The Gunge Booth, by Oliver

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The Gunge Booth (Part 1) ========================

A few years ago I was given the unenviable task of getting together a charity even for local hospital. I considered all kind of crazy fund-raising ideas but none seemed that appropriate. One night I was talking to my girlfriend Jessica about the subject. She thought it would be a lot of fun to get people to sit down and have gunge poured all over them. I loved the idea as I knew to would mean that quite a few ladies would end up getting all wet and messy, a thought I really loved. Jess, at the time, was studying for a diploma in beauty and healthcare and went to a women’s college. Imagine my delight when she said that it might be possible to get a team of women together, from the college, to come and get gunged. I was starting to feel very turned-on at the thought of this.

After a great deal of preparation and persuasion on the part of the women at the college the plans were finalised. We were to setup a custom gunge booth on the hospital grounds and spend a Saturday afternoon pouring gooey liquid for all to see. I was in charge for building the gunge booth and also for mixing up lots of buckets of multicoloured slop to tip over my victims. I made very sure that all of the gunge has a wonderfully creamy texture, but was at the same time easy to pour from the bucket. Mostly I used mushy liquids like wallpaper paste and porridge, which I mixed with food colouring for fun. However, Jess certainly came up trumps when see told me that she knew someone who worked at her college refectory. They had kindly donated all sorts of sloppy food for the event and it wasn’t in short supply either. This allowed me to fill even more buckets with lots of gloop like custard, baked beans, mushy peas, semolina, instant whip, mashed potato, chocolate sauce etc. I was really starting to get quite excited about the prospect of gunging the women with all of the mess and couldn’t wait to finish assembling the booth. This this I used and old wardrobe with the top removed. Inside a placed a low wooden stool on which to seat me victim. This was quite a crude arrangement but just superb for getting the women covered in the right amount of gunge.

The weather was perfect for the charity event, warm and sunny with a cool breeze blowing. I now was completely prepared for my duties. The gunge was mixed, the booth assembled, a garden hose ready to wash the mess out of the ladies clothes and hair (half the fun!) and bucket full of pieces of paper with numbers on them. These would be used to select which women would go into the booth and in what order. I was just starting to feel a little apprehensive about when things would begin to get underway, when I could hear Jess calling for me. As she got closer I noticed that she already had five other women with her. It was some of the ladies from the college!

“Only five”, I said in a rather dissapointed voice.

“No, there’s another twenty-five on their way”, reply Jess.

I couldn’t believe it! I was going to get to gunge and then hose down thirty lovely young ladies, all dressed in nice clothes. The five already present was certain dressed for the occasion. One-in cut down jeans and tight t-shirt, another in a pretty summer dress. This really was going to get very sticky indeed! As the day progressed more and more of the women from the college began to turn up, plus a rapidly growing crowd of on-looker eager to see the victims getting a good pasting. The women from the college were probably, on average, about 20-25 years old, but some a little older. Many of them had really made a good effort to dress up for the occasion.

Finally, after a lot of frustrated waiting around for the festivities to start we eventually managed to settle down the crowd. Each of the woment had been given a small disk with a number on it to pin to their outfit, a bit like a beauty contest. What I was going to do was first draw a number from my bucket to select the victim and then draw a seperate coloured piece of paper saying which bucket would be used for the gunging. The first number I drew was “14” and bucket “F”. Who would be the first lady into the gunge booth?

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The Gunge Booth (Part 2) ===================

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. A pretty little brunette, wearing a black roll-neck jumper, short pleated, yellow tartan skirt, black tights and high heel suede shoes began to walk pensively towards me. Speaking in a very nervous voice she told me her name was Sarah. I told her not to worry and, taking her hand, helped her to climb into the booth. Sitting down she smoothed her skirt flat and sat cowering, waiting for the gunge to pour. Jess handed me bucket “F” and I peered inside. It was full to the brim with some very gooey looking purple, gunge. The black builder’s bucket was large and very heavy indeed! I climbed up the steps I had erected, next to the booth and took my position, ready to pour. Looking down on Sarah I thought to myself what a shame it would be to ruin her shiney, shoulder length hair and smart clothes, but this wasn’t going to stop me. Very carefully I began to tip of the soft lumpy mess all over her head. Sarah let out a squeal and hung her head, trying to cover her eyes with hands. As I poured the purple goo started to flow all over her lovely hair and splattered onto her shoulders. She had rather ample breasts, which I had a nice ‘birds-eye’ view of from above. Her smart roll- neck jumper wasn’t doing much to conceal them so I made sure the flow of slop slowly ran down over them, forming a large puddle of creamy gunge on her stomach and lap. She was plastered in the stuff and knew it! In a very femine way she ran her finger through her gooey locks trying to displace some of the slime from her hair. Although her roll-neck and mini-skirt had a good, thick covering in the paste, there was still large area of unscathed clothing to cover. As you can imagine a lady wearing a short skirt and tights, when sat down reveals a lot of leg! This was just where the final mass of gunge was headed. Reaching over the booth I managed to dispose of the last dollops of purple mess over her shapely legs, moving the flow of gloop from skirt to knee. I have to admit that the look of runny purple gunge oozing all over her tights and down onto her neat shoes turned me on a great deal. I climbed down the ladder and went to help Sarah out of the booth. She was laughing really hysterically at the messy situation, which made me feel good as it was nice to know she enjoyed the experience. Playfully she wiped a little handful of the sludge across my nose and cheek, so gave her a friendly kiss and led her to the hose.

I was especially looking forwarding to cleaning up Sarah with the hose as most of her outfit was fairly close fitting and black. This was going to look superb soaked with gallons of cold water. As I turned on the hose Sarah stood still, arms by her side and eyes shut just waiting for the torrent of water to hit her. First, I concentrated on her hair and face. After the initial shock of the cold water Sarah started to rinse the gunge from her hair and then twirl round so I could wash down her skirt and jumper. I thought I was going come there and then as the clingy roll-neck started to become drenched and stick to her body, especially her breasts, like a second skin. You could clearly see the outline a nice, lacy bra underneath the wet top. Moving down I began to rinse clean her little tartan skirt, which also clung to her very tightly, mainly round her pert little bottom. Cheekily I pointed the hose up her skirt, but she squealed and jokingly slapped me. Jess also gave me one of her dark stares, so I concentrated on cleaning her tights and shoes. Just the thought of her knickers getting soaked was good enough for me! Washing Sarah’s tights gave me a great amount of pleasure too. They were the kind that were shiney and semi-opaque. Jess wears these alot with skirts, but quite often she will wear them in the bath for me, which I love. Sarah’s tights this time were already quite wet from purple gunge, but I soaked them all the same, enjoying the lovely wet glistening look of them under the hose. Finally, her rather expensive looking pair of black sueue heels went under the gush of clear water, washing away the last dollops of gunge and leaving them as wet and gleaming as her tights. I gave Sarah a final wet hug and a peck on the cheek (Jess’s stare had turned to a scowl, but I didn’t care!) as she waddled off to talk to her friends about the gunging. Well done Sarah!

To be continued…

Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:00:00 +0000 Messy Gunge Game, by Jean

Hi, my name is Jean and this story is made up by I wish it did happen to me.

The other day I went round to a girls house called Sarah and to my surprise she called me up to here room and said that tonight at school she was doing this game and she needed a partner. I said yes before she told me what it was about. She later told me that it would involve getting covered in gunge and that we would be playing against a team of twin girls. I then asked her: