More Stories

— by Argus —

As she walked in from of me, I grabbed the towel that was her only garment, and I tossed it out of the window. “Oh crap!” she said, “Now I’m naked!” She stood in front of me, her hands on her hips. She smiled and grabbed my towel and tossed it out of the window. “Thats better…I like you that way!!” Her nipples were erect, as always when she was nude. One of the staff grabbed an absolutely huge lemon cream pie from the table which held the dozens of cream pies needed for the day. It was thick, rich, and piled high with very creamy and gooey whipped cream. The filling was very heavy lemon pie filling, extra sticky. She stood in front of me, her firm breasts and lean, lovely curves grabbing my attention. I asked her if she was nervous standing naked in a room full of cream pies. She said “who cares?” The assistant crept closer, the very big cream pie on the flat of her hand, ready for the splat! As my lover turned to see who was there, the assistant thrust the entire lemon cream pie into her face, causing her to jump a little, her nipples to get extra hard, and sending white pie cream and lemon pie filling flying in all directions, landing with blobby splats on her sholders, breasts, and sending a great gout of cream pie over onto the top of her head. Her hair around wer face was thoroughly embedded in the big, thick, creamy lemon pie. A gooey glob of cream dripped off of the pie and onto her nipple, drowning it in white whipped cream. She bent over, taking the pie from her face. Her entire face was buried in white cream and pie filling. She smiled, licked the pie from her lips, and stood up straight, her face ringed with cream pie, and her sholders, chest and round, full breasts globbed over with the contents of the extra large lemon cream pie. “Oh damn!” She wiped the sticky, gooey pie from her eyes and looked at me. “You had me pied!! I have never had a pie-in-the-face, and you get me when I am naked!!! I’m naked and cream-pied!! You are going to get it!! God, look at this, I am just covered, simpley covered with whipped cream. It tastes good!” With that, she picked up a thick, coconut cream pie and sauntered over to me. “I have always wanted to throw a pie at someone…is it more fun that getting a pie in the face?? I hope you like lots of coconut cream pie! And lot and lots and lots of whipped cream!!! Here it comes” and she gave me the biggest pie in the face I have ever had!! She smashed the pie all over my head, left and right and into my ears! I had cream all over my face, hair and chest, and a big gob landed smack on the top of my cock. I stood there and let the crust fall off, and then I wiped my eyes. She was laughing “You look great!!” And she bent over and put her whole, wet, warm mouth over my cock and licked the cream off. ” I have always wanted to do that!!!”

I said “Look! a whole table with dozens of huge, creamy, cream pies topped very very high with pie cream! Whipped cream!! Want one??” And I too another coconut cream pie and gave my beautiful lover her second giant, thick, gooey pie-in-the -face of her day. I took another cream pie from the table and let her have it with at large banana cream pie. An extra special, 5 inch thick sloppy-gooey very heavy cream pie, a banana cream pie with extra cream. The pie went splort! on her face, and cream and pie filling splattered in a great wave over here neck and breasts, covering here tits and her nipples. I licked the sweet crust and filling slowly from her nipples and she squirmed. She wiped her eyes, and wiped her hands on my chest. “You look good” I said. “I feel white!…I’ve been shellacked!! Whew! Three pies in the face in one day!!” She was a patchwork of goo all over her body, with big pieces of crust stuck to her hair, face, body, legs. . . “She pouted “I’m all messy. I’m a pie! Come here.”


