The Bathing Beauty, by Oliver

The Bathing Beauty (f, swimwear, an unbelievably stick concoction of mess!)


Hi, my name’s Vanessa! If your intrigued by the title of this article then your probably just as confused as I was to start with! This was perhaps the most fun assignment I’ve had for a long time and certainly the stickiest, so read on…

As you’ve probably guessed from the introduction I’m a model. I’ve being doing this now for about three years, ever since I was eighteen. Maybe if I describe myself to you then you’ll understand why. I’m about 5’8″ with long, shoulder length, curly red hair. My eyes are greeny-blue and I measure 38-26-32. As you can see I’m very fortunate in the chest department. The way things always seem to work out mean that I get a lot of lingerie and swimwear assignments. I feel very proud of my body and am not shy of stripping off for the camera. You won’t be surprised to hear that I have entered quite a few wet t-shirt and bikini contests, some of which I have won. But none of this was enough to prepare me for the outrageous situation I was about to end up in.

It all started one rainy October morning. I was just staggering out of bed when I heard the phone ringing. It was my agent calling to see of I was interested in a modeling assignment on the South Coast. This location, to say the least, is a very strange one, but I was reluctant to turn it down for fear of not being able to pay the mortgage that month. A company were making an adult video and wanted a young lady to pose for some sexy shots wearing just a tiny string bikini. I was told that I would not be required to strip any further than that, but there was a good chance I was going to get wet whilst filming. However, they failed to tell me exactly how drenched I was to become. I wasn’t too worried at the time about the fact that my bikini might get soaked, after all I had been in several wet t-shirt contests and they were great fun. So, off I set in my little red car, all the way down to the South Coast to find out more about what exactly would be required of me.

Upon arriving it wasn’t long before they had coaxed me into wriggling into a skimpy, bright pink bikini and patent black high-heels. It was at that point when I finally discovered exactly what was required of me. The producer explained that they were making a messy swimwear video. Basically it was a fetish shoot for guys who liked to see girls in bikinis get covered in custard pies and sloppy mess. I did not mind so much, but they could of told me just what I was letting myself in for! I found it quite amusing that some men would actually get turned on by looking at a girl in a bikini having mess tipped all over her. However, I was quite prepared to be on the receiving end of the goo as long as it wasn’t too cold and squishy. My set was going to consist of me standing in a small rubber pool whilst two guys poured lots of smooth gloop all over my bikini clad body. Oh well! The hourly rate was good! So that’s exactly what they did and videoed everything right down to the very last detail. I just had to writhe around a bit and pretend I was getting really turned on by it all. Just for all of you ‘dripping bikini’ fans here’s a pretty graphic account of what I can remember about the occasion.

The part of the video I was to be cast into was called “Bikini Gunge Fantasy”. Mind you, it wasn’t just my bikini that disappeared beneath the runny slop, my hair, face, shoes etc. You name it – it got ‘Gunged’. Once the camera crew decided that the lighting looked just right something resembling a children’s paddling pool was placed exactly where the action was to be shot. If you’ll pardon the expression a couple of ‘dry’ runs were shot with me standing in the pool, shoes and all, so that they could practice me modeling my rather tight, pink bikini. Once both make-up and the crew had decided I looked ‘sexy’ enough to start filming, the systematic destruction of my bikini clad body was to begin.

The first thing they wanted to do was coat me in cooking oil. As the music began to play I was asked to start dancing as provocatively as possible. So as I began to wiggle and rub my hands over my thighs two eager looking guys began to tip a bottle each of what smelt like sunflower oil all over my bear shoulders. It wasn’t so much cold, but very slippery and the flowing lakes of oil rapidly turned my tiny pink bikini bra a dark, glossy colour. They poured the stuff everywhere, including over my hair, which I was not too pleased about, but nevertheless I tried my best to giggle as I stroked my wet and very greasy body with my palms. The reminents of the oil flowed into the pool making standing in a new pair of heels very difficult indeed. If you thought that patent leather high-heels were shiney, then try pouring oil onto them!

