Camping Fun

— by Anonymous —

My wife and I have been avid outdoor enthusiasts all of our lives. We spend as much time outdoors as possible, especially in the summer, and as far away from the crowds as we can get with our holiday trailer.

As well as the usual hiking, fishing, and nature enjoyment, cooking is among our favourite activities while in the wild (at home as well, when time allows). The offerings that have been created in a grove of spruce trees, could be served in any world class restaurant. Seven course meals enjoyed by candle and moon light, with romantic music supplied by bullfrogs, crickets, and a whole orchestra of some of natures finest musicians.

Lynn and I love to show off our forte when friends accompany us, and it never ceases to amaze me, that people think that these offerings need a full blown gourmet kitchen to prepare. Of course, consuming the fruits of our labours is the greatest pleasure of all!

It was on one of these excursion that we shared our time and talents with our friends, Sean and Cindy, back in the high country on the shore of a tiny secluded lake. It was a long weekend which made the trip worth it for the time we would spend there.

It was on the Saturday afternoon when the fun started. We leisurely puttered away at the evening meal, while enjoying the clean air and the hot summer sun, not to mention a few coolers to quench the thirst. The women had decided to take advantage of the seclusion and wore precious little to hide their bodies. Lynn wore a yellow halter top, terry shorts and sandals. Cindy sported a loose fitting white cotton short sleeve blouse, tied at the bottom of her breasts, and pair of cut-offs. Of course, bras were too hot for the summer heat.

Cindy had the top three for four buttons of her blouse open, and I just couldn’t resist tossing a peanut. Yes; it was good for two points. Cindy calmly reached in and pulled out the nut, dropping it into her mouth. She sucked on it for a few seconds, then a couple of crunches and it was gone.

“I love peanuts, Josh, got any more?”

“By the bag,” I replied “how many would you like?”

“One, at a time.” Her coy smile told me that she was enjoying this game. We continued playing toss and retrieve while Lynn and Sean gave the play by play. They included the cheering of the crowd when the shots were successful, and the “”aaahhhs”” when the peanuts went amiss.

“Sean.” Lynn suddenly interrupted. “You wanted to see how we do the ribs before they go in the oven. We need to look after that or we won’t be eating until well after dark. While Sean and I are doing that, why don’t you sports fans come up with something for desert?”

Our game was at intermission, with neither side on the losing end of the score. As Cindy got up, I noticed that a couple more of her buttons had come undone and here globes were right there for my viewing pleasure.

Lynn took Sean’s hand and they headed off to our “outdoor” kitchen back in the trees.

“Got any ideas for desert?” Cindy said smiling as I was still admiring her nipples, which were now standing out from our game, and the attention.

I stammered out something as I gathered my wits. I was some what dazed, partly from the alcohol, partly from standing up too quickly in the heat. Cindy smiled even more and continued from where my thoughts of her breasts left off.

“They have been had for desert before, and I am sure that any one who has sampled them will agree that they are sweet.” I felt that stirring within me as I treasured the moment, only HOPING that it could actually happen.

“A connoisseur of fine deserts would rate them highly,” I complimented her with as much class as I could muster, “a delicacy to be sure.” I brought myself quickly back to reality so as to accomplish the task at hand, that being, desert for supper.

We went into the trailer, and started brainstorming ideas of things that would be a fitting conclusion to the exquisite meal that was planned. We sorted through the various fruits, puddings and cakes that were in the pantry, any one of which would have sufficed.

“How about a little of everything?” Cindy suggested as she ran her fingers over the fruit. I almost fainted as she took hold of a banana. “It could be a meal in itself,” she continued, “with all of the major food groups represented!”

I have made a lot of deserts in my day, but this is one idea I have never thought of. I nodded my approval, and when I looked at her, my eyes were drawn to her two cherries poking through her shirt.

“You are in no condition to cook right now” she said. “You need some stress relief.” She undid the knot in her blouse and opened it, allowing me full view and access to her beautiful breasts.

The instant thought of Lynn and Sean stopped me in the middle of running my fingers over her left nipple. “What about the other two chefs?” I asked, almost nervously.

“Don’t worry about them.” Cindy was confident as she continued. “I will put money on the fact that they are cooking up something a little special on their own. Want to check?”

