Cream Pie Delight

She looked at me from across the room with a knowing smile and walked confidently over to me. “Do you find the way I look attractive”, she asked looking directly into my eyes. I managed a weak nod of my head … but no words. “Let me help”, she offered. “Could it be perhaps my luxury fluffy purple mohair jumper that’s setting your pulse racing? Maybe my long straight shiny blonde hair that stretches down to my slim waist? Of course it could be the soft angora leggings I’m wearing … I know its all of those things. But the real thing that’s going to get YOU going is that pretty Belinda is yearning to be smeared in thick cream pies.” She whispered this secret desire into my right ear. As she placed a suggestive arm around my shoulder, I could feel the sensual mohair of her sleeve against my neck.

“I have a room upstairs” I offered, having only checked into the hotel an hour previously. I hadn’t counted on running into this vision of a woman when I dropped down to the bar for quick beer. I continued … “we could continue our conversation in more relaxed surroundings … although I’m not sure how we could satisfy your desire for ‘dessert’!”. “That’s something my friend can help us with”; her friend Becky walked over towards us, sporting a huge grin … she was ready for fun. “Lets go. Becky will bring our cases up to your room.”

Belinda followed me closely up to the room and as soon as we were inside she threw down a large black canvas overnight bag. “I’ve got some goodies in there if you’re a good boy – but first, lets get acquainted.” She led me to the edge of the bed and began to undress me. As she did, she made sure to brush my skin with her beautiful mohair clad body – it felt divine. She looked stunning. Her breasts were large and fluffy … when I was fully naked, she asked me to sit on the edge of the bed … and then she sat astride me, pushing her full fluffy breasts into my face. I rubbed my hands over her firm buttocks – the sensation of the softest angora ripped through my body. Eventually, she lifted my head, and brushed her long blonde hair against my face before kissing me deeply with her shockingly pink lips. “I afraid this is going to be the most pleasurable night of your life”, she mocked … I knew already that this would be true, but I had know idea of the extent of the pleasure she had in store for me.

Becky arrived, and Belinda let her into the room. She had two very large cases with her. Out of one, Becky tool a large pink fur blanket and spread it across my bed. “Lie back on that”, she said, “it’ll keep your back warm”. I needed no weak excuse – and lay down onto the fur, almost coming with the sensation on my skin.

Belinda continued, “Now, you look a little excited. So before we begin, why don’t I help relieve a little of that?”. Why not indeed!

Belinda opened her canvas bag and showed me a pair of fur mittens and a fur bonnet – matching her sweater perfectly. “These are for me” she announced as she put the mittens on her hands. Immediately she placed my cock between her mittened hands and began to rub me gently. She moved her head closer and blew softly over my erection. “In a moment, I’m going to put you into my mouth and suck ’till you come. But this time, you’re not to watch … not yet.” She took the fur bonnet and reversed it …. soft fur on the inside. She knew instinctively that I’d love to have it tightly over my face as she sucked me off …. I could only last a couple of minutes before exploding into her luscious mouth.

Belinda removed the fur bonnet from my face and told me that I’d need to look closely at the special preparation that Becky was making for us ……

On the other side of the room, on the large table were twenty or so huge cream pies. Becky had been making them whilst I had been losing my mind with Belinda. Also out of one of the cases came three enormous containers full of custard. Becky began, “This looks very exciting Belinda, I’ve plenty of your favorite treats in store”, and Belinda smiled broadly. “But first, we’d better secure him.”

With that, they took two soft angora scarves each and secures my arms and legs to the corners of the bed. Belinda moved into position, straddling me on the bed. She sat upright, her mane of long hair brushed over to one side covering the right side of her face and down the right side of her body – it glistened …. and she smiled with expectation. Belinda spoke. “Now wouldn’t it be a terrible shame to spoil all this beautiful mohair that I’m wearing?”. She rubbed her fur mittens across her breasts and breathed deeply. “But I’m no longer in control now – Becky is the Pie Mistress … and she’ll do whatever she likes”.