So there I stood, drenched in cooking oil, my bikini wet and very glossy with my now flattened, maine of red hair falling around my shoulders in gooey strands. What more could they want? But they were far from completely sludging me down. The next shot would involve another guy walking up behind me and emptying a two litre urn of warm gravy all over my head. Trying not to grimace I prepared myself for the shock. As the camera rolled the guy carefully raised the large white jug just above my head. For full effect I was asked to lean forward and place both hands on the tops of my legs, my forearms gently squeezing my firm boobs together. The guy with the urn couldn’t contain himself with the sight of my glossy, oiled cleavage and started to empty the vesel in good, thick waves over my hair and face. It was soft, warm and very slippery as it oozed it path over my nose, chin and then dribbled smoothly all over my heaving chest, submerging my bikini bra in a sea of brown sludge. The warm goo seem so inviting that I began rub both hands up and down my belly, smoothing it all in. I freely admit that the sensation of being totally smothered in gravy was rather lovely.

I bet myself earlier on that at some point whipped cream would feature and I was far from wrong. Having only just wiped the gravy from my eyes they wanted to completely ‘cream’ me from head to foot. When I was a little girl I so desperately wanted to be a ballet dancer, who’d of thought ten years later I’d be dancing in a plastic pool, covered in food! However, the idea behind the next shoot was to get me to dance so that I was twirling around in the pool. Obviously, the guys (and viewers) could get maximum coverage and a view of my poor body being smothered in that sticky canned cream. So as I began to turn around as sexily as I could two steady jets of fluffy cream were directed up and down. This smothered my torso, bikini and legs in a thick film of white splodge. This didn’t do a lot for me until it started to melt, leaving trails of milky liquid trickling onto my high heels. So much for whipped cream! This was until one of the guys produced a litre carton of double cream, the stuff you can pour into coffee. He raised the tub just above my tummy and working from left to right began to slop the thick white mess all over my bikini bottoms. Once finished the clingy, lycra pants were totally submerged in soft cream. This felt squelchy, cold, but strangely moist and pleasant as the white mess spilled onto the tops of my legs.

The crew were very insistant for the next cut that my gravy covered face be wiped clean and the make-up girl apply fresh mascara and lipstick. In passing the make-up girl asked me just how I managed to bear what they were don’t to me, thinking about it neither do I! The reason they wanted my face clear was for pies. Not just shaving cream on a paper plate though, very sticky deserts and cakes. What they had in mind was a ten inch lemon merangue in the face, a cheesecake on each boob and then a chocolate gateaux smeared across my bottom. Biting my lip I took a huge deep breath and grimaced. It wasn’t long before the pie connected with my poor face. The feeling was indescribable, a kind of cool, almost suffocating sensation that left me gasping and flapping my arms in disgust. Lemon curd was everywhere, most of it dropping in great lumps onto my chest. I was just rubbing the curd and merangue from my eyes when I felt a rich, sticky mess cup my left boob. It was the cheesecake! Seconds later I felt the second pudding smear its way over my sodden bikini bra, only to find both plates then being massaged gently over my bust so as to evenly work in the stodgy mixure. By this time I had given up caring what they did to me. Submissively I bent over, pointed my bottom toward the camera in anticipation of the gateaux. With a soft, crumbly splat the rich chocolate sauce covered cake met with the firm resistance of my backside. The brief bikini bottoms were pulled up fairly snuggly, which left a lot of buttock to get covered in chocolate cream. However, the tiny triangle of pink lycra rapidly dissapering up the crack of my bottom got its fair share of stodgy sauce smeared down it. What a way to ruin a bikini!

At this point in time was was in two minds. One half of me wanted laugh out loud at the ridiculous situation I was in and the other was in complete disgust of the sticky mess smeared over my half naked body. However, I thought it best that I remained smiling sweetly at the camera. After all, at this hourly rate who was I to complain? Unfortunately, if I’d of known what they wanted me to do next then maybe things would have been a little different. One of the guys was staggering over to the pool carrying a green, plastic washing up bowl. From the way it wobbled from side to side I could just tell that there was something nasty lurking inside. More to the point, it was going end up plastered over me! As the bowl was set down next to me in the pool it all became clear. The large plastic vesel was full to the brim with chocolate syrup, the runny kind you’d normally squirt over ice-cream! I could not believe my ears when they told me what I had to do. The idea was that I was going to have to submerge my poor bikini bottoms in it by sitting down in the bowl. As the camera zoomed in on me I smiled a cheeky grin and dropped to my knees in the pool. With a deep breath I began to lower my backside into the thick, brown mess. God, it was cold! The huge vat of gloop was so rich I had to push my bottom very firmly into it, wiggling slightly, before it finally gave way with a strange sucking noise. As I pushed my buttocks slowly under two waves of chocolately muck started to spill from either side of the bowl. I just couldn’t believe what I was doing and started to break out in a fit of giggles, which the crew absolutely loved. Finally I hit the bottom of the bowl, causing the deep sludge to pour over the top of my thighs, engulfing the front of my bikini bottoms too. The tight, lycra pants were right under, just what they wanted to see, so just for the hell of it I grabbed two great handfuls of squidge and streched my long, glossy legs out straight. The two guys looked like they were going to explode as I sensually began rubbing the sauce onto the tops of my legs. What I didn’t see was one of the crew sneaking up behind me. I was busy showing off my long, gunged legs to the camera and completely off my guard. The next thing I felt was the complete horror of something cold and gooey touching my shoulders and back. Yelping with surprise I looked down only to find a similar liquid to that I was sitting in being poured carfully over my shoulders and back. However, this smelt lovely and sweet, just like caramel. I asked the guy pouring the tub if I could taste a little of the sauce. Big mistake! He moved round to the front of me as I provocatively closed my eyes and licked my lips. Splat! He tipped a hugh blob of the goo all over my face and continued pouring. My face and the rest of my bikini clad body were totally submerged in sugary slop. Now completely smothered in really heavy ooze, I never felt so eager to jump into a hot shower and get cleaned up.

