Odif’s Fault

— by Aviar —

Michelle looked over at the clock, it read eleven o’clock. She smiled as she put on the final touches to the banana cream pie. Satisfied that her work was complete, she put down the bag of whipped cream and licked her fingers clean.

“One, two, three …..” she counted, pointing to each pie on her counter and kitchen table. “… twenty. Perfect.”

She picked up the pie from the counter and took it and its twin out of the kitchen and to the dining room table. There was barely enough room for one of the pies without some reorganization, so she put the first down carefully and started shuffling the pies around when the phone rang. Michelle pulled one of the dining room chairs out and placed the pie on it and walked to her cordless phone. She picked it up and paused a moment before hitting the talk button.

“Odif,” she warned, turning around quickly. A brown and black German Shepherd stopped just inches from the pie she had put on the chair. “Don’t even think about it.” The dog backed up a few paces. “Now sit, down.” With dignified grace, the dog slowly sat, then lied down as commanded, pretending not to be interested in the least with the sweet smelling pastry.

Michelle gave Odif a smirk, and thought smartass. She hit the button. “Hello?”

“Hey girl, what you doing today?”

“Nothing much, Charla. Odif woke me up at 6:30 in the morning for walkies.”

The voice on the other end laughed. “Told you, you should have gotten a cat.”

“Somehow, I think a cat would have a field day in here right now with all this cream.”

Her best friend paused. “Michelle, please tell me you haven’t started the pies. I mean it is so early, the banquet wasn’t until this evening.”

“Started? I’m done, girl. Twenty cream pies of varying types as you ordered.” Michelle wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, then paused for a moment. “Wait a minute, what do you mean ‘wasn’t supposed to start’ It is still on, isn’t it?”

“Well now that you mention it.”

“This had better be a joke.”

Charla sighed. “No joke, Michelle. I’m sorry. It seems that our guest of honor came down with food poisoning last night. Had to go to the emergency room and all. So we had to reschedule it on Sunday.”

Michelle slapped her hand to her side. Bits of flower puffed up into the air. “That’s three days away! There is no way that these will last until then.”

“Still haven’t got the a/c fixed then?”

“No, and it is like a sauna in here. The humidity has got to be 90%.”

“It supposed to get up to ninety degrees too.”

“Are you trying to make me feel better?” she smirked. “If he got sick yesterday, why didn’t you call me?”

There was silence on the other end. Michelle really loved her best friend. They had known each other from grade school. It was Charla who even talked her into setting up this mini catering business to help offset the cost of her schooling. It was slow, sometimes tedious work, but she loved to bake. The things she could do with dough, eggs and some sugar, was downright incredible sometimes. Brownies, cakes, pies and fourteen types of fudge were her specialty. Charla would often drive to her house to visit, just as an excuse to sample her latest creations.

It was safe to say that Michelle loved to bake, however, she did not like doing it for nothing. Charla had begged her to make twenty pies for an event they were doing in honor of a Dean who was retiring after fifty years. She had originally balked at the request, because midterms were so close and she should be studying, but Charla pleaded and offered to pay for all the ingredients in advance. It did not take much convincing. To Michelle, it was a pleasant diversion from her studies, however now she was getting pissed.

“Well, why didn’t you call me?” she repeated.

“I forgot?” came the meek reply.

“You forgot?”

“It’s understandable, after all, who do you think had to call all one hundred and seventy-two guests yesterday to tell them it had been rescheduled? Who do you think had to pull strings at the banquet hall to get the room again?” There was silence again as Charla let that sink in. “I’m very sorry that I forgot, but the guests had to come first and I was exhausted. I still haven’t gotten to them all.”

Michelle sighed and grumbled, “Yeah yeah, forgiven.”

“Besides, I paid you up front for those, so you aren’t out any money.”

“It isn’t the money, Charla, it is the time. I spent many hours doing all this when I should have been studying. And to make things worse, I just put all the cream and meringue on, these things won’t last in this heat.”

“Can you put them in the freezer,” Charla suggested.

“I can fit a few of them in I suppose, but it won’t be that many, cause I don’t have any boxes to put them in. My best-friend was supposed to be bringing them to me.”

A long sigh came from the receiver. Michelle was not really pissed at Charla, after all she did have a valid excuse. She was upset at the situation. She had worked all day through the heat of the oven and her home, she was tired and sweaty. Her clothes stuck to her with a combination of perspiration and dough, making a rather uncomfortable paste. She walked to the kitchen and opened up her freezer, the cool air was welcomed along her glistening neck and shoulders. Her nipple perked lightly from under her sports bra.

“Well,” Michelle started, “if I do some massive rearranging and throw out stuff I don’t need anyway, I might be able to save ten.”

“That’s better than none,” Charla offered.

“Not really. It means I have to do this again in a few days for you.”

“Michelle, I can’t say how sorry I am. How can I make it up to you?” She paused as a thought came to her. “How about I take you out for a late lunch today?”

Michelle closed the freezer door and walked back to the living room. She gave Odif a glare as he had started to sit up. The look was enough to settle the dog back in its original position. “Um, I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

She looked at herself in the full-sized mirror her mother had given to her. “I’m kinda a mess right now.”

“Not using an apron again?” Charla giggled.

“Not since you borrowed it.”

“Seriously, grab a shower after you are done there and we’ll go out. You can’t look that bad.”

