Janet III: A New Friend

— by D.H. —

Janet walked slowly down the sidewalk, looking into the windows of the stores as she walked past, her typical Saturday sort of thing to do. The wind blew her hair around a bit as she looked at her reflection in the latest window she stopped at, one of the best bakeries in the city.

Blushing at the thoughts she was having about what she would do with the cakes she turned to walk away with her only purchase of the day, a black pleated knee-length skirt which she got on sale. Looking down into the bag she looked back at the bakery, almost being drawn in by the wonderful smells from within.

Taking a deep breath, Janet summoned up enough courage to enter the store. Casually she inspected the rows of pies and cakes deciding that if she was going to get anything, it would have to be cream based, as little crust as possible.

“Looking for anything particular?”, a woman’s voice asked from the kitchen area. Turning around Janet saw a woman who was maybe a year older, a little shorter with a bigger chest and hips than Janet, but still looking in shape, come out of the kitchen, her apron and face streaked with flour.

“Umm, sort of.”, she started off hesitantly, “I have some guests coming over and I was wondering if you delivered to the NorthLands development.”

“That’s a little out of our way, what were you thinking of ordering and for when?”

“Well I just need some pre-made stuff for tonight, ummm, a couple of pies and maybe a cake or two. I want variety just in case.”

Scratching something down on her notepad the woman asked, “If you order 6 things I think I can swing delivery.”

“That would be wonderful.”, Janet replied smiling, glad to see her plans were coming together okay.

“So what would you like?”, the woman asked.

“Let’s see, how about one Black Forest Torte, umm…,one chocolate cream, one lemon merangue, one coconut cream, one banana cream, and one of the cherry ones with the whipped topping.”

Nodding the woman jotted down the information and got Janet’s address and a delivery time. Glad that her public speaking skills developed at university still held after being chained to a cubicle, Janet walked out of the bakery and headed for her car to drive home.

Later that evening Janet tried to make things look as much like she was expecting company as possible, making very sure to keep her story straight in her own mind, convinced that she would be looked at as a freak if the baker found out what the pies were for.

Quickly running downstairs, Janet spread the plastic out on the floor, glad to see an afternoon in the sun had dried it while she was out, then sprinted back up the stairs. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Janet eagerly ran to answer.

As she opened it she saw the woman who took the order, but wearing makeup, jeans, and a tight t-shirt which showed off her breasts.

“Sorry I’m a few minutes late” she explained, “but you’re the last order and it took me longer to get here than I thought.”, she added carrying in 3 boxes into the house and being led by Janet into the kitchen.

“It’s okay, you’re early.”, Janet explained figuring that she had made the woman made late for a date.

“Let me get the other three.” the woman said as she walked out to the van.

Trying to remain calm for the next few minutes until the woman left, Janet paced a little bit at the front door, holding it open as the other 3 cakes entered into the house.

“How much do I owe you for delivery?”, Janet asked.

Putting the cakes down the woman looked at her, then asked, “Well what are you REALLY going to do with the cakes?”

Janet gasped at the question. “I told you I have guests coming.” she fired back.

The woman stared at Janet and said, “My name is Mona, I own the bakery and I have the hunch that you have NO intention of eating these, and you don’t have guests coming.” Pointing to the floor and smiling she added, “You missed a spot”

Looking down at the spot Janet could see part of a footprint left over from the night before when she came upstairs to wash up, and Janet promptly turned bright red.

“I’m Janet and…I ahh, uhh.” was all Janet was able to say.

Smiling, Mona looked at Janet, “Look, you aren’t the only one into this okay? I have for years. How do you think I came to own a bakery??! You don’t know how many times I have people, male and female, come in for several pies and cakes each month. You learn to spot them.”

Janet started to feel a bit more relaxed, and leaned back against the counter, unsure about what to say. “Did you want some help with these?”, Mona asked.

“No I’ll manage I think.”, Janet responded politely.

“To be honest I meant did you need someone to mess you up while you enjoyed it? I won’t touch you if you don’t want.”

Curiosity about having someone else in the room started to make Janet feel warm between her legs. “Well, I will be taping it, maybe you could work the camera at least.”

“Tape? How about a deal then. I help you tonight, you help me tomorrow afternoon and we give each other copies of the tapes. You won’t owe me anything for tonight.”

Nervously Janet extended her hand, which Mona took, shook and they both said “Deal.”

A half hour later Janet went downstairs after finishing her makeup and hair. Wearing her new skirt, a pair of white panties, bra and some white socks in addition to tight t-shirt, she reached the bottom of the stairs. While she had been getting ready it was obvious that Mona had gone through her kitchen for items. Looking around the basement she saw an old chair was in the centre of the mat, with the Black Forest Torte sitting on it. Mona was on the other end of the basement watching the end of the tape, where Janet had stopped it the night before.

“Good show.” Mona commented. “I know people who would pay good money for that kind of footage.” she added with a grin from ear to ear.

Fiddling with the VCR she stopped the tape at the spot she found it and went over to the camera. “I’m going to be directing you a bit if that’s okay. Do you want the sound on or off if I am?”