One advantaged about being a model is that you, for the best part, are treated with kid gloves. Studios and Agents usually bend over backwards to ensure your welfare, however, today seemed just like a hazy blur of glaring lights and freezing gunge. To calm my nerves and sooth my tired body I headed for the shower in order to get ready for lunch. Two bars of soap later I emerged from the cubical all clean and fresh, ready for the next onslaught of cold, replusive mess to get tipped over me. Still in my dripping, pink (yes, the chocolate and toffee did wash off!) bikini I wraped myself in a fluffy towel and headed back to the studio floor for a buffet lunch. Strangely I did not feel all that hungry as we dicussed the plans for the afternoon and although they complimented me on my performance, I could tell that getting my skimpy bikini smothered in slime was high on the agenda. Drying my body and long, red hair as best I could I tried to image exactly what they were going to ask me to do next. The thought made me shivver with anticipation!

The first bikini splattering of the afternoon did sound like fun. A deep pool has been erected on the studio floor, probably about 6ft square. Inside the pool was gallons and gallons of jelly. All they wanted me to do was jump in and frolic around in the stuff. Simple I thought, but not so! Next to the pool they had placed a minature diving board that was about four feet away from the jelly. I clambered aboard and posed for the camera rolling and stretching my body on the board whilst they line up the shot. The camera man found my clinging, wet bikini facinating! Next it was off with my shoes, but unfortunately for me my feet were still a little oily from the first gunging. I let out a high-pitched shriek as I stumbled over backwards, landing flat on my back, right in the centre of the wobbly red mess! I was not amused, but the crew found it hilarous and they had it all on video! I disappeared into the jelly for a second as I turned just as red! Take two found me having to be rinsed down again so that I looked like this was a totally virgin jump. This time I flaunted my body infront of the camera for a minute or so and then gracefully plummeted into the mire below. Maybe I will make a Balerina after all! The soft ocean of jelly was wet more then anything else and left my skin all slippery, soaking and shiney. I spent ages wriggling, writhing and general getting myself really plastered in the stuff. The feeling of having all of that gelatinous mess rubbed all over was a cold, but pleasing sensation.

I was just standing in front of the camera, showing the world my cold, stiff nipples through the wet jelly covered bikini bra when I was confronted by a guy carrying a large plastic bucket full to the brim with steaming porridge. Half expecting to have my body thickly coated in the warm sludge, I closed my eyes and placed my hands in matted, slimey hair and posed, waiting for the warm mess to start flowing all over my vunerable boobs. However, he seemed more interested in retrieving my shoes for me. Yes, you’ve guessed it! He wanted to film me steping into the bucket of sloppy oatmeal in my high heels! I hastily slipped my dainty feet into the now wet, shiney shoes and prepared to treat the crew. I love to tease, when I can, so I made a point of prolonging the agony for as much time as possible. They were dying for my shoes and legs to go under, but I had other plans. I let my long, curly hair fall around my face and peered up at the camera as sexy as I could. With one finger gently touching my lower lip I smiled cheekily, gently dipping the toe of my right shoe under the soft porridge. I know! I’m a terrible tease, aren’t I! I could tell it was all getting a little to much for the crew so I bit the bullet and firmly pressed my right foot down into the contents of the bucket. The oaty slop spilled out of the sides as my shapely leg dissapered under the porridge, almost up to my knee. I repeated the performance with my other leg and stood looking coy and cute as I wriggled around just to make sure my shoes were in a total mess. I can only describe the contents of the vesel as very soft and warm! Just to satisfy their thirst for messy clothing they ask me to step from the bucket and parade my mucky shoes by walking around in them. This I did as the white, lumpy trail of goo spilt from them into the studio floor. You would not believe how squidgy porridge feels between your toes, when its all inside your shoes! I got to about my third lap of the jelly pool when the enevitable happen. Obviously a five gallon bucket of porridge is too good to waste and it wasn’t long before my large boobs met the same fate as my high heeled shoes! Once again my poor bikini was submerged in the thick film of gooey, smooth sludge. Poor little me!

