Cindy’s Chocolate Tan, by MessyBoy

Well, it’s been a while since my last story, but here at last is the third story in the Betty & Cindy Saga! For those of you who don’t know, Betty and Cindy are two teenage girls just starting out into the wild world of foodplay. I’m afraid the first story, Peanut Butter Betty, hasn’t been archived anywhere, including Deja—PLEASE, if ANYONE has this story saved, repost and/or email it to me. The second story, Betty’s Kitchen Raid, IS available in Deja, and you may want to read that before reading this one. That said…here begins…


Cindy smiled. In just a few minutes, her friend Betty would arrive at the family’s luxurious summer home for an afternoon of messy fun. It had been far too long, Cindy thought, since her first experience with messy pleasures—a good two weeks, at least—and it annoyed her that Betty had gone off on her own after they had agreed to work together only. Still, she understood her friend’s position, and so today she wasn’t after revenge—only a little help in a stunt she couldn’t pull off on her own. They would share some experiences this weekend, just not today.

Cindy was at this time the only person in the lakeside house which her family used a few times each year, usually in the Spring. After making sure that no surprise visits would be planned and telling her parents that she and Betty were going to hang around trying out fashions for the new school year (a reasonable excuse, given their fashion-craziness and the fact that Cindy often wanted to get out of the house), Cindy had driven to the store to pick up a few supplies, then come here to prepare. All was ready, she thought, and just when she was about to go mad with anticipation, she heard a car come up the rather worn side road to the secluded property. Peeking out the window, she saw that it was indeed Betty, utilizing her fresh driver’s license and her family’s spare car to make her entrance.

The doorbell rang and Cindy practically jumped to answer it. As she pulled it open Betty smiled and said a slightly meek “Hi.”

Her shyness startled Cindy, and then she realized it might be nervousness. “Don’t worry,” she said with a gentle smile, “All I want you to do is help me set up an experiment I couldn’t do on my own.” Betty looked quite relieved, and smiled happily. Cindy continued. “It will probably take a while, but I’ve got some plans for both of us for tomorrow and the next day.”

“Great!” said Betty, stepping inside and setting her bags down on the carpetted floor. “So are we going to get started, or what?”

Cindy grinned. “We’re going to get started. Come over here.” Betty followed Cindy curiously over to the back of the house, where Cindy opened the door and stepped out onto the deck. She had of course been here before; usually it was to tan, but Betty sensed that Cindy had a very different purpose in mind. The trees surrounding the deck were high enough and dense enough to prevent any sort of onlookers—besides, the whole property was surrounded by a fence far from the house—but not so dense as to block the sunlight. It was perfectly sunny today—not a cloud in the sky, and as it was rather early in the afternoon the warmth was quite comfortable, and soothing. Cindy brought Betty over to the center of the deck, where she had laid out a large inflatable raft. “When I was little we used to take this out to the lake and paddle around in the shallow parts. But now, it’s just what I need.” Betty looked at her quizzically. Cindy grinned. Walking back to the house, she explained.

“You told me about how it felt good to have the messy stuff inside of your clothes, right?” Betty blushed and nodded. Cindy frowned. “There’s no need for blushing between us, is there?” Betty sighed. “It’s just…I don’t know, I’m not sure.” Cindy grasped her hand lightly. “It’s okay,” she said. “I understand. We’ll talk about it later, okay?” Betty looked happy. “Anyway, back to what I was saying,” said Cindy. Betty nodded. “Well, after you said that about it being inside your clothes, I got to thinking. Ever have a candy bar in your pocket, and it melted?”

Betty thought for a second. “No, I don’t…think so…” she said. “Well,” said Cindy, “I started thinking about that and thought it might be a good thing to try. So I decided to get out the raft, and put a bunch of chocolate under my clothes and on top of me, and let the sun melt it!”

By this point they had reached the kitchen, where Cindy paused to open a cabinet and pull out several tasty treats: several enormous bags of chocolate chips, three big bowls of unwrapped Fun Size Three Musketeers, and a single bowl of unwrapped Hershey chocolate bars. When she saw everything laid out on the counter, Betty let out a startled squeal. “What’s wrong?” asked Cindy. “N-nothing…” said Betty. This was proven to be true when she keeled over in a wave of pleasure, rubbing her crotch frantically for a few seconds before regaining control and standing up straight. “It’s just…it…looks so good…” she said breathlessly.

Cindy sighed. “I know you want to do it too. But that’s what you owe me. Anyway, you won’t be totally bored. I got something for you.” She pointed across the room at a pair of videotapes on a table by the TV. “I ordered those in last week from this company, Mess O’ Fun. They’re great.”

Betty gulped. “You mean…like, videos of…messy stuff?” Cindy nodded. “Like…porno?” She said the word with slight revulsion. Cindy shrugged at her. “Give it a try. For me?” Betty’s revulsion collapsed and she smiled. “Okay,” she said. “I’ll give it a try.”