“Sure” I replied. “That would be exciting, too!”

We quietly slipped back out the door, and sneaked behind the two trailers. From there it was just a couple of big spruce trees to a vantage point where we could observe the “kitchen”.

Cindy was right. Lynn had one hand stirring the sauce on the camp stove, and the other hand down the back of Sean’s swim suit. Lynn’s halter top was already down around her waiste. The two of them turned sideways to face each other, and we watched as Sean tweaked one of my wife’s nipples. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to accept his lips and tongue.

A few seconds later, Lynn broke the kiss and asked Sean to sample the sauce. With that, she picked up the stirring spoon again, filled it with sauce, and offered it to his mouth.

“Is it hot?” he asked.

“Luke warm, right now. It will be hot the next time we check, though.” With those words, Sean gently bumped Lynn’s arm, spilling the sauce on her breasts.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he mocked “Let me clean that up.” With that he lowered his mouth to my wife’s globes and slowly licked at the sauce. All she could do was moan and close her eyes in pure ecstasy!

“We need to get back,” Cindy whispered in my ear, “or I am going to finger myself right here and now!”

Quietly yet clumsily we made our way back to the trailer.

When we were safe inside, all I could do was sit down and crack another cooler. I had watched other people play around before, but this was something very different.

Cindy came over and stood next to where I was sitting, and helped herself to my drink. “Well,” she said, “are you ready to make desert?” She again opened her blouse for my access. This time she produced a can of whipped cream. “This desert is not complete without the topping.” With that Cindy shook the can, turned it upside-down, and coated her tits with the foamy cream. I reached for one, but she stopped me. “Mouth only for now.” she instructed. “There will be time for fondling and caressing later.”

My mouth opened as it came in for landing. First the cream passed my lips and then my mouth mashed her breast. I sucked some cream into my mouth as I sought out the cherry nipple it knew was just under the surface. My tongue found it, all right, hard and tender and sticking out a good three quarters of an inch. Cindy moaned as my teeth and tongue worked the nipple.

What a sensation! My taste buds were enjoying one of my favourite foods, while the rest of me was enjoying my favourite past time. I looked up at Cindy. Here eyes were wide open, and the smile on her face spoke volumes as to what she was feeling.

“I don’t want to hurry you, but we need this eaten so that we can make the desert for supper.” With that, I concentrated on finishing that boob, and moved on to the next. It was equally as tasty, and the response from Cindy was even more intense. She was gyrating her hips, and it wasn’t until she bumped the table that it dawned on me what else she needed.

I continued to lick and chew at her second breast while my hands found the button and zipper on her pants. She groaned as I unwrapped her bottom, knowing what I was about to do.

I freed her cut offs, and they dropped to the floor. There was nothing else to remove. Cindy spread her legs to allow my hand to stroke her pubic mound, and then slide my fingers over the soaked lips of her pussy. With no effort at all, I slipped two and then three fingers inside her. The clitoris was swollen and ready. As my fingers started to play with it, Cindy grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into here bosom. There was no doubt in my mind that she was just as turned on as I was.

Cindy was rocking back and forth, and when she was in the right position, she impaled herself on my hand. All four fingers went inside her, with my thumb remaining outside to maintain stimulation of her clit. With just a few more strokes and some light moaning, Cindy came and I could feel her cum flowing over my hand.

When the quake subsided, I scooped up her wetness and spread it over her now clean melons. “Desert for desert.” I said as I fulfilled my desire to fondle and squeeze her. She caressed the back of my head as I completed what I had begun with my lips and tongue.

Cindy released her hold on my head and took a step back. “Stand up.” She whispered. I complied and she reached down and pulled my shorts down around my knees. She took hold of my manliness and simply purred and licked her lips.

“This hardly needs anymore cream.” She quipped. “So we will save the cream for supper.” With that, she eased my cock into her mouth as smooth and sensuous as I have ever experienced. She hummed lightly, and that was all it took for me to cum. I thought that I was going to take off the back of her head I came so hard.

When that was over, Cindy stood up and smiled at me. Excess cum was running down her cheek and onto her chest. I smiled back and proceeded to lick up what she missed, concluding with a good long French kiss to consummate our fling.

“Most men won’t do that, you know. It shows you care about a woman when you do.” I felt proud and pleased that she had appreciated it. It was the least I could do to show my appreciation.