As warm and dreamy as fresh porridge is rolling down your half-naked body, there comes a time when it starts to cool off and dry up. The crew had the perfect solution to this, amazingly wasteful, but nevertheless very wet. Two of the guys approached me carrying large 3 litre plastic bottles of fresh, full-fat milk. The screw-on caps were duly removed and I closed my eyes as the cool milk ‘glugged’ it way from the bottles. This did an excellent job washing the sticky oatmeal from my body, but left me white, wet and very shiney! This rinsing off now left my gloop splattered bikini open to some really serious thick mess and me standing, heel deep, in a slushy puddle of goo.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve always be cursed with boyfriends that seem to have an unhealthy obsession with car repairs. On second thoughts, you probably don’t because you’re male! Silly me! Well, you know that rich, solid green soapy stuff they always wash their oily hands in?! (I just can’t quite remember its name). You can guess what I’m going to say next, can’t you! With the help of a porter’s trolley the most enormous plastic bucket of this stuff was wheeled into the studio, and the lid removed. I was then asked to perch myself on a bar stool. Two of the crew then set about the task of trying to decide how best they were going to smooth the stodgy, green ooze all over me. It was too thick to pour so they did the most amazing thing. Lifting the plastic tub above my head they teased me by holding it about an inch away from my scalp. I was very surprised that it didn’t start to seep over my hair, but hung procariously in its up-side-down container. Without warning the two guys slowly started to push the bucket down over my head as I took a sharp breath of air. To describe having your whole head submerging in liquid soap defies belief, I must of had about 3 or 4 inches of the stuff completely smothering my face and hair. Wiping the soft mush from my eyes and mouth I gasped with horror as the crew proceeded to massage the rest of the green slop thickly over my chest, tummy and legs. It was everywhere! in my ears, up my nose, inside my bikini. Especially the pants, which felt very strange between my legs, being all coated in thick green slime. Again, in the true tradition of ‘gunging’ a girl both shoes were removed, filled with soap and then wriggled back on to my feet. I could not believe how heavy it all was, but relished the fact that it felt lovely and smooth against my skin. As a finale they got me to stand in the rubber pool and start dancing as they hosed me down with warm water. You can probably imagine what kind of a foamy mess I turned into with all of that creamy soap plastered over me.

Because gunging me was taking a long time to video and get the shots just right, it was felt that it would be a shame to spoil the action by hurrying it along. Therefore the decision was made to put me up in a local hotel for the night, all expenses paid of course. You should have heard the offers I got when the crew found out I would be staying for the night! I know I sound boring, but I was just too tired to be any fun. Modelling is so stressful at the best of times, so all I was fit for was a nice hot bath and bed!

Day two saw a surprising change of outfit. The skimpy, shiney pink string bikini that I had been glooped in was discarded in favour of a very low-cut, stretchy, lycra swimsuit. A very daring costume, even by my standards, in a delicious canary yellow. As I wriggled my body into this ‘second skin’ it felt wonderfully tight, leaving the outline of my weighty boobs clearly defined. To top this off I was also supplied with a matching pair of yellow high heeled shoes. Cute huh! In the best of ‘swimsuit gunging’ traditions I just had to have the full wet-look coating of goo before any further mess could begin. To do this they decided it would be a nice idea to smother my body in sticky raw egg. About 12 dozen, grade 0 ones were cracked into two large water jugs and liberally stired. As you can imagine the runny yoke mixed smoothly with the gloopy white made the most unbelievably sloppy mess which the guys were itching to pour all over me. As I posed seductively for the camera the two crew members began the unenviable task of tipping the raw egg all over me. First they started with my shiney, red hair, much to my displeasure (it takes me hours to dry it!). As the mess began to trickle its way over my flowing locks I ran my fingers through it. I have never felt such slippery goo in my life! However, not just content with coating my head in the glossy liquid, attention turned (surprise, surprise!) to my heaving, swimsuit clad bust. Squidgy egg was poured thickly over my cleavage and boobs, leaving the flimsy costume ridiculously wet and clingy. The feeling of the smooth mixture oozing down the skin-tight lycra felt rather sensual and, without realising it, my nipples were beginning to stiffen. Just image what they looked pushing thru my soaking outfit, the crew seemed to notice anyway!

