Chocolate Covered Cheryl

— by Chaos —

Cheryl called me up and said she had another messy surprise for me. We chatted a while, discussing our maple syrup adventure. I tried to get Cheryl to tell me what the surprise was, but she would only say, “Be here at 7:00, or I’ll start without you!”. It was about 5:30. I decided to dress up for Cheryl this time. I wore a white dress shirt, figuring I could bleach it if she came up with something outrageous. I wore black dress pants, socks, and shoes. I stopped at the mall on the way to Cheryl’s and bought a cheap silk tie, figuring it would get ruined. I hung out at the mall a few minutes, thinking about how some of the women who walked buy would look covered in syrup and wondering what Cheryl had in mind today.

I left for Cheryl’s, getting there a bit early. I rang the bell and Cheryl answered. She had on a tight white knit blouse, long olive green skirt with a revealing slit, white hose, and black pumps. “You’re early!”, she said. “Want me to go back outside?”, I asked. “No, nice tie, by the way.”, she said taking me by the hand. Her skirt was very tight and nicely outlined her ass, and her pumps gave that perfect curve to her legs. I smelled the chocolate before we got into the bathroom. There was an inch or so of chocolate in the bottom of the tub. A paintbrush, and a small bucket rested next to the tub. “Brownie batter.”, Cheryl said with an evil grin. “It’ll destroy your tie and make everything else smell like chocolate for a while.”, she said as she stepped in. The chocolate squished up over the vamps of her pumps, and splattered onto her stockings. “Tastes and smells better than mud, but looks just as nice!”, Cheryl said.

Cheryl handed me the brush and said, “Make a masterpiece!” I dipped the brush into the chocolate and painted Cheryl’s nearest leg deep brown from the knee down. The lumpy batter stuck to her stockings, the rich brown contrasting nicely with the white. I filled the bucket with chocolate, getting my cuffs a brown mess in the process. I wiped my hands on Cheryl’s ass, the brown blending nicely with the olive green. I stuck the brush into the bucket and had Cheryl stand with her hands at her hips, her arms bent. I liberally applied chocolate batter to each of Cheryl’s breasts. Some batter dripped of the brush leaving small brown blotches here and there on the front of Cheryl’s blouse and skirt. I worked the lumpy batter into Cheryl’s breasts and spread it out over her blouse. I painted her some more, working in the batter with my hands, repeating the cycle until her blouse was a chocolate covered mess from her waist to her shoulders. I loved the contrast of her white neck and arms with the deep brown of the batter. The batter had gotten her blouse wet, and it was starting to stick nicely to Cheryl’s chest.

Some batter was running down her skirt, making the top couple of inches very brown. I loaded up the brush and slapped it squarely over her pussy, painting the front of her skirt with back and forth motions, feathering out the batter to almost the side seam of her skirt. A big trail of batter was dripping down the center of her skirt, but otherwise most of the lower part of her skirt was still clean. “My panties are soaked!”, Cheryl said as I refilled the bucket. I had Cheryl turn around and she bent over a bit, and placed her hands on the tub wall. Her skirt was tight enough that it clung to her thighs and accentuated her ass. I started painting where the curve of her ass met her legs, working the batter down towards her calves. I was about 6″ from the hem of her skirt before I needed more batter. I dipped the brush and splatted each ass cheek with chocolate, covering up my earlier hand prints. I worked the batter into her ass with my hands, sure I was getting her panties nice and chocolate covered through her skirt. Cheryl was a mess and I loved it. The front of her blouse and a big part of the front of her skirt was a chocolate mess. The back of her skirt from just below her waist to almost the hem was also deep brown. Her one leg and pump was brown from the knee down, her other foot and pump were also covered in chocolate.

I loaded up the brush and had Cheryl extend her clean leg. The slit skirt opened up to reveal the lacy tops of her white stockings. I brushed the open slit with chocolate turning her white leg and part of her skirt brown. I bent over and used the brush to cover her clean leg in goo from her knee down. I filled the bucket up and held it over Cheryl’s head. “You wouldn’t dare!”, she said, her voice saying no, her eyes shouting YES! I slowly emptied the chocolate over her head, watching her shoulder length, permed hair disappear under the chocolate. Cheryl close her eyes and stuck out her tongue, tasting the chocolate as it flowed down her face. The chocolate flowed down her hair and onto the pristine white shoulders of her blouse. Chocolate dripped off her face and dribbled onto the front of her blouse. Cheryl reached up with both hands and quickly cleaned out both of her eyes. She smiled at me, only her eyes and teeth visible through the chocolate. I slowly finished off the job, painting any clean spots on Cheryl until she was completely brown from head to toe.

