sexy and provocative effect. It makes my legs look perfect!

My boyfriend and I go to downtown. We drop by a bakery that makes the best lemon cream pie around. We buy 10 lemon cream pies, 5 chocolate cream pies, and 5 banana cream pies. I become so horny that I want to just jump into all those pies right there!

I also get a pair of flat glasses. The glasses makes me look even more like a student and not a horny little lady!

When we get back to our play room, he lays all the pies on the table. Well, not all! There are so many that some have to be put on a cart. I put on the glasses so that I look innocent! He tapes me with my sexy “uniform”! Then, we take several photos for good scanning.

He throws the lemon cream pie into my face. The pie covers my face and my glasses. Some cream lands on my long black hair. I can’t see a thing. I wipe my eyes and my glasses clean. Spots of lime-color cream are on my white blouse. This is not beautiful because most of my hair is still clean! Then, my boyfriend pastes 2 more lemon cream pies on my hair. Now, this is better! My hair is sticky and dripping with cream! Then, he throws a chocolate cream pie on my blouse and make it brown by spreading it everywhere. My pussy is very wet now!

Next, I sit with my legs together and he throws 3 banana cream pies on my tights and my suede high heel. He wipes cream all over my legs! What a sight! Then, I sit on a chocolate pie and cream oozes out of my ass! Then, he throws another lemon cream pie on my mini-skirt. When it is all covered, it sticks to my body. Then, he crushes a lemon cream pie into my blouse. When he presses my blouse, the pie soaks my teddy!

Then, he throws another chocolate pie and a banana cream pie on my face. My face is now full of pie cream! He finishes up by covering every clean spot on my body!

I pose in front of the camera and when I see myself in the mirror, I reach an orgasm!

Then, I take off my blouse and my mini-skirt. My teddy is so dirty and beautiful! I tell him to rip my teddy apart and make a hole in my tight. He rips it apart and fucks me through the hole in my tight.

Then, we take a shower together and have sex for the rest of the night!