After being fully ‘egged’ all over you can probably image how I looked. I was soaked to the skin and glistening brightly, especially my swimsuit, which felt a bit wet and clammy now, but I didn’t mind too much. Now that I was a looking suitably wet and sexy the crew began to prepare for the first of the sticky sludgings that I was about to receive. The first of the messy sets they were going to tape looked particularily gooey. It was to be called “Girl In The Cake”, but instead of me bursting from it I was going to be jumping into it! The cake basically consisted of a huge polystyrene tub filled with custard, semolina and rice pudding, all nicely decorated with whipped cream and coloured icing. I had to climb up a few steps next to the cake and on the count of three throw myself in. This was a little frightening for me as I was not quite sure just what was going to happen, although I had a pretty good idea! As I stood on the makeshift diving board waiting for the word to jump in I did feel a little vulnerable. I wasn’t quite sure if they were going to be nice enough to warm the gunge up for me. I wasn’t dissapointed! At the count of three I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and lept for all my might. It seemed as if I was suspended in mid-air for ages, until I finally felt the very sloppy, deep, warm goo starting to engulf my legs. “Yes!” I cheered to myself “It’s warm! It’s warm!”. I finally came to rest as my feet touched the bottom of the cake. I was still disbelieving of how the gallons of splodge actually broke my fall, but I certaily did feel safe. Finally I opened my eyes and looked down. I was emerced, right up to my boobs, in a gloriously warm white and yellow, creamy liquid. What a delightful mess, it was gorgeous and I just couldn’t resist sinking myself right under to my neck and then pulling out. My brief little swimsuit, as you can imagine, was completely smeared in the thick ooze and the crew were loving it. For them it was totally ‘Mission Accomplished’. They had wanted to see a young lady having mess plasted all over her tight costume and I think this had exceeded their wildest dreams! Just to make thing a little more exciting I started to grabbed large handfuls of the creamy pudding and rub it sensuosly (I use that term a lot!) over my arms, boobs and through my hair. Unless you have ever been sunk deep into warm desert you’ll probably never understand how smooth and lovely it feels against you skin.

After my little pudding romp it was time to pull myself from the cake and get my swimsuit hosed off. Again, the crew took great delight in standing me in that little rubber pool and rinsing away the gallons of sticky pudding. As I let the torrant of water soothe away the splodge plastered all over me I couldn’t help noticing the facination the crew had with soaking my shoes. The little pair or yellow high-heels did look rather shiney soaked with warm water, but I couldn’t really see the turn-on. Oh well, maybe that’s just me! Soon, I emerged from the ‘wash pit’, as they called it, all gleaming and wet. My long hair was all slicked back and my drenched swimsuit hugging every curve of my body. By the way, if you’re masterbating over the thought of me soaked with water then stop it! Not that I mind, I do feel very flattered you find me attractive, please don’t get me wrong. It’s just the fact that you’ll spoil the story if you miss the next unbelievable ‘sliming’ me and my poor costume are about to endure!

