Lisa Cooks for Me

— by Anonymous —

“Wow, and such a lot of it, too!” I stared at the enormous dish of lasagna she had made for me. She knows I love lasagna, and so does she. In fact, it’s what we both ordered at the Italian place that I took her to on our first date a month ago.

I had just gotten home from work, and I was anxious to get out of my dark gray suit. I feel so restricted with a tie on. But she said that I had to come in right away and eat, or it would get cold. So I sat down and started to taste the very first meal she had cooked for me. She had moved in only yesterday, and last night I had had the pleasure of treating her to hamburgers….

The lasagna was absolutely fabulous, as was Lisa. She was exactly the perfect little girl I had always dreamed of. Dark blond hair, almost shoulder length, beautiful tan legs, and a perfect body.

As I praised her cooking, she just gave me the nicest smile you’ve ever seen on a creature on earth, and it was in fact that smile that showed me time and again that she was positively the perfect girl for me.

She was wearing a short dress that went down to her knees, with a pattern of flowers on a white background, held up by two tiny strings over her shoulders. I think she wore her white sneakers on those perfect little feet. We ate a whole lot of lasagna, and when we were both pretty much full there still was a whole lot left. We started joking around, and when I made a little remark to tease her, she took her fork and hurled it at my chest. Needless to mention the piece of lasagna stuck on it hit me right on the silk tie, and ruined it.

I certainly wasn’t going to let her get away with that, and took a piece from my plate and threw it right at her cleavage. I don’t have such great aim, so I hit her above the left breast, and the lasagna slowly dripped down onto her dress.

She really seemed to like what was happening, because she asked me if I couldn’t do better than that, and cut a nice long piece out of what was left on her plate and stuck it right down the middle of her cleavage. You could see the fat soaking right through the dress.

But I couldn’t let her win that way, so I took my glass with the coke, and poured it right over her head saying that sure, I COULD do better than that. She took her plate of lasagna and stuck it right on my chest, mumbling something about revenge, and soon enough we were both smearing eachother with lasagna, and there sure was plenty left in the dish.

She asked me if I didn’t want desert, and I said why not, so she brought the chocolate mousse. If I wanted to taste some? Sure! So she sat back down, dumped a whole bunch of it in her lap, and I started licking away. I was about to say how excellent it was, when she took my head, dug it into the mousse in her lap, and then brought me up to her face. We kissed passionately for a while, then I said I wanted more mousse, kneeled back down and put my head under her dress.

Her little white panties had become soaked with chocolate mousse, and as I started licking at them, the mousse from her lap ran down over my head and into my collar. Lisa was moaning with pleasure, so I pulled down her panties with one finger, grabbed some mousse from her lap with the other hand, and smeared it right into her already moist pussy. First I licked some more, and it was simply beautiful how the excellent taste of the chocolate blended in with Lisa’s own taste, and soon I couldn’t bare it any longer. I got back out, and we laid on the floor together. As I laid on top of her, even the last clean spots on the front of my suit became smeared with a mixture of lasagna and chocolate mousse, and she poured the mousse that was left in the dish right over the back of my head, so that it ran down over my face, and dripped onto her face as we kissed.

Meanwhile she had opened my pants, and I pulled off her panties before pushing my already highly erect penis right into her. As it took the place of the chocolate mousse, the latter splashed out and soon we were fucking and kissing in a puddle of food and mess on the kitchen floor. As our bodies rubbed against eachother, the little pieces of meat in the lasagna tickled us on the stomach and chest which excited us even more.

Soon we both came, and we stayed laying there on the floor for several minutes just holding eachother and kissing slowly, before Lisa confessed that while I was gone she had turned on my computer and had seen my files, specifically the pictures of wet and messy women that I collect.

Just like I had no idea that this had always been a secret dream of hers, she hadn’t known until today that I liked it as well.

We have to celebrate that, I told her, got up and got us a bottle of champagne from the fridge, which I shook and opened, splashing the foam over both of our bodies as we lay on our backs on the floor.

We sat up and I poured some on her mouth, of which she swallowed a small part, and the rest went down on her hair, on her neck, and her cleavage. She poured the rest of the bottle over my face, and while I managed to swallow some, almost the whole champagne went right on my shirt. As we layed back down, and she got on top of me, my back, which had been basically dry, was now lying in a puddle of champagne, and the little bubbles felt very good. Lisa suggested that we should go shower, and I willingly followed her into the bathroom.

We both stood in the shower, hugging and kissing, as she slowly turned on the warm water, and I felt it very carefully running down between us. Soon we changed positions under the showerhead, so that our backs became wet as well, and when we separated for a moment I could see that she was wearing no bra, now that the pieces of lasagna were washing away. Her flowery dress was absolutely gorgeous, and with the weight of the dress the opening came so far down that her erect nipples were directly under the top of the dress. My little friend had become stiff again, and as I entered her from below, I first undid my tie to give me some air to breathe, and then pulled the strings of her dress over her shoulders to let it slide down a little bit. She turned on the water a little stronger, and then she took off my jacket and shirt.

All the food was washing away now, and we were kissing passionately as I was slowly moving inside of her. She was holding me so tight, with her hands on my back, that I had a hard time finding any space between us to caress her breasts with my fingers. But soon she began to melt away under my hands, and I lowered my head to bring my tongue down to her nipples.

The warm water was flowing over us, and as we were standing there, me wearing only my pants, socks and shoes, her wearing her flowery dress and white sneakers, I really wish I could have taken a picture for you there. But I had other things on my mind, and the wet dress felt so good against my stomach, and her back was so perfect and the dress was running down with the water, just over her ass, on which I put one hand now.

After a while of caressing and fucking, she came. The orgasm must have been so strong that she tensed her entire body, threw her head back (almost knocking both of us over) and then bit into my shoulder. That was it for me, and I came inside her too.

(to be continued)