In Front of the Camera

— by Argus —

I asked her what she’d like to do as her part in front of the camera. She replied “To take off my clothes and to mess around with whip cream”.

My hair stood on end!

I asked her for examples. She said, “Well, I’d get naked, and then…play around. You know, get it all over my body..of course.” I told her that I could get a litttle or a lot. “Oh, get a lot! Like, if we could set up a little wading pool, and fill it with whip cream, I could jump in, or fall in, or whatever! That’d be cool!” I asked her about pies. “Hmmm..I’ve never done that. Get a pie in the face, you mean? I’ve had whip cream on my face, no big deal. I guess, yeah. No big deal. It sounds fun! I’ve seen all of those old movies, so I kinda wonder what it’s like! Especially naked, because it might get all over he place…really splat! So I could just stand here naked, and then all of a sudden I get a huge whip cream pie-in-the-face. And I just stand there naked and let it slide off my face. Fun! Lets do it!” I asked her if her nipples got big when she gots pied. “I dont know, but probably! They get hard when I get whip cream on them, so, yeah.”

So I ran the camera, and she took off all of her clothes. “I think it’t too hot in here. Maybe no one will notice if I just get naked” And she was…with a lovely body and pert, firm tits. SHe stretched..”Ahh, yeah. Much better.” And she smiled and looked into the camera. I pitched a big cream pie at her and the whip cream splatted all over her face and hair and on her breasts. She stood there and let the tin fall off, with a big glop of whip cream that fell on her right breast, covering her now hard nipple. One splat of white cream was in betrween her tits and on the soft curve on the inside, just drupping down her stomach. Her face was completely white with whip cream. “Yummmm! Oh look at me, I’m only waering a cream pie and nothing else..” “Throw another pie at me!!” I threw another at her and hit her in the face”. SHe laughed, and removed the tin, leaving the cream on her face and hair. “Do that again!” I threw another, and again she removed the tin” “Hit me again!! Pie me again, this is fun!!” I threw, and she splatted again. She was white and gooey from head to toe, and covered with a think, dripping, gloppy laye of whip cream. “I want to be a pie-in-the-face! Pie me! Let me have it!” I threw again!! “Mmmmmmm…cream pie!! I want more pies! Pie me! ” I threw the last pie. “How do I look?” I asked her how she felt/ “I feel great! This feels so good! This is fun. I’m all slippery. Take off your clothes and jump in with me.” I couldn’t refuse, so I did, and she covered me in the whip cream, licking it off of me, and making love to me…

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