Michelle looked at herself again in the mirror and sized herself up. Five foot five, slender build with just a pinch of fat around her hips. Medium length brown hair that was currently tangled and splattered with various fillings, dough, whipped cream and meringue. Her breasts were the right size for her, she thought, never giving enhancement a single thought. Her eyes were a sparkling green, with slivers of gold flecks dancing in them. When she wanted to, she could dress to kill. She wasn’t a model by any means, but she could make men turn their heads, when she wanted to, and sometimes when she did not.

Because of the heat, she was only wearing a white sports bra and shorts. It was way to hot and humid for under garments, and she always liked to be comfortable when baking. She gave serious thought to taking Charla up on her offer, but then remembered that she was getting a new a/c unit delivered today.

Besides, she thought, it would take way to long to get ready, and she had to do something with these pies.

“Sorry, Charlie. I’m stuck here today.”

“Okay,” came the disappointed reply over the phone, “but if you change your mind or can think of anyway I can make it up to you, let me know.”

“Oh, I’ll come up with something,” Michelle said coyly. “Dinner at Andres perhaps?”

“ANDRES?! You trying to break me?”

“Hey, I charge a lot for wasted sweat.”

“Not that much, I hope.”

Something out of Michelle’s peripheral vision caught her eye. “Ooooooodif!!!” she cried. The German Shepherd spooked by the voice, backed up suddenly, his nose catching on the underside of a pie tin. She knew she was to late before she even made her lunge for the pie, but something inside of her had hoped that maybe she could save it. Instead the pie teetered for a brief moment on the edge of the kitchen table then overturned. Michelle caught most of the pie with her right hand, while her left attempted to right the pie. The phone dropped to the floor with a clunk, which was followed by a dull splat as most of the contents of the lemon meringue pie fell through her hand and to the floor. Odif just stood there, tail wagging knowing that he was about to get dessert.

Michelle let the tin drop to the floor, “You win, its yours,” she said to the delight of her dog. While she picked up the phone, Odif pranced triumphantly to the pie and started to devour it.

“Back,” she sighed.

“What the hell happened?”

“Odif knocked a pie off the table,” she said, realizing that her phone was covered in meringue.

“I told you, you should have gotten a cat.”

Michelle eyed Odif evilly. “Don’t tempt me right now.” She licked her right index finger and smacked her lips, “But damn I’m a good cook.”

“I know. You sure you don’t want to go out today?”

“Yeah I’m sure.”

“Still mad?”


“Get over it?”

“Yeah yeah..”

“Good, I’ll leave you to clean and save the pies, and remember, let me know how I can make this up to you. Who knows, I may be so nice not to ask for a refund.” Charla giggled again. “Bye bye, I love you.”

“Yeah yeah.”

Michelle hit end on her phone and put it on the kitchen counter, the flicked meringue to the floor from her hand. She turned to Odif as she grabbed two pies from the table and started putting them up on the kitchen counter. “No more for you, Mister.” She stopped for a second. “You think I could get a couple of cats if I traded you in?”

Odif looked up at her and growled, then took off to the bedroom with his tail between his legs. Michelle could not help but laugh. She continued to place the pies from the table to the counter until there was no more room. She looked around to see where the last four pies could go and spotted the top of the freezer. Michelle picked up two chocolate cream pies and started to turn towards the kitchen when the phone rang. She started to turn back but her foot slid into the filling that Odif had left on the floor. Struggling to maintain her balance, her hands desperately trying to keep the pies level. She pitched forward and was forced to drop the pie in her right hand in order to catch herself from falling. The chocolate cream pie landed upside-down on her barefoot as she braced herself on the table.

“Damn it!” she cried.

She reached out to the phone, convinced she would kill who ever it was calling her. She tried to hit the talk button but the phone was slippery from earlier and a messy hand did not help. The phone rang three more times before Michelle could finally activate it.


“Hello, Miss Darlington please?”

“Speaking,” she growled.

“This is Day Air Conditioning service, calling you about today’s appointment.”


“It seems that the check you gave us for the down payment was returned to us due to non-sufficient funds.”

Was it her imagination or did it sound like this person was gloating? “I assure you, that there is money in the bank. I put it there yesterday when I got paid.”

“Unfortunately you’ll have to come in with cash or I could take a credit card now.”

Michelle shook her head tiredly at the day she was having. “My credit card is maxed currently, but I can be in later today.”

“Good, when you get here we’ll reschedule your appointment.”

“Reschedule?” She nearly dropped the phone with that revelation. Quickly she shifted the pie in her left hand to the her palm and steadied the phone with her finger tips. “Do you realize how hot it is out there, or in here for that fact.”

“I’m constantly reminded of it every day, Miss Darlington.” She could hear the sarcasm ring in the person’s voice. “I am sure that if you get down today, we can reschedule you for next week.”

Michelle mouthed the words, next week as she looked around at all the pies. There was nothing else she could do, she was beaten. “Very well, ” she said softly, “I’ll come in later.”

The person hung up and she never turned off her phone, not wanting anyone else to call her; not wanting any other problems. She knew she didn’t have the money off hand, she had been hoping that they would deliver it first then try to cash the check. Maybe her mother could help. Her head spun with the happenings of the day and she grew dizzy, whether from the heat or the fact she felt the world was against her, she did not care. Michelle sighed heavily and sat down, burying her head into her right hand.