If I asked you what you’d most like to splatter all over my body, what would you say? Custard? Chocolate? Even Cream perhaps? These guys had very different ideas. They wanted to do something very extravagant with tomatoes! Now, I’ve always hated the things so, as you can imagine, I wasn’t to endeering of the idea. Basically what they wanted to do to me was sludge my swimsuit clad body down with everything tomatoey they could lay their hands on. Baked beans, soup, spaghetti hoops and ripe red tomatoes were all destined for a thick, even squashing all over me. Again for full effect yet another large rubber pool was placed in front of the camera. This time the 8ft in diameter tub was completely jam packed with ripe fruits, just waiting to be splattered under my weight. How disgusting! Climbing into the pool, swimsuit and shoes inclusive, took a lot of will power. However, after a great deal of persuasion I took my first tentative steps into the squishy bath. Putting my dainty, yellow high-heel clad foot in first caused 5 or 6 ripe tomatoes into burst and a horrible sloppy, red liquid, full of pips to squelch its way over the pretty shoes. It was no good holding back they just wanted my body writhing around in thick tomato pulp and after a great deal of lip biting I evetually plucked up the courage to sit down in the pool. As I did I could feel the sickly fruits splitting and pushing their gooey wet contents all over my bottom. I finally gave in and bent over to show the camera the benfit of the sloppy red mess plastered all over my lycra clad buttocks and then falling onto my tummy for some real mess making. The more I writhed around the more runny mess got plasted over my body. Despite my hatred for tomatoes, I endeavoured to put on as erotic a show for them as possible. I wriggled, writhed and slithered for ages in the mess, making sure that my hair, swimsuit and heels were well smeared in pulpy, red slop. As I knelt down, provocatively showing off my mush covered body to the camera, the rest of the tomato related gunge was liberally applied for maximum effect. So there I was, hands on hips and sexily pouting at the camera, my long curly hair matted to my checks with red splodge. Could I possibily get any messier? This was the point when one of the crew members decided it would be a great idea to completely deluge what could be seen of my skimpy swimsuit in thick ‘Cream Of Tomato’ soup. I almost passed out as he began to pour the oozey, orange mess, straight from the tin, initially over my shoulder straps and then down onto my cleavage. However, they weren’t content with just cans of soup, despite the slimey mess they were making of my swimsuit. As predicted their favourite 5 gallon bucket was filled to the brim with the smooth orange liquid. As they tilted the heavy vessel just above my head I closed my eyes and grimaced, waiting for the soft goo to thickly coat my shivering body. Suddenly I felt the deluge beginning to run over my head in sloppy waves, until I was submerged in a cold film of mushy sludge. I was so unrecognisable you couldn’t even have told what colour hair I have or what I was wearing. What a mess!

Unfortunately for me it was decided that I still hadn’t been punished enough in my slippery, saucy bath. They had one more gooey act to perform and it was very messy indeed. I was told that in order to finish off filming of sticky ‘tomato’ romp I was going to have my swimsuit filled with baked beans. Now its bad enough having them tipped over you, let alone having great bucket loads crammed inside such a tight fitting costume. Needless to say, however, I did let them have their way and, believe me, it’s one of the strangest sensations I’ve ever felt. The bucket was once again reloaded to the brim with beans. One guy carefully aimed the bucket just above my cleavage and asked me if I would pull the wet, stretchy lycra away from my boobs. With a sticky sucking noise I managed to prise the sodden swimsuit open, leaving a gaping hole in which to pour the sloppy beans down. I just tilted back my head and shut my eyes tight as the eager chap slowely poured the thick, lumpy stodge all inside my costume, until it could hold no more. The tomatoey mess then started to spill from every direction, most onto the tops of my legs. The feeling of this was absolutely weird and my swimsuit bulged comically with the weight of the mucky sauce. The same ritual dunking of my outfit was performed down my back as the low-cut area of swimsuit aroung my bottom was treated to an equally large helping of soft beans. To help proceedings I took great delight in squidging the stuff all over by trying to rub the material flat against my skin. As you can guess my high-heel shoes were also crammed with beans and squashed onto my dainty little feet as even more of the stuff was tipped to liberally coat my legs with mush.

I suppose, all along, that most of the action had been centred around totally smothering me in sticky food. I would have liked the next part to have been known as ‘Synthetic and Natural’, but I’m afraid the rather uncultured crew insisted on ‘Shaving Cream and Mud Delight’. Oh well, it had the desired effect anyway! For this section of the video they wanted to see me in slightly different atire to the usual bikini or swimsuit, but I’m sure if you like this kind of thing you will be as equally delighted. Now steady yourself! Are you ready? They wanted me to dress up in aerobic gear! Yes that’s right! I was about to be totally sludged in a leotard! To be a bit more specific I was given a lovely, skimpy, bright pink number and equally skintight, white cycling shorts. So after hosing all of the tomatoey gunge off my body, I stripped out of the swimsuit and into the dry, sporty outfit. To look the part I tied my long, red hair back into a pony-tail and asked the make up lady to pretty up my face for the next shot. Being the concerned type she asked my exactly what they were going to smother me in this time. When I quite calmly replied ‘shaving cream and mud’ she looked so disgusted. Mind you I can’t say I blaim her either!

