Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

— by Arizona —

“Get the hell out of here,” she said to me in a voice likely heard by the dead, “you are insane! I don’t want to see you anywhere near my house!” With that, the door slammed on my face. I had to check to see if my nose was still there. Thank- Thankfully, it was. As I walked towards my car, I looked at my girlfriend’s place for one last time. No apologizes and turning back for us. Quickly, the reality of the situation jettisoned through my body. Piper was gone and she wasn’t returning to my life. The Smithereens mantra of “Only A Memory” was happening to the couple that was odds on favorite for marriage. Who would of thought? I wouldn’t of thought. I guess now it doesn’t mean shit who even had a thought on us. Nearly three and half years of barefoot walks on the beach under mandarin skies and last minute weekends together got vaporized in a matter of seconds by mentioning a fantasy to her. I want to pie her and I’d let her pie me. I thought Piper was hip enough to indulge me, but a sharp buzzer went off in my head. Gary Owens told me I was disqualified and to get my ass out of there without a parting gift.

As I climbed into my car, I looked down on the floor at the pies that I hoped would be in our faces. I wondered if I made a detour in our relationship by even mentioning such an adventure for us. As I thought more intensely about my drama, everything seemed to melt around me. You know like when a television show goes into flashback mode. I closed my eyes and saw a mosaic of bright white cream, chocolate, pink frosting and marshmallow totally covering Piper’s sun bronzed face. She is in nirvana.

Piper never knew receiving a pie in the face could make her feel so sexy and alive. She takes my hands and through her beautifully smeared face, she commands me, “Pie me again and I will do you!” I watch Piper’s celestial naked body walk towards the kitchen table to select a pie for me. I was quite excited, I nearly trip out of my underwear. I feel like Peter Sellers undressing for Lesley Anne Down at the end of “Pink Panther Strikes”. She giggles, almost dropping the pie. By now we’re both completely naked in Piper’s kitchen. I can’t help but think how this would be a Messy Fun moment. She grinned. I’m clean but it won’t be long before I’m not. “Are you ready?” she mischievously retorts. “Let me taste your sweet love.” I replied.

With one hand, Piper pushes a grasshopper pie firmly in my face. She rotates the tin plate to ensure maximum coverage. She got me real good. What could of been moments of confusing blindness were stimulated by feeling my love’s breasts against my chest and her tongue in my mouth. This was heaven. No wonder I always sought out girls being pied on television as a youth. I just then didn’t know how it existed on the next echelon.

Just as Piper eases closely into me to take another pie, a flashback overcomes me again. I remember smashing a pink desert into Piper’s face because I remember tasting it off her breasts. Suddenly I am back laying across my futon. What part was the dream? It took a moment or two for me to jump into composure. Just then I realized this was the day. I had been mulling it over all week. How do I exactly tell my girlfriend it would be a turn on if she allowed you to pie her? Of course I was going to allow the favor to be returned. But how? The gears in my mind turned.

I didn’t mean to be a tease earlier with my pie episode but it was part of the total dream that gave me doubts. Piper told me she’d love me no matter what. This is a big what. Anyway, enough of going in circles. We’re at her house for the moment of truth. A grim silence befalls us. I begin to sense dread. Piper looked at me with her warm green eyes. I always get lost in them. If I can not trust those orbs, then everything between us has no meaning, right? Before I can interject, Piper smiles at me. She rubs her foot across mine (yes, we were barefoot but this isn’t a foot fetish story sorry) and said, “I know there’s something on your mind.” “Actually there is,” I said, “there’s been something I want to talk with you about.”

Piper nodded. “That makes two of us. Who do you want to go first?” I leaned over the table and kissed Piper. “You go first. I know you’ll thrill me.” “I have this really crazy idea. One of these days, I would love for us to get together and have a pie fight. I want you to smash pies right in my face and all over my body.”