It took a moment for her to realize what she did. Slowly, she took her hand away from her eyes and spread her legs. Cool whipped cream followed by a warm chocolate filling oozed up between her thighs. Michelle could not help but give a short laugh.

“What else can happen to me today?” she asked. Odif started out the door of the bedroom and her eyes locked on his. “All this is your fault.” The dog paused and cocked his head. “You wanted walkies when I could still have been in bed right now.” Sensing that he was not wanted, the dog turned tail and went back into the bedroom.

“And Charla,” she continued, “oooooh if you were here right now I’d…” She made a gesture with the pie in her left hand as if she was smashing it in an imaginary face. The momentum nearly made her lose grasp of it.

It was here that Michelle just sat, not caring about much of anything anymore. She turned her face and looked at the mirror. The sight she saw was nothing more than incredible. Her foot was buried almost to the ankle in filling, cream continued to ooze from beneath her, around her legs to where it finally dropped to the floor. Her hair and face were a askew with a spattering of lemon, chocolate, meringue and cream from where she had the phone against her jaw and where she had wiped her forehead with her hand.

Michelle simply put was a mess, and she did not care anymore. She did not care if she sat there for the next hour, even though the pie she was sitting on was beginning to saturate her pants and soak through to the skin. Nope, she didn’t care, not this time. Not anymore.

Michelle laughed again, a little more genuinely. This isn’t so bad, she thought, at least my butt isn’t warm and sticky. She wiggled a her rear a bit, testing the new sensation. “It is now COLD and sticky,” she laughed again. “Yup, if Charla was here I’d really ‘cream’ her,” she said looking at the pie, “and she would deserve it too.”

She looked back at the pie in her hand and then back at the mirror. A tiny thought embedded itself in her mind, one that was so inanely silly that she had to look back at the pie to convince herself that she actually thought it.

A pie in the face. What a peculiar thought. She looked at the mirror as her left hand brought the pie to just under her chin. She blinked at what seemed to be an involuntary movement by her hand and yet, it seemed that it was something natural to do. If a pie isn’t for eating, then what other use is it for, she reasoned. Michelle considered asking Charla to come over for her to administer revenge, but quickly discounted the idea as a farcical whim. There was no way in hell that she would let anyone see her in the predicament that she was in, even though she had absolutely no intention of rectifying it any time soon.

Michelle’s eyes turned back to the pie as her hand brought it up to her face. Daintily she stuck her nose in it, and almost immediately taking it out. Her eyes shot to the mirror as the bottom third of her nose was covered in whipped cream.

“That isn’t so bad,” she smiled, turning her face back to the pie. This time she looked straight forward and brought the pie up quickly to her face. Once again, she stopped just as her nose entered the pie, some vague thought of reason stopping her from committing to the act. An inner voice saying that it was all to silly and she was a grown-up for god’s sake. She turned to the mirror. This time her nose was completely covered in cream and little flakes of cream decorated her eyebrows and cheeks. She licked at the small bit of cream on her lips, once again commenting to herself what a wonderful cook she was.

The voice of reason finally took over and she sighed. This was very silly and what would her mother think if she could see her now. Michelle started to stand up when a dollop of cream from the tilted pie in her hand, dropped and landed neatly in her cleavage. She froze instantly while the cool cream slid gently between her bosoms and rested midway. She could feel it beginning to melt and she closed her eyes and let out a long breath at the coolness of it all. Taking a deep breath and without hesitation or second thought, Michelle took the pie and smashed it into her chest.

The breath was immediately exhaled as the cold cream met her skin first followed by the still warm filling. Her eyes closed she let the tin drop and she could feel gravity pull the crust downward, which landed in her lap. Instinctively her legs came together, forcing cream further along her inner thighs. A second gasp emitted from her lips. Her hand slowly massaged the cream all over the outside of her shirt, quickly turning it into a dirty brown. Michelle’s nipples hardened as she massaged them over and over, using her creamy shirt like a glove.

Not satisfied she reached down and took a handful of the cream between her legs and lifted sports bra, smearing the contents in her hand on the soft skin beneath. The feel of the cream against her nipples caused her to bring her legs together again, even tighter. She found that she enjoyed the feeling and repeated both actions again and again. She was sure she would climax right there and then, if it had not have been of the strange feeling she was being watched. Michelle stopped and opened her eyes, then turned them towards the bedroom door. Not two feet from her, tail wagging and head cocked in curiosity, sat Odif.

“Get out,” she hissed.

Odif, knowing this tone of voice, darted back into the bedroom and would not return for another few hours.

Light headed, Michelle breathed, reeling in the sensations about her. She smelled her own sweat, mixed with the sweet smell of lemon and chocolate. Slowly she turned her head back to the mirror, as if she was afraid what hideous creature would stare back at her, but it was not bad at all. Except for a chocolate shirt and pants, she seemed none the worse for the wear. She even remembered that she had been more messy when she spilled that pot of molasses down her shirt one time. Now that was a mess.

She stood up slowly, her pants clinging tightly to her rear. She felt ashamed but could not figure out why. She had done nothing wrong that she could think of. It was just for fun, she reassured herself, and if it got sensual, well heck., what is wrong with that? She could think of a dozen more kinkier things than what she just did, and she did hers in private, not in public like so many other sickos do. Nope, I did nothing wrong, she thought, convincing herself.

Michelle paused. If she did nothing wrong, why did she stop?


