Tina’s Birthday Sur-Pies

— by Anonymous —

Tina awoke the morning of her 18th birthday, and she thought of the cheerleader practice scheduled for later in the day. Her friends on the squad were nice, she thought, but some of them seemed jealous of Tina. She was the prettiest of the cheerleaders, with a perfectly proportioned body, not skinny and not fat, an angelic face with adorable pouty lips and clear, cool blue eyes, and a head of soft honey blonde hair that extended nearly to her waist, which she usually wore in a ponytail. Tina’s real trouble was, she knew just how pretty she was. She was a prima donna, and in her heart, she knew it. She was beginning to realize that it was her own attitude that kept her from finding the kind of boyfriend she wanted. She had her pick of the football heroes, but they bored her.

Tina did her makeup and her nails, and wondered what awaited her at the end of the school day. She had heard vague rumours about a secret tradition among the senior cheerleader squad, but as she was the first in her squad to turn 18, she had never actually experienced it. Still, how bad could it be? This was a fairly straitlaced little high school, nothing really crazy ever happened there.

Resolving to take the day as it came, she donned her red cheerleader sweater and white pleated skirt over her white panties and bra and white stockings. Bright red boots completed the ensemble. She glanced at the mirror, but it told the same old story. Perfect, as usual. All the money Daddy spent at the orthodontist showed as Tina smiled at herself in the mirror. “It’s just hard to be humble when you’re this gorgeous”, she said laughingly.

School came and went, and the mischevious twinkle in some of her pretty friend’s eyes as they wished her “happy birthday” made her a bit wary, but she resolved to stop worrying. “I’m a good sport, and anyway, if they do something to me, I’ll get ’em back when it’s their birthday.”

Cheerleader practice began, and Tina went through the routines with her friends, all the while wondering what they had in store. They were trying to be nonchalant, but Tina was still suspicious. Then, practice was over.

“Gather ’round, ladies!” said Veronica, the head cheerleader. “It’s Tina’s 18th birthday, and we have something special for her!” Veronica beckoned toward the girls’ locker room door, and the girls all headed for it, with Tina behind. As Tina passed through the door, her world went white for an instant, and then black. She couldn’t breathe for a moment, and she was confused and panicky until she tasted the lemon cream pie filling. A pie in the face! The shock and embarrassment paralyzed Tina. The girls began singing Happy Birthday, and with each verse they took turns smashing cream and mousse pies of every variety in her stunned face. Then, as the song ended, Veronica spoke up again.

“Girls”, I think Tina’s still a bit too clean!” “Uh huh!” came the reply, and Tina’s best friend Sue grabbed a large cream pie from the seemingly endless supply on several card tables. “You’ll just love this, Tina” she said, and Tina was too shocked to protest, or even move.

Sue lifted Tina’s pleated white skirt, pulled the elastic waistband of Tina’s panties forward, and slid the coconut cream pie into the top of Tina’s white panties. She then smushed the pie between Tina’s thighs. Tina sighed as the sweet creamy goo mushed all over her private parts. Tina felt so humiliated, but oh, so good at the same time. Before she could regain her composure, pretty red-haired Jenny lifted the back of her skirt, and slid another coconut cream pie down the back of her panties, and pressed firmly. More cream squeezed into Tina’s tender folds, as she felt the first stirrings of impending orgasm.

“Oh, look girls! Tina’s getting hot!” short, sweet Sarah squealed, and it was true. Tina’s face reddened under its coating of creamy goo. Sarah yanked Tina’s sweater out from her skirt, and with her other hand she thrust a chocolate mousse pie under the sweater and smushed it into Tina’s frilly white bra. Sarah grabbed another pie, and as one hand pulled Tina’s messy bra away from her breasts, squished the pie into Tina’s cleavage with the other. Tina couldn’t believe how exquisite the cream felt on her nipples. While Sarah was massaging the pie filling into Tina’s breasts, blonde green eyed Donna grabbed two lemon cream pies and stood behind Tina. Donna then smeared one pie over Tina’s long, straight, silky blonde hair, and followed with the other pie. She bent the pies into a C shape as she slid them down Tina’s pretty ponytail, so as to coat it completely with mess. By this time, Sarah had applied two more pies under Tina’s sweater, and Jenny readied another pie for the back of Tina’s panties. The pie squashed into Tina’s butt, but she had no chance to react, as Sue was ready with a chocolate cream pie for the front of Tina’s panties. Tall, slender Alyssa stood ready with a chocolate cream and a coconut cream pie, and she plastered both in quick succession into Tina’s reddening face.

