The Quiz Show

— by Burnett —

You are standing on stage naked. You just lost the stripping round of the game. The gorgeous girl you are competeing against laughs at you. Naked in front of an entire audience of women. They all came just to watch you be humiliated. They think you couldn’t possibly win.

The host asks the next question. This is the messy round. If you answer wrong or don’t answer you get a messy punishment. The girl next to you buzzes in and answers correctly before you can even think of anything. “Idaho,” she says with a smirk.

“Yes,” says the host,”and what is Idaho famous for?”

You can tell he’s asking you. You utter the answer just as twenty gallons of mashed potatos sloshes over you from high above. It blankets your nude body in white.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” the girl cackles.

“Yes,” says the host. And just then thirty gallons of brown gravy covers you. You wipe the goo from your eyes and the first thing you see is the girl next to you. She won the stripping round and ended up fully clothed, but for this round she is wearing a tiny black bikini that barely hides anything. You know she’ll have to mess up at least once and you can’t wait.

The next question comes. Because of the potato’s in your ears you can’t hear the question, but the answer turns out to be Pennsylvania. You know what that means: Hershy’s chocolate, this time applied from a bucket by your lovely advarsary. She pours it slowly and laughs the entire time.

“And you know Penn state is also famous for tennis balls, but they aren’t very messy so….” And with that thirty tennis players come out from back-stage with pies in their hands. Some are chocolate cream, some are bannana cream, some are blueberry, and some you can’t identify. They line up and throw everyone of them at you. Every one is a direct hit. Once again there is righetous laughter from the audience.

Now you are mad. You know you’ll get the next question and get to slop that little bitch beside you. You give her a threatening look that says, “I’m gonna get you good.” She just smiles and giggles.

The next question is hard, but she still knows the anwer. Italy. Now you get tomato sauce hurled at you out of buckets by members of the audience. You stand there naked covered in slime and slop and feeling totally humiliated.

“Next Round!,” the host shouts. The Third round. You’re naked again, but the round can’t start with you all messy. From high above in the rafters ice cold water pours over you. Gallon after Gallon. You feel like you’ll never be warm again. Then it stops. You are clean, but freezing.

Now comes the great part. They select audience members to participate (did I mention the audience is ALL WOMEN!!!). Any way they pick three out of the audience. One is a short blonde with huge breasts and a great ass. The next is a tall brunette. Average, but still attractive. The next is quite chubby. She has soft brown hair that makes her look pretty good instead of just fat. All three are whisked off stage by a huge stud in a thong that bulges way too much. A minute or two later the three re-appear on stage. The blond is wearing a red bikini, the brunette is wearing a green one, and the overweight girl is wearing a pink bikini that looks about to snap.

The stud escorts you all up onto a platform where there are five dunk tank style seats hanging over the edge of a huge pool of blue goop. You each take a seat on one of the small outcrops. This game is similar to the last as the host explains. All the contestants are asked questions, and if they answer incorrectly they get dumped. The fat girl seems to have missed this fact until now. She turns red and looks very uncomfortable, but she doesn’t try to back out. Instead she starts giggling uncontrolably, though not too loudly. The other three just look at you like they’ve already won this whole game.

“After three dunks”, the host continues, “the audience participants are elliminated and must return their costumes while on stage”. At this the fat girl gets even more excited. “Our two regular contestants play, and get dunked until all three audience participants are eliminated.” Now you’re in for it, you think.

The first question goes to the blonde. She answers right and then gives you a smirk. Next is the brunette. She answers her question right as well. Then it’s your competitors turn. She ALSO gets her question right. Now you. Your question is about physics and you don’t even understand the answer after the host reads it to you, much less get it right. The seat gives out from under you and down you go.

When you first saw it the tank only looked a couple feet deep, but you get completely submerged. It must be deeper than you thought. You stand up and wipe the blue slime off your face. Now everyone is laughing at you. The fat girl in the pink bikini is laughing so hard she starts to fall off her seat and into the awaiting blue slop, but she steadies herself at the last moment. “Damn,” you think. That would have been your only revenge so far!

Next the fat girl gets her question. and… she misses it! Everyone gasps as her seat gives way and she plunges into the deep blue slop. She submerges as well, and comes up sputtering and completely slimed. She’s laughing. You can’t believe it but she’s laughing, and since you haven’t gotten out of the slime yourself yet, you notice something no one else does. She has her hand down the front of the bottom of her bikini! She loves this!!! You both remount the platform and take your seats. The fat girl is smiling broadly as you sit all sullen and stuff.

