Nikki and Dave

— by FoodFun2 —

“Nikki, Do you want to have some fun?” Dave asked as he passed her in the kitchen, with a light pat to her behind.

“Sure, right here?” she asked.

Leaning in to kiss her, “No, upstairs, please go strip to your bra and panties and wait on the bed for me. I will be right up with a surprise.”

They kiss passionately. Dave places his hands around the back of Nikki’s neck and head and pulls her face firmly into his lips. It is a long kiss. For extra measure he breaks their kiss and plants little pecks across her cheek, to her neck and then on to her ear. He licks and sucks gently at her earlobe. In between, he whispers, “It is time for you to go upstairs, be right there.” As she reluctantly, turns to leave he drags a hand across her chest. He just wanted to see if his magic had started working yet. It had!!!!!

Nikki was just about half the way up the stairs when she heard Dave shout, “DON’T START WITHOUT ME LIKE YOU USUALLY DO!” Of course she paid no attention to that request.

It seems to take Dave for ever. She could hear him still in the kitchen. What could he be doing? Water running, pans banging, refrigerator door opening and closing. She was sitting there trying to be patient. She had stripped to her bra and panties like he had asked. She was wearing a fairly plain white set, with just a little amount of lace. Not the prettiest pair she had, but Dave had always told her that she made any set look great. She couldn’t wait for ever and stroked each nipple thru her bra. Finally, he could be heard bounding up the stairs.

Dave set a tray down in the hall, and entered the bedroom to view his beautiful lover. She had stopped massaging her nipples, for she didn’t want to get scolded. Dave could tell, she had been playing, her nipples were so prominent thru the material. Dave was dressed only in a pair of green silk boxers. His cock was so hard the tip almost pierced thru the top elastic band. Standing next to her at the bedside, she wanted to see more of his cock and reached to pull back the elastic band. He let her peek only for a moment. “Nikki, first we pleasure you, then I know I will get mine.” Another wet, long passionate kiss. He places his arms below her and gently lifts her to the center of the bed. She is now reclining comfortably on three pillows. Dave leaves the room for a moment, and quickly returns with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Pop goes the cork (other things will probably go pop later, LOL). “Open your mouth Nikki, please, It is good luck to drink from the bottle first.” (He will make up anything, LOL) She does, and he raises the bottle to an inch from her lips. The cold water from the ice bath the bottle has been in drips off onto to her hot chest. She shivers it is so cold. Dave tilts the bottle and in a splash the champagne hits her mouth, rushing to the back of her throat. She closes her lips because she is quickly getting more than a mouthful, Dave reacts quickly but not fast enough to avoid spilling some down her chest. Not wanting to be wasteful, he slurps up all that has spilled. Dave pours each of them a glass, raises one and toasts, “Onward, to ecstasy !!!!!!!!!!”

“For my first trick, you must leave you hands at your sides, and close your eyes. Ok?” he questions.

Closing her eyes, she meekly agrees.

Quickly out and back from the hall he climbs aboard the bed. She hears him fumbling with something. A sound like a top coming off a container is obvious. “We are going to finger paint! Here taste what we are painting with. KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED!” He takes hold of her hand and pointing one finger dips it into the container. He then takes the finger covered in the warm, gooey substance and sucks it into his own mouth. Her finger is clean again as it is pulled from his mouth, his lips working like squeegees. Again her finger is inserted into the container. This time it is her turn to taste. Not sure she wants to, she closes her lips. That is O.K., because he just rubs her slimy finger around the outside of her mouth, redips and then manages to press the finger into her mouth. She tastes timidly… Chocolate, thick, smooth, heavy, warm (almost hot) …. Must be pudding. OMGOD!!! He is going to finger paint with chocolate pudding.”

