Last Orders

— by Anonymous —

It’d been a great night out. At ten o’clock Emma mentioned that she was quite hungry and suggested we have a late meal at her favourite restaurant that was nearby.

We were greeted at the restaurant by an athletic looking girl in her late twenties; she had a gorgeous blonde bob which framed her pretty face and was dressed in a crisp white linen shirt and a long white apron hiding most of her short pink skirt. Emma introduced to me Jenny who showed us swiftly to a table near the back. The restaurant was buzzing.

I enjoyed the food I ordered, but couldn’t keep my eyes off Emma. She was dressed for seduction; and she knew exactly what would turn me on. She had a short tightly fitting black skirt and black tights; her low cut black sweater was pure long fluffy mohair; her hair was long, straight, dark and full of body and shine. She played with her hair constantly as she talked with me – knowing that I wanted to do the same. She occasionally blew gently onto her generous breasts to see my reaction as the fluffy mohair danced in front of my eyes.

It was late by the time we’d finished our fresh turbot; we were the only diners left in the restaurant. Jenny walked over to our table smiling infectiously. “Would you like some dessert Emma?”, she asked. “Yes, I think I shall. And you must have some too”, Emma directed me. I was quite full – but what the hell!

Ten minutes later Emma’s dessert arrived. I had to do a double-take. Jenny put two bowls on the table, each fifteen inches in diameter and each piled at least ten inches high with banana cream pie. “You did order the SPECIAL, Emma”, Jenny inquired. “Absolutely” Emma answered and then looked at me …. “Now watch this. Jenny will show you exactly how I like my banana cream pie.”

Jenny took a pie in each hand and stood behind Emma. Emma smiled at me, licked her lips and rubbed her fingers over her mohair covered tits. Jenny thundered both pies at Emma, one coming from each side of her face …. the pies went everywhere. Jenny made sure that Emma had been well smeared with pie – especially her face, hair and all over her lovely mohair jumper.

Emma spoke through an inch of cream on her face, “What did you order darling? It must be coming soon!”. Jenny was soon back with my dessert. Chocolate cream gateaux. The cake was as large as one of Emma’s banana cream pies, and Jenny placed it right in front of me. “I think you might need some help”, suggested Emma, and in a second she was standing behind me. I noticed that banana cream pie had covered the front of her skirt and dripped over her black tights also. She placed her pied arms around my neck and brought her creamy face close to mine.

“Now, in a moment I’m going to kneel in front of you and unzip that big cock of yours. Jenny is going to stand behind you like I am now, and force your head into all of that gooey chocy cream. Does that turn you on?”. What a stupid question. And so Emma gave me the most erotic banana cream pie blow-job … and Jenny slowly pushed my willing face into the chocolatey depths of the cream cake. After a few seconds, I was aware that the back of my head was the target for the extra chocolate sauce I’d ordered. It poured and poured … I felt it ooze down my neck well inside my shirt.

Just before I came to climax, Emma removed me from her mouth and pushed me to the floor on my back. “Now we do some real pie fucking”, she cried, and pushed my throbbing cock inside her sodden knickers to her hot fur zone. She wrapped her banana pie covered mohair arms around my neck and pulled me close to her smiling face. I erupted inside her as her tongue pushed deep into my mouth.