The Gunge Pocket, by Messmaster

This is Based On a True Story! I knocked on her door, almost unable to stop trembling from excitment. I’ve done it with plenty of whipped cream, chocolate, baby oil, and other slimy stuff. But this girl was outrageous. She said that tonight, we would get even messier than ever before.

She came to the door almost immediately and opened it wearing a tiny bikini. I stood there and stared at her body. Her smooth, tan skin wrapped tightly around her perfect body. The way her waist met her hips would put the “C” on “Curve.” Without a word, she grabbed my arm and pulled me in. She pulled me to the bedroom and immediately started kissing me all over. I tried to kiss her back, but she started going lower toward my neck. She started unbuttoning my shirt as she kissed even lower. As her head went down, I could see past her to the bed, or at least that’s what it used to be.

I could see by the candle light that she had outlined the edge of the bed in pillows or something, making an indentation in the middle, then covered the entire bed in a plastic sheet. It was a pit. Then I noticed that all around the room were big jars and containers. I looked at them more closely and saw a few labels: “Custard.” “Straberry Jam.” “Baby Oil.” It was a gunge pit. There were towels lining the floor around the bed.

My heart started beating even faster as I finally realized the extent of what I was really getting into. She came back up, looked me in my eyes, and I realized that my pants were now at my ankles. I kissed her sensuously as my hands, behind her, untied her bikini top. We kissed and undressed each other passionately as we moved closer to the bed.

When we got to the bed, we were both completely naked and this is when the fun started. She picked up a huge container of jello. I wondered whether she would put it on me or on her, but she fooled me. She poured the chopped jello into the hole on the bed–then ordered me to get on it! So I did. I could feel hundreds of cool, wobbly pieces tickling my legs and butt. By the time I laid down, she had already gotten a huge store-bought can of rice pudding from the other side of the room. She poured it all over me slowly from the neck down. It must have been two gallons–thank god it wasn’t refrigerated! I was concerned that she might not want to get it on my, well, you know… But she didn’t seem to care. She covered me from neck to toe.

Then she went across the room again and this time brought back a pre-opened can of baked beans. Yuck! I was praying that she would get in the pit with me, but she set it beside the bed on the nightstand and reached into the large can with both hands. She didn’t just put this on me; She held fistfulls of it over me and squeezed it through her fingers so that it would be extra slimy. I could hear the sludge as it fell onto me. She smeared and massaged this all over my body. I could hear the slushing sound all this mess made as her soft, messy hands glided over me.

She continued on, going through a half-gallon of heavy whipping cream, a bottle of baby oil, and a jar of jelly. Not a drop of it was on her except on her hands and I was starting to worry that she would play a practical joke on me and leave. But she didn’t. Now she had used all of the stuff from around the room and I was laying there in a huge puddle of slime, contained within the walls made by the pillows and plastic. But the fun was just about to start. There was more stuff right next to the bed.

So she got in, straddling me. I could feel her smooth thighs sliding next to mine. I was rising very quickly, feeling it next to its final destination, separated only by a thin layer of slime. It was all so slimy down there that it almost went in every time she moved a little. She reached for a can of whipped cream, gave it to me, and told me to squirt the entire thing on her chest, and so I did. She took my hands and made me massage it slowly over her breasts and stomach, not missing an inch. She took my hands and glided them over her thighs, too.

Next, she got a big bowl of, well, it looked like porridge or oatmeal or something. It was disgusting, but I loved it! She set the bowl down in our pit and dipped her hands in it and smeared huge wads of it over her entire body and hair, then put the remainder all over me, covering all but my eyes. Then she grabbed two containers of heavy syrup and told me to hold them. She then laid down on top of me, squirming and humping, making sure that as much of her slimy, naked body slid around, in contact with, as possible. Now I could really hear the slurping sound our two messy bodies made and it was really turning me on.

She said, “You know what to do with that syrup, boy.” So I poured them both over her back, butt, and thighs, and head. It took a while for the thick syrup to all come out. I threw the containers on the floor and massaged the syrup all over the back of her as she was still squirming. I hugged her tightly, pressing her slimy body next to mine. I could feel her hard nipples sliding around my chest. She whimpered more and more. She was getting turned on, I could tell.

Then she sat up again and reached for one more bowl -! It was huge! I looked in it and it was what looked like dozens of raw eggs, all mixed up. Shen she slowly poured it over her head, cautious to save some for mine. This was the gooeyest, nastiest substance I have ever felt. Both covered from head to toe in this half-foot-deep river of gunge, we squirmed and smeared the stuff all over each other, mixing it into a brown, smoothly-textured mess, loving every minute. Then she surprized me. She reached over to the side of the bed to a spot I hadn’t checked and pulled out another piece of plastic. I wondered what the hell she would do with that! She laid down on me and mamaged to pull it over us like a bedspread. I thought this was weird and didn’t know why she was doing it. All I wanted to do is have sex. She tucked both ends of the plastic sheet underneath me. It’s like we were in a “gungepocket,” surrounded from all sides with slime and each other. I was liking it more and more. She was still squirming around. Then I felt myself slide inside her. She didn’t seem to care if some got inside her because she was gliding back and forth over me, up and down, making sure to keep her body flush on mine so we could feel the gunge between us. With each and every movement, I could feel the slime squishing through every crevice–our toes, fingers, between and around our bodies–everywhere!

This lasted for about an hour because I couldn’t contain myself. I had to cum. She had already done it several times. It was the most exhaustive experience I had ever had. We laid there, hugging each other tightly, still in our gungepocket. We fell asleep and slept a loooong time. When we woke up, the slime had not dried up since we were all covered up with the plastic “sheet.” So, you know what? We did it again. No lie. It’s based on true story!