Messy Slaves

— by Anonymous —

It was my first year of college at the University of Texas in Austin. I grew up in San Antonio and therefore didn’t have much of a commute to continue seeing my girlfriend Jennifer, who was finishing off her senior year of high school. Another close female friend of mine from the same school was in Jennifer’s class. Her name was Brandy and she was some kind of gorgeous. I had dated Brandy off and on during my last year of high school and she and Jennifer were good friends. Whenever I saw either of the girls alone, they would not hesitate to tell me about all the gossip and stories they related to each other about me and my sexual appetite. Curiously, I found out separately that they both fantasized about the other and wished to experiment with these bisexual fantasies but neither would ever approach the other out of fear that the feelings weren’t shared.

Once I knew this, I immediately set out to bring them together, so to speak, and conjured up a plan that would enable them to act on their respective fantasies. Of course I had my share of fantasies and this situation was almost too good to be true.

Jennifer and I played scrabble routinely, nearly every weekend I cam home. I estimate a 60-40 percent win ratio – her favor, and we had become very competitive over the months we were together. One evening, I suggested we play for stakes. I announced that I wanted an hour of slavery as my prize. She said that was a good prize and bet my unlimited obedience for an hour too. Well, I completely thrashed her; Wearing a grin from ear to ear, I said I have plans for her slavery and would exact payment some time in the future.

The following weekend, Brandy came to Austin to see me. We were sitting around my dorm room, drinking a couple of beers when I held up a dime. I put it down on my desk and placed a shot-glass behind it about 5 inches away. I said:

“I bet I can put that dime in that glass without touching either one.” She looked at the set up and said that I was drunk and full of it.

“No, really — I bet you an hour’s worth of slavery, that I can put THAT dime in THAT glass without touching anything.. hands behind my back.”

“O.K., deal,” she said, “I can use a slave for an hour.”

I thought everyone knew this old bar trick; I was glad she didn’t. I kneeled down in front of the desk and put my lips to the edge. Blowing hard, I quickly raised my head up. With a “pop” the dime flipped up and into the glass. Brandy was shocked. I was elated. I told Brandy to stay in town next weekend, because that was when I would collect. She said she had to stay in town because her parents were leaving for the week. “Perfect” I said through my grin.

The next weekend, I went to Brandy’s house after doing a little shopping. Brandy greeted me at the door, wondering what was in the supermarket bags. “It is a surprise, slave. Go upstairs and put on white cotton panties, an old bra, T-shirt and ratty shorts.” Obediently, she went to change. While she changed, I called Jennifer and told her that as my slave, she had to come to Brandy’s house wearing an old pair of denim shorts and my white button down shirt (that I had forgotten there, much to the suspicious suprise of her father). She agreed and within a few minutes, the doorbell announced the beginning of my evening’s plan. The girls immediately knew something devious had been planned and Brandy began to playfully object, I quickly said: “Is there some kind of problem, slave?”

“No sir”

“What about you, slave?” I said to Jennifer.

“No sir”

I smiled as they accepted my authority willingly. I knew they both desired experimentation with each other, and I was ready to give them an arousing, (messy) evening.

I reached into one of the bags and tossed Jennifer a package from K-mart. It was a painter’s mat — a large, clear plastic tarp to keep paint off furniture and carpeting. I commanded Brandy to help me move the couch in the living room and we cleared a large area, perfect for my sexy slaves.

Jennifer had her gorgeous, long, brunette hair in a braid and I asked her to undo it. She was 5’10” and that hair was fully half her shapely length. Brandy was a couple inches shorter, with shoulder-length brown hair. Both had stunning bodies, and I longed to see them together. I commanded Brandy to spread the mat out and kneel in the center. Jennifer looked slyly at me. She must have realized that I was going to give her a long-awaited fantasy, and she smiled. I told Jennifer to kneel in front of Brandy, about a foot away. She complied and the long-time friends faced each other with mischievous, sexy grins. I reached into the bag for the first item — a large can of chocolate pudding. I commanded brandy to stick her finger in it and feed a bit to Jennifer. Jennifer began to suck the chocolate off Brandy’s finger, and Brandy closed her eyes in obvious sensual arousal. “Now dab a bit on her mouth.” I commanded. Brandy streaked the chocolate vertically on Jennifer’s lips. “Lick that up please, Brandy, you are making a mess!” Brandy leaned forward and kissed the chocolate lips. The girls hungrily kissed, darting their tongues in and out of each other’s mouth. Jennifer brought her hands up to touch Brandy and I quickly said “No no, not yet; Jennifer, take the pudding and scoop some into your hands.” Jennifer complied, creating heaping handfuls of the stuff. “You may now touch Brandy’s breasts.” Jennifer cupped Brandy’s breasts through the pale blue T-shirt leaving large dark handprints. She began to rub her hands back and forth across Brandy’s chest, creating a wonderful chocolate smear. Some of the pudding dripped on to Brandy’s shorts and legs. “What a terrible mess you have made, Jennifer. Brandy, if you forgive her, give her a kiss.” Brandy and Jennifer kissed again. Jennifer brought her soiled hands to Brandy’s face and smeared her cheeks with the residual pudding.