I smiled. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t blow this though. I must remain cool, but like a kinky version of The Fonz. “Sounds like a fun plan. Let’s do it. If you want to be pied I’m there.” Piper leaned in and kissed me. Again I’m lost in her eyes. She whispered, “You’ve been waiting for this moment. I know you. Just how long have you been wanting to pie me though?” Time for all honesty. “Forever. I’ve always loved seeing girls take a pie or three. Since I didn’t know how you felt about it.” “Now you can pie me for real. Mind if I ask if you’ve ever been pied before and did you like it?” “I’ve been in a lot of pie fights in high school and college and yes I did like the experience. What about you?” Piper looks as if her dreams have waltzed into her conscious state. “I’ve been pieing myself since high school. I’ve just been waiting for someone I could pie back.” “As I said, I’m your man, Piper.” She took my hand from across the table. In her sexiest voice she stated, “I’m your girl.”

You’ve been patient with the set up, know here is your reward. Piper and I spent the previous Friday buying pies and various ingredients for our newly discovered sexual ecstasy. We got looks from a health freak or two, but a cashier who must of been a WAM fan herself gave us a knowing smile. We need more hip people like that. Over at Piper’s, we slowly undressed, leaving our clothes were they dropped. As we embraced and kissed, I could feel her heart racing with excitement against my chest.

Piper always took care of her body. Years later, she’s just as beautiful. My eyes gazed upon the girl I first fell in love with. It was like the first time I saw her naked. I gently sucked on her nipples as she massaged The Johnson, but halted before I was able to come. We wanted the pies to join us with climax. We were now ready for them.

Piper took my hand and pointed to a homemade cool whip and graham cracker crust. “I want it all over my face and head,” she commanded, “hit me!” I’ve always been a good listener. So I let Piper have it. I took her left hand and with my free one, pushed the first pie into her waiting face. She moaned with pleasure as the treat obliterated into her angelic features. I made sure to get cream streaked in her amber hair. I took some resents and off her face and whipped it onto her breasts. Her nipples were already rock hard with happy intoxication.

I didn’t even have to ask. Piper immediately retrieved a French Silk and rotated into my face. She knew I wanted extreme facial coverage as did she.

“How do you feel, baby?” Piper asked me. It took a moment to grab my breath. Not from suffocation mind you, but ecstasy. My girl was into the same quirks. I had to state, “Absolutely fabulous!” As we viewed each other naked and with a pie in our faces, we started to giggle a little. We both owned a sense of wistful disbelief we were actually doing this. This was almost all to surreal, but feeling the sweet breath of my WAM lover Piper as I held her, lured me into the reality zone. God she looked so fuckin’ cute with her cool whip besmirched mug.

“You better pie me again, buddy!” Piper said as she held my erect penis and inserted just the tip into her just for a moment. A sneak preview for later. The tease! A grasshopper pie (she got it in the face instead of me here) was instantly annihilated into her face and breasts. I had to remove the crust from her eyes so she can see me to return the favor. Piper took some of the sticky green cream and rubbed it into my penis. I arched my back while she licked it clean.

“My turn!” I said with urgency. Piper lead me to the table and pick out a fluffy pie. I stood waiting for delivery. She slowly brought the pie towards my face. I don’t flinch. We both know I want it. Piper, always full of surprises decked herself in the face! Chiffon splattered on my chest and all over her front. Her features are enveloped in crust and filling. I can’t even locate her jaw and cheekbones. I can tell she’s laughing because I see the underneath of her the quivering. “You look fattening but delicious!” I said to her. Piper’s vision is cleared just in time to see me pie myself in front of her. I can’t see but I don’t care. I’m holding my girl and we’re kissing with all the passion enough to start the Chicago fire. Crust and some filling land on our feet and between our toes. Her and I are mess, but we don’t care.

“You’re a little too clean down there!” Piper informed me as she spun a raspberry pie into my crotch and up towards my chest. The feeling is cool and invigorating. I do my best impression of a messy Fred Astaire and grab her towards me and with one hand, smack a whipped cream and custard pie right on her ass! Willing to try any food at least once, Piper leaned into me and gently lifted raspberry filling from below. She hums melodiously with a MMMM.