“Please keep your eyes closed and your hands at your sides.” Dave begins with a finger of his own. He dips just the finger tip. He begins to dot her body with little dabs of pudding. Her cheek, neck, behind her ear. She is desperately trying to lick the remaining pudding from around her mouth, without using her hands. Her tongue reaches out as far as she can. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t reach all of it he had spread it so far that first time. As she gets to some, he dabs more on the other side, to tease her. Dave licks and sucks the dabs he has place on her. Again he dips a finger and this time drags a line of chocolate across her neck. This time he doesn’t lick it off. He proceeds to paint her upper torso with long strokes of chocolate. She looks soooo pretty. “One container down, many more to go, Hold still” She is squirming sooo much. She hears him open one container after another. He has just opened five more little pudding cups.

Turning back to his artwork, he pulls her panties away from her body, but not off. “Warm this for me will you dear?” PLOP…. A freezing cold puddle of pudding has just dropped into her panties and is slowly rolling its way to down her pussy. Her eyes pop open and to see his devilish grin. She playfully raises her arms to protect her body from anymore pudding. Dave has just begun to massage the cold pudding between her legs, thru her panties. Her hands shake, she grabbing at his hands. “Don’t! Put your hands back at your side or I will have to tie them to the bedpost.” She likes that idea, and therefore intentionally, grabs the pudding cup from Dave’s hand. She hadn’t seen them before but Dave had placed the terry cloth belts from their robes on the post of the bed, hidden by the pillows. One hand tied securely, then the other. “Now I am free to paint my masterpiece”. Dave goes back to massaging the mess, between Nikki’s legs. Some of the pudding pushes between her lips. IT IS SOOO COLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Now pulling the bra cup back over her left breast Dave plops another full container into the bra and places it back. He massages it in, and tongues away some of the chocolate that has oozed out. Next to the right breast. The same treatment (This is my favorite part of the fantasy!!!!!!, Truly). Dave’s hands work both of her breasts. Both of his hands are now covered in pudding. Her bra is now brown not white. Dave places his face between her two mounds sucking up what pudding he can. His face is covered. He leans in to kiss her. It is so messy!!!! They kiss for ever. Dave removes Nikki’s bra. She is so beautiful painted like this.

Again he turns his attention to her pussy. He removes her panties and smears the chocolate from them on her thighs. His pudding covered hands massage it all in. With one finger he paints circles around her pussy lips and her clit. The other hand spreads open her pussy while that finger paints to its heart content. Dave leans his face in to suckle on Nikki’s clit. At the same time two chocolate covered fingers stroke in and out of her. The waves of orgasm shake Nikki’s body quickly. Dave remains to taste the mingling of her juices and the pudding.

Two containers left. Dave takes his cock in one hand and a pudding cup in another. He dips his cock deep into the cup. The head comes back out brown with chocolate. Dave begins to paint with his new brush. Long wide chocolate strokes from his cock begin to cover her stomach. Next her nipples and cleavage are canvas for chocolate cock. She is begging to suck it. He makes her wait. He continues to dip his cock getting every last drop of pudding from the cup. He smears it on her face, and neck. One cup left.

His cock is only inches from her mouth. Dave sticks two fingers into the pudding cup and pulls out a handful and lathers it onto his cock. All the way to the base. There is now only a half a cup. He turns the cup upside down over Nikki’s face and opens her mouth. With two fingers he eases the remainder of the pudding out and into Nikki’s mouth. “Don’t swallow yet.” He feeds her his hard cock. She almost gags there is so much chocolate. In and out of her lips his cock slides. She swallows a little bit of pudding with every thrust. IT tastes soooo good. He is so ready to explode.

He pulls from her lips. Unties her hands and places her on top of him. “Please give me mine. Ride me now, please.” His cock slides easily into her wet sloppy pussy. She rides him fast and hard. He licks and sucks her still chocolate covered breasts. He sucks her left nipple hard, while one free hand pulls on her right nipple. His other hand is busy stroking her clit. They both orgasm quickly and loudly. In exhaustion she collapses on him. His cock still inside her. The scent of sex, and chocolate fill the air. They remain in this bliss for quite awhile.

The next fun part is always the shower afterward. Next story…. right?