“Okay,” said Cindy, “it’s time to get going. Outside! Help me carry this stuff.” They took all the chocolate morsels outside to the deck and began. Cindy laid down in the raft, which was just the right size to admit her without leaving much space extra. Betty began loading her up with chocolate. First, she began dumping the Fun Size bars down Cindy’s shirt, sneaking a feel at her friend’s breasts while she was at it. This elicited a giggle and an aroused smile from Cindy, which only made Betty feel more confused as she dumped the second bowl of Fun Size bars down Cindy’s pants. Then the big Hershey’s bars—a few down the shirt, and the rest into Cindy’s panties. Betty found herself breathing very heavily as she carefully placed each bar next to Cindy’s sensitive sex. “See,” said Cindy, “I’d never be able to do all this by myself; I’d end up losing half the chocolate trying to get the rest in.” Betty could only nod and hold back her confusing urges. Finally the chocolate chips got dumped all over on top of Cindy’s clothes, most of them on her shirt, although a good number did cover the crotch of her jeans. “Won’t you be hot?” Betty asked.

“Hopefully,” Cindy said, the multiple meanings of the answer all present in her mind. “Now go watch the videos. And thanks for your help.”

“Hey,” Betty said, “I owe it to you.”

Inside, Betty settled down on the sofa and nervously popped in the first of the tapes from Mess O’ Fun. She really didn’t know what to expect but she knew it would probably be unlike anything she’d ever seen before. As the opening title, “Dirty Sherry” slid by she slipped her hand into her pants, fondling herself through the fabric of her panties, and slipping into a hypnotized daze as the beautiful—beautiful? A woman?—Sherry approached a large, gooey, pit of mud…

Meanwhile, back on the deck, Cindy relaxed and felt the sun’s rays work their way towards her. Already the chips on the surface were beginning to glisten with their own melted moisture. Betty had been right, though—she was getting hot, in the literal sense. That was to be expected when one sat in the sun wearing jeans, after all. She watched in anticipation as the chocolate chips began to glob together. Soon…soon.

Betty gasped as Sherry removed her t-shirt, revealing an impressive chest carried in an impressive bra. Whether it was at the video or her response that she gasped at, she wasn’t sure. Yeah, she had gotten a little rowdy with Cindy in the peanut butter, but…but…what was the rationalization she was searching for? All her life she had considered the concept of a girl feeling any attraction towards another girl as disgusting…but here she found herself becoming turned on by this Sherry in the video, who slowly stepped up to the thick mud and stuck her toe in.

It was beginning for Cindy. The big chocolate chunks inside her shirt were beginning to heat up and melt. Slowly, the rate of melting increased. She could feel them spreading and smearing across her skin, trapped within the fabric of her shirt. Each second as they spread, a new bit of her skin was covered, and each new bit of skin was a new pleasure. As the chocolate melted over her breasts and her rock-hard nipples, she started to build towards orgasm…

Betty, as well, was building towards orgasm. Dirty Sherry giggled as she pulled her leg out of the mud, completely coated with a glorious, sexy slime. Betty rubbed herself harder as Sherry sat down in the mud, spreading her legs, and proceeding to stimulate herself by rubbing back and forth in the thickest portions of the filth.

Cindy moaned as the chocolate began to melt in her jeans. She could feel it, even through her panties. It was heavy, just a bit, but more than that, it was as if the chocolate possessed an aura, a presence of its own, which was knocking on her underwear and saying, “Here I come!” Meanwhile the chocolate in her shirt had taken on the feeling of a single mass, slowly oozing amongst itself as the movements of her lungs forced it to move. Some of it was beginning to drip out of her shirt through the arm-holes, but that was okay. She felt the wonderful pile of goo inside her clothes and felt her sexual excitement rising along with the temperature.

Dirty Sherry had completely covered her clothes with mud and had subsequently discarded them, much to Betty’s delight. Both the girl onscreen and the girl on the couch rubbed themselves madly, as Betty began to realize just how much she recognized the beauty of the female body.

And Cindy began to feel the tinges of pleasure as the thick chocolate began to melt within her panties, spreading across her skin as it had above—but instead of finding her breasts, it found her clit, and began slowly massaging it, a blob spreading across it, touching every spot lovingly and remaining there as the rest moved on. She moaned as the goo probed all around her sex, and moaned harder as she realized that it was completely melted. The sun shone at its brightest, its warmth and her pleasure making her lose her senses. The melted chocolate chips covered her face. There was nothing but the chocolate; there never would be anything but the glorious, tasty, enveloping mass which slid over her welcoming body. She moaned louder and louder as she felt herself sink into a world of pure pleasure, a world of warm caresses, where the lover that was chocolate swallowed her, and drew her into her sex…

Betty stood at the door to the house, looking across the deck at the raft. The video was over; she had reached orgasm and understanding at the same time. She saw her friend, the best friend she had ever had, barely recognizable under the chocolate, and she knew for the first time who her friend was, and who she herself was. She slowly walked across the deck, and kneeled beside the raft. She reached her hand out and rested it on Cindy’s face. Cindy was writhing in an unreal pleasure and didn’t seem to notice, even as Betty slowly slid her hand down, across Cindy’s breasts, down her stomach, over her crotch, and finally bringing that hand back up and kissing it. Betty then disrobed, stood naked above her friend, and feeling nothing but love, lowered herself down, sliding into the chocolate next to her friend. At last Cindy felt the presence of her friend, and as she pushed her eyes open to see Betty’s face come close to hers and place its lips upon hers, she realized that the chocolate was not the lover, only the agent of love, and as they embraced each other they both knew that their love would ever be expressed through the messy experiences which they would only engage in together.