Please Pie Me

— by Anonymous —

Nothing normally happened on a Monday night, and that Monday was no exception. I was sitting at home … feeling dead horny!

I ran up to the bedroom and watched myself take off my clothes in the mirror. I kicked my pumps off and forced my tight lycra skirt to the floor revealing my tiny panties. I faced myself in the mirror, admiring the ways my tits looked so desirable in that new hi-fluff mohair top I’d bought at the weekend. Slowly I pushed my fingers below my panty-line and began to play with myself gently … I was already warm and wet.

This was great, but I wanted something more …. I called Brian… “Brian, I’d like you to get round here straight away I need a good pie-ing”. Brian hesitated on the phone and eventually said “I’m not quite sure what you mean Jessica”. “What I mean is that you’re going to get your ass around here and smother my face, my hair, my fluffy top and every other part of my body with creamy pies … and then, when I’m satisfied, I’m going to fuck your brains out. OK?”.

“Don’ t move” replied Brian, and within ten minutes he was in my kitchen. I’d had the stuff in for weeks … enough stuff to make about 150 pies to a really good recipe that Sally had recommended. She and I had been into serious splattering for years, and often had to resort to a good plastering session together – our men friends were sometimes quite horrified by the idea! … Still, their loss! I’d been seeing Brian for about two weeks, and teasing his prick something rotten – I hadn’t yet taken him, but tonight would be the night if he played his cards right. Until that phone call, I hadn’t given any hint of my wonderful fetish to Brian … no, sorry I’m lying, I did push a cream cake down the front of his trousers as we left the bakery a few days ago – he looked rather shocked and surprised, but started to smile as I rubbed my hands over the front of his trousers … his prick must have been smothered with the stuff … and he hardened up instantly!

But back to the pie mix. I went rather mad … by the time Brian arrived, there were 30 or so VERY big pies on the kitchen table, some plain cream and some with hints of pink and yellow colouring – they looked wonderful. Brian walked over to me with a look of astonishment on his face. I picked up the largest pink pie, kissed Brian on the lips and said “Now take this pie and give me a hair wash!”. Brian was wonderful, he simply obeyed. First one pie, then another, then another. I had lots of hair to cover … my straight blonde waist length hair needed a good five or six pies, and it looked great in the kitchen mirror – pink, yellow and white pied hair mmmmmm……

“Brian, you bad boy! You’ve dropped a bit of pie on my mohair top. Oh well, its not the end of the world, you’d better give the rest of it a good smothering – and make sure you don’t miss my tits!”. Another six or seven pies later and my top was covered. Brian didn’t need much convincing to unload a load of pie into my panties too!

He began to get rather carried away. His fingers pushed the gorgeous cream into my pussy – a finger pie fuck!! “No. Not yet!” I cried weakly. I looked at him with my big brown eyes and whispered sedutively, “My face has been quite untouched by all this frantic activity … if I were you Brian, I’d pie my fucking face!”. When he smeared that first pie over my face, I felt the thick cream push gently up my nostrils … and I opened my mouth to let it invade me. Oh, how I needed it badly. The second pie to my face was a real SPLAT! Brian rubbed it in roughly, showing me no mercy …. I came in my creamy panties immediatly.!

Brian had certainly earned his fuck. I pushed him onto the floor and lay on top of him, easing my pied mohair-clad tits to within two inches of his face. I’d already opened up his trousers and freed his enlarged prick … the head of his prick wavered just outside my creamy cunt waiting for me. I had the last two pies … one in each hand either side of his head.

As he looked up at my creamed face I said, “Well done Brian, you passed the induction … this is for you …” And with that, I lowered my pussy to engulf his cock, pushed a pie into each side of his head and rubbed my pie covered tits into his face – all simultaneously. It took him three seconds to come! What a great pie fucker I must be!!!