The cause of all this…. all of this…. fun?

She walked over to the bedroom and closed the door, she would deal with him later. “If I did nothing wrong,” she spoke to the mirror as she sized herself up, “why not continue.” A small smile played across her lips. She could not save all the pies so she might as well put them to use, even if it was for her own selfish reasons. Yes, she would continue, only this time, she would do it right.

She grabbed a chocolate cream pie and wiped off the chair where she was sitting with her hand. Cream and crust fell to the floor as the placed the pie on the seat. Slowly she took of her pants, looking around to help convince herself that there would be no further intrusion. She tossed the pants aside and removed her sports bra, placing it a top the pants. Once again she looked at herself in the mirror. Aside from the occasional streak of cream, she was not all that dirty. Her breasts were slightly brown and her inner thighs about four inches down were coated in a thin layer of filling.

Michelle grabbed two lemon meringue pies and straddled the chair. Her muff just inches above the chocolate cream pie. She glanced at the mirror and giggled and the irony. A few hundred pies she had baked in this very apartment and not once did she ever consider doing what she was about to do. She took a deep breath in, not tearing her eyes from the mirror as she wanted to see everything. Slowly she lowered herself into the pie, cringing only slightly as the first cream touched her skin. With patience and diligence she continued to lower her body, resisting every urge to rise up or squirm. It was this fact that seemed to make the experience all the more erotic.

As the cream continued up her thighs and finally started to touch her pink lips, she inhaled hard and then splatted both lemon meringue pies against her chest. White, fluffy globs exploded on impact, obliterating her medium sized breasts. She continued to press the pies against her breasts, then twisted the tins slightly before letting the drop. Michelle was amazed how the tins fell to the floor yet the crust held its position for what seemed an eternity, but could only be a few moments. Slowly the crusts started to split and break, sliding down her chest to land in her lap where her hips slowly pumped.

Hips pumping? When did she start doing that?

Michelle glanced down to make sure she was doing what she had seen. Sure enough, her hips were slowly rising and falling within the pie tin. She could feel the cream oozing in and around her sex. It was an incredible feeling. Cool cream melting within her warm, inner folds. She could not help but lower a hand to aid her wonderful visionary hips. Her other hand reached up and smeared the lemon and meringue all along her shoulders and down her sides, before she recoated her breasts again. To her, the day was almost complete as she reached her orgasm. To hell with the a/c people, she was no longer hot, or if she was, she definitely did not care.

She closed her eyes and climaxed a second time, her body cool as her sweat mixed with the cool cream. Michelle smiled and opened her eyes, then reached for another pie from the counter. She had still not gotten a pie in the face, and since she took the experience this far, she might as well finish it. Once again her eyes went to the mirror, then back at the pie. She wanted to do it, all she had to do was just one quick motion. One splat and it was over, then she could see what she looked like in the mirror.

Determination drove her course, and Michelle raise her fact to the ceiling and the pie above her head. In her mind she counted down, three, two, one…

A knock came from the door.

Charla still felt pangs of guilt as she strode up the walkway to Michelle’s house. Normally she was not so air-headed, but this was one of those times she could honestly say she earned the “blonde” reputation. She admired how easily Michelle was able to forgive her, a quality she herself lacked, often holding on to a grudge for weeks on end. In fact, if the roles were reversed, she would not let Michelle forget it for at least a month, which was probably why Charla felt so damn guilty.

Prior to coming here, she had stopped off at the bakery and gotten twenty pie boxes., then it was off to the local Wal-Mart for a portable fan. Charla was definitely going to try to help save the pies, as so Michelle would not have to go through the hassle of baking again.

The walkway was about twenty meters long and led up to a simple white door. Charla was half way down it, boxes in one hand and the fan in the other, when a thought struck her. She stopped, looked at the boxes and then at the door again. Whatever the thought was, made her laugh and shake her head. Perhaps she had a stray thought of what she would do if the roles were reversed, however this was Michelle who was in the predicament, and Charla was determined to do anything to help her out. She continued up the walk and fumbled a bit trying to reach the doorbell, but could not. Instead, she knocked once with the back of her hand that was holding the fan.

Somewhere inside there seemed to be a brief skirmish followed by an “Oh shit.” Charla’s mood dropped even more as she feared that she might have been the cause of yet another dropped pie. For a moment she contemplated turning around and running back to her car and just leaving poor Michelle alone, but she quickly discounted it. She was here and she was going to try and make atonement for her actions.

One minute dragged by and she knocked again. A gruff, “Just a moment,” came from within.

Boy she’s pissed, thought Charla. Perhaps I should have picked up another pie to make up for the one Odif dropped. She smirked, knowing that Michelle would take that as an insult rather than an act of goodwill.

“She’d probably throw it back in my face,” she said softly to herself.

Finally she heard rustling by the door. “Who is it?”

“Come on Michelle, open up. My arms are getting tired lugging around all this stuff.”

“Charla?” The voice asked testily.

“Yes, Charla. I know you’re pissed, but can you let me in?”

A moment passed. This time the voice was more warm, “Just a sec, I need to move something.”

Charla smiled. The tone of Michelle’s voice told her she was forgiven. After a moment the door swung open.

The first thing she noticed was Michelle in a bathrobe with a towel around her head. The second thing she noticed was that Michelle was holding two pies, one of which was coming right at her. Charla saw it. Her mind even registered what was about to happen, yet she did not attempt to move. All she could do was think, Ah, vanilla cream.