So, what kind of excuse would they come up with this time? What plausable scene could they invent that would lead a young lady in a leotard to get plastered in foam and mud? But seeing me wearing the clingy keep-fit wear was just a little too much for them. As I lay on an exercise mat on the floor, I tried my best to go through some good routines that would really show off my big boobs wriggling around inside the leotard. I am sorry to say at that point the crew lost it, and with the camera still rolling, all four picked up a can in each hand and began to squirt. It smelt lovely and soapy as all eight streamers of the stuff began to rain down on me. Unfortunately, as the mat and myself became progressively smothered in shaving cream the more slippery I was starting to find it. Shaving cream is lovely and soft, so I had no hestitation rolling around on the mat as can after can was added to the creamy mound of mess building up. Of course my shiney lycra leotard and shorts were getting nicely ‘creamed’ as I writhed around as sexily as I could. The object of the video was to show off skimpy outfits getting really soaking wet and thickly covered in sludge and mess. So it was decided that one of the crew members would be elected to come and rub me down for maximum leotard coverage in foam. The lucky chap took what seemed like a decade to smooth handful after handful of shaving cream thickly over my costume. By now I was just a complete wet and soapy mess. However, the shaving cream was so smooth and sticky I really didn’t mind. My leotard was also very clingy indeed, emphasizing every curve of my wet body as I writhed around sexily on the mat. Quite surprisingly, the next part of the shot was refreshing novel. I knew that one way or another my skin-tight outfit was going to be thickly annointed with sloppy mud, but how was anyones guess. Briefly we stopped filming whilst the crew adjusted the set. A large bench table was set out behind the foam mat, over which was draped a white, plastic table cloth. To my shock about 40 to 50 pies were wheeled in and set out neatly on the table. These certainly weren’t for eating though! They were mud pies! Yuk!

At this particular moment I was wondering just how these slightly unsavoury looking tarts were going to be administered. I certainly didn’t fancy having the crew’s wandering hands fondling me again, so I was pleased to here about the fact that a ‘special guess’ was going to help me all sludgy in the mud. It was at this point that I was introduced to ‘Natalie’. She was a bright eyed, pretty looking girl with long, almost black, hair cascading in ringlets down to her shoulders. Feeling slightly exposed and a little cold and sticky in my wet leotard I could only manage a kind of half-smile at her. Undetered she enthused about how lovely it was going to be strip off and get all sloshy in the goo with me. Obviously a professional, unlike myself! So off she wiggled in her red mini-dress and high heels to slip into something a little more skimpy. Now I guess, if you have been turned on by what I have been wearing then you might just go pop when I explain what Natalie managed to squeeze into! About 15 minutes later she reemerged from the dressing room, not as expected, in a swimsuit, but in some very sexy lingerie. I couldn’t help thinking what a waste it would be to smother the gorgeous lacey outfit in sloppy mud, but who was I to interfer? After all I was only the star of the video! Would you like to know just what Natalie was wearing? Silly question, uh! Well, where do you want me to start? She had a very tiny white lace g-string, a low-cut patterned basque/suspender belt, patterned white stockings, white high-heels and a pair or those frilly lace gloves. I felt very jealous indeed as I love to romp around in my underwear as much as possible. However, now it was back down to the sticky stuff and time to get filthy with mud.

Basically the idea was that Natalie portrayed the ‘evil’ Madam Mess, who had been praying on a poor keep-fit student, with every intention of ruining her leotard with creamy gunge. So far she had done a pretty good job by soaking me with sticky foam, but now it was almost time for my revenge. However, just before I got to smear mud all over her ligerie ‘Madam Mess’ was planing a very messy punishment indeed. Without telling me what was going on they gave Natalie a hosepipe. I had no idea what was going to be squirted from it, but the crew certainly captured the moment of surprise very well indeed. I gave a squeal of shock as the hose burst into life and Natalie grinned from ear to ear, covering me thickly with it’s contents. I didn’t know what to make of the stuff spurting in gooey waves over the front of my clinging leotard. It looked like a mixture of yellowy-green shampoo and wallpaper paste, but probably best described as gunge! As she stood there piping sloppy mess all over me a tried very hard to continue my ‘work-out’. It was so slippery I didn’t have too much luck keeping my balance, but the crew did get some really great shots of the glossy mush oozing over my lycra clad cleavage. Suddenly the flow of sludge came to an abrupt end as Natalie gasped in horror, she was now totally unarmed! Quickly and without to much thought I picked up one of the mud pies. It was so heavy! Undetered I lunged towards her and planted the cold, wet plate of slop square on her tiny lace g-string. Natalie just closed her eyes, pouted her glossy red lips and gently cooed for me to rub the mud all in. Her knickers were plastered, but she didn’t care! I couldn’t help thinking how much more professional she looked than me, or should I say how much she looked like she was enjoying it. However, before I had any more time to ponder she had already pick up two bulging pies and was thrusting them towards my chest. These splattered thickly all over my leotard clad boobs and were massaged in by her prying hands. This left my hefty bust smeared with rich clay making the sodden lycra cling to them perfectly. My nipples felt ready to burst straight through the costume.