Janet just stood near the chair, and taking a deep breath said, “Leave it on, if I don’t like it I can just mute it later.”

Switching on the camera Mona started to work it like an expert.

“Okay we’re rolling.” she said as she did a closeup on Janet’s face. “So you like being a piggy huh?” she asked.

Blushing, Janet said, “Yes.” looking straight into the camera, and feeling aroused being talked to like that. “I love to be covered in goo, humping it, feeling it all over me…”

“I didn’t tell you to speak.” Mona interrupted.

Janet demurely looked down at the floor, putting on her best sad face for the camera, enjoying hamming it up, and trying not to laugh.

“Pull off your panties as punishment.”, Mona ordered.

Not quite sure where this was going, Janet thought about protesting, but her curiousity about being directed overrode her.

Pulling the shot back to show Janet’s entire body, Mona watched as Janet reached up under her skirt, and slowly pulled her white panties off, letting them fall to the floor, then stepping out of them. Taking a step forward, Janet lifted up her skirt for the camera and said, “Okay, I’ve done it.” she said.

“Move over to the chair and pull up your skirt.”, Mona said.

Janet complied and pulled up her skirt, feeling the cool air against her bare thighs, crotch and ass. “Stradle the chair while standing.” Mona directed. Slowly Janet moved over the chair, getting wet with anticipation about what Mona was going to make her do. “Sit down hard.”, Mona added after what seemed to be an eternity to Janet.

Closing her eyes, Janet sat down hard on the chair. Cream and cake forced it’s way up between her thighs, her crotch, the crack of her ass, the cherries rubbing against the sensitive skin as well as oozing out all over the chair and making plopping noises as it hit the plastic. Panting, Janet grabbed her knees and forced her hips back and forth in the mess, squeezing her thighs open and shut, letting the cake, topping and cream massage her.

“Bad girl!” Mona exclaimed.

Janet stuck out her tongue at Mona, and shoved her hand up into her cream covered crotch, moaning with delight as she forced cake into herself as she started to hump her hand.

Mona watched in silence as Janet orgasmed twice, finding it hard not to start rubbing herself as she alternated the camera between Janet’s crotch and face. “God does this one get into it.” she thought as Janet pulled a cream and cake covered hand out from under her skirt.

Reaching up for her breasts, Janet started to bounce up and down in the mess, enjoying the feeling of the cake squirming into every crack and crevace.

Stepping out from behind the camera, Mona picked up a small punch bowl filled with fruit punch. Janet’s eyes went wide as Mona advanced on her, eventually moving behind the chair before tipping the bowl, sending a cascade of sweet smelling liquid over Janet’s head. The splash quickly soaked Janet’s shirt, her bra’s outline becoming quite visible as the shirt turned pink. The caress of the liquid, the sound of it dripping off her body, and now drenched hair made Janet sigh and start to rub her thighs together lightly. As the bright red liquid dripped down Janet’s body, making her shirt cling to the skin, Mona reached over for the chocolate cream pie, only a hint of the dark chocolate showing from under the heavy, fresh whipping cream, picking it up with one hand and moving beside Janet in the shot.

Giggling, Janet looked up and in the most melodramatic voice she could manage said, “Please don’t make me dirtier!”. Mona almost dropped the pie as she started to laugh, realizing that she had a natural on her hands for this sort of thing.

Just smiling with an evil grin, Mona pulled on the collar of Janet’s t-shirt, and proceeded to dump the pie down the inside, scooping it with her hands. Janet looked down to see dark brown stains working from the inside of her shirt, and shivered as the cold cream and filling oozed down into her bra, between her breasts and pooled where her shirt was tucked in. Sliding both her hands up to her chest, Janet resumed bouncing on the chair as she rubbed the pie filling through her shirt, enjoying the feeling of it sliming her pale skin, and the feeling of the jelly like mass through her shirt as she pounded her crotch against the cake.

Mona put the pie tin down and moved behind Janet, picking up a jar of strawberry jam as she did, then moving in front of Janet.

Reaching forward Mona pulled off Janet’s socks one at a time. Janet rubbed a breast hard with one hand, while watching what Mona was doing on the floor. Scooping out giant handfulls of jam, Mona shoved the contents of the large jar into the two socks and very slowly put them back on Janet’s feet.

Janet gasped at the feeling of the jam around her sensitive feet, oozing up between her well peticured toes, sliming up over her foot and up her ankles. The sensations of from her feet, crotch and chest made Janet quiver with another orgasm without even touching her crotch. Breathing hard she mouthed “More” to Mona.

Walking over to the table, Mona picked up the lemon merangue and coconut cream pies and walked back to Janet making sure not to block the camera. Reaching back with her right hand she pied Janet with the lemon merangue, the merangue spraying as it hit Janet’s face, the thick lemon filling plopping down onto Janet’s shirt in globs as Mona rubbed it in. As Mona pulled the tin away Janet reached up and cleared some of the filling from her nose, laughing.

“That feels almost as good as pushing my face into the mud.”, Janet commented in a matter-of-fact tone, as she pushed her feet around the floor to ooze the jam around her feet some more.