“Now. About this desert.” She spoke as broke our embrace and slipped our shorts back on. “What needs to be done first?”

“The pudding. It needs time to set. Aren’t you going to do up your blouse?”

“I will when the other two come back. Until then, they are yours to play with, if you please. Besides, it feels good.” With that we divided up the work and set to our tasks. Occasionally, when the position was right, I would take a breast in my hand and kiss her gently. Cindy always responded with a soft moan and a smile.

We were mostly done the “mother of all deserts” when the other two wandered back into camp. From their slow pace, it was clear that they had enjoyed some afternoon delight, and were in no hurry to do anything but bask in their own glow.

I turned Cindy around and did up a couple of buttons on her shirt, then retied the knot that was there when we were playing “peanut ball”. She kissed and thanked me.

“Shall we?” she said and gestured to the door.

“After you, Madame.” I bowed as we left to rejoin our spouses.

“Boy, Josh, you were right. That sauce you guys make for the ribs DOES taste wonderful.” I smiled to myself, knowing that what he enjoyed most had little to do with the sauce.

“Is everything under control with the desert, Sweety?” Lynn asked as she reached for my hand.

“It certainly is,” Cindy replied for me. “I have been involved with deserts in my time, but nothing like this one!”

“Sounds, exciting. Don’t you think so, Sean?”

“It will have to be pretty special to top your ribs, Lynn.” I noticed a little pride in her face now, too. “Uh, that water looks mighty inviting. How about a swim?” No one needed a second invite.

I pulled Lynn out of her chair, and we headed for the lake. Clothes and all, only because we never even thought to take them off. We were all far too hot.

Lynn and I headed out to where the water was chest deep; our comfort zone. We chatted a bit, and then I notice a small bruise on her neck. “What happened here?” I asked, trying to sound innocently curious. Shock came over her face and I reached for her. “No big deal,” I continued, “You have obviously rubbed an insect bite.”

By now she was in my arms and feeling comfortable again. We kissed, pecking at first, and then deep in each others mouth. “I love that.” I said with a sigh. “What?” She asked curiously. “The smell and taste of cum on your breath!” I didn’t give her a chance to reply before I deeply kissed her again, this time probing her mouth. It took a second for her to relax after that shock, but she quickly realized that I knew, and that I was more than comfortable with it.

We finally broke our kiss, and just stood, smiling at each other. “You do have excellent ribs; tender and soft, any man would be in his glory. You and Cindy compliment each other, Sweetheart, she knows how to serve up a mean desert.” I kissed her again, this time Lynn was the aggressive one.

Just then, we were hit with a cascade of water. Sean and Cindy were coming at us with pails, and were only a few feet away when they nailed us. Lynn and I dove under the water, she coming up under Sean and I under Cindy. The view was familiar, and I took good advantage, running a finger over Cindy’s pussy, and then reaching under her shirt and having a good feel, playing for a second with the nipple before retreating my hands and breaking the surface. There to greet me was that smile, the one that said everything is all right.

We all played in the water for a few more minutes, enough to get good and refreshed, and the nipples to become fully erect.

We dried off in the sun, and of course, enjoyed another round of coolers. Everyone knew what went on, but no one said a word. I guess there was not much to say about it.

It was Cindy that broke the silence. “What is the dress for dinner tonight?”

“Dress”, I thought. I needed to think on that one.

“White.” Lynn’s answer was quick and direct. “I am wearing a white sun dress. Cool and comfortable, yet classy. That is the only criteria.” SHE had obviously given it some thought.

The sun was just dropping below the mountains peaks when Lynn suggested that she and Sean “check their ribs” again. Cindy and I just sat there and watched them take each other’s hands when they thought they were out of sight.

“Do you have something like a white sun dress with you?” I asked, prepared to offer her the alternative that anything she had would be fine.

“Oh, I think I have something suitable.” She continued. “It has been a long time since I have seen Sean with this kind of glow. His ego needed something like this. Turning forty has been a little hard on him.”

“I know what that is like.” I sighed as I remembered what I went through: over the hill etc., etc.

“I keep telling him that he is still “the best” and that he “still has it”. Now I think HE believes it, too. By the way, is there anything WE need to check on?” There was a twinkle in her eye.

