The Gas Man Cometh

— by AlanWam —

Sally reached out her long arm over the edge of the bath and selected another bowl of beans from the small table at her side. Slowly she poured the contents over her already stained summer dress before letting the bowl slide lazily to her side to join the other empties. With her eyes closed she slowly massaged in the beans, enjoying the feeling as they mingled with the custard that was already there. Taking the last remaining bowl of custard she poured it ever so slowly over her short neatly groomed dark hair and, as it slowly ran down her face, her tongue briefly darted out to catch a small amount before her mouth became completely covered.

This was how Sally spent most Saturday mornings and it certainly beat traipsing round the shops. Sliding further down caused the weight of food in the bottom of the bath to push the short hem of her dress up revealing her small white knickers. Scooping up a handful of food from the bottom of the bath she slipped her hand into her knickers and started to rub herself ever so gently while the other hand slithered over her dress bringing small whimpering noises from her throat. The noise of her breathing was starting to rise when suddenly the phone rang causing Sally to freeze. After a moment the rhythmic movement of her hands continued but the phone persisted and eventually Sally, mouthing obscenities, wiped the custard from her eyes before heaving herself out of the bath and making her way to the landing to pick up the extension.

Snatching up the phone, and in an understandably gruff voice, she asked who was calling, all the while dripping food on the polished wood floor. It was the Gas Board telling her that they would be coming on Monday to service her fire.

“Well, I’m out at work all day!”, she lied, “You’ll have to come in the evening!”. She listened for a while before saying, “Right! After six then!” and slammed the now food covered handset down.

She stormed back into the bathroom, ignored the food filled bath, and stepped into the shower. As the warm water slowly rinsed off the food and soaked through her clothes Sally started to relax and eventually smiled as she thought about the poor woman who’d got all the abuse on the phone. If only she’d known what was going on at the other end.

In fact Monday was her day off and she had plans which didn’t include the Gas Board. She was off to have a facial and a hairdo before meeting a girl friend for lunch. Then it was off round the shops to find something for the following Saturday morning bath.

As she planned in her mind what to buy her hand found its way back into her soggy knickers and she finished off what had been so rudely interrupted by the phone.

Monday turned out to be an even better day than she’d planned. She had a long leisurely soak in the bath before getting dressed and driving into town. The facial and hairdo made Sally feel really good and the feeling was heightened as her make up was re-applied by a professional. She joined her friend for a long leisurely lunch and a chat which was extremely enjoyable and filled Sally with a feelgood feeling. Finally she went round the charity shops and found a dress for the following weekend. The final stop was at the Cash & Carry for some food before she eventually made her way home.

It was only just 5 when she got home but parked outside was a Gas Board van and as Sally parked her car in the drive the fitter got out.

He was young, very good looking, and dressed in smart blue overalls. He gave Sally a great big grin and said something to Sally who didn’t hear him at all as she was already getting a tingling between her legs just looking at him. He waved his hand in front of her eyes and she came back from her trance and invited him in, all thoughts of complaining about his early arrival having gone from her head.

She showed him the fire and he set to work immediately while Sally unloaded the car. She put everything on the kitchen table ready to find some space in the cupboards. She’d bought some large bottles of pouring syrup, which she’d never tried before, and she’d got a couple of trays of custard which would be enough for the next few weeks. The only other food she’d bought was a large strawberry and cream gateau which she planned to enjoy later that evening.

Suddenly the fitter popped his head round the door, “I’m finished now so I’ll be off.”

Not wanting him to go Sally thought quickly and then said, “Would you like a coffee?”

“Thanks very much, I’d love one. You’re my last job for today so I’ve got some time. I’ll just put my things in the van.”

Sally only had time to put the kettle on and put two mugs on the table before he returned. “Sit down” she said indicating the chair at the table. “Would you like milk and sugar?”

“No sugar, thanks.”

Sally took another look at him as she tried to think of something to say. He had removed his overalls and was now dressed in a pair of tight faded blue denims, a white t-shirt and a pair of white trainers. His tanned arms showed some signs of weight training but Sally found it hard to take her eyes off the good looking bulge in the front of his jeans.

The kettle clicking off brought her back to reality and she poured the water into the two mugs before adding some milk and giving it a stir. “My name is Sally”, she said offering her manicured hand.

He took her hand and, much to her surprise, he kissed it theatrically, “Mine’s Geoff, pleased to meet you Sally.”

“He’s gorgeous,” thought Sally, how was she to keep him?

“I can’t stop too long, I’ve got to get some food” said Geoff but his eyes were definitely looking Sally up and down, at least that what she hoped.

“Would you like some cake?” said Sally pointing to her newly bought gateau. “Anything to keep him here,” thought Sally.

