Cheryl Gets Pied

— by Chaos —

I didn’t hear from Cheryl for a few days, so I gave her a call. She said she was glad I called and she had another surprise for me. “Be here at 7:00 sharp.” we said together, giggling as we said good-bye and hung up.

I dressed in khaki pants, olive green dress shirt and black shoes. The drive to Cheryl’s went quickly. I strode up to the door at 7:00 sharp. Cheryl answered and I stepped inside. We kissed and groped for a while then I checked her out. Cheryl had on a black silk blouse with a floral print in very nice deep colors. She wore a suit that looked like it was made out of a linen material. The suit had shorts with cuffs and big legs. She had on sheer stay-ups and black pumps.

She led me to her bathroom. I laughed when we entered. Plastic sheets were everywhere and cream pies were all over the place. Cheryl stepped into the tub and said “Pie me!”, then stuck out her tongue. I picked up the nearest pie, and smashed it in Cheryl’s face, her silly grin and tongue disappearing into the mess of pie. Cheryl scraped her eyes clean and said “Yum, banana.”, as she licked the mess on her face. Cream pie was stuck here and there in her hair. The shell had cracked into pieces and had fallen down Cheryl’s front, leaving a trail of cream and bananas down the black silk of her blouse and the front of her shorts. A big blob of cream was on her left knee, the remains of the pie buried her left pump. I picked up another pie and smashed it into her chest. “Chocolate!” we said as the gooey chocolate filling soaked into her blouse. I picked up another pie and splattered it against her pussy. “Looks like banana.”, she said as bits and pieces of pie dripped down her legs. I picked up another pie and held it on the edge of the tub. Cheryl looked at it and smiled as she turned around. She sat down quickly and pie squirted up everywhere. My hands were covered with cream and bananas. My sleeves and thighs were dotted with cream, bananas and pie crust. Cheryl’s shorts were stained with pie from just below the belt loops to her ass. Pie remnants dripped from the inside hem of her jacket and cream squished up between her legs. I plopped a pie, which turned out to be chocolate, into her lap and spread it all over her pussy, belly, and thighs.

Cheryl stood up and pie crust, filling, and cream dripped everywhere. It was hard for Cheryl to maintain her footing since the tub floor was covered with smashed pies. Cheryl pointed at my pie splattered clothing and laughed. “What’s so funny?”, I asked. “You’re so clean!”, she said with an evil smile. I knelt down and started to scoop up debris from the tub floor and cover Cheryl’s pumps and legs to her knees. I felt a slight breeze, then heard a splat as a cream pie landed on the top of my head. I close my eyes as gobs of cream and filling dripped over my face. My hair was covered in goo and I felt most of the crust slide down my back. Cheryl was laughing hysterically as I stood up. I got pied directly in the face by a waiting Cheryl. I stuck my tongue out and said “Chocolate!” as I scraped my eyes clean. My shirt front was splattered with pie, the remains of the pie resting between my feet as well as on both shoes. I unbuttoned Cheryl’s blouse and pulled down her lacy black bra to expose her erect nipples, damp from the pie filling. I smashed a pie onto her breasts and spent a few minutes rubbing it into her breasts and watching pieces of filling, cream, and crust dribble down her blouse and shorts. I picked up a handful of goo and pulled back the waistband of her shorts. I pushed in the pie, and kept her shorts pulled back a bit as I shoveled in more. I had fun squishing the bulging mess around in her shorts and watching it drip out her legholes and down her legs. I know Cheryl came as I worked the mess around in her shorts.

Cheryl sat down on the edge of the tub and somehow didn’t slide off as she balanced a pie in her lap. She had me sit down on the pie. Cheryl squealed with delight as cream and bananas squished out everywhere. The pie felt kind of nice as it squished up all over my ass and between my legs. I could feel my pants getting wet as they absorbed the moisture from the filling. Cheryl ground a chocolate pie into my lap, working the pie in and rubbing my cock until it was rock hard. Cheryl had me stand and she pulled back my pants and mashed an entire pie in all over my cock. The feeling was weird and nice at the same time. My cock was buried in cream and chocolate. The crust felt kind of weird as it worked its way down my legs. Cheryl asked me to fill up her shorts again. I scraped up big handfuls of goo from the tub floor and scooped them into her shorts. Cheryl had me lay on my back in the mess on the tub floor. I felt my shirt getting gooey and wet as Cheryl sat on top of me. She started to bounce up and down on me. All sorts of goo was squishing out the legholes of her shorts as she bounced. The pie in my pants was getting spread down my legs and up my belly as we “dry” humped. I added a load of my own cream to my cream pie filled pants as Cheryl humped me.

After a while Cheryl piled pie goo on my chest and crotch then she got on top of me and started sliding back and forth. squishing the goo all over everything. We laughed hysterically as Cheryl reached orgasm. It was time to clean up. I noticed a plastic scoop and a garbage can in the corner. We picked up the mess, a lot of it finding its way onto the few remaining clean spots on our clothing. We used the scoop to scrape up most of the stuff from the floor and the tub. Cheryl used the scoop on me, scraping away everything she could. What was left was wet and stained with cream or chocolate covered. I scraped Cheryl clean next, figuring her suit was ready for the garbage.

We turned on the water and cleaned the rest of the tub up, getting a little wet in the process. When the tub was clean we walked over to the separate shower. We turned on the shower and took turns standing under it in our clothes. Cheryl’s hair emerged from the sticky pie mess and pie stuff collected down by the drain as the water flowed over her clothing. Her clothing glistened and conformed to her body as the water washed away pie debris. I washed Cheryl’s hair with shampoo, enjoying the way the bubbles flowed over her clothing as I rinsed her hair. Cheryl washed my hair too, it felt very relaxing as she worked the shampoo in with her hands. When we were more or less clean, Cheryl had me lay down on the shower floor. She stood over me, her back in the spray, her legs spread enough to give me a good view of her lacy black panties through the leg holes. Her wet stayups and pumps shined nicely. Her expensive looking blouse and suit stuck nicely to her body. Her breasts were still exposed as she squatted down and unbuttoned my pants. I raised my ass off the shower floor a bit as she yanked my soaked pants down. Cheryl just pulled aside the crotch of her shorts and panties and impaled herself on my cock. She just sat there I a moment as I enjoyed the feel of my cock encased tightly in her hot pussy. The water felt good as it dripped onto us. Cheryl started to ride me cowgirl style. The fabric of her shorts and panties rubbed the side of my cock as she humped me. I reached up to play with her naked wet breasts as she humped away. My ass hurt a bit as she drove it into the shower floor, but the pleasure of our fucking as well as our wet clothing made it easy for me to ignore the pain. I thrust my cock into Cheryl at the bottom of each stroke. She started to moan with each thrust as she neared orgasm. Cheryl came hard, her vaginal muscles clamping down on my cock which caused me to squirt a few seconds later.

Cheryl collapsed on top of me and we kissed for a long time, my hands kneading her wet ass through her shorts. When the water started to get cold we turned it off, but kept kissing until we got too cold. We stripped and dried off, then I put the clothes in the tub to soak while Cheryl cleaned up the bathroom. I helped her finish cleaning and we took a quick shower nude. We dried off again and headed off to Cheryl’s bed room. We spent most of the night with my cock deep inside of her and her legs wrapped tightly around me.