Janet II: Slime, Mud And VideoTape

— by D.H. —

Janet wiped the sweat from her brow as she put the last pail down on the plastic covered floor. Looking around Janet saw she had almost everything she wanted or needed for enjoying her Friday night was down in the basement. It had been a week since Janet had gotten messy, and 5 days since she had finally been able to get her house cleaned up.

“Okay, plastic on floor, furnature on the other side of the room and most of the stuff I need down here” she thought, running through her mental checklist. A couple large pails ringed the raised edge of the 6m by 6m plastic tarp as well as a couple of jars. On the other side of the basement was her camcorder set up on a new tripod with a new blank tape all at the ready.

Trembling with anticipation she ran up the basement stairs up into the kitchen and checked on the boiling pots on the stove. Satisfied with their progress she ran into her bedroom and started to change her clothes into the outfit carefully laid out on the bed. Slowly she pulled on her new white lace panties and bra after stripping down completely showing off her slender body. Finally she put on an emerald green silk blouse which she only buttoned up half way, and pulled on a tight, white mini-skirt, leaving her legs and feet bare. Looking at herself in the mirror she realized that she had never worn a skirt like that before because it made her feel cheap. For some reason though she liked how that made her feel considering what she was going to do tonight.

Running back to the kitchen she emptied one of the pots carefully into an empty ice cream pail, making sure not to get any on herself, then shuttled it down the stairs before coming back up. Going into the bathroom she did her hair and re-touched her makeup. Looking as if she was going to go into work with her hair loose around her shoulders she noticed that the slight curl her brown hair had picked up after the previous weekend, still hadn’t gone away. Not that she was complaining, Janet just thought somehow it was fitting with her new outlook on life.

Reaching between her legs and up her skirt she could feel herself getting wet with anticipation.

Finally leaving the bathroom she went into the kitchen to check on the pots. Taking the lid off one of the remaining two she picked up the pot with one hand and a strainer with the other and drained the spaghetti. Putting the pot of noodles back down she picked up the other pot full of meat and tomato sauce and dumped it into the first pot carefully so not to splash herself.

Carrying the pot by the handle Janet went downstairs and put the pot down on in the centre of the floor to cool off. Trembling harder Janet made sure that the centre of the floor was in the middle of the camcorder’s view, and turned it on slow record since she didn’t want to switch tapes every couple of hours.

Sitting down on the floor she spread her legs and raised her knees and looked straight into the camera before pulling the pot back between her legs feeling it’s warmth on her thighs and crotch.

Carefully she reached into the pot and grabbed a handfull of the spaghetti and sauce, and held her hand in the steaming mass. She noticed that she had gotten some sauce on the cuff and just shook it off, afterall this second outfit her ex had bought her was going to buy it tonight. She thought of the other outfit which she had hanging in the bathroom, all caked and stained, “I have to definiely slime myself in that one again.”

Subconsciously Janet started to squirm from the warmth radiating onto and from her crotch and thighs. She brought up the handful of spaghetti and sauce and brought it up to her mouth, globs of it falling down onto her white skirt and her green blouse, turning it brown as the noodles slid down. Tilting her head back Janet opened her mouth wide, raised her hand as high above her head as it would go and dropped the handful towards her mouth. Janet almost fell over as the shock of feeling the warm, tangled, mass slime down over her face almost made her pull the hand she was leaning back on, out from under her. Closing her legs slightly Janet started to rub her thighs together as she repeated the process a couple of times, getting spaghetti all over her shoulders, her exposed chest and in her hair. Sitting back up Janet moaned as she felt all the spaghetti on her chest slide down suddenly into her cleavage and into her blouse. Not being able to hold back she slid her messy hand against the white crotch of her panties and started to rub herself. Janet thought about how hard she’ll come when she watches herself smearing sauce on her clean crotch on tape. Rubbing harder she came to climax, but not as hard as she knew she could, but the evening was still young.

“I must look like a real bad girl right now.”, she ad libbed into the camera. “Just look at me, sloppy, and dirty.” Janet laughed as she spoke.

