Janet IV: Sunday, Sunday…

— by D.H. —

Pulling her car up slowly, Janet looked for the address of the house hidden deep in the trees at the end of the gravel road.

“This has to be it.” she muttered as her car hit a small pot hole. Seeing that the address matched the one Mona had left for her the night before, she parked the car in the driveway. Opening the door, she slid her shapely legs out, letting her flats settle on the ground where they stayed as she took a deep breath. Pulling herself out of her car, normally spotless but now covered in dust she looked at the small house, almost a cabin.

Walking up the three stairs to the front she rang the bell.

A moment later Mona opened up the door wearing a bathrobe.

“Hey, you showed up afterall.” she said beaming, “I was figuring I was going to have to charge you money afterall.”, she joked.

“Well here I am.”, Janet said nervously, her head tilting a bit as she tried to hide her nervousness.

Leading Janet into the front of the house, Mona said, “I was just preparing some stuff I definitely want used, otherwise feel free to look around the kitchen for anything you want to use. I have a really good selection.”

“They must love you at Costco.”, Janet jibbed as she realized having a membership with a warehouse grocery store might NOT be such a bad idea if she was going to keep this up.

“Actually they do.”, Mona replied, arching her eyebrows several times in a passable Groucho Marx impersonation. “I want about half an hour to get ready, I still have no idea what I want to wear. Is that okay?”

“That will be fine.”, Janet replied.

“Just to let you know, we’ll be shooting out on the deck, easier to hose off, the camera’s going to be in the kitchen pointing out of the door since the deck isn’t all that big.”

“Sounds good.”

“See you in a half hour then.”, Mona said as she wiggled down the hall to her room.

“That should do it.”, Janet muttered as she finished setting up her camera near the deck. “Hopefully Mona won’t mind this.” she added as she looked at the hose as water from it flowed onto the 3′ mound of black topsoil which was obviously meant for the slightly deadish looking patches in the small back yard. “At least I can understand why she picked this place.” she said as she looked around the heavily treed lot, before looking back at the mud puddling at the base of one side of the mound.

Walking up onto the deck Janet checked the various items she selected for Mona’s shoot, making sure that they were within reach on the patio table. Doing one last check she finally primed the camera to record.

“Ready?”, Janet heard Mona ask.

“Yep.”, she responded a little nervously.

“What do you think?”, Mona asked as she did a turn.

Janet was amazed at how Mona looked, expertly done makeup, Mona’s hair done up into a top pony tail, the way that her black leather pants showed off Mona’s curved hips like a second skin, and the way that Mona’s breasts were almost bursting out of the black bra she wore under an open white cotton shirt, with the outfit accented by black patent leather pumps. Janet tried not to feel underdressed in her high cut blue jean shorts and t-shirt with white flat shoes.

Reaching over Janet started the camcorder recording as Mona seductively walked over to a deck chair, stradled it, and kept her legs apart as she leaned back.

Silently Janet walked onto the deck and reached over for the container of margarine left on the table. The warm day had softened it further and heated it up, Janet noticed as she stuck her hand into it. Mona watched inquisitively, never having used the stuff before, wondering what it would feel like. Walking around behind the chair, Janet started to smear the greasy glob in her hand around Mona’s face, starting at the forehead, gently massaging it over her skin like a lotion, giving it a bright sheen. Rubbing slowly with two fingers she traced around Mona’s face. Mona sighed a couple of times under Janet’s greasy caresses. Digging both hands into the margarine after setting it down on the deck, Janet wiped off globs of it onto Mona’s neck and the exposed tops of her breasts, letting them slide down Mona’s smooth skin.

Mona gasped as she felt one of the globs slide down her cleavage and run into her belly button inside her shirt. Walking back to the table, Janet looked over the items and selected a glass bottle of maple syrup. Mona licked her lips as she saw the choice, and Janet turned to her and said, “Why are you sitting there like a slut?”, surprised at what she was saying.

After a couple of seconds Mona responded after seeing the look of surprise on Janet’s face, “Because you’re here to help me please myself slave.”, she responded while trying not to laugh.

“Is that so?”, Janet said cooly as she walked up to the chair.


