Star-crossed WAMmers

— by Andrew —

The following post is a series of E-mails from a boy in the US and a girl in Australia. This is a private CYBER-WAM batttle that we agreed to share with you all. I have excluded the names to protect the innocent. (ha ha) There are many other details in the e-mails other than the CYBER-WAM, but maybe we’ll post that next week…

*The boy wrote:*

Let us have a cyber food fight!

I smash you in the face with a banana cream pie. But not too bad, You wipe it from your smiling face and reach for…

*The girl wrote:*

Ha! The WAM equivalent of cyber sex?? Hell yeah, I’m up for it! And hey you started it..

An absolutely HUGE thick and gooey good ole plain cream pie. I’m laughing my head off and enjoying myself, but at the same time I am hell bent on getting revenge on you!! Advancing towards you slowly, I having trouble seeing through all of the mess on my face, but somehow manage with one hand to grab you behind the head and with the other hand I squash the pie into your face, hard! You’re pulling away but I am going to cream you real good to get you back for pieing me! I twist and squelch the pie in your face and thick globs of crust and thick cream ooze out the sides. And then……

Your shot, hon! Give it to me!

happily wiping the mess from her face….

*The boy wrote:*

Ok, you got me… but, I manage to pull away and clear off the small amount of goop from my face. Not too bad – I could still go out in public like this. But you look like you need another pie, or two. I Grab two not-so-standard-home-made-pies (custard, pancake syrup, and whipped cream) and smash them on either side of your head – smearing them toward your face. The slime splashes up over your head and covers the back of your neck! OK, You’ve probably cum by now, but I aint done with you yet! And you seem disoriented a bit – what could you do to me?

GUNGE you later…

*The girl wrote:*

I love being messy, but I can tell that compared to you that my face is a total mess and that you are still relatively clean. This has got to be rectified!! I am as hopping mad and loving this full-on food fight! I push you back onto the bed and tie your legs to the wrought iron posts. You are putting up a LAME attempt at resistance and I can tell you are trying to tell me something but everything is muffled through the whipped cream that is layered over my ears. I am about to tie your hands as well… but I want them too be free to gunge me later, so I decide to leave them for the moment. I wander out to the kitchen, grab a HUGE mixing bowl and start to dump goo into it. Vanilla yogurt, thick cream, and gooey pudding mix. Finally it is full to the brim and I pick it up with difficulty. I don’t want to spill any of it… yet…! Heading back to the bedroom, you see me coming and sit up. I can see that you are VERY hard. (There are a whole lot of pies and other goodies in reaching distance but you don’t seem to have noticed that yet… lucky for me!!) You’re sitting upright and I’m enjoying having you at my mercy! I put on my sweetest, most charming voice and say, “Now dear, I’m sure that you’d like to try some pudding, now wouldn’t you…?” You’re smiling but at the same time looking very worried and shaking your head side to side vigorously “no”. Ha! I grin and swing the bowl back, and SPLASH, hit you full on with the goop! The whole of your front is COMPLETELY messed up (as well as half the bed but never mind). You’re still sitting upright with a look of shock on your face and I go sit on your cock and wrap my feet around your slimy butt. Sitting like this my face is inches from yours, you are already a dripping mess, but I can’t help myself, I grab another custard pie and smosh it into your already gunged face. I’m having the time of my life!! And then……..

Your turn ! So what are you going to do huh??

*The boy wrote:*

As soon as that last pie hit me, you feel me my dick throb inside you.. I am obviously very close to comming. I can’t help but kiss you through all the splosh on our faces – tastes pretty good too! But, I am a little angry about the bowl of slop you through at me, It made my so slippery that you were easily able to slide onto my stiff, but gooey dick. And remember, my hands are free… I reach for a melting, sloppy-looking cream pie and swing it towards your face- but no! You block the attack and it slops onto the side of my face. Damn! You grab the rest of the missed pie and twist it in my face. By now, the bowl-gunge has dripped down my stomach and is collecting in a slimey pool over our privates. I try to pull out, but you keep forcing me back inside of you – this is creating a funny sound as the glop is spashes around our crotches. I’m going to cum if this continues. I reach for another pie, which I know you made ( it’s about 15 inches deep with whipped cream!) and a hit you hard with it square in the face – so hard that it knocks you off of me. I struggle to untie myself and roll on top of you, smearing my slimely body over yours – but not allowing you to put it in. You are a total mess, so I clear your face with my hands, and part of the sheet. All the pies are out of reach, so I slip myself inside you and pump you hard 7 times and pull out- just to tease you, then I roll off onto the floor and go for the other pies. You sit up and grab me from behind, but I slip through your fingers. You, much to my suprise roll off the other side of the bed and reach for something under the bed???

