Occupational Hazard

Occupational Hazard

Today was the big day. Vickie had taken this job just for the reason of being able to leave the position. While that is probably true of many people, Vickie had a different reasoning behind her desire.

Vickie worked second shift at the Big Town Market bakery department. She knew of the tradition that the bakery had of giving a person their “Just Desserts” on their last day on the job, even though she had never openly admitted it. She had overheard the stories as a young girl, and it was this knowledge that had secretly pushed Vickie to apply for the job. Throughout her life she had always felt a special “tingling” inside whenever she would see any classic slapstick on tv where some lovely lady, dressed up in a beautiful gown, would walk into a room and be met face first with some creamy pastry. She had tried to recreate this by using the suds from her bubble bath, but knew it didn’t have the same impact.

So Vickie got dressed for her final day, nearly shaking with anticipation. She had thought about this day many times, trying to imagine how she should react to make it seem like a surprise, how her co-workers would go about the task of humiliating her. Should she open her mouth in a big “O” of shock, or deliver a tight lipped whine of disgust. Would they cover her up in a rain poncho and shower cap and only mess up her face a little, or would they strip her down to her bra and panties and totally blanket her body.

Well only time would tell, so she put on her favorite black bra and panties to be covered by her uniform of a white top and dark blue pants. The pants were a size or two too small, but the tight look worked well for her. She carried her paper hat that would be used to keep her strawberry blonde hair from getting in the food in a duffle bag with her street clothes hat she would need to wear home. The uniform would have to be turned in at the end of the shift. She looked at herself in the mirror hoping the next time she saw herself in the mirror she would be admiring her 5’5″ 110lb body, that was kept well firmed by her skating training, covered in confections.

If the other two bakery workers were planning anything, they hid it very well. Vickie saw no signs of it on their faces or in their mannerisms. She even attempted to push them a little by saying things like “Gee Olivia, I sure will miss you guys when I’m back at college” and “Hey Wendy, what does the store give you as a going away gift after only 4 months of service?”, but still no hints. She half expected something during her dinner break, but was disappointed again. The bakery dept. closed at 10pm, even though the store didn’t close until 11, to give the staff time to clean up and get things ready for the morning shift. She had pretty well given up hope, and was thinking of ways of taking home a couple of leftovers, when her dreams came true.

Olivia handed her a couple of empty trays into the back to wash off, and after passing through the swinging doors and placing them on the counter she heard Wendy say “Wait, here’s another one”. Vickie turned, and was greeted with a sticky sweet darkness. She had been hit with a simple white cake, that was covered with at least four inches of pink cherry frosting. Wendy had pushed the cake in her face, and then tactfully twisted it and removed the cardboard to uncover Vickie’s face, fully covered with one big swirl of frosting.

It took Vickie two full attempts to pull enough frosting from her eyes with her fingertips to be able to see again. Just in time to see Olivia standing next to her holding a huge Meringue pie, and saying “Hair today, gone tomorrow” and with that Olivia removed Vickie’s paper hat and smashed the pie on top of her head. Wendy came back over with both hands full saying “You know, I just can’t decide what to give you as a going away gift, Lemon Chiffon or Banana Cream. Oh what the heck, have ’em both” and plopped both pies into the side of Vickie’s head like cymbals, engulfing her head with cream and pudding with the thick crusts clutching to her cheeks.

Vickie was no longer wondering what else was happening on the outside of her pastry prison, because inside she was feeling “Special” all over. She wondered at first if one of them had sprayed water on the front of her pants, but after wiping her hand past there, she realized that she was only moist on the inside of her panties. The onslaught continued; Olivia said “Here’s a pearl necklace for ya” and then the spritzing sound of a whipped cream can was heard while a thick bead of cream was placed around her neck. Wendy returned with the two largest eclairs they had ever made, pulled Vickie’s pants out enough to lodge them in front and then placed her right arm around Vickie’s back and her left arm against the eclairs and said “you look like you need a hug” and with that, squeezed the thick custard down her pants. One last treat for you” Olivia said as she walked over with a large plastic bowl of Chocolate Mousse Pudding. Wendy unbuttoned the top two buttons on Vickie’s shirt and Olivia, with one strong shake, freed the contents onto her breasts and then Wendy rebuttoned the shirt back up and patted the mousse down.

The party was over, much to Vickie’s displeasure. She could have stood there all night having pies and cakes tossed onto her. She took a look at her attackers, and noticed that they didn’t come out unscathed themselves. Olivia had a large white blob of cream hanging from her forehead down the side of her face, which was a sharp contrast from the flawless dark skin Olivia possessed. She figured that it must have been some shrapnel from the pie sandwich. Wendy had also unwittingly wiped a fair amount of the chocolate mousse into the sides of her blonde hair, and had spots of whipped cream dotted all around her face.

They laughed along with Vickie for a while and were amazed over how good natured she was in allowing them to do all this to her without her getting angry. They then sent her on her way to the staff bathroom to clean up and go home. Vickie closed herself in and found that the ladies had left a half dozen large towels out for her and had her duffle bag already inside. They really had planned ahead for all this. Vickie took her shirt off and dropped it into a plastic bag in the corner of the room. She noticed how the mousse had clung thickly to her front and totally filled her cleavage. Then she pulled her pants off and tossed them into the bag. Her panties and thighs were coated with the custard, and she could no longer tell if her panties were stickier on the inside or on the outside. She removed her panties and took off her bra to free herself of the messy clothes.

She stood back and admired herself in the mirror, her hair fully clotted with meringue, and her face layered with pudding and cream leading to the thick underlayer of pink frosting which she now wore like a mask, a thick ring of cream surrounding her neck, chocolate spread all over her firm breasts and stomach, and the spray of custard oozing down the front o her legs. It was better than should could ever have dreamed, and she wondered if there was any way that she could do this for a career.