“Why, yes there is, my dear. And we had better attend to that right away.” I helped Cindy into the trailer, and we quickly did the once over to see that “our desert” was all in order.

The fruit was sliced and peeled where needed; the pudding and Jell-O was setting nicely; the cake had been cooling while we were swimming, and was ready for the icing; the toppings (chocolate and strawberry syrups and the whipped cream) and the chocolate flakes were in the refrigerator.

“How are we ever going to eat all of this?” I wondered in amazement.

“We aren’t.” Cindy pulled herself close and my chest. I could feel her erect nipples through her shirt as her tongue snaked it’s way into my throat. That took my mind off of THAT comment.

We could hear Sean and Lynn outside when we came back to Earth. We glanced out the window and watched them kiss the way we just had. I squeezed Cindy a little, and she returned my gesture.

“We had better get ready for supper, don’t you think?” Cindy had that twinkle again, and all I could do was agree.

We stepped out of the trailer, and interrupted Sean and Lynn. They stopped, but were slow to let go of each other. “The ribs will ready as soon as we are, and everything else has been waiting.” There was a dreamy tone to Lynn’s voice, and she once more turned to Sean and kissed him.

We all set about the task of setting the table, and setting out the fixings; the Caesar salad, potato salad, and the garlic toast. The candles were set all around the site, and all that was needed now was for us to get dressed up and enjoy.

Sean and Cindy left for their trailer, and Lynn and I climbed into ours. As soon as we got inside, Lynn through her arms around my neck and kissed me oh so deeply. “I love you so much. I feel so great, and you look so good! Why haven’t we done this before?”

“Because it wasn’t the right time.” It wasn’t a profound answer, but it was all I could think of.

I helped my wife out of her damp clothes and we stood, naked, looking at each other. It really was something. I noticed another bigger “bruise” on the inside of Lynn’s right breast. “I see Sean is a gentleman, too. He chooses well where he leaves his mark.”

“Yes, just like you, Josh.” “I wanted him to chew on my neck, but he refused.”

We couldn’t resist holding each other again, and running our hands over the parts we love best on the other. We lay down on the bed and I kissed the spot where Sean had spent extra time. I took a nipple in my mouth and rolled it the way I know she likes. Lynn nibbled on by ear lobe and I almost climbed on top and made love to here right then and there.

Yes, I might well have, if Sean hadn’t called in saying “Hey, you two, dinner is getting cold.”

We kissed a last time and got dressed. I put on a white shirt and my sky blue “Dockers”. Lynn put on her favourite bra and panty set, and her white sun dress. Her ensemble was completed with a pair of white sandals.

It was dusk when we opened the trailer door into the evening. Sean was there to offer his hand as Lynn stepped down. He was dressed in a matching pale yellow trousers and shirt.

Then I noticed Cindy. She wore a strapless white evening gown that went almost to the ground, with the sides slit right up to the thighs. Just looking at her took my breath away.

Without a word, Sean offered Lynn his arm, and they headed off to retrieve the ribs and rice. I dug out the box of matches, and Cindy and I lit the candles. We heard a few light groans from the “kitchen”, so we knew we had a little time to ourselves before supper.

It wasn’t too long before Lynn and Sean returned to the “dining room” with the hot entres. Cindy and I sat up to the table as Sean and Lynn served. It was delectable! Once they had sat down, we dined.

Not much for conversation over diner; just comments on how good everything was; how we were glad there was no wind that would blow out the candles; and how important good company is to a good meal.

We were about half way through the meal when I felt a foot running up and down my leg. It belonged, of course, to Cindy. She caught my eye with her twinkle. I watched as she moved bits of food in and out of her mouth in the most seductive way. She drew in the potato salad off her fork. It took her a long time to remove the fork from her mouth, and I knew what the fork would be feeling; I had been treated to that earlier in the day.

Lynn and Sean were also having a conversation with their eyes. I was paying little attention to them, just enough to know that they were having a wonderful time and that was all that mattered right now.

When the main course was over, Lynn poured more wine as we again chatted and let things settle within us. A very light, warm breeze brought the fragrance of the trees to us, and we enjoyed it with every breath. All was right with the world, and all was right with us.

