Dream Birthday

— by Hfann —

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday so I am giving me a surprise!

I am going to wear a white polyester school uniform that is a flare mini-dress with low V-cut and red belt, white lace open-bra, white lace crotchless panty, white garterhose, white lace short socks, black 4″ patent leather high heel.

I prepared a dream party for him. I prepared a lot of food for it! I have prepared 2 large fruit cakes, 2 cans of cream, 20 mango cream pies, and 2 bottles of chocolate syrup.

He comes over after lunch. When I open the door for him, I wear a white short and tight T-shirt, no bra, red cotton tight super mini-skirt, red fishnet pantyhose, no panty, red 4″ high heel. We have a wet kiss and I tell him to wait in the play room while I change! I can tell he is very excited and his penis is already hard under his causal suit.

I change to my sexy white uniform. When I step into the play room, he is frilled. I circle around to show off my uniform. We have another kiss and hug. He tapes me in my sexy uniform and I pose in front of the camera in sexy positions showing off my open bra and bend over to show off my crotchless panty. Then, he fixes the camera on a tripod.

I take out all the food and I sing “happy birthday” to him. After he blows the candles, I remove the candle from the cake. I use my hand as a knife and grab a piece of cake and feed him. Next, he picks up the rest of the cake and paste it on my face. It immediately replaces my makeup and it is so large that some cake falls on my hair and some drops into my V-cut. He then messages fruit cake on my mostly clean long straight hair! He uses a can of cream to completely cover my hair. I can feel the wegiht of my hair. It is so messy and beautiful when I see my own reflection in the mirror. It makes my horny!

He puts a mango pie on a chair and tells me to sit on it. I sit on it with my white uniform skirt. The pie oozes out from my ass. Next, he pastes another pie on my face. The pie and cream is getting thick on my face. I wipe my eyes clean while he sprays chocolate syrup into my V-cut. I moan in pleasure as the chocolate syrup stain my bra and the front of my still clean unform! When the top of my uniform is soaked, it sticks to my skin. My tits can be traced on the brown uniform top.

While he makes a mess on my clean white garterhose, white lace socks, and black high heel with more pies, I paste a cream pie on his head. He pastes 1 pie on my left leg and wipe it everywhere on my leg. Then, he sprays cream on my right legs. He pastes another pie on my lower legs with my legs closed. The cream filling slowly drips down to the lace socks and onto my high heels. When he pastes more pies on my uniform, I paste one on his crotch. Then, he takes the second cake and paste it on himself and the rest on my crotch. I moan again in pleasure. Next, he sprays the second bottle of chocolate syrup on my back soaking my uniform. With the last can of cream, he sprays it on my breasts and open bra through the V-cut. The rest is to cover every clean spot on my body!

I pose in front of the camera again. I am a total mess! What a messy student!

Last but not least, we fuck before we clean up. He licks my pussy clean and fucks me! It feels so good to be fucked in a mess!

We shower together and then we clean up the mess. I wear my white tight and short T-shirt, no bra, red cotton tight super mini-skirt, red fishnet pantyhose, red 4″ patent leather high heel.