Her world went white.

Michelle was quite pleased with herself. The pie had smashed directly into Charla’s face with a satisfying splut. The tin fell revealing the decimation it had caused. Charla’s entire face was obscured from sight by a sea of white. The cream streaked through her hair in various places and had dropped in little patches along her shoulders and neck. A nice line of fresh whipped cream fell on Charla’s outstretched arm, her hand holding the fan in what appeared to be a death grip. What appealed to Michelle the most was the crust. It had split into three parts and hung there on Charla’s face for a few moments, then slowly slid down her face, revealing the outline of a nose and a pair of lips. The crust desperately tried to stick, but gravity took over and sent it plummeting down on to Charla’s shirt and eventually to the floor.

Time stopped for Michelle.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Charla opened her mouth and breathed. “You know, coming up here I had this silly thought,” she stated matter-of-factly. “About what would I do if you were coming to visit me and our roles were reversed.” She licked her lips slowly, bits of cream dripping off her face. “Though I must admit I think I would have picked chocolate.”

Michelle grinned. “Well now that you mention it.” She lunged towards Charla again, this time pressing the pie to her face rather than throwing it. Chocolate immediately started to drip down upon impact so Michelle smeared the pie up Charla’s face, over her forehead and then let it rest on her head. Michelle could not help but use her hands to smear the chocolate further into her friends hair.

“Oh look, it’s trying to fall down your shirt,” she commented as to large chocolate globs advanced down Charla’s neck, but were held in check by her neck-line. “Let me help rectify that.” With that she pulled open her friend’s T-shirt and pushed the chocolate down. Michelle smiled as she noticed that Charla was not wearing a bra. “Oh but what is this?” she continued. “Chocolate is no good without cream.” A second handful of whipped cream was added down the shirt.

Michlle stepped back and looked at her friend. Charla was a sight. Five foot four with long blonde hair. Her body was slender, even more so than Michelle, who often tried to get her own weight down to match her friend’s. Charla’s hips were nicely rounded and her breasts were on the large size, which miffed her friend because she was often stereo-typed as one who was, well….”blonde”. Michelle, however, knew better as Charla had a Ph.D. in biochemistry and was working on her masters. It was this education that often resulted in her not being called back for second dates. Somehow her intelligence made them uncomfortable and now Charla went out less than she. That always bothered Michelle, because Charla had a wonderful fun side of her. She was playful, whimsical and had a streak of mischief that would put leprechauns to shame.

“Are you quite through?” Charla whispered, her breath coming a bit fast.

“Ummm.” Michelle stepped forward again and gave her friend a huge hug, using her chest to smear in the cream under Charla’s shirt. “Yup. For now,” she said stepping back.

Charla nodded and let the boxes and fan fall to the floor. Slowly she used her fingers to clear her eyes. As Michelle had hoped, the blue-green eyes sparkled with mischief. “I must admit,” Charla said as she wiped a bit of cream from her nose with her finger, “I never thought you had it in you.” She stuck the finger in her mouth and sucked it clean.

“How is it?”

“Delicious as usual.”

“And the rest?”

Charla’s cream covered eyebrow raised, “Huh?”

Michelle pointed at Charla’s shirt and smiled.

“Oh!” Charla pulled open the front of her shirt and looked down at the mess below. “It is cool, I’ll grant you that.”

“But how does it feel?” Michelle persisted, wanting to know her friends opinion in order to compare it to her own.

Charla looked at Michelle, suddenly understanding the question. She pressed her hands against her shirt and rubbed her breasts. “Why it is so cool and creamy,” she chimed in her best southern drawl. “I just get all goose pimply thinking about it.”

Michelle smiled, satisfied. She turned and started to walk to the kitchen counter. “Well just don’t stand there, close the door and come over here so we can continue.”

Charla stopped her rubbing and looked up. “Continue?”

Michelle slowly turned her head to look over her shoulder. A coy smile danced on her lips. “Why of course,” she drawled, mimicking Charla. “You did say you would do anything to make it up to me. Didn’t you?”

Charla’s mouth dropped. “I thought you wanted Andres?” she protested.

Michelle picked up a lemon meringue pie. “I changed my mind,” she said as she dabbed her finger into it, then slowly licked it off, then placed it on the chair that not more than fifteen minutes ago she occupied. “Now why don’t you come over here and have a seat,” she said, patting the edge of the chair.

“The heat’s finally gotten to your brain,” Charla said, wiping more cream from her face and flinging it to the floor. “You’re delusional.”

“Remember the time you put ice cream down my blouse, saying ‘Here cool off.’ Or the time you put shaving cream in my hand while I was sleeping and tickled my nose?”

“Yes, but…”

“What about the time you put Jell-O in my shoes, or the time when you covered my sheets in honey and frosted flakes?”

“Michelle those were a long time ago.”

“I never once got you back.” Michelle lifted the chair and set it down halfway between her and Charla. “Add all those up along with no phone call, well lets just say, I think it is time I did.”

Charla took a step towards the door. “And if I run?”

“Then, I’ll get you another time,” she shrugged. “Only you won’t know when or where it is coming, and I won’t stop until I get you with the same number you had me bake today.”

“Twenty! That’s not fair!”

