Athena’s Sunday Picnic

— by HFann —

On a sunny Sunday, I wear a light purple summer slip mini-dress, no bra, light purple lace G-string, light purple sheer-to-waist pantyhose, and white 4″ patent leather high heels. The dress has a very low cut just barely covers my tits and the dress has low back as well! Then, I put on some nice long ear rings and a necklace.

I brush my long black hair and look into the mirror one final time. I look so sexy! The dress is thin and hug to my body.

I meet my boyfriend and we have a picnic. I am sure that he is prepared. The whole picnic table is filled with food. It is such a sunny day and the cakes and pies are melting. So, I tell him to start the picnic.

He lifts my mini-dress and admires my tiny purple G-string. Then, he pulls the waist band of the pantyhose and panty and he pours a bowl of yellow custard into my panty. The cool custard slowly flow down my pussy. I am so horny now. Then, he lets my dress down and I feel the custard slowly overflowing the panty and drips down the pantyhose. Next, he pushes me into a large creamy fruit cake. My face is totally covered. Without wasting any time, he throws 2 strawberry custard pies on my long hair. He then empties a can of whipped cream on my hair. Now, my long black hair is totally covered with pie filling and cream. I love the feeling of sticky hair.

Then, I complain that my dress is still so clean! He pastes several lime cream pies on my chest and my thin slip dress. My front is so dirty! He balances out by squeezing 2 bottles of chocolate syrups on the back of my dress. Then, I lay on the picnic table and he pours a bowl of vanilla puddling on my light purple pantyhose. My high heels is now dripping with puddling.

Then, he puts another cream pie on the floor and I step on it. The pie filling splashes everywhere. Next, I lift the back of my soaked dress and sit on a large chocolate moose cake. The moose squeezes everywhere. I slide myself on the cake and it feels so great! I have an orgasm! Then, he pastes more pies on my face and I love them. Last but not least, he pours chocolate puddling on my head. The liquid flows down my face and on my sticky hair.

When I wipe my eyes and see myself, what a lovely mess! I love it!