I was wearing a sundress at this yard party, a nice thin thing. No bra, but I was wearing panties. L dared me to take off my dress and go naked… somehow she knew that I had really wanted to take it off and strip for all those people but as always I had to be coaxed! So, I said “when, now?” L said I was scared, and that she’d double dare me! I told her that if I did then she had to do it too! She said she’d see. She kept daring me, so finally, I excused myself to the bathroom, took off my panties, and undid the zipper to my dress. I crossed my arms just to keep the thing up and walked back out to the yard. Everyone was standing around, talking. I walked up, L said “There you are!” She waved at me, and I waved back. Of course, as soon as I dropped my arm and waved with the other one, the thin cotton dress went zip! right off me to the ground! L was turning me into a exibitionist, because I loved that moment! “Accidentally” naked! I said “Oh no!! The zipper broke!! Oh well, does anyone mind?” At that L said “Does anyone mind?” All the men said “No!!” loudly! I liked that!! I just smiled and asked if I could join the party again… very naked, every inch of my nice olive skin exposed to the sun, my firm, round perky tits wiggling just a little, my nice legs ready to walk over, in bare feet on the lovely ass getting some tan! My straight black hair loose between my shoulders.. and a big goofy smile on my face!! Thats the way it seemd to me anyway! As I got closer, L said “Well, I for one think you should be wearing *something*!” I did not understand this at first, because she was the one to talk me into getting naked, but then I saw the smile on her face and before I knew it 10 people had launched whipped cream pies straight at me! I was SOO surprised!! Now I remembered, in that split second why she said what she said!! At the party where I first got pied I had said something similar to her. Anyway, so 10 people threw 10 pies and I, naked little me, standing with *no* clothes to protect me, in the warm sun, my nipples very hard and standing out sooo much, was the target! Unknown to me, L had set up one of my fantasies for me! I got hit by two pies *right* in my face! Perfect hits! The cream was so COLD! And it was so MUCH! They had really laid it on thick, let me tell you! All at the same time these big thick whipped-cream pies hit me and plastered me! One hit between my tits, and one hit my right breast perfectly, shooting cream up under my chin! They got my stomach pretty good too, just *nailing* my crotch like a target! It felt so so so cold on my breasts and between my legs.. the insides of my thighs got some and it really was cold and creamy!! My nipples almost hurt with the cold at first, but then warmed up a bit! Someone tossed from the side, and a big whipped cream pie hit the side of my head, filling my ear with cream and half of my face *again!* I thought that my hair must be just covered! They pied my legs (someone couldnt throw!) and I guess one missed me completely (how sad!!)! The cream was so cold, I just stood there stunned, not able to move!! After the first wave, I felt three more cream pies hit me.. one right on my ass, and one on my back, sending cream up my back, which felt great! It really completed the feeling of being covered, although my feet would need to be squishing around in it for me to feel completely dipped 🙂 And finally, one in the back of my head, and L said “To complete the effect!!!”. I just *stood* there, with everyone clapping loudly, yelling, and lots of laughing!! Someone yelled “That was fun!! lets do it again!!” I wish! But there were no more pies! I yelled “Any more pies? Or am I safe now? Hey! Can’t a girl go naked and be safe anymore??” Everyone yelled “No”! I laughed and wiped my eyes and licked my lips!. L looked at me, laughing and shook her head! I said “I’ve been pied! You guys Pied me!!” She said “I know!!!!” OOh, I felt good, with that cold cream melting and dripping down my body! L said “We got you good.. you *never* knew it was coming!” I stood there, licking my lips, wiping my eyes from melting whipped cream. “Nope, I didn’t! It was great! Like in the movies!” She told me it was like 14 pies or something, and that I was completely white!! She said “Hey, next time we use marshmellow and it won’t melt as much!!” I just smiled and said “promises, promises!” Someone yelled “was it good??” I said “yes!” Someone else yelled “Do you think we got you with enough whipped cream!!??” I said “Next time us 20!!!” And everyone laughed, calling me crazy! I had been pied, pied, pied, pied, pied, and pied again!!

I said “L, you have to stop pie-ing me at parties!!” She said “No, thats the best time, because you least expect it and because you told me you like to be naked for unsuspecting crowds! And these people are cool.. they won’t think bad about you at all!” She was right! I thanked her, kissed her, and she said “You just wait! I wasn’t kidding about the marshmellow!!” I said “good!!”!!