“Considering I have less than that now, I think your best bet is to come sit down, besides,” Michelle flashed her coy smile again, “you might even enjoy it.”

Charla paused at the thought and slowly smiled. “And how would you know that?”

“If you come sit down, I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Can I take off my shoes and socks?”

“Take off whatever you want, just close the door, you’re letting all my heat out.”

Charla stood there a moment and looked around, spotting the floor length mirror. She gazed at herself and shook her head. What a mess I am, she thought, taking the tin from her head and letting it drop on the floor.

“Oh what the hell, I’m already messy. A little more won’t hurt.” Charla started to take off her shoes and socks, dropping a chain from around her neck into one of the shoes. “Will it?” she asked, slowly closing the door.

“Maybe just a little,” Michelle said, grabbing a second lemon meringue pie.

“Do I get go get you back?” she asked, noting how clean Michelle seemed to look.

Michelle thought for a moment. It would only be fair if she allowed Charla some measure of revenge, however, Charla would definitely have to earn it first. “Maybe. Depends.”

“On?” Charla waited for an answer but it never came. This was a new side of Michelle she had never seen and it made her slightly nervous. It also made her slightly excited. She had no idea of what was to come or how far Michelle planned to take things.

“Coming?” chimed Michelle.

Charla nodded and slowly started to walk across the wooden floor. She stopped in front of the mirror and quickly sized up her predicament. She had been hit in the face with two pies and had sizable amounts of cream stuffed down her yellow shirt, which was now turning brown. Her bangs were matted to her face and her hair was inundated with chocolate. And now, her best friend in the whole world, who up to this moment never showed any signs of meanness or mischief, wanted her to sit in a pie and do lord know what else to her with fifteen plus pies. It was certainly a strange situation, yet Charla could not help but tingle in anticipation.

“You know these shorts are brand new,” she said.

“Then take them off, ” Michelle smiled.

A shiver ran down Charla’s spine. She could not believe she was going to do what she was about to do. “Oookay,” she stammered, unbuttoning her pants. “Are you going to tell me why you think I’ll enjoy this?”

“After you sit, I think you’ll understand perfectly.”

Charla stood there stunned. This was coming from Michelle? Her excitement build as she began to see more and more of this side of her friend. A side she never knew existed. A side she was beginning to like. “Okay,” she said, pushing her pants to the floor and stepping out of them, exposing the clean white panties underneath. “Now what?”

Michelle motioned to the chair again. “Have a seat.”

Charla nodded slowly and walked over to the chair. The pie was huge, with at least six inches of meringue topping. “How do you want me to sit?”

Michelle grinned, her heart beating faster. “Straddle it backwards. Place your hand on the back of the chair and slowly lower yourself in.”

Her friend nodded and straddled the chair, then placed her hands on the back. “Before I do this, what on earth made you think of this?”

“It’s Odif’s fault.”

“Odif?” she asked, once again her friend offered no more..

Michelle nodded and placed her hands on Charla’s shoulders and slowly started to push down.

Charla glanced up at Michelle and let herself be lowered. She could feel her panties break the surface of the pie. A gasp came from her lips as she felt the warm steam of the freshly baked meringue rise up to meet her. Lower and lower she went, the meringue sliding up and hugging her thighs. A plume of the white dessert slowly advanced up her lower back. A second gasp was made when she reached the lemon. Unlike the warm flow of the meringue, this felt cool and sticky and squirted along her thighs. Charla closed her eyes as her panties began to soak up the cool lemon. She finally hit bottom, her rear resting against the crust. For a moment, Charla was content in just sitting there, the lemon soaking through her panties and into her crotch.

“Okay now lean back,” Michelle said, after letting Charla enjoy the sensation for a few moments.

Charla’s eyes opened as Michelle stood over her with a second lemon meringue pie. She was about to speak, but something in her Michelle’s eyes made her stop. Instead she slowly leaned back and closed her eyes, putting her trust in her friend.

Michelle smiled and reached down between Charla’s legs. Slowly she pulled open the sticky panties and then turned the entire contents of the pie into them. Charla let out a quick breath, never opening her eyes, but spreading her legs a bit more. Michelle slowly started to stuff the contents down into her friend’s panties. Soon they were bulging and streams of lemon were coming out the sides. She let go of the panties then placed her hand underneath them, scooping more filling from the pie under Charla, while massaging it into the yellowing under garment.

Charla’s hands clenched the back of the chair, her nails digging into the wood. She was surprised, however with the massaging stopped and she felt a hand against hers. She opened up her eyes. Michelle was beaming as she guided Charla’s hand down into her panties, letting the elastic snap about her wrist. Charla’s eyes widened as she started to rub herself slowly, her friend smiling and stepping back. Without protest, she closed her eyes and started massaging her slit, pressing lemon up into her and then flexing her muscles to drive it back out. Her other hand gripped the chair and her legs were wrapped around the chair’s legs as if gravity had suddenly given out and she had to hold herself down. Charla stroked with growing intensity, her breaths coming faster. Beads of perspiration mixed with the cream on her forehead and down along her neck. The feeling of the meringue dissolving beneath her only caused her to increase her pace

Michelle saw Charla’s body shudder with pleasure as she reached her climax. It was then Michelle splatted her with the lemon meringue pie. She was amazed at how the pie exploded on to her friends tilted face, billowing clouds of meringue flew down Charla’s neck and shoulders. Michelle was even more amazed at how this pie to the face seemingly caused a second orgasm in her friend.