“Same principle I guess.” Mona responded as she promptly nailed Janet in the face with the coconut cream pie, this time letting it slide off Janet’s face, onto her chest.

Slowly Janet licked her lips, marvelling at the way the cream, merangue, lemon and coconut were blended on her face. Reaching down between her legs, Janet grabbed handfuls of the cake between her legs and started to rub it along her inner thighs, tilting her head back, enjoying the slimy feelings from head to toe as she felt herself getting closer to climax.

Picking up a jar of marmalade, Mona walked behind Janet, looking down at Janet’s nicely built, squirming body underneath her as she unscrewed the cap and let it drop to the floor. Dipping her hand into it, Mona slapped it onto the top of Janet’s head, gluing her still wet, silky brown hair together with the orange goo. Janet sighed as she felt Mona repeat the process, then start to shampoo the sweet smelling jelly through her hair, turning it into a sticky mass. Janet’s cream and cake smeared hands worked their way back up her thighs to her crotch. Gently Janet rubbed her crotch as she felt Mona drop globs of marmalade onto her pied face.

“You want more?”, Mona asked.

A clenched jawed, “Yes” was all Janet was able to say, her mind reeling with all the feelings of arousal from the different textures all over her body.

Lifting up the banana cream pie, Mona reached over and peeled back the front of Janet’s skirt, exposing her cream covered hands and crotch.

“Do it!”, Janet hissed, not at all embarassed to have a stranger staring at her.

Mona desperately wanted to start to rub herself off as she pushed the banana cream pie against Janet’s hips. Feeling the fresh, creamy mess between her legs, Janet grabbed a handful and started to rub it against her sensitive sex. Seeing that Mona was still looking up her skirt, Janet slid her other hand through the mess, smearing it around under her skirt, then picking up a glob from between her legs, started to smear it around her shirt.

Walking back slowly, Mona wiped her hands off on her jeans and started to manipulate the camcorder to alternate between shots of Janet’s face and crotch. Pulling a recliner up to the camera, Mona sat down on the arm and started to rub herself against it, glad to finally feel something rubbing against her, allowing her to give into her feelings which had been boiling under the surface. Seeing what Mona was doing, Janet picked up her skirt with her free hand, and started to finger herself faster for the camera. Moaning with pleasure, Janet’s body convulsed as she orgasmed. Watching closely Mona started to ride the arm of the chair harder as she looked up Janet’s skirt at her messy crotch. Gasping with pleasure Mona squeezed her eyes shut as she came, taking a few minutes to enjoy the feeling.

“Give me more.” Janet said softly.

“Get on the floor.”, Mona ordered to Janet.

Slowly Janet slid herself out of the chair, and plopped down in front of it with her legs spread wide. “Lift up your shirt.”

Moving her hands up to her shirt, Janet lifted it up to expose her messed up bra and breasts. Pulling the cup back, Mona cracked an egg expertly with one hand on the edge of the chair and let the yolk and runny egg white slide into the cup, caressing Janet’s rock hard nipple. Biting down on her lower lip, Janet managed to focus enough to remember to add eggs to her list of favourite things along with yogurt.

Repeating with the other breast, Mona looked down at Janet, “Get on your stomach.” Janet slowly gathered herself up onto all fours, then let herself flop down in the mess on the floor in front of the chair, the eggs squishing against her breasts and our of her bra as her weight came down on them. Feeling hornier than ever Janet started to hump the floor slightly as she waited for Mona’s next move.

Picking up the last pie, Mona walked behind Janet and pulled up the back of the skirt to expose Janet’s firm ass. “Here it comes!”, Mona warned Janet who started to squirm as the cold air caressed her firm cheeks.

As hard as she could Mona pushed the cherry pie against Janet’s ass, working the cream and cherries into the crack and over the skin. Pulling the pie tin off, Mona let Janet’s skirt fall back. Unable to resist Mona quickly stradled Janet’s seat and started to hump it hard and fast. Janet moaned at the feeling of the pie being worked into her this way, the feeling of Mona’s weight making her wetter as globs of cream oozed between her legs, caressing her to climax.

With a loud grunt, Mona came hard and slid onto all fours over Janet’s back. “See, I know what I’m doing.” she said, giggling, as she stood up and went back to the camera.

Janet started to laugh too imagining just how rediculous she would look on tape. “You think you can handle it from here?”, Mona asked.

“I think so, thank you.”, Janet responded.

“I’ll leave my address upstairs for you, I expect that you’ll show up at noon for my turn. Don’t worry about making a copy of the tape yet, we’ll do that tomorrow evening then we’ll be even. Okay?”

Smiling Janet, nodded, and said, “Sounds good.”

Mona added, “Don’t worry about what you wear, casual if you want, since the tape will be focused on me.”, doing a starlet twril and pose putting on her best movie star smile.

Laughing at Mona, Janet stood up, walked over to Mona, and gave her a sloppy hug. “Ewww!”, Mona giggled as she looked down at the mess on her clothes, “I think tomorrow should be lots of fun…” she said with a large grin on her face as she turned to leave.