“Jennifer,” I said, Unbutton your shirt 2 more buttons.” Jennifer undid the buttons, and her shirt parted, revealing that she had not worn a bra. The curves of her breasts were so inviting, I almost gave up my role as master right there. “O.K. Brandy, here is some whipped cream, Fill up Jennifer’s shirt please.” Brandy took the can and squirted away. Jennifer helped by holding open her shirt. Both of the girls were seemingly hypnotized by the frothy white mess. When the can finally ran out, I asked Jennifer to lean back. She leaned back and stretched out on the mat, propping herself up on her elbows. White whipped cream was everywhere in her partially open shirt. “Brandy, please unbutton Jennifer the rest of the way.” Brandy leaned forward and untucked the shirt, working each button until Jennifer’s beautiful, creamy torso was exposed. She opened the shirt completely and I told her to snack on those lovely breasts. Brandy leaned forward, sticking her face into the cream. The white stuff oozed up around her ears and she began to move her head around Jennifer’s chest. Jennifer threw back her head in pleasure, while Brandy mouthed and licked her breasts. I let them go at it awhile before backing Brandy away. Her face and bangs were completely covered in whipped cream and her dark eyes were absolutely glassy with excitement. “What we need here ladies is a full contact embrace.” As Jennifer sat up, Brandy stripped off the cream-covered shirt. The two girls pressed together tightly. Whipped cream plopped to the mat and they kissed again. The whipped cream from Jennifer’s body clung to Brandy’s T-shirt, mixing with the pudding and now both faces were white with whipped cream. “Brandy, your shirt is a mess. Jennifer, help her take it off, please.” Jennifer lifted the messy shirt over Brandy’s head, soiling her hair even more in the process. Brandy’s dark hair was now streaked with whipped cream, and matted with sticky pudding. Brandy adjusted her bra and leaned forward to kiss Jennifer again. “Hold on, please.” I commanded, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. “Ladies! please.” They stopped and looked at me in playful irritation. “There are still a few things in here.”

I produced a carton of eggs, causing a little squirming from the slaves. “Brandy, please get on all fours.” She complied, kneeling in a patch of white goo. “Brandy, arch your back. And Jennifer, take 4 eggs, crack them gently on the table and deposit them down the back of Brandy’s shorts. She broke open the eggs and each yolk slid down the small of Brandy’s back and disappeared into her shorts. Brandy wiggled her ass to feel the gooey deposit. “Brandy, please do the same down the front of Jennifer’s shorts.” Brandy sat back and took the eggs. An audible “squish” was heard in Brandy’s pants and egg-goo dribbled out from the bottom of her shorts. Jennifer held open her shorts while Brandy plopped the yolks in. Some clear, viscous egg white dripped down Jennifer’s legs. “A few over her head, please.” Brandy parted a shell over Jennifer’s head and the orange slime oozed down her long hair, followed by another. “Jennifer, break two in Brandy’s bra.” Jennifer stretched Brandy’s bra out with a finger, briefly exposing a beautiful pink, erect nipple. She dumped the egg in and released it back, and did likewise with the other cup. The bra became semi-transparent with the liquid and clear ooze squeezed out the top and dripped out on to the floor. “Oh, disgusting.” I said.. “take off that soiled bra, Brandy” She reached behind and unclasped the bra. Jennifer watched hungrily as Brandy slipped her arms out, dropping the messy thing to the ground. Her breasts glistened with egg and Jennifer reached out to caress them. I let this spontaneous display continue, watching them kiss and touch each other’s skin until I thought I would explode.

“Girls, kindly help each other out of your shorts.” Brandy laid back into the eggy, creamy mess and unbuttoned her shorts. Jennifer wrestled them off, causing more egg to splat onto the mat. Jennifer stroked Brandy’s exposed thighs and Brandy moaned with delight. Then Jennifer reclined back, and Brandy returned the favor. Jennifer’s panties were wet with egg and her own arousal.

I commanded them to sit up and face me. I took a long look at the two messy beauties, clad only in white panties and various smears. What exquisite erotic art! “More chocolate!” I exclaimed and took out a squeeze bottle of Hershey’s syrup. “Lay back, both of you.” They obediently responded. I squeezed a sticky, brown puddle between Brandy’s breasts and circled them with the stream. Down her milky, white belly, I paused to squirt the syrup all over her panties. I doused both thighs and watched the gooey brown liquid drip to both sides of her shapely legs. I switched to Jennifer and blazed a chocolate trail up and down her legs too. I turned her navel into a pool of syrup and emptied the bottle up and down her creamed torso and breasts.

“One last touch, ladies. Please sit up – on your knees.” I reached into the bag and got the remaining pudding cans. “Please open your panties for me.” They complied wordlessly and I walked to Jennifer. She was an amazing mess. Chocolate syrup dripped from the ends of her nipples and I could hear the “plop plop” on the plastic mat. I peered down her panties at her neatly trimmed bush and poured the pudding in. What a delightful mess! She released her panties and the bulge of pudding began to stain through. I turned my attention to Brandy, who was obediently kneeling, pulling her panties forward with her thumbs. The syrup was dripping down her torso and running into her pubic hair. I dumped the pudding into her open panties and sat down in a chair to observe “Pat each other’s pudding, please.” They turned to each other and mutually cupped the other’s chocolate crotch. They both moaned gently while warm pudding squished against their pussies and they kissed again as pudding oozed out both sides of their panties in thick globs, dripping down their thighs and splatting on the mat. Each took the chocolate goo that ran into their hands and rubbed it on each other’s breasts and tummy, kissing passionately the whole time.

Having accomplished everything I hoped as a slave-master, I announced their freedom. They continued to kiss and their hands worked up and down each other, spreading the chocolate mess into a beautiful sticky tan. I continued to watch, and they removed their soiled panties, and began to lick at each other’s chocolate pussies. I sat back while they spread out on the mat and explored each other. I left after about a half hour to let them continue in peace and eventually clean themselves up. For them, I knew there was a long night ahead of exploration and I was pretty sure I would get another chance to join in, sometime in the future. I did too, but that is the next story.