“You know, sweetheart,” I said to Piper, “I think your face needs to get messed some more. Don’t you think?” I pick up a pie and she picks up one for me. “Let’s make this one a game,” She said, “turn around.” I do. “I’ll count three and we hit each other.” Immediately on three, we spin to each other and once again pie meets face. By now we look like living abstract art. Our faces and bodies are a collage of bright Technicolor. I work the filling that jumped from the first impact into her hair and face. Piper does the same to me. We both look at each other. Again we had to laugh at the site that’s us. We looked even funnier in the mirror Piper set up in the kitchen. The first silence we had all evening came to us. Even through her celestial pied face, I get myself lost her in lost in her sparkling green eyes. She didn’t have to say a word and I needed zero for her.

We took the remaining six pies and placed them on the floor. I gently eased into Piper, sucking her nipples and kissing her deeply. She kisses my chest and stomach. We’re both on the sticky floor, absorbing splashed filling into our bodies. Piper inserts my penis into her and begins to waltz on me. I can feel my warrior exploring her sugar walls, my muscles contracting with luxurious pleasure. It doesn’t matter if I can see Piper’s facial expressions or not. As many times we’ve been together, I can read her by body movements. She sways gracefully on me. I reach up and touch her wonderful breasts. She takes my hands and runs them up her body and down again.

I arch my back a little and reel Piper on top me. Her breasts heave against my chest, my penis deep inside of her. I can feel her holding me tight into her body. She has no intention of letting go. I don’t want her to either. We moan quietly but with the excitement of our first time. Our bodies gyrate on the floor, melting some of pie off our bodies. I can feel the dissolved residue absorbing into me. For the quick second we stop kissing, we gazed at each other. She nodded. I know. With a free hand, I reached for the pie next to me. Piper doesn’t stop rocking as I bury the pie into her face. I get splashed with cream and fruity substance. I can hear her crow MMMMM and “I love you so much.” My heart feels a pull. I’m taken. Piper’s told me she’s loved me before. She was the first to say it before I. I close my eyes and flash to when Piper told me the first time. I thought my heart was going to stop then. I think to myself, Piper must be the one. She has to be the only true love in my life. She and I are legend. I was never much for biblical mythos but Piper is the so called rib intended for me. I was confirmed especially as she decked me in the face with a peanut butter-chocolate pie. She lovingly give the tin plate a delightful twist. She knows how we both love maximum facial coverage. I wasted no time in telling her how much I loved her as well. Always did and will. Then with that we both came. Piper fell into my arms for an embrace. I hold my sticky WAM immortal close to me. Even after several pies to her face, she is angelic.

Piper whispers, “Four pies, two faces, two each, sweetie.” There was no way I was even thinking of letting a further opportunity go to waste. I smiled and kissed her I don’t have to say a thing. I just motioned her with my finger and we sat up in a circle. I wrapped my legs around her and she puts her legs around me and gives a little reassuring squeeze. I put my right hand around her waist and with my left hand I reached for the second to last pie and level it into Piper’s sweet face. This one is chocolate-marshmallow caramel. As I swirled the calorie hazardous desert, filling cascaded on to her front. I massaged the cream on her, from her crotch to her breasts. Let me tell you, South is good.

“You can’t leave without desert now.” Piper playfully sang as she held my face into a key lime pie. She moved my head back and forth inside the tin plate. As I raised my head, I hear her giggle. I released my vision for it’s cracker barrier. I laugh with her. Especially after some of what Piper put in my face ended up in hers. “One more each,” I said. “this is the end of the line, babylove.” both Piper and I feel a little bummed. If we had the cash flow, we would of loved to take at least another twenty in the face each. Of course that’s ridiculous thinking and not a financially sound move.

The burning question of the evening came on us. How should we pie each other with this final pie? What could we do? I thought about it. Piper stood behind me and stroked her hand down from my penis and up towards my stomach. She kissed me and let my face receive the final pie for the evening. Piper empties a can of whipping cream in my face and body. “I love you with my all my heart but you think too much.” “Oh really,” I retort, pretending to be insulted, “I think just for that, your face has an appointment with mister pie.” She walked toward me with anxious pleasure. I took Piper by the waist. She held up a finger to my lips. “Wait a second.” I watched her naked, treat battered body skip off to her refrigerator. Still sexy and cute, she walked towards me with two cans of whipping cream. Piper clinched her toes into mine. “First I want you to empty those cans in my face and body. Then you can pie me.”