Reaching forward, Janet undid the button on Mona’s leather pants, then pulled the zipper down a bit, surprised to see that Mona wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Well I wouldn’t want to keep you from having fun then.”, Janet said as she slowly turned the bottle upside down while the cap was still on. Unscrewing the cap, Janet felt the flood of sticky syrup run over her hand down onto the top of Mona’s exposed hips, and over her leather pants which caused them to shine brightly. Mona let out a long, deep breath as she felt the syrup flow down the inside of her pants. Janet pulled on the pants and shoved the front of the bottle down inside them as it emptied out. Mona threw herself back hard, eyes and mouth wide at the feeling of the hard neck of the bottle slide down inside her pants, flooding her crotch with syrup, her hands balled into fists as she got caressed by the thick liquid. Janet watched the bottle empty before pulling it out of Mona’s pants and leaving it between her legs. Already syrup could be seen dripping out of the pant legs onto the deck. Wild with passion, Mona grabbed the bottle, slid it between her legs, closed her thighs around it and started to ride it, feeling the syrup squishing around inside her pants, running down the insides of her legs and over her seat.

For her next item, Janet picked up a carton of chocolate milk, opened it and walked up to Mona who was still humping the bottle wildly through her orgasm. Making sure she wasn’t between the camera and Mona, Janet said, “I’m going to make sure that everyone will be able to see what a filthy pig you are.”, before dumping the chocolate milk over Mona’s perfect hair, the brown liquid matting it onto her face, staining her white shirt as it flowed over her.

“Ummm.” was about all Mona was able to say as she felt the cold liquid soak her head and chest.

Running back to the table, completely getting off on being bitchy, Janet grabbed the opened soup cans from the table, watching the jelly like substnace jiggle as she walked back up to Mona.

“Grab your tits.”, Janet barked at Mona.

Surprised, Mona slid both hands up to her chest and covered her breasts with them. “Pull your bra open.”, Janet next ordered. Slowly Mona pulled the cups of her soaked black bra away exposing the dark skin around the erect nipples. Turning each can over, over a breast, Janet watched the contents of the cream of mushroom and tomato soups bases plop down loudly onto them as gravity pulled globs out of the cans.

Mona sat there wide eyed and panting, from the feeling of the slimy mess working it’s way down her breasts into her bra. After the cans were emptied out, more than enough to overflow the bra and collect on her stomach, Mona let the cups slide back over her breasts, the goop oozing out of them, mixing as it slimed down her cleavage and belly. Roughly Mona grabbed her large breasts, causing a spray to splatter her chest and neck, before sliding her hands down between her legs to grab her crotch, now with the mess covering her from almost head to toe.

Watching closely, Janet went back to the table, picked up the squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup and walked back up to Mona. “Look at me”, Janet said softly. Looking up with lust filled eyes, Mona opened her mouth wide as Janet squirted the contents of the bottle onto her face. The thick liquid splattering her face with streaks of brown before sliding down the oily margarine. Feeling herself becoming lost to the tingling between her legs she started to rub herself hard for her own pleasure and the video record of the day. Her mind reeled at how good Janet’s choices had been, how easily she had started to dominate and be bitchy, everything Mona had hoped for.

“Stand up.”, Janet said loudly as she saw Mona arch her back with ecstasy. Shivering slightly from her orgasm, Mona got up from the deck chair and stood next to it. “It’s your turn to pull down your pants.”, Janet added. Slowly Mona pulled her pants down from her curvy hips, stopping high enough that they stayed up on her thighs.

Picking up the container of liquid marshmallow topping, Janet pulled the back of the collar of Mona’s shirt off her back and poured the white, sticky mess down the back of it. Mona squirmed as the topping caressed her spine as it worked it’s way down her back, sticking her shirt to her body. The breeze teased Mona’s sticky crotch as it blew over the sensitive, syrup covered skin.

Janet was practically panting from her own arousal as she poured the marshmallow down Mona’s back. She had been dominated in her last relationship and it felt really, really good to her to order someone else around for a change. Seeing Mona get messy wasn’t so much the attraction, but knowing she was in charge was making her wet, precisely the reason she went into buisness.

