Banana Cream

— by Argus —

“Hey, look what I have” I said. I held the very large banana cream pie in my hand.

“Ooh, yum! Can I have some?” She asked.

“Well, maybe. Only if you take off your clothes!”

“Oh, come on!” She said. “Really”, I said,

“No kidding! C’mon, take off your clothes. Get naked”.

“Well, ok. Then you’ll give me some?”

“Yes.” She took off her sweatshirt and shorts, and soon stood naked.

“Well? You take yours off too!” I placed the pie down and shed my clothes”. She said “Oh, yeah, thats better! Now, can I have some of that banana cream pie?”

“You really want some?”

“Yeah, that is why I took off my clothes!”

“I just thought you liked being naked!!”

“Well, I do for you, but this time I had a specific purpose. I love banana cream pie”

“Oh really? I dodn’t know that!”

“Well, now you do! So, divvy up. Come on, gimme some!”

“Ok, how much do you want?”

“Just a little. Hey, why don’t we split it!”

“Well, we could, but I don’t like it that much”

“No? Then just give me the whole thing if you can’t stand it!”

“The whole pie? Thats a lot. Can you eat the whole thing?” “Ha! Definately, but I wont all at once. Are you going to give me the pie or not? I’m getting impatient!”

“You want the whole thing??”


“Ok, ask me nicely” She sighed, and said

“You jerk! “May I please have the banana cream pie?”

“Jerk?? Thats not nice!! Ask again, you!”

“Ok. You’re not a jerk. May I please please have the banana cream pie, you nice naked man?”

“Well, that was pretty nice, but you could be nicer.”

“Ugh!! This is driving me crazy, you know that I love banana cream!”

“Love it, huh? Would you bathe in it?”

“Oh definately…but what a weird question. Ok, I’ll ask again before telling you! Please, pretty please oh kind and sexy naked man would you give me that nice thick delicious banana cream pie?”

“Sexy? I like that!”

“Give me that pie, damn it!”


“Now look you, I’m telling you, give me that pie!” She smiled at me.

“You want me to give you this banana cream pie?”


“You want it now?”

“I want it now!” Right this minute?”

“Let me have that banana cream pie!” “Oh, let you have it all??”

“Yes. Now. Right this second. I want that pie, now let me have it.”

“Let you have it?”

“Let. Me. Have. It. Let me have it, now!” I smashed the pie all over her face and hair. Her nipples immediately went erect, and a glop of whipped cream landed on her breasts, in her cleavage, and on her left, erect nipple. The tin fell from her face, which was completely lost behind a crust and the white of a banana cream pie. She stood there and let the crust drop off her face, catching her right breast as it fell to the floor, leaving a trail of white goo over the curve of her breast and most of her right nipple. A glob fell onto her shoulder. Her hair was full of cream and crust. She wiped her eyes, looked at me, licked her lips and said

“Mmmm. This is a really good pie!” She thrust her creamy fingers into my mouth.

“See?? Good, huh? Wow…I have banana cream al over my tits!!”

“You have banana cream all over your face!!”

“Yup! Tastes good, too, but next time, just give me a fork instead!!” She looked delicious covered with the banana cream pie, all over her face, hair, and breasts.