“Just a small piece then”, said Geoff drinking some coffee, “then I must be off.”

As Sally cut a slice she had a deliciously wicked thought about how to keep him from going. She put the slice on a plate and carried it over to him. Then, with a great piece of acting, she tripped and contrived to let the gateau slip into Geoff’s lap. It couldn’t have landed in a better place as, when she looked, the was a large lump of cream and strawberry sauce right on top of the bulge in his jeans.

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry” blustered Sally, secretly proud of her brilliant ploy. To her surprise Geoff didn’t move but only smiled and said, “You better wipe it off then!”

Taking a cloth Sally started to rub the cream making sure it got well rubbed in and to her delight she felt a stirring beneath her hand.

“When you’ve finished rubbing all that cream in I think it must be my turn.” Sally couldn’t believe what she’d heard but she wasn’t going to say no. She gave some thought to her new hairdo, her cream silk blouse, her long black chiffon skirt and underskirt, her silk camisole and knickers, her sheer black stockings and her matching black suede shoes. She thought how expensive they all were and she thought that their sacrifice couldn’t be more worthy. “I don’t know what you mean?” she replied coyly hoping she knew exactly what he meant! “Oh I think you do!” he said and pushed her back until she was almost lying on the table. With one hand he lifted up her skirt and underskirt exposing her tiny knickers while, with the other, he scooped up a handful of cream and strawberries from the gateau and slapped them onto the front of her crutch. Sally gasped but said nothing. Her heart was beating at twice its normal pace and her throat was dry, unlike her pussy!

“And some topping” said Geoff before ripping open a carton of custard and squirting it between her legs.

Sally lay back and luxuriated in the feeling as the custard ran round to her bottom. After a few moments she sat up and slid off the table feeling the custard run down the inside of her thighs and drip onto her shoes. “Now it’s my turn” and she picked up a custard carton which Geoff was only too willing to tear open. She poured it inside his t-shirt and watched as it formed a yellow belt around his waist, stopped by the tight waistband of his jeans. When the carton was empty she pulled out the waistband and he squirmed as the custard flowed through his jeans.

“Hands behind your back” commanded Geoff and Sally obeyed meekly. He unscrewed the top of a bottle of syrup and poured it slowly over the front of her blouse moving the bottle from side to side making sure she was well covered. They both watched as the syrup moulded her clothes to her body and the outline of her breasts and hardened nipples appeared.

When the syrup had finished dripping Sally undid the button of Geoff’s jeans and slid the zip down before taking another bottle of syrup and, as Geoff obediently held out his white boxer shorts, Sally poured the whole bottle in over a rather large erect prick. She had to stop occasionally as the syrup was slow to run down the legs of his tight jeans but eventually it was all gone and Sally couldn’t resist giving his glistening manhood a little lick before zipping him up again.

Another carton of custard was opened and this Sally directed over Geoff’s hair rubbing it well in like a shampoo before doing the same with a bottle of syrup. As his t-shirt became soaked in syrup she could resist putting her long nails into the thin material and ripping it open revealing his sun tanned chest. He just grinned at this treatment so Sally reached over for the kitchen scissors and removed his jeans by carefully cutting them off his body. He looked even more gorgeous standing there clad only in his bulging boxer shorts. She watched as custard and syrup dripped from his head and formed little rivers down his dark skin and over his shorts.

She didn’t resist as he pushed her back onto the table top before turning her onto her front. Two or three bottles of syrup flowed over her back until both her blouse and skirt were moulded to her like a second skin. Then she felt custard flow over her head and she looked through a wall of it as it ran off the fringe of her once immaculate hair.

He rolled her over onto her back and peeled her sticky skirt off the table before grasping the flimsy material in both hands and slowly ripping the skirt to the waistband. He repeated the move over and over again, until the skirt was in ribbons, and as he did so the sound of the material tearing made Sally feel as if she was on a permanent orgasm. The underskirt went exactly the same way before he slowly pulled the buttons off her blouse one at a time making sure he took a little material with each one.

“He’s not doing this on his own” though Sally and easily ripped her camisole open down the front revealing her ample charms. He coated these in custard which Sally rubbed in with glee while Geoff removed her knickers with one swift tug and coated her pussy in a handful of gateau.

He slid down between her legs and started to lick off the cream and within seconds Sally screamed in delight before collapsing exhausted on the table top. She lay there completely drained for some time and she assumed that she must of fallen asleep because when she finally did struggle to her feet there was no sign of Geoff. She removed the remains of her clothes before going to shower and she saw that Geoff had obviously been there before her.

When she finished her shower she went and lay down and was asleep within minutes. She dreamt of her wonderful evening and whether she’d ever see him again. One thing she was sure of was that she’d be having her fire serviced regularly from now on!

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