— by D.H. —

Janet sat alone in her kitchen with only one light on. Bangs of brown hair hung down over her forehead, escaping the pony tail she had. On the floor of the living room were a couple of broken picture frames and several balls of used kleenex. Still fuming over the night before’s break-up with her boyfriend, Janet wasn’t paying attention as she knocked her glass of red wine over, spilling it onto the kitchen table and splashing her white silk blouse. “Great!” she muttered from clenched teeth.

After pausing for a moment Janet stood up and went to get a cloth to wipe off her shirt before it stained TOO badly, thinking maybe she could wear a jacket with it or something if she got to it in time. Looking down she sighed and then the strangest thought hit her. Speaking to herself out loud she said “Well, another good thing ruined in one night, the party never stops.” Then for a second she paused and thought some more, “Wait, he bought me this entire outfit, the shoes, underwear, blouse, skirt, maybe they’re meant to be ruined too in some strange karma thing or something…”

Memories of playing in puddles when she was growing up came back to Janet, the desire to watch the dirty water splash her clean socks and feel the mud between her toes was something she hadn’t thought about in years. With a devilish grin she moved back to the table and non-chalantly sat down on the spilled wine feeling it soak the back of her beige skirt. She slowly moved her seat around being a human mop when she realized how aroused she was becoming, partially from the symbolic revenge she was playing out on the outfit.

Standing up Janet went to the cupboard and opened it up, grabbing the first thing at hand, a bottle of ketchup. Flipping off the top she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and sprayed it over the front of her blouse. Looking down at her breasts she saw stripes of red slowly oozing down the front of her blouse. Nervously she raised up a hand and started to wipe the ketchup around, working it into the fabric over her breasts Janet found herself getting more turned on. Unscrewing the top from the bottle she sat down cross legged and emptied out the rest of the bottle over her stomach and lap squeezing the bottle as hard as she could. Feeling the weight of the ketchup made Janet start to breathe harder. With a feeling of guilt about having to clean up later she stood up letting the ketchup spill to the floor and over her legs. Now losing herself to a haze she couldn’t explain she started to spray mustard over her blouse, then dropping that bottle grabbed a jar of peanut butter and plunged both hands into it. Smiling she reached behind herself and started to rub the peanut butter over the seat of her skirt, working towards the front with several more handfulls. The feeling of the peanut butter oozing between her fingers was becoming one of the biggest turn on’s she had ever felt as she worked her hands up her chest.

Next Janet grabbed a bottle of honey and started to pour it down her stockinged legs, rubbing it into the material with her free hand. Shivering with arousal Janet hiked up her skirt and began to rub the honey bottle between her legs hard and fast. The pressure from her toned thighs and her hands started to squeeze what was left out all over her hands and onto the floor. As she shuddered from orgasm a few seconds later she dropped the bottle and leaned against the counter. Not believing how good she was feeling she decided to continue, afterall she didn’t have a boyfriend now and was going to have to find something to do with her time. Realizing how sticky her hands were from their honey coating she brought them up to her face and wiped as much of the honey off onto her cheeks as she could before sucking each finger clean.

Realizing that the back of her blouse was still clean she looked at the accumulated mess on the floor she laid down in it and started to rub her back around in it. “I can always treat myself to a new hair-do tomorrow” she reasoned.

Janet slid her hands back down between her legs to the crotch of her underwear and started to rub herself again, enjoying this new sensation of getting messy. After a few seconds of lying in the mess after her second orgasm she remembered that she still had that cake for her ex’s birthday in her fridge. Standing up slowly, with her back and front covered in yellow, red and brown stains which matted her hair in the back, she opened the fridge and picked up the large chocolate cake.

She put it down on the table and picked up the bottle of red wine, refilling her glass. After taking a drink she leaned her head back and poured the wine down her neck, letting it cascade down over her bare neck, down into her blouse and between her breasts. Licking her lips passionately Janet it plunged both hands into the cake and shoved her face into it forcing as much into her mouth as she could. Lifting her face out of the mess she brought her handfulls up and started to rub the cake into her hair. “I must look like a pig” she thought to herself. “Actually this might be more fun if i had someone to help me…”.