Who was I to argue? Piper raised her arms and twirled as I completely sprayed her from head to toe. I made sure to cover her breasts first. I had perfect accuracy. Nothing was wasting of misfires. The contents of both cans was on Piper. A lot of the white mist buried her already several times pied face. Afterwards her face got introduced to the final pie. It was colorful one too, enveloping over her white, milky features. Temporary blinded, Piper almost tripped on me. I catch her. Finally being able to see again, she and I stare at our handiwork. Here I am painted in whipping cream and pies, looking an absolute crazy mess. Piper worse off with twice as much whipped cream and pies on her face and body. It didn’t take long before her and I were making sweet love again on the floor. And I do mean sweet.

After our episode was over. We scanned the reality of clean up. This was going to be a bitch. Neither one of us said it, but we knew. Anyway, it took a good few hours to return her kitchen to normalcy. We did not clean up much and stayed naked. It made things more fun that way. Besides, Piper and I, still very aroused by our pie incident, stopped to make love a couple of times. If you want details, just reference the earlier descriptions and use your illusion.

Now for us to get clean. We had already gathered up the crust and excessive filling off our bodies and tossed it in a plastic bag. We didn’t want to make an even bigger mess than we already made in her place. I walked towards the bathroom where our evening with pies would officially conclude. We’ve taken many together before, but this one seemed special. We stepped inside and began to kiss, not stopping at just the lips. I supported myself against the wall as Piper pleasured my love warrior. I closed my eyes and saw the two of us naked on the beach. We were making love by an indigo ocean, gentle waves christening our thrusting, gyrating bodies. Sort of a late twenty-some version of “The Blue Lagoon” but without the Hollywood doubles standing in for us.

Though Piper and I were rained on from underneath the shower nozzle, the ignited passion couldn’t be chilled by the water that erased the memories of erotic slapstick from our bodies. I saw dissolved goo race into the drain. I rubbed soap into her body, lather inviting me into a sexual game of a peek-a-boo with her breasts and love zone.

As I bathed my formerly creamy WAM mate, she soaped me up as well. Her spindly fingers rode up my body, taking extra care with my penis. I saw the Johnson growing with happy mania as the Queen Piper of the Magic Touch, caressed it. I brought her close into me, kissing her gently on the lips, my hands trekking every region of her chiseled body. Time was now. We’ve seen “Seinfeld” and we both know the effect heat has on male anatomical equipment. I drove my rocket into her galaxy and placed her against the wall. A slight mist was building from the heat. I found it romantic and invigorating, every pore on my skin was tingling. Piper’s protracted nipples tickled my chest muscles. I was sore from being at the gym yesterday, but I didn’t care. I felt her sugar walls compressing me. She squeezed me tight, not wanting to release. I had no intention of letting her from my embrace either. I ran my hand down her hair, ringing out excessive water.

It was a good several hours from the first pie induction to getting cleaned up. We were graced with the phone not having ring once. Piper and I kicked back on her bed naked, eating pizza and drinking wine. we reflected on our adventure, laughing at the images of our pied faces. We inducted each other into the spectrum of WAM. Scheduling time for us to repeat our performance was for another time. We were kind of tired to commit ourselves to designing thought now.

Piper snuggled close to me. I’m going to make another statement about how I fell into her eyes. Piper told me how she was engaged my orbs. Feeling a trite sleepy, we put the food aside. We just got clean and didn’t feel like taking another shower just yet. As we got under the covers, we kissed like this would be our last. Descending into my arms, Piper asked me if she was the girl I always hoped for. Absolutely yes. I didn’t want to ask if I was who she longed for. There was no need to. She immediately told me that I was the one. I looked into her eyes for a final time that evening. Slowly a curtain of darkness fell on me. My environment drifted into a lull of silence. I managed to get a quick image before slumber possessed me. It was the angelic Piper still in my arms. Happy and serene, she was with her immortal beloved, the man telling you this story of love among the pies. I was contented she was next to me. That’s all I needed. Moments later I joined her in the safe universe. I suppose I dreamt that evening. I couldn’t tell you what it was about though. I have a reality to live for and she’s mine for the keeping.