Charla panted and nearly collapsed after the convulsions stopped. She slumped over the back of the chair and just lied there, her breaths coming fast and hard. It was a full two minutes before she lifted her head and wiped the cream from her eyes. She panted a bit and just stared at Michelle, partially in amazment partially in disbelief. Finally she looked up at Michelle who held another pie in her hands. “So how did you know that this would feel.?”

“Cause I accidentally sat on one earlier.” Michelle related the days events after Charla’s phone call.

“I see. I’m sorry for interrupting,” Charla giggled.

Michelle’s cheeks turned red and pointed to the chair. “No you’re not.”

Charla flung some cream at her friend. “What the hell was that last pie for?”

“Improvisation,” she giggled. “Thought I might give you a reward for a job well done.”

“Reward?” Charla protested, clearing more meringue from her face. “What kind of reward is that?”

“Apparently a good one as it helped you to a second climax.”

As the words sunk in, Charla blushed, realizing fully what had taken place. Best friends they were, yet they had never traveled this road before. “What are you planning to do with that pie?”

“Give it to you, of course.”

Charla nodded. “Of course. Where is it going this time?”

Michelle walked over to Charla and handed her the pie. “Wherever you want”

Charla looked at the pie in her hand then back to her friend. A grin as big as a Cheshire cat spread across her face. “Anywhere?”

“Anywhere.” Charla thought for a moment. “You know you hit me with three in the face. Surely I’m allowed more than one.”

Michelle considered and picked up a chocolate cream pie, twin to the first, and handed it to Charla.

“Now take off that silly towel.”

Michelle complied and took the towel off her head, letting it drop to the floor. Her hair, still tangled and matted, fell around her shoulders.

“How about the robe too?”

“Oh aren’t you original,” Michelle chided, dropping the robe around her ankles and kicking it aside.

Charla drew in a breath. She had seen her friend naked before, but never like this. From her neck to her thighs Michelle was coated in a rich mixture of chocolate, whipped cream, lemon and meringue. “Looks like you did know what you were talking about after all.”

Michelle nodded and ran her hands over her breasts and down her sides, her nipples hardening at the touch. “I’m as surprised by this as you are, Charla. But it feels so cool.” She hugged herself. “And wonderful.”

“Why don’t you come kneel beside me?”

Michelle slowly kneeled next to Charla, her heart racing. She looked at her best friend square in the eye and whispered, “Do it.”

Charla zeroed in with both pies and sandwiched Michelle’s face between them. A loud ploooph came as the contents of each pie fought against each other to cover the single face. That cream that lost slid down along Michelle’s bare chest. The pie tins stayed where they were, and Charla made no effort to move them knowing her friend would take them away when she wanted.

Time seemed to stop for Michelle. Her entire face was engulfed and she dared not to move, in fear of missing some of the wondrous sensations she was feeling. She kept from moving as long as she could hold her breath. Finally she raises her arms and pulled the tins away from her face.

She breathed.

Not wanting to destroy the look, she opened her eyes without wiping them away. It was a bit of a chore, but not impossible. Without saying a word she rose and walked over to the mirror, she reveled in the reflection. Both crusts were shattered in several dozen pieces, held in place (for the moment) only by the filling and the cream. She stood there as gravity tugged on the crust and cream on her face, until it finally pulled a portion away. The cream fell only a short way before impacting on her right breast. Michelle stood transfixed as glob after glob fell from her face and leaving its mark somewhere on her body, as it streaked down towards the floor.

So entranced in the spectacle Michelle never saw Charla approach from behind, wielding two pies and once again sandwiching her face, only this time from behind. A muffled cry came as once again her face was engulfed in cream, only this time it didn’t stick as well and almost immediately started to fall.

Charla pressed her front against Michelle’s back, her arms moving around to her friend’s front side, catching the cream as it fell. Slowly she smeared the excess down along Michelle’s body, over her breasts and down to her thighs, then back up again to repeat the process. Taking up a huge handful of filling, Charla promptly smeared her hand directly between Michelle’s legs, pushing the cream into her friend’s inner folds.

Michelle let out a gasp, her eyes opening in shock, but then closing in ecstasy. Charla carefully slid her hand back and forth for a few moment, teasingly, then stepped back. “How many more pies we got?” Michelle asked without turning around.


“Hmmm, four.” Michelle turned around, cream and meringue dripping from her slender body. She had to now walk carefully to the counter as footing was unsteady at best. “I think you still need some attention,” she said, grabbing two chocolate cream.

Charla glanced over at the mirror. “I can’t see where. I’m a total mess.” She pulled a piece of crust from her serverly matted hair.

“Oh I can. Lose the shirt and panties.”

Charla grew red. Up to now she had not thought about being naked, instead leaving that pleasure to Michelle, however if she had any reservations they were quickly cast aside as she watched her cream covered, bare body friend approach her. Somehow it would not be far to cop out now. Slowly Charla pulled her stained shirt over her head. Her slightly creamed breast bounced a bit as she flung the shirt to the same pile where Michelle had tossed her clothes earlier. Charla peeked down her panties, “Ugh, what a mess.” A slotching sound came from them as she slowly pulled them away from her body and down over her hips, finally letting them drop to the ground. Gooey bits of crust and pie filling dripped to the floor from between her legs.

“Okay, now what?” she asked, kicking her panties over to the pile.

