The Cooking Class

The Cooking Class

“This week class, we will be working from the Pastries and Desserts portion of our lessons” were the words that Ms. Brent had spoken. Now she was wondering if she would ever be allowed to say anything else in her classroom again. She has been the instructor for all of the cooking courses at the Turlington College for Women for the last six years.

Part of the problem may be that Ms. Brent was only ten years older than the students in her classes, and her 5’3″ 102 pound frame with it’s short red hair, may not get the respect necessary to get the class under control whenever things started to get a little out of hand. This time was no exception.

It’s not exactly clear how things got started. The classroom was filled with the activities of the students preparing their favorite flavors of pie fillings, and practicing the art of whipping cream into a thick heavy topping. The students while hard at work were also, as usual, joking with each other in a good natured way.

None of the comments had seemed to be too harsh in nature, but the last comment heard that was understandable was “In Your face Girl” at which point Susie had turned straight into a flying Banana Cream Pie, which landed with a distinctive PLOP. The pie tin had fallen to the floor, but most of the pie had stayed stuck, covering the beautiful round face and splattering the long black hair of the Oriental Susie. A thick ridge of the whipped cream had created a circle from her forehead to her chin.

Susie quickly cleared the Banana filling from her eyes, grabbed the Chocolate Cream Pie that she was building and headed over to Jennifer. Jennifer’s only mistake had been to have the cooking area nearest to Susie, and to be laughing too uncontrollably to keep Susie from grabbing the back of her head, smooshing the Chocolate Pie into her face and slowly twisting it to ensure it would get the fullest coverage.

All of the students could easily have been models or beauty contestants, with their firm bodies and gorgeous faces, but once the first pie had been tossed, it was every girl for herself, and none of them seemed to back away from the chanced to be fully messed up.

Jennifer was still laughing too hard to retaliate, so Lawanda came to her rescue by firing a pie at Lisa, striking her directly in her ample chest which was loosely covered by a silk blouse. The targets seemed to become the parts of the other girls bodies that they were most envious of. Cream pies started flying from everywhere towards everyone.

Heidi was struck high on her inner thigh, that she was known to barely cover with her short short leather skirts, Gina took two thick shots to her uncovered stomach, and Sally was hit on her lovely bottom. Jennifer took another three thick pies to the head while still laughing right along. Lisa and Lawanda had backed into each other while getting reinforcements and each turned to fire heavy handfuls of whipped cream into the others face.

Ms. Brent mad the foolish mistake of attempting to step in to get things under control, and got a Pie Sandwich of Butterscotch Meringue Pies for her trouble. The feeling of the pudding covering her face and hair, and the crust covering her eyes like a patch secretly excited her, but she knew that wouldn’t be a good explanation to the Dean. So she jumped to the middle of the room waving her arms, and had another wish fulfilled by being pelted with a dozen or so thick Custard Pies that totally covered every part of her.

Heidi, Sally and Gina had finished up with their own little Pie triangle, where each one hit the girl to their right with a Chocolate Mousse Cream Pie that they had each been preparing. Jennifer was still having her own fun, by taking the bowlful of whipped cream that she had made with green food coloring and dumped it onto her own head, massaging it in deeply, and styling her hair into tall green spikes.

It was all Over, and it was All over. The girls had all used up their supplies of pies and cream, and there wasn’t an uncovered face in the room. The students headed back to their dorms to get cleaned as best they could for their next class, and Ms. Brent was left worrying about how she was going to clean the room, but more excited over the prospects of tomorrow’s class, “How to prepare icing, and decorate a cake”.