Kathy’s Last Day of Work

— by Hfann —

I wear a navy tight sleeveless mini-dress with side slits on the sides up to waist, short navy jacket, light purple pantyhose, navy lace bra, no panty, navy 4″ high heel. The jacket is short so the side slits of my skirt can show off my legs! It is so sexy! When I sit, people can see my whole leg. I love to show off my legs! My light purple pantyhose really grabs the attention of people!

It is my last day at this company. I come half day to pass all my work to another coworker. The last thing before I go is a lunch called by the team I have worked with for the pass 3 years.

At lunch time, we all go to a restaurant with an open area at the back. What I didn’t notice is that there is a bakery next door! Well, I sure find out first hand later.

Before we stepped out to the back, they wanted to blind fold me. They said that this is a very special lunch that I will not forget. After I was blind folded, my team leader led me out to the back. He stopped me in front of a chair and tells me to sit on it. As I sit on it, I can feel that I sit right on a cream pie. Since my dress is very short, much of the pie squeezed on my favorite light purple pantyhose. The cool pie filling tickled my pantyless pussy and made me hot.

Then, they untied the blind fold. When I opened my eyes, I barely had time to close again because a huge cake is flying to my face! Splat! The huge cake completely covered my head. A large blob dropped to my chest. By the time I wiped my eyes clean, 2 pies are pasted on my head. One is on top of my head and the other is on my long hair.

My team wasted no time and poured a bucket of chocolate syrup on my legs. My pantyhose is soaked and turned brown. My high heels are dripping with syrup. Then, a lime cream pie hit my face. While I wiped my eyes clean again, they poured a bottle of maple syrup through my cleavage. My bra is now soaked and my dress sticked to my skin.

Then, they stopped and I took the chance to stand up. Blob of food dripped down my messy dress. Some part of my jacket was still clean. Before I got a chance to speak, they threw more pies all over me.

When they stopped, I wiped my hair to my back. It now sticked together. They told me that this is a special treat for me. By this time, I was getting hungry. So, we ordered lunch. It felt so different to eat lunch when I was so messed up. By the time lunch has finished, my messy body was drying up. So, they started again.

First, it is a large strawberry cake. It smelt so good. The whole cake covered my face and much of my hair. I opened my mouth and large blob of cake got pushed into my mouth. I love my dessert being delivered this way! Then, they poured a large bucket of vanila pudding over my head. It is so smooth and completely covered my body. It actually washed off some of the mess from my once navy dress. I love the sight of my messy pantyhose and high heel.

To add some colour to my pudding covered pantyhose, they spray a bottle of ketchep on my pantyhose and my high heel.

Last but not least, 5 more banana cream pies are pasted on my head. They showed me a mirror so I can see my messy face. I reached orgasm when I see my messy head. Nobody could recognize me and they will never believe that I just got off work!