Gunge And The Single Girl, by Oliver

Gunge And The Single Girl

(f, food, pies, oil, gunge and a charitable spirit)


Hi! I’m Rebecca, but my friends all call me Beckie. I’m 23 years old and work at a bar right in the centre of town. I love my job and certainly find myself very popular with all of the men who call in. Maybe if I describe myself you’ll see why! I stand about 5’8″ tall, with blue eyes and long, dark curly hair almost down to the small of my back. Because of my height I have fairly long legs and quite a curvy figure. Ever since I was a young teenage girl I have been blessed with a wonderfully large pair of breasts, so I always try squeeze into the tightest of tops!

The reason I am writing this is to tell you about something rather amazing that takes place in the bar every year. Not only being totally crazy at work we love trying to raise money for charity. This is why we always make our best efforts to collect plenty of money in the summer. This event past was a very silly affair, but if I tell you more I’m sure you are just going to love what I got up to. You see, last summer we had a ‘Dare Beckie’ contest which managed to rake in a small fortune for charity. If you’re wondering just what I did please read on…

The basic idea was really just a cheap excuse to repeatedly cover me in lots of different types of goo and gunge. I really did get the lot, but I guess it was all worth it in the end as we raised nearly