“And now”, yells the host,”Time for a new color.” The vat of slime under you is rolled away by the stage-studs and a new one is rolled out. This time the slime is bright pink and it looks quite a bit thicker than the blue. Once again the first three girls get their questions right, and once again you get pissed at their intellignce. Your question. You miss it. Into the pink slop. Once again you get submerged. You stand up in the middle of the goo. You are pink from head to toe and one of the girls say “Oh, that color is SOOOO you.” You want to splash her, but that would disqualify you. Not really a problem except that then you can’t get any revenge on the blond you’re playing against.

Next is the fat girl. Again she misses her question and is again dunked into the slime. This time she screams with pleasure as she falls. She is really getting in to this, but with her next dunk she gets disqualified. You both crawl back up onto your seats. The next tank is rolled out and this time it’s water. The fat girl is kind of disapointed. The first round with the water no one answers a question wrong. “They gave me an easy one so I wouldn’t get cleaned off any”, you think.

In the second round the first two girls both miss and are dunked, but it’s only water and they both only go in up to their tits. Your competitor gets her question right again, as do you. By now the fat girl is quiet depressed. She only has one dunk left, and she apparently loves mess, but not water. When her question comes up she gets it right, but the host decides to reward her for it.

“My dear”, he says,” I can see you aren’t having much fun now, so maybe this will cheer you up.” and with that one of the stage studs reaches his hand around her head and smashes a chocolate cream pie in her sad face. Now she is giggling again, and everybody is happy except you.

For some reason the water stays around for a couple more rounds. Just long enough for the first two girls to be disqualified. Seeing them go is great in acouple ways. First you get to see them both naked on stage, and that means you won’t have to get too much messier in this round. Both you and the blond get all your questions right. So does the fat girl, and both times she gets a messy reward from the stage-studs. The first is bucket of purple goop over her head. The second is two chocolate cream pies to use on the stage studs. She looks indecisively between the two. She is obviously thinking hard. She makes her decision. She steps up to one of the studs. They are both wearing studded black leather string bikinis. She takes one of the pies and smushes it all over his crotch giving him a great feel while she massages the pie all over. The second pie goes down the bottom of her bikini.

After the first two are gone the water is removed. What the stage-studs (one with pie still smeared all over his crotch) roll out a tank that is divided up in half. One half is divided into three equal parts. One part fits right under each of the seats you and the others are sitting on. If you were all dunked at once you would each go into different sections of the tank. this is exactly the idea. Now you remember the show guys asked you what your most hated food was when you tried out for the show. You said candied yams, and that is just what is in your section of the tank. The blond’s is full of mashed potatos and gravy. You see the disgusted look on her face as she says “you mean I might get dumped into that STUFF!!” Now you REALLY wish she had missed that idaho question earlier. The fat girl’s vat is filled with macaroni and cheese. Now that is something anyone would hate to be submerged in, but the fat girl is just shaking with anticipation!

The blond gets her question first and nails it. For the first time she celebrates letting out an emphatic “Yes!”.

Your question is way too tough. Just the thougt of being covered in that gross red jelly makes you sick, but in you go anyway. It’s not as bad as you thought it would be. It’s sticky, but not way too gross. It actually feels pretty good to have that cool goo against you under those hot stage lights.

The fat girl’s question is asked. What is the company Kraft most famous for making. By the look in his eye you can tell the host just made this one up to really get her into it. And into it she is. She is rocking back and forth on her seat biting her lip. “Bean sprouts,” she yells. “No,” yells the host. then her seat gives way and she is falling. The stage-studs have come up close to watch this girl get her final dunking, and that was a big mistake. As soon as she hits they are both covered in macaronni as are you. Now this, you think, is truly gross. Even so the fat girl seems to love it. She submerged in the stuff and hasn’t come up yet. When she does it’s only for breath, then its back down to enjoy all that mess.

“Oh, by the way, for this round we asked the audience participants what their FAVORITE food is instead of their most hated,”says the host. The fat girl plays in the macaroni for about three or four minutes, with the host greatly enjoying it, until she finally has to come out and return her costume. At first she doesn’t come out. But then she throws a yellow and pink wad of something out onto the stage. The host goes over and picks it up. It is both halves of her once bright pink pink bikini. Now she crawls out of the tank and slithers over the side to the stage completely nude. She is covered in shiny yellow slop from head to toe. Her hair is plastered to her head, and she is smiling the biggest smile you have ever seen. She struts slowly across the stage making sure not to hide anything at all. This girl seems to be into everything kinky. Unfortunately she is soon off stage and only you (still nude) and the blond are left on stage with the host. “Well, wasn’t that fun,”he chuckles.