Reaching down to Mona’s firm seat, Janet traced the end of a fingernail over a sticky cheek, much to Mona’s delight. The sharp feeling making her slide a hand up against her naked crotch, and to start rubbing as she looked straight at the camera. Walking back to the table Janet selected one of the pre-made bowls she had found in the kitchen, a large mixing bowl filled with a white batter. Walking up behind Mona who had started fingering herself for the camera, Janet poured a little bit of the white goo onto the small of Mona’s back, letting gravity pull it down the crack of her ass. Mona started to breathe faster and sway her hips as she felt the familar touch of batter on her skin. Seeing Mona’s yeilding to the batter, Janet poured the bowl over Mona’s head, splashing her own clothes a bit in the process. As the bowl emptied, Janet just let it rest on Mona’s head, the thick batter dripping down into a huge puddle on the deck, covering and filling the black leather pants under a thick, white film. Every other colour was erased by the batter as it oozed over Mona’s body. Her mind blurred with lights and feelings as she orgasmed.

Shivering slightly, Mona just stood there as Janet walked up with the second bowl she had made earlier, one of thick, butterscotch pudding. Wiping the white goop from her eyes she looked at Janet and said, “Give it to me now.”

Janet stopped short of Mona, and said, “Down on your knees.”

Mona bowed her head, sensing how much of a turn on being in charge was giving Janet, and got down on her knees. Once in that position Janet grabbed a handful of the pudding and threw it at Mona’s face splattering as it hit. Mona gasped as she started to rub the accumlated mess up and down her chest from her breasts to her crotch. Janet grabbed another handful and threw it at Mona’s chest, then again at her face, watching the white goo get covered by the thick pudding. Finally Janet slopped the bowl at Mona, the splash spraying the deck and coating Mona’s front. Mona’s eyes closed as the pudding hit, it’s weight wrapping around her like a blanket. Silently she flopped down into the puddle of goo which had accumlated under her, the feeling of being completely coated making her feel more sensual and aroused than she ever could without it.

Looking up for Janet, Mona saw her approaching with an ice cream pail. “We’re not done yet.” Janet said. Mona said “Let me take off my pants first.”. Janet nodded her consent.

After Mona stripped off her pants she sat in the goo, her white shirt clinging and stained to her body, her black bra coated with white and brown gunge. The sweet smells of the batter and pudding comforted her nose as she felt the puddle oozing around her seat and crotch.

Finally Janet turned the bucket over and everything went black for Mona. She suddenly felt gritty and dry on top of her slimly coating, her nose smelled dust and dirt. Opening her eyes she looked down to see black soil covering her body, her shock apparent on her face.

Janet smiled as she dumped the soil over Mona, enjoying watching it mix with the mess coating Mona’s shapely form. “Get up.”, Janet ordered.

Dazed with this turn of events, Mona stood up, and followed Janet’s instructions to move down onto the back yard. There she saw the mound of topsoil she had, turned into a mound of mud, and the second video camera pointing at it and pieced everything together.

Standing in front of the pile, Mona felt Janet’s hand on her shoulder and heard her whisper, “Since this is going to be one I get, just let me do this one thing…”

Steeling her will, Mona closed her eyes as she felt Janet push her face first into the pile of mud, the ooze embracing her whole front and working it’s way up between her legs. Slowly she pulled herself out of the mud, slightly disgusted since mud was never really her thing, but aroused from the mess nonetheless. Sliding down into a cold mud puddle Mona splashed in it, smiling as she caught Janet with some of the muddy water, and from the feeling of it between her legs.

Sitting down on the ground next to Mona, Janet said, “That feels good, almost like therapy to wail on someone like that.”

Snorting and wiping the thick, black mud from her face, Mona responded, “Yeah. I’ve found it good from time to time. Are you always that bitchy?”, she asked jokingly, just generally feeling sloppy with the clingy black earth.

“Only when I get to get a copy of the tape.”, Janet answered with an ear to ear grin, picking up the hose. “Here let me help you.” she said to Mona, spraying her by putting her thumb over the end of the hose.

Slowly the layers of goo washed off Mona. Tenderly Janet washed the dirt and goop out of Mona’s hair, then started to help her wipe it off the rest of her body. Soon Mona’s shirt was clinging to her body, down to her thighs, her entire length shining with the beading water as the sun poked out from behind the clouds.

“How did you keep from “enjoying” yourself?”, Mona asked Janet, knowing she never could of.

Janet smiled, blushed, and looked at the ground as she said, “I just imagined I was bossing around my ex, I was more interested in revenge than orgasms.”, smiling even wider.

Smiling back, Mona said, “How about we dub those tapes, and from this point on work as being equals, as friends.”

“Sounds good.”, Janet said, shaking Mona’s hand, suddenly feeling less alone.