When the second round of wine was nearing completion, Lynn suggested to Sean that they clear the table while Cindy and I brought out desert. We all got up and cleared our dishes, then Cindy and I headed for the trailer. “They don’t have a clue what’s coming, do they?”

“And right now, they don’t really care, either.”

We pulled out the parts to our desert and put them on trays, covering them with towels so that this whole thing would be a surprise. When all was ready we made our entrance. Lynn and Sean were in a lip lock again, but soon turned their attention to us as we brought out the trays.

“Good heavens, you two. How many are coming for desert?

“Just the four us are cumming.” There was that seduction in her voice that suggested to all that the party was about to begin.

We removed the towels and presented our desert.

“There is far to much here to eat at once.” They both agreed on that.

“Don’t worry,” was Cindy’s calm reply. “There won’t be much left when we get through. You see, we are going to do this a little different.” She explained as she sat down. “There is no one here but us, right? So we don’t need to be prim and proper any more. THAT part of the meal is done with. Now we have fun!”

The other two were both stunned but intrigued. This sounded very interesting, and yet there were questions.

Cindy continued. “It is really very simple. The first rule is that the men will feed the ladies. The second rule is that no one can use any utensils, only body parts. And the third rule is ladies can only receive…” “…And, don’t worry about the clothes. If they can’t be washed, they can be replaced!”

I wasn’t even aware of these rules. My mind raced to come up with methods of picking up the various food groups. The fruit was no problem; I could use my hands. But the pudding would be some what more challenging!

“Any questions? Good, let’s begin. Lynn, I will start and you all can join in when you get the hang of this game?” Lynn nodded. “Good. Josh, I think I would like to start with pudding; the tapioca.”

I looked at her and then the bowl. “Just dig in.” I thought. I reached in with one hand and scooped out a bit of pudding and dripped all the way to her face. Some made it into her mouth, but most of it dropped on her dress.

“Mmm. That was good. How about some more; lots more.” This time I took a handful. When I went to drop it in her mouth, she closed her lips and it all ran down her front and inside her dress. “Now you’re getting the idea! But I think you need to dig out the stuff inside my dress!” I stuck my hand down her front and did my best to pick up what I could, but only managed to smear it around. Then the nickel dropped. This was the whole idea. I looked over at Lynn and Sean, and they were holding each other in anxious anticipation. One more handful of tapioca, but this time I had no intention of taking it to her mouth. My hand went directly inside her bra and I rubbed the goo all over her breasts.

“Yes, yes.” She purred. “That feels so erotic. You learn quick.” Again I glanced at the others, only to find Sean’s hands in the chocolate pudding and heading for Lynn’s face and front.

“Sweetheart, how about some strawberries?”

“Sure.” My enthusiasm was obvious. “Strawberries, coming right up.” I grabbed three or four of the biggest ones I could see. I looked Cindy straight in the eye as I reached under her dress, parted her legs and panties, and inserted the berries, one by one into her pussy. She moaned her approval. “They will be my desert later.” Cindy knew exactly what I meant.

From there on, it was one thing after another. I poured some more tapioca down the front of her dress, this time massaging it in from the outside of her dress. Chocolate syrup all over her face and chest, followed by a few shots of whipped cream. Then proceeded to spread it around with my tongue. All the time Cindy’s hands were behind her chair.

Sean already had Lynn’s dress half off, and was filling her bra with everything, then rubbing it in through the material, moving the excess to parts that were still skin coloured.

I rolled up the front of Cindy’s dress to see the red strawberry juice sneaking out from between her lips and staining the panties. Reaching down, I pulled the material to one side and pushed a finger in to see how much room was left for other food. Not being disappointed, I found lots of room for more fruit, pudding, whipped cream and syrup. This I crammed in using a banana. Then I replaced the panties.

“This dress is hindering me from finding more bare skin.” I complained as I rubbed two pieces of cake and icing into her mounds on the front of her dress.

“Well, take it off me then.” Cindy was already starting to stand as she spoke. Goo was seeping from her bra and down the inside of her dress. I could also sense her discomfort in her crotch as she was standing. But that was all right, any thing there wasn’t room for, and the panties couldn’t hold, would simply run down her legs, and I would take care of it later. I reached down and rubbed the bulge at her pussy, and spread the overflow all around the area. This is where Cindy stopped being a passive recipient, and started being an active participant.