Becky moved towards us with two very large cream pies in her hands. Slowly, she pushed the first pie into Belinda’s face who squealed with excitement. She gently rotated the pie, ensuring that the thick cream had been pushed into every contour of Belinda’s lovely face. The second pie landed on Belinda’s furry chest and was massaged over her large breasts. This was pure delight to watch … all the time, Belinda squirmed with ecstasy above me …. gently rubbing her angora covered crotch over my pulsing hard-on. If only I’d had a camera at that very point, Belinda’s face was 100% pied and the front of her soft jumper was well pied too, whilst her long blonde hair still cascaded down to her waist untouched ….. not for long though.

“Do you want some more Belinda?”, asked Becky. “Oh yes, oh much more – we’ve only just begun!”, cried Belinda through the mass of cream on her face. Pies started to fly at Belinda’s hair until eventually she was completely smeared with the luxurious cream pie. Belinda stroked her hair with her fluffy mittens until they too were laden with the pie mixture … “That’s better …. much better. But I hope that dessert is going to be served with some custard, Becky?”.

Of course it was – and plenty of it too. Becky lifted the first of the containers full of custard above Belinda’s head and started to pour it slowly. The thick yellow custard rolled down Belinda’s face and hair, over her breasts and down onto my stomach. Belinda’s hands reached down and began to guide the pool of custard on my stomach down to the stiffness of my prick. The custard felt cool against the heat of my cock … soon I would explode again.

“Oh, how greedy of me”, Belinda observed after the second container of custard had streamed down her body … and eventually reaching my prick. “I didn’t offer you any cream pie.” Becky hadn’t forgotten …. “I’ve saved some especially for him. And since he really enjoyed having his head in your fur bonnet – he can put it over his face and head once again …. this time filled to the brim with cream pie mixture.”

She wasn’t joking. Becky offered the bonnet to Belinda to push over my begging face. Belinda remarked on just how lucky … and I knew it too! At that moment she tugged down her custard covered angora leggings and guided my penis inside – I smiled at her. She moved up and down on my shaft for a few moments whilst teasing me with the huge cream pie in front of my face.

Finally she slowly pushed the mega-pie into my face, at and that instant I exploded for a second time; this time deep inside her. What a feeling – I’d been tied up and dominated like this for seemingly hours – surely it would have to end soon?

After a short while, Belinda took the bonnet off my head revealing my pied face. “I’m sure you know that you’re still hard … and I’m going to have to do something about that, aren’t I?”. She changed position on top of me so that she was on all fours – her face above my cock, and her pussy over my face. “How about a couple more pies, Becky?” pleaded Belinda, and Becky obliged – the first was smeared into Belinda’s face again providing a thick fresh coating of pie – the second was smeared over her pussy and buttocks, just inches away from my face.

“Let’s do it then!”, Belinda exclaimed as she opened her mouth and brought her lips down to the base of my penis, cupping my balls in her well pied mittens. As she became more aroused, I sensed the inevitable ….. her cream pie pussy was moving towards me … I had seconds before my face was covered in creamy heaven again. At that instant Becky added a little extra to our play ….

I felt loads of thick gloop running over the head of my prick, and then Belinda resume her oral treat. And then I knew what it must have been, as I saw piles of chocolate sauce appear over Belinda’s firm buttocks and roll down onto my face from between her legs.

Eventually, as I had yearned for it, Belinda’s cream laden pussy was being rubbed firmly into my face and I could return some of the pleasure that she had spoiled me with. Her orgasm was wild and violent, putting the finishing touch to the sundae on my face. Then for a third and final time I climaxed …. inside the mouth of the exquisite pie maiden.

I remember feeling as excited as I’ve ever felt, being caressed by the soft mohair clad Belinda, her fur mittens and angora covered legs …….. but that was before the ecstasy of the luxurious cream pies!!! If this is the dream of other sensual women out there ….. I’ll be your ‘victim’.

Mark March 1996

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