Leaving Day Present, by Oliver

Leaving Day Present ===================

Samantha had worked at the same office for well over three years and decided that it was time for a change. Thoughts of her leaving day and well deserved break before starting her new job filled her mind. She was a pretty girl, standing about 5′ 5″ tall with a neatly cut long, blonde bob and piercing blue eyes. Although her face was rounded she was none the less attractive and always made the boys heads turn when she wore her favourite short skirts. On her leaving day Samantha was smartly dressed in a ribbed, white bodysuit which did nothing to hide her ample chest and lacy white bra beneath, a way-above the knee, wrap-around lime green skirt and matching jacket. Her lovely long tanned legs were set off rather nicely by a sytlish pair of black suede high heels. Much to Samantha’s disgust she had heard rumours about what happened when people left the company. Apparentlty one girl had a bucket of custard tipped over her and another had been assulted with a rather large cheesecake! The thought of this made poor Samantha quivver all over…

Come late afternoon everyone in the office had gathered around Samantha’s desk in order to give her a really big send off. After all she was a very popular girl. However, her boss, a rather plump middle aged woman called Linda, asked if everyone would like to step outside the building to watch her recieve her leaving present. Poor Samantha feared the worst…

It was a warm summer’s day outside so she felt rather comfortable just standing their in the cool breeze. Her worse fears, however, were confirmed when Sarah, one of the typists, walked from the building carrying what looked like a huge white cake. As Sarah approached Samantha became aware of the fact that it was not a cake, but indeed layer uopn layer of thick oozey white icing. Samantha shivvered with anticipation of what might happen to her. The cardboard plate that the huge cake sat upon must have been about 10 inches in diameter and maybe topped with cream filling a foot deep. Suddenly Linda spoke…

“Well we’d all like to thank you for all of the effort you have put in over the last three years Samantha, as as a token of our gratitude we love to present you with this lovely whipped cream pie”

Much to her amazement she was mearly handed the pie by Sarah.

“Why don’t you have a carefully look at it”, quipped Linda.

With that Samantha peered right in close to the surface of the pie. In tiny letter the following words were etched in icing.

“Ha! Ha! Got you!”

Without any warning Sam felt a hand raise the pie’s dish and before she could even screw up her little button nose the pie made contact with her face. Due to the depth of the pie it felt like an eterntiy before the thick cream stopped squeezing all over her face and hair.


She gasped as the sweet, sticky filling mashed and oozed all over her pretty face and shuddered as a huge lump of soft cream broke away from the mass of goo covering her face and plopped silently over her chest and deep womanly cleavage. Just for good measure the person pieing poor Sam began to rub the pie dish, first all around her face and then over her shiney blonde locks. By the time the dish had lost it’s adhesion pretty Samantha’s head was nothing more than a creamy wasteland of fluffy, white pie filling. Very softly and femininely she raised her fingers to her face and gently wiped the cream from her eyes. All she could see was a lot of blurred collegues laughing at her. Poor Samantha turned bright red, but this was not really evident beneath her white creamy face pack. She felt humiliated, but the fun was far from over…

It just so happened that the company she was leaving made cosmetics and soap. One bright spark in the warehouse struck upon the idea of using one of the huge plastic container to gunge her with! But, with what? Evetually it was decided that the contained was to be filled with 5 gallons of very thick, green shampoo! After the vesel was filled it was placed next to the slightly weary looking Samantha. Linda piped up again.

“Sorry about that Samantha, what say we give you a nice hair wash to get all of that pie out?”

Samantha, screamed with shock as suddenly a huge bucket of freezing water was hurled mercilessly at her. It managed to drench her tight bodysuit and skirt, but did little to clean her cream face and blonde locks. Poor Samantha was beginning to wish she’d choosen a darker colour bra and top than white as her busty outline began to push through the sodden tight material.

“No, it’s not working!”, sighed Linda “We’ll have to use the shampoo!”

The whole of the office staff went deadly quite as two of the warehouse men picked up the heavy looking container full of stiff green goo and began to raise it just above her head.

“Ready for your hairwash?”, laughted Linda

Poor Samamtha let out a tiny little squeal as the cold, gooey liquid started to poor thickly all over her head. With her eyes and mouth tightly shut her whole head very rapidly began to become emerced in the flowing wave of green ooze. It wasn’t long before the shampoo had found a natural path down Samantha’s once beautiful blonde locks and then over her shoulders. If she had fears about the bucket of water exposing her breasts through her tight top and white bra, then she’d have been twice as shocked to see what her male collegues were feasting their eyes on. The slippery shampoo was now starting to engulf her bodysuit, thickly rolling down the outline of her ample chest. The clingy white bodice and bra was now nearly transparent.

Eventually the flow of cold gooey liquid above her ceased and Samantha slowly reached up with her hands to slick back her long blonde hair. Again she wiped the goo from her eyes with her fingers and peered out to see people laughing and pointing at her. What was even worse was the fact that although her gunging had finished the flow of shampoo running down her body was beginning to engulf her short skirt. Samantha wiggled her legs slightly in order to shake some off, but her lovely lime green skirt was stuck fast to her thighs and bottom. Resinging her self to the slippery mess she just remained still as the runny goo effortlessly made it path down her shapley legs, forming a large puddle of green liquid around her shoes.

“Are you OK?”, asked Linda quietly.

“I don’t know…”, sobbed poor Samantha looking up mornfully. “How am I ever going to get cleaned up?”

“Don’t worry!”, replied Linda. “It’ll all wash out and we have some spare clothes for you to change into afterwards.

Samantha now felt a little better about her leaving present, but was still fearful about what was next to come.

“So, what happens next?”, she equired

“We have to show you off to everyone. It would be a shame for everyone to miss the fun!”, smiled Linda.

Samantha felt a little confused at this, but all became clear as one of the warehouse men approached her pushing a large wheelbarrow. To her shock it was filled to the brim with even more green, mushy liquid soap.

“Climb in!”, ordered Linda

Very slowly Samantha lowered her lovely little bottom towards the soft, green mess and pushed it firmly down. Steadying herself she grabbed hold of the side of the barrow and got herself as comfy as possible. All of the time she could feel the wet liquid soap squeezing around her legs and skirt. Quite a lot of it oozed past her fingers as displacement forced a great wave of the stuff down the sides of the barrow. Eventually, after a bit of squirming about she was ready.

How everyone cheered as she was wheeled around the office complex squeling and kicking her legs with embarrassment. Many of the people there couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A smartly dressed office girl completely smeared in pie and soap having the ride of her life. By the time Samantha climbed out of the barrow the back and bottom of her outfit was just a wash with the soft, green liquid.

What a day it had been!