Reaching into the pot with both hands Janet started to slather the spaghetti up down down the front of her blouse, staining it brown, and forming a puddle of it in her lap, soaking the front of her skirt. Getting up onto her knees Janet emptied out the pot onto the mat in front of her, put the pot aside and got on all fours. Licking her lips she pushed her mouth into the pile and started to eat off the floor, her ass wriggling back and forth in the air. Pulling her head back up she looked up at the camera and licked her lips again before pushing her face into the spaghetti. “God I love doing that” she thought as she brought herself back up on all fours. Smiling she pushed her face harder into the noodles and sauce before sitting back on her knees. Gingerly she pulled all the spaghetti on the mat into a pile and crawled on all fours in front of it. Knowing she needed to climax again soon she sat back hard into the pile, spraying spaghetti out from under her seat in all directions. Squirming herself harder into the mess she could feel it’s warmth coming through her skirt. Without any more hesitation, she faced the camera, closed her eyes and enjoying being gooped happilly rubbed herself off to a quick, hard climax. Janet sighed and laid back in the mess afterwards. Looking at her selection of items she wanted to try from upsidedown, she spotted the jug of milk. Rolling over onto her stomach Janet then got up and picked up the half full jug of milk. Lifting it to her lips she started to drink from the container and kept tilting it back sending a white stream down her neck and chest. The cool milk made her skin tingle as it washed the warm spaghetti down into her blouse, soaking it and pooling where she had tucked her blouse into her skirt, before it dripped down onto her skirt. Reaching down she pulled on the waist of her skirt and let a small puddle of milk flow down her panties.

Looking around with renewed zest as the milk soaked her crotch and ran down her legs, Janet picked up a can of coke, popped the top and turned around for the camera. Reaching behind herself she pulled her skirt and panties off her back and poured the coke down. Janet’s hips pumped involuntarily as the cold, fizzing liquid flooded down her bare cheeks, inside the crack of her ass and finally into her crotch before running down her legs. Grabbing the yogurt container Janet hurried to sit down again, getting turned on by the squishing sound she made and felt. Enjoying it she sat there and bounced up and down several times giggling harder each time.

Janet peeled the lid off the large yogurt container and reached in to mix up the cherry sauce in it. “Now this is real slime.” she commented to the camera at the feel of the yogurt oozing between her fingers. Once the yogurt turned a pinkish hue she plunged both hands in, scooped up some yogurt and started to wipe it all over her face, enjoying it’s weight.

Feeling bold Janet pulled the front of her skirt and panties forward and dumped the rest of the yogurt down the inside of her underwear. “Oh my GOD!!” she screamed with exctasy as the yogurt seeped into her bare crotch. Looking down she could she a large buldge on the front of her hips. Putting her hands on her skirt she pushed the buldge between her legs. Panting she started to bounced up and down again, the yogurt oozing up the crack of her ass and worked it’s way out through the legs holes of her panties. The goo rubbed her off to climax without her hands coming near her crotch. Still in the lost in orgasm Janet grabbed her crotch and rubbed herself harder, and faster than she ever had, feeling some of the yogurt entering her as she rubbed. Climaxing hard again Janet got on all fours and went for the pot she had brought down earlier, full of oatmeal.

Making sure she was back in front of the centre of the camera Janet laid down on her back, spread her legs wide and dumped the pot of oatmeal on her face before shoving a hand down the inside of her panties and fingering herself roughly. Gasping with passion, Janet’s mouth was the only visible part of her as she shuddered and heaved from multiple orgasms while her face remained under the mound of still warm oatmeal. After lying back and taking a few deep breaths, Janet sat up again. Reaching into her panties she pulled out a handfull of the liquifying yogurt and smeared it over the tops of her breasts and over her formerly white lace bra. Grabbing some oatmeal with the other she filled up the cup of a bra and squeezed it hard, causing her to let out a low groan.

Looking over at the pails lustfully Janet grunted as she pulled them onto the plastic. Glad she had taken the time to raise the edge of the plastic earlier she spilled out the contents of the pails onto the floor. The rich smell of freshly fertilized earth greeted her nose as the blackish mud oozed out onto the plastic. Still grunting Janet let herself flop forward into the mud and pulled herself along, letting it get scooped up into her cleavage and down her shirt. Shuddering from the yogurt between her legs Janet started to make a pile of the mud. Looking as helpless as she could with a face still covered in oatmeal she said to the camera “I like being a piggy.” and then pushed her face into the mud, grunting and oinking as it came out the other side of the pile. Laughing as she fell forward onto the pile, she quickly pulled it back together, and “oinked” for the camera before doing it again.

Feeling hornier than ever Janet hiked her skirt, pulled her panties down as she sat on the floor, then reached into the mud, scooping as much as she could into them. Quivering with delight she pulled them back up as hard as she could. The mud and yogurt oozing around her crotch and up her crack brought Janet to orgasm quickly. Reaching between her legs Janet rubbed herself through her bulging underwear, the ooze caressing her like a lover’s tongue, giving her a sloppy french kiss.

After she slumped back limp from her orgasms, Janet rolled over and looked at the camera, too tired to get up out of her mess. Closing her eyes she rested up. After all there were still two more days left in the weekend.