Slowly squirming in her seat in an attempt to bring herself some pleasure while shampooing the cake into her hair, Janet continued to think about finding someone to do this with. Reaching over for the wine Janet took a swig then poured the rest of the expensive red bought by her ex down the inside of her skirt letting it run down her legs and spill over the floor enjoying the feeling of her soaked panties. Looking at the cake mess Janet slowly reached down and pulled off one of the black patent leather pumps on her feet and filled it up with cake. Taking a deep breath Janet bent over and slipped it back on her foot. Almost bringing her to climax as she felt the cake oozing around the stocking. Without any sort of mental debate about what to do next Janet did the same to the other shoe. Practially panting she grabbed the cake and pulled it closer on the table.

With a slight growl she pushed her ample chest into the cake enjoying feeling some of it work down into her blouse. Grabbing two big handfulls she brought her hands back between her legs and started to rub the cake into her wine soaked underwear, bringing her to her hardest climax yet.

A crack of thunder outside caught Janet’s attention along with the sound of rain, snapping her back to reality. She didn’t even realize that the sky had clouded over obscuring the morning sun. Moving over to the window she realized how much of a mess she was going to clean up, and seeing her reflection realized that she looked as filthy as she felt. As she watched the rain start to lighten after the initial cloudburst, Janet saw the garden which was going to be planted on the weekend, but now was just topsoil and fertilizer. Feeling herself getting wet instantly with the thoughts of wallowing in the mud Janet ran for the back door and out into the back yard. This was one of those times she liked living out in the country with no neighbour for at least a 20 mintue walk away.

Janet couldn’t decide to just jump in or to slowly settle into it. Feeling the rain beading down on her made her feel young again and she saw several puddles in the dirt path leading to the brush behind her house. Ignoring the muddy path she ran in her pumps to the puddles and started to jump up and down in them, feeling the cold water splashing up onto her pantyhose. Finally Janet got tired of jumping and sat down in the biggest puddle, and let out a moan at the cold water soaking through her panties and contrasting so much with the warmth between her legs. Janet looked down at her stained outfit and saw her nipples poking out of her bra and blouse. “It’s time” she said as she stood up and looked at the dark brownish-black mud.

Walking up to the edge of the soon-to-be garden, Janet dropped herself down onto her belly and started to crawl towards the mud on her stomach leaving a multi-coloured trail on the green grass. As she reached the slight rise at the edge of the mud she tenatively reached out a hand and plunged it in. Janet scowled as she realized that the rain had only soaked the top of it. Not to be denied she immediately ran over to the hose, turned it on full blast and threw it into the middle of the garden. The smell of the wet earth was driving Janet wild with antipation. Going down on all fours she slowly crawled into the wettest edge of the mud. Janet groaned at the feeling of the mud oozing up between her fingers and around her legs. Taking a deep breath she let her arms fall out from under her and drove her face into the mud. As she brought her head up, Janet gave into some instinct and “oinked” and started to laugh to herself, not believing what she was doing, not to mention how much she was enjoying it. Sitting up on her knees Janet opened up her blouse a little more and proceeded to fill her bra cups with the thick, brownish-black mud. Shuddering with delight from the feeling of the cool mud on the soft skin of her breasts and her rock hard nipples, Janet let herself fall forward again and started to dig herself into the mud. Happily she wallowed in deeper, rolling around in the mud as the water continued to make it more and more soupy.

Janet rolled over onto her back and grabbed the hose. Reaching between her legs she moaned with pleasure from the fast stream of cold water against her crotch. Throwing the hose out of the mud she grabbed her crotch hard with both hands and rocked her hips against them as she laid back in the mud. After having one of the longest orgasms of her life Janet just stayed there watching the clouds break. At peace she fell asleep in the mud as the sun came out, her last thought being a vow to see what other outfits her ex had bought her.