Cheryl had an orgasm from her condition. I filled up the bucket and hiked up Cheryl’s skirt. Her panties and stockings were mostly wet from the chocolate that had soaked through. I somehow managed to fill most of Cheryl’s panties with chocolate batter and squished them all around. I refilled the bucket and dumped it down the front of Cheryl’s blouse, watching her blouse bulge around the waist of her dress as the batter collected there. I squished it around, forcing some through the material of her blouse and all over her breasts. Cheryl held out her arms to me and said, “Would you like a hug?” I smiled as I stepped in, my shoes getting quickly covered in the brown batter. Cheryl hugged me, pressing her body against me and giving me a big kiss. I enjoying the squishy feel of her chocolate covered body against me, as I tasted the chocolate on her lips. She backed away and looked at me, laughing. The inside arms of my white dress shirt were smeared brown. Chocolate stained my shirt front and tie from just below the knot to my waist. My black pants had wide brown stripes down the front of each leg from Cheryl’s skirt. A big stripe of chocolate crossed my sides and back, where Cheryl’s arms had been.

Cheryl filled the bucket up and dumped it down my pants. The gooey chocolate felt nice as it packed around my erect cock. Another bucked went down my ass, Cheryl squeezing the chocolate all around my butt. Cheryl completed the ruining of my tie with another bucket, slowly pouring the thick goo down the front of my tie. My shoes disappeared under two buckets of chocolate, then Cheryl picked up the bucket. I closed my eyes as she dumped it over my head. The chocolate slowly flowing down over my face, ears, and hair felt weird. Cheryl picked up the brush and started to paint my cock with chocolate. She then went for the remaining clean spots on my skin an clothing, leaving me just as big a chocolate mess as I had left her.

Cheryl sat down in the tub and scooped up handfuls of batter, pilling it in her lap. She covered her legs, then her breasts with handfuls of the brown batter. She then slid forward and held out her arms as her hair slid into the goo. I got on top of her and we drove our chocolate covered bodies together, the chocolate making exquisite sucking sounds. We slid our slippery bodies together until I came in my pants and Cheryl came in her panties. I got off Cheryl for a second, and helped her to remove her skirt. She was still laying in the tub floor in her blouse, stockings, and pumps. I covered what little bare flesh and white stocking material was left with chocolate. “I hope you like chocolate!” Cheryl said as she pointed to her panties. I squished chocolate out of her panties, then pulled them off. I licked chocolate batter off of Cheryl’s pussy, then went after her clit. Cheryl was really excited and she came quickly. I stayed between her legs, licking her clit steadily until she came a second time.

I stood up and Cheryl got to her knees. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down. She slowly and thoroughly cleaned my cock with her tongue, removing all the chocolate. She then kissed and licked my cock some more before taking the head into her mouth. She sucked on the head of my cock as she cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my shaft with the other. Cheryl kept this up, stopping just before I came. She then took more of my shaft into her mouth and started to bob back and forth on my cock. She picked up speed as she sensed I was about to cum. I exploded into her mouth, white cum dribbling out the corners and landing on her batter covered blouse.

Cheryl laid back and spread wide. I cleaned her up again with my tongue then I slid my cock into her. We started to slowly hump each other, enjoying the squishing sounds the batter made and the way the batter felt as it splashed up against us. Cheryl’s chocolate covered stockings felt good against my ass and legs as she wrapped her legs around me as we fucked. We drove our bodies together faster and faster, Cheryl driving her pelvis against me and moaning a bit at the bottom of each stroke. We came hard, rested a moment, then went right back at it. Cheryl’s pussy was incredibly hot and wet, I was amazed at how much getting messy turned her on! We fucked a long time in the goo, Cheryl cumming first, me a short while later. We relaxed a while then Cheryl decided we should clean up, and helped me pull up my pants.

We started up the tub and let the water run, using the bucket and our hands to thin the batter out with water. By the time the tub was empty of batter we were both pretty wet. I picked up Cheryl’s skirt and panties and we went arm and arm over to the shower. We turned on the shower and stood beneath it, hugging as the water washed out the remaining chocolate. I held Cheryl’s skirt under the shower spray and rinsed it off. I then rinsed off her panties. We stood kissing in the shower a long time, until we got rid of most of the chocolate. We were completely drenched. My shirt stuck to me, my tie was ruined, my wet pants felt great as they clung to my ass. I loved the feel of my wet shoes. Cheryl’s blouse was a transparent tan and plastered to her chest. Her stockings glistened in the water. Cheryl dropped my pants and hopped up on my cock, wrapping her wet legs around me. I clutched her naked ass with my hands and she held on for dear life as I pounded her against the shower wall. After we came we turned off the water and slowly stripped. We threw out my tie, left our shoes in the tub, and put the rest of our stuff to soak in the sink and in the washing machine. We dried off and headed off to bed for a little 69, then a long sleep.