Cindy rubbed herself on the front of my shirt, then unbuttoned it, pulling it a side. SHE grabbed stuff and started jamming it down my pants and briefs. Cindy took my shirt right off, and my pants soon followed.

All four of us stood on only our underwear, and they were stuffed to overflowing. Still we grabbed more; pudding, syrup, Jell-O, cake, and spreading all over each other. At one point, I squeezed Cindy’s breasts together and forced some tapioca from between them. Bending down, I scooped it up with my mouth and deposited it into hers. Her whole body squirmed with delight. We French kissed, playing with the tapioca balls with our tongues and passing them back and forth between our mouths. When they were gone, I found some more and we did the same.

By now, Sean had my wife completely nude and had his head between her legs doing some munching of his own. Her hands all over his head and face with whatever she could find. Even shooting the odd blast of whipped cream into her crotch for some topping for Sean.

I picked up Cindy by her bottom and moved her until she hovered over the cake tray, setting her down on top of the remaining cake. Collecting handfuls of cake and icing, I massaged her back, sides, armpits and even managed to get a bit inside her bra. Cake on the tray oozed up between her legs, and this she rubbed into her panties and crotch.

When I finally undid the bra, it was brown with chocolate cake, pudding, syrup, not to mention all of those tapioca balls. All of this was licked up by my tongue and mouth and shared with Cindy. She lay back on the table and we poured more food stuffs all over her body, head and hair, rubbing it in where ever we could.

Lynn came over to the table, bent over to feast on Cindy’s breasts, as Sean spread her pussy lips and penetrated her easily from behind. Lynn moaned softly with each thrust, and started getting more aggressive with her mouth as she neared another orgasm. When it hit, she yelled. “OHHHH.Yessssss.Yeah!!!” Cindy reached over and squeezed Lynn’s nipples, which sent Lynn even higher.

“Where do you want me to come?” Sean was panicking.

“Come around here and cum on my tits, Love. Then Josh and Lynn will know how good you taste!” Sean was half way around the table by the time Cindy had finished speaking. Lynn put her head on Cindy’s breast as Sean got up on the table and let Cindy finish him off by hand.

“I’m cumming.” He growled, giving the girls fair warning. A few seconds later Sean erupted, sending blast after blast of white semen directly onto Cindy’s chest and into Lynn’s mouth. When he was through, Lynn scooped up the cum from Cindy’s chest and collected it in her mouth. My wife crawled across the table and opened her mouth to show me the prize that she was about to share with me. At that, we kissed hard and long while she passed the cum into my mouth and we swapped it back and forth. We both swallowed and were in seventh heaven.

“You still have some desert in my pussy” Cindy reminded me. With that I focused my attention on Cindy’s crotch, sitting in the chocolate cake. I got close and watched as I removed the panties. Lynn was right in there with me.

“Looks good” she hissed.

“Here, be my guest”, and my wife wasted no time swinging around to partake in this feast.

“Anything I can do?” Sean inquired.

“Sure, keep her tits and mouth happy while we take care of business down here.” Sean pounced on this wife’s familiar breasts.

It was a true three on one. All of us licking and eating to our hearts content. Lynn would come up for air and I would lick and suck the food off her face. Once, she climbed up to Cindy’s face and let her have the honours. Cindy came two or three times in the next few minutes with all three of us working different parts of her body

“How are we going to finish this off?” Cindy asked, sounding like she had just about had enough.

I helped Cindy to her feet, and pulled her up close. My cock slid easily between her legs, although not into her vagina.

“Just like this.” I said as I slowing pumped between her legs. “I going to cum and have it run down your legs. How does that sound?”

“Wonderful.” She whispered in my ear as she snuggled in close to enjoy the rhythm. In just a few strokes I was cumming. Cindy was moving her legs back and forth so she could feel the goo between her thighs.

The four us just stood there holding each other for what seemed several minutes. Occasionally sharing kisses, but mostly just cuddling; Lynn with Sean and me with Cindy.

We all hit the lake after that, washing each other off before drying off and cleaning up the mess we had made in camp. An hour later Lynn and I lay in our own bed in each others arms.

“How do we top that?” she asked.

“We don’t even try. If it happens, it happens and we will enjoy. In the mean time, I think I would like a bit of a snack!!”