Dialog 1

— by Argus —

This is an actual clip from an ICQ chat. The nicks were changed to confuse the guilty…


Him: get this.

Him: you: hands tied.

Him: ankles tied.

Her: mmmmm

Him: On knees , on bed or in bathtub….

Him: in something I can remove without untying you.

Him: or naked…

Her: works for me

Him: slowly I strip…..

Her: *raised eyebrow*

Him: pants.

Him: boxers…

Him: shirt.

Him: ta daa!!

Him: ok…

Her: whoops…ya lost something there

Him: and finally…..

Her: i’d tickle you if i wasnt tied

Him: as I was saying

Him: promises promises..

Her: sowwy

Him: so there I am , N A KE D.

Him: And standing at serious attention. Of course, I get to look at you nude. (swoon)

Him: Off I go for a sec and come back….

Him: with a 16″ pie crust.

Her: you go off??? so soon???

Her: sheesh

Him: bad ammo I guess..

Him: just for that, you wait.

Him: 🙂

Her: *groan*

Him: Out of your reach….

Him: BIG crust…

Him: and into I pour…

Him: slowly,

Him: THICK, Dark, chocolate pudding pie-filling.

Him: steeeky and amazingly sweet.

Him: but not too sweet.

Her: *squeek*

Him: intothe crust it goes… a goor 2 or three inches. I told you, big crust.

Him: “all for you” I say…

Him: 🙂

Him: I gve you a taste, just for good measure.

Him: You all tied up can only WATCH.

Her: meany

Him: I take a big ol tub of luscious whipped cream topping and ladle it on top.

Him: And more..

Him: and more.

Him: “YOu said the cream was your favorite part :”

Him: :-))))

Him: and more….

Him: I ask you “More?”””

Him: smiling….

Her: lots

Her: 🙂

Her: quickly

Him: When you say that, by the way, my heart goes thumpty thump

Him: I really really ladle it on there.

Her: *wink*

Him: NOw I have a chocolate cream pie which is HUGE

Him: and loaded with whipped cream…..

Him: I heft it in my hand…

Her: remember enuff for you too…i always share

Him: 🙂

Him: “I am going ot enjoy this. Do you know what I do to

Him: gorgeous naked women who are all tied up?

Her: *shakehead*

Him: To gorgeous naked women that I am seriuosly smitten with???

Her: who cares about them…whatcha gonna do to *me*????

Him: I treat them to dessrt, of course, and for you, you…

Him: I am going to take this Huge chocolate cream pie of pies….

Him: and give you the mostest, bestest, sexyiest Cream pie-in-the-face you have ever ever had.

Her: now? like right now?

Him: You, my love, and going to wear this pie Alll Over your body.

Him: Would you like it right now?? I could wait you know….

Her: you sure ya wanna do that?

Her: i mean i’m all tied up

Her: *showing shackles*

Him: Am I sure??? Oh very. Very very. I want to do this sooooo badly.

Him: I noticed.. you are completely helpless.

Her: now? i wouldnt be able to defend myself *pensive look*

Him: You are so in for it. This pie is huge, as you have noticed.

Her: but…

Her: but…

Him: Mmm Hmmm… I know!! defenseless and helpless….

Her: whats my crime?

Him: you really don’t know your crime????

Her: i think its only fair

Him: Why I stripped you naked and tied you up and am going, just going, to plaster you with this gooey, and I mean

Him: gooey chocolatre cream pie?

Her: yeah…that would be the ‘why’

Him: Your crime is the sweetest crime of all…. you’re amazing and I fell for you.

Her: i mean…give me a chance to explain at least

Her: oh well

Him: Nope, no explanations.

Her: guilty as charged sir

Him: No excuses.

Him: Very guilty.

Her: yep

Him: Will you take your punishment willingly??? Its only fair.

Her: so i guess this means i *have* to get the pie

Her: i mean…ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

Him: Well, I think you have to get the pie. I think I have to get you with it…. right here and right now.

Her: and i *am* guilty

Him: Guilty is an understatement. 🙂

Her: since there’s no way outta it…i sposs we outta go ahead and do it then

Him: the punishement is a throurough plastering.

Her: meet me destiny so to speak

Him: I hope you like chocolate and tons of silky whipped cream!

Him: I have your destiny in my hand!

Her: well…i *am* guilty…so i deserve the chocoalte and cream

Her: *deep breath*

Him: Do you the guilty party, accept your guilt and willingly accept the punishment? Do you really really believe you deserve the chocolate and cream?

Her: *quick prayer*

Her: i am guilty and accept full and total responsibility for my crime

Her: sir

Her: *close eyes* (not worthy of watching this ya know)

Him: Then I declare the punishment to be stripped nekkid, tied up, and Pied until deliciously creamy and sexy.

Him: repeat after me ” I deserve the pie”

Her: *sticking out chest a bit out of the little pride left*

Her: I

Her: Her. . . .

Her: do

Her: deserve

Her: the

Her: *deep breath*

Her: PIE

Him: ****** S M E A A A A A R R R R R R R **********

Him: heeheehee

Him: all over your head…

Him: and this thing drips globs all over your shoulders, arms, boobs, coveres one nipple, thighs, and some tummy!!

Him: WOW!

Her: i am washed of all crimes 🙂

Him: lol!!!!!

Her: oh my god….that was great!!!!!

Thats it… enjoy!

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