What next…

*The very messy girl wrote:*

We’re on opposite sides of the bed. You stumble and grab one of the pies I made especially for you, but stop before you can get up off of the ground when you see what I am doing.

I reach under the bed and pull out my nifty vaccuum cleaner that sucks…and does the opposite as well… it *blows*! =) I have been waiting for the chance to use this for ages! I filled it up before you came with litres and litres of extra thick whipping cream. Meanwhile, you’re looking at me as if I’ve lost my mind. I flick the “on” switch as you back away towards the corner.

There is a quick deep gurgling sound and I look down the hose for the source of the blockage. Bad move. I am hit in the face with a torrent of gooey cream and I hear you nearby laughing your head off at me. That’s it! I can barely see a thing but point the nozzle towards you and it hits you hard and splashes off you back onto me. The force is quite strong and it’s over real quick. But more importantly, you are absolutely dripping with gooey cream from head to toe! I grab the pie that you dropped when I hit you with the hose and push you down onto the ground and straddle your chest. Before you can argue, laughing, I smash the cream pie in your face and rub it in really well. Your face is absolutely layered with cream and crust and goo, it looks fabulous! I am dying to feel you inside of me so I can come. But, I think that you still need something first. I hop off of you and roll you over onto your stomach. I shove one of my special extra creamy pies in front of your face and you’re squirming to get away but it’s too late, I’m sitting on your back. I put both hands on the back of your head and push your face into the pie hard! It makes a lovely squelching sound as you make contact and I hear you going “mmmmnphhh!” in surprise through a pile of cold thick cream.

Sitting on your back, I notice how clean your hair is. I pick up a couple of cans of whipped cream and start to get it messed up properly. One hand is on the back of your head holding you face down in the pie still, and, with the other I start to spray cream onto your gorgeous black glossy hair. I smear it down the length of your hair which soon becomes heavy and gooey with the mess. Suddenly I drop the can (my hands are slippery after all) and get off of you to go get it.

You sit up and I smile when I see that the pie tin is still clinging to your face. I pick up two more pies and wait while you struggle pulling the tin off and wiping the gunge from your face. I hold the two thick cream pies topped with cherries and offer then too you. “C’mon. Pie me in the face and then fuck me hard, please? I know that you’re dying too.” You look at me and then….

*The very messy boy wrote:*

I slowly take the pies from you – expecting you to trick me, but you don’t. I postion a pie in front of your face, and one behind your head. You flinch with anticipation, but I wait… Then I smash both pies in on your head, twisting them into your face and hair until both tins meet on the top of your head. You look too cute to resist and I hug you-I slide it in, while we are standing up. I grab your butt cheeks to pull you closer, but you are so slippery. We fuck hard and roll around in this huge mess that used to be a bedroom.

Ending Variation 1

You finally feel me orgasm inside you, and this triggers yours as well. My dick stays hard long after I come, allowing you to have a mind-blowing 2nd and 3rd orgasm. We collapse onto each other with a nice squish. You look at me and say, “My neighbor will be home soon, we better go” I say, “Yeah, they should never leave their door unlocked…”

Ending Variation 2

I feel myself comming so I pull out and squirt it in your face – SPLOSH!! You yell at me for messing up your face We laugh, and then I put it back inside you and fuck you hard until I make you come – twice. By now I’m ready to come again, but we retire to the bathroom and shower off our mess while we continue having sex, standing of course. Afterwards, we walk back into the bedroom, and whatthefuck!!! The room is clean, not one pie, not one mess. Not one glop, not one sign that anything went on. Very strange…but very convenient. We look at each other and smile, then kiss each other. After all, this is our fantasy, anything can happen…


We hope you have enjoyed this E-mail CYBER WAM battle! At least as much as we did. As I said before, there are more personal details in our messages that I have excluded – many are non-wam related. But, getting to know someone makes it much more fun to mess them up! More slime to come!

*The now-clean-boy…*