Over the next 15 minutes we managed to smear about 50 plates of sticky mud over each other. As you can well imagine both Natalie and I were well plastered in mess. Just the shapely outline of two busty, young ladies standing there in a slippery, brown coating of smooth, wet goo remained. As Natalie was acting as ‘special’ guest they devoted a small segment of the video to her getting cleaned up from the mud pies. Quite unsurprisingly the cameras were well and truly focused on her showering the now almost see-thru basque and stockings. I felt so jealous that she was receiving end of all the attention, I was almost quite bitchy towards her. However, being the professional young lady I am I managed to restrain myself from being too unpleasant. My clean-up session was a little less glamourous and happened all off stage. Basically I made the mistake of trying to strip out of my mud-soaked leotard before hosing it off clean. It was stuck so tight to my body I thought that it had turned into a second skin!

Finally, it was announced that the crew had most of the shots they wanted and the day was just about to draw to a close. However, there was just one more thing that they were going ask me to do for them. When I heard the plan I must admit that I did breathe a sigh of relief. No more mess this time, just good old-fashioned water and warm as well! Yes, for my grand-finale I was going to be ‘Costume Dunking’ to my heart’s content! Basically, the idea for this scene involved me climbing in and out of a large pool of warm water wearing all kinds of skimpy costumes. I just couldn’t wait to get soaking wet! First off I was asked to wear just an ordinary pair white of bra and knickers. What do you mean? ‘A bit tame’! Leading down to the pool the crew had erected some steps leading down into the water so that I could slowly emerce my body right under. As I cautiously entered the pool I could sense the angst of the guys as my knickers got progressively closer to being soaked. They were going to be dissapointed for long! Within a couple of seconds I had the skimpy garments completely submerged. As I climbed from the hot tub I could hear the crew groaning with excitement as my now dripping, sodden undies came into full view. I had been provided with a lovely selection of garments to soak and if you love the look of the feminine form clad in revealing, wet, figure hugging clothes then I would imagine that you’d enjoy watching this part very much. Next I was asked to slip into a white silk camisole top with matching, skimpy panties. I don’t need to tell you what happened when these were suberged below the swirling warm waters! Needless to say the crew got some amazing ‘wet’ shots of my boobs pressing firmly against the sodden, silky top. Compared to being smothered in raw egg and porridge this was heaven! I was finding it very sexually exciting soaking my outfits, which surprised me a great deal. I love to swim and play in water, but never realised until that moment how nice wet clothes feel against your skin. Strange girl, arn’t I?!

As the scene moved on I was really getting into some nice things to soak. Everything from a black, shiney unitard to a blouse, miniskirt, shoes and tights got dunked into the pool. Dresses, underwear, uniforms, you name it – it got splashed! One interesting costume that I enjoyed soaking was a riding outfit comprising of knee length boots, jodphurs, white blouse and a short jacket. This was duly dunked, so I was right up to my neck in the water. Just imagine what skin-tight, white jodphurs look like freshly dripping from the pool and without any knickers underneath! Believe me, they were twice as skin-tight after the soaking than when they were dry! To finish up I finally agreed, after a lot of coaxing, to swim in the pool nude. I don’t usually do nude modelling, but the moment felt right for it so I was happy to oblige. It’s wonderful swimming around being completely unhinder by a bathing suit. I felt so free and uninhibited, but wouldn’t advise doing a strip like this at the local baths!

“Well, that’s that!” I thought to myself steping nude from the pool into the warmth of a fluffy bath towel. I really had to the draw the line here as the producer was suggesting that I be ‘tied and pied’ completely nude for the credits. Sometimes a girl really has to put here foot down…

I hope you enjoyed the experiences I have shared with you. It was a really gooey mess, but I suppose I would be lying to say that I didn’t think that wet and messy isn’t fun.