Michelle slowly glided over to stand in front of Charla. Her hips swaying sexily back and forth. “Well now you stand still.”

Charla only nodded as Michelle took the first pie and slammed it upwards into her muff. Charla’s eyes bulged as cream and filling invaded her at a racy speed. Michelle slowly rotated the pie around slightly before letting the tin fall. Using her thighs and crotch, she started to massage the filling into Charla’s creamy muff. Michelle’s over turned the second pie just above Charla’s cleavage, then pressed her chest close, once again using it to spread the cream.

In unison the two ladies pressed themselves against one another, their hands sliding, groping and caressing each other’s bodies as well as the own. Lost in the moment, they were only concerned about the sensations they were experiencing. At one point their eyes locked. Without words both asked a question to each other and to themselves, and with a smile and a mutual blush, it was answered. This would be as far as they went concerning intimacy for tonight, however a seed was planted and both wondered just how it would grow.

Michelle stepped back. “Two more. What you think we should do with them?”

“I don’t know,” Charla shrugged.

Michelle thought a moment and then smiled. “I do.” She walked over and picked up both pies. They were the last two of twenty and they were both chocolate cream. “I never did get to do this,” she said, handing one of them to Charla. Using her free hand to grab her robe, she started to clean her face. It took a little effort, and a lot of the robe, but she finally managed to get most of her face clean. A few strands of hair, plastered down either side of her face was all that hinted at what her lovely profile had been through.

Charla had grabbed the chair for Michelle and placed it directly in front of the mirror, however instead of cleaning it off, she piled as much cream from the floor as she could on to the seat. “No sense it going to waste,” she reasoned.

Michelle only smiled as she sat into the pile, her body tingling as it did before. She was going to give herself a pie in the face, and this time, she was not going to chicken out. She looked dead in the mirror and held the pie just above her face. A smash or a smear, she pondered, trying to decide which she would enjoy more. After a moment she made her decision. Then, without a second thought, she tilted her face up a bit and brought the pie to her face with vigor. She could feel the cream engulf her face and flow around her head, to where it dripped down to her shoulders and neck. Michelle savored the moment, bending the pie tin to conform to her face, her nose sliding against the crust. She was determined to get every bit of cream out of this last pie of hers. She rotated the tin and finally let it drop, instantly opening her eyes to gaze at herself in the mirror.

Staring back at her was a site she had longed to see ever since Odif spied on her. Her entire face was comprised of chocolate with white cream streaking in and around her nose and cheeks. The crust had stayed mostly in the tin, however bit of it were evident around her eyes and chin. She could make out the outline of her supple lips and her eyes were only two green dots in a sea of brown. Michelle licked her lips slowly, enjoying the taste as well as the wonder of seeing her lips go from chocolate brown to pinkish-red. This was all so simple and yet so satisfying to her, and she chided herself gently for being a coward the first time around.

She watched in fascination as the cream slowly dripped from her face, even jutting out her chest to allow it to fall on the end of her erect nipples. Michelle grew light-headed with the flurry of sensations. She allowed herself a few more moment of pleasure, before sitting up and looking up at Charla. Her friend had an amused look on her face and it was apparent that she enjoyed watching Michelle, just about as much as Michelle enjoyed pieing herself.

“Okay, your turn.”

“To do what?”

“The same thing I did, silly.”

Charla looked at the pie then back at Michelle, then without missing a beat, smashed the pie into her friend’s face. Michelle protested only for a second before relinquishing herself to a second pie in the face. Charla tossed the tin aside and sat on Michelle’s lap, caressing her face with both her hands and smoothing out the thick cream as if were a facial mask being applied.

Michelle licked her lips with a smack, “Damn I’m a good cook.”

Charla looked around at the mess. “I hope you are a better maid.”

“That’s okay, I still have you as my lackey.”

“Say what.”

Michelle smiled, “Hey, you said you would do anything…” She never finished the sentence as Charla pressed two handfuls of cream back into her face, sending Michelle off the chair and on to the slippery floor. It was no use to try and retaliate. Any footing was near impossible and there was no way Michelle could make Charla any more messier. Instead she resigned herself to a fit of laughter.

Charla sat herself down next to her best friend. “You know,” she started, taking a glob of cream from Michelle’s breast and flicking it to the floor. “You wasted all of them and now you’ll have to bake all over again.”

“Yeah, but who cares. It has been a long time since I let loose like this.”

“You certainly were a wild one,” Charla admitted. “I have to say, I’ve never seen you like this.”

Michelle licked her fingers and glanced over at the mirror. “That is because I’ve never been like this before.” They both laughed and leaned back on their elbows.

“So how we going to thank him?”

“Thank who?”

“Odif,” replied Charla with a smile. “It was his fault we are where we are.”

Michelle nodded and thought for a moment. “We’ll let him help clean up.”

The two women sighed and looked around, neither ready for the task of cleaning up. Finally Michelle stood up and headed for the closet where she kept her garbage bags. “So you going to help me bake on Saturday?”

“Why, the banquet isn’t until Sunday.”

“I know, but it will take us two days to crank out forty pies.”


Michelle turned to Charla and grinned mischievously. “Forty.”

Her friend flashed her own grin back. “Okay, you have yourself a helper.”

“Good,” Michelle said, pulling out the first garbage bag. “Only this time, we are doing the baking at your house.”

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