“Don’t you think Tina’s a bit overdressed?” said Veronica, her green eyes flashing as she laughed. The squad quickly agreed. At once, soft feminine hands with prettily painted nails were slipping Tina’s thoroughly messed up cheerleader uniform off of her quivering body. Tina stood in her bra, panties, and white stay-up stockings, totally humiliated and degraded, and yet enjoying every second. Next, Veronica stood facing Tina, and she gazed into Tina’s blue eyes teasingly, yet almost lovingly, and she unhooked Tina’s bra, and slowly peeled it off of Tina’s sticky breasts. The rest of the squad paused in their laughter when they saw how lovely Tina’s breasts were. “Now, your panties come off” said Veronica. Tina gasped softly and tried to protest, bu the words caught in her throat. She felt her panties slide down her legs, and she enjoyed the liberating feeling of nakedness, along with her helpless embarrassment.

Each of the squad took a cream pie in each hand, and with a colossal SPLUSH the pies were thrust into every square inch of Tina’s body. She stood, the prettiest dessert creation ever, with cream and goo of every color of the rainbow stuck to her body. The orgasm finally came, wracking her body. Her giggling tormenters were struck silent at the intensity of Tina’s reaction. Few of them could remember ever having had such intense pleasure. Each could hardly wait for her own birthday celebration.

Veronica took the lagest and thickest pie, which she had saved, and placed it on a chair. “Here, Tina, sit down. You look beat!” Tina, having no dignity left to lose, and actually looking forward to the sensation, sat down hard on the pie, and squirmed around, feeling the cream press into every nook and cranny. She had never ever been so humiliated, but at the same time, she had never felt so alive.

Her birthday sur-pies was complete, or so she thought.

Tina’s Birthday Sur-Pies Part II – Love among the pastry

Tony walked down the corridor in the school’s athletic complex, holding a piece of paper, and scratching his head. The note simply said “Be at the cheerleader’s practice area at 4:10 PM sharp. You won’t be sorry!”

“Cheerleaders?” he wondered. What could they possibly want with him? Tony was afraid it would be some “geek party” or something similar, but his curiosity outweighed his fears. That pretty girl Tina was a cheerleader, he knew, but he knew that stuck-up prissy prima donna couldn’t possibly be interested in him. She was always being asked out by those football players, and Tony was sure she was going out with one or another of him.

Tina. Yes, she was stuck-up, (or as the British would say, “Toffee-nosed”. Tony chuckled, thinking of the Pythonesque image that phrase suggested) but she sure was pretty. “I’ll bet she’s really a nice girl, deep down,” he mused, “But she’s one of those girls who’s absolutely gorgeous, and knows it.”

Despite all this, Tony was attracted to Tina, and he often spent hours fantasizing about her. “Oh well,” he thought, “Whatever this is, it’ll break up a boring day.”

He turned the corner and arrived at the door to the cheerleader’s practice room. He began to knock at the door, but it swung open. Veronica spotted him from the locker room entrance and, holding a finger to her lips, she beckoned Tony toward the locker room. Now Tony was really confused. What could possibly be in store for him in the cheerleader’s locker room? And what was that white stuff on Veronica’s hands that also seemed to be splattered on her legs?

The sight that greeted Tony when he arrived at the entrance to the locker room literally sent him reeling. He staggered back and leaned against a wall for support. It took him several seconds to regain his breath, but his pulse rate maintained its breakneck pace.

It was Tina. The girl he secretly admired was sitting on a chair in the center of the room, absolutely saturated and inundated with whipped cream and cream pie filling of every description. She was so messed up, it was a wonder he recognized her at all, but he did. Perhaps it was a sixth sense, but he instantly recognized her without a doubt.

“Here’s your birthday present, Tina!” said Veronica, with a smirk. Veronica had seen Tony’s eyes follow Tina’s body many times throughout the school year, but she thought of Tony as a hopeless nerd.

Tina blinked the cream away from her eyes, and stared at Tony. If she thought she couldn’t be more humiliated, she knew differently now. There she was, naked save for a pair of red cheerleader boots and white stay-up stockings, and covered with pies, and still feeling the orgasm that only moments before had wracked her body. “T-t-tony?” she finally gasped. “Tina! you, you’re naked!” “Oh my God!”

Veronica’s cruelty was too much for the rest of the cheerleading squad, and they filed out of the room, eyes downcast. Veronca savored the humiliating scene she had orchestrated for a moment, and then left, saying “I’ll just let you two get acquainted, ok?”

Tina and Tony stared at each other for a long while, both speechless. Finally, Tony regained his senses enough to grab a towel and offer it to Tina. “No, I… I don’t need it. Come here” Tina said, surprising herself. Before her absolute humiliation, she wouldn’t have given a nerdy guy like Tony the time of day, but her personality was changing by the moment. She had always admired Tony’s intelligence, in an odd way, and she now realized that she was attracted to him, even though he was rather fat and didn’t have a fancy new car.

“Tina, I… I don’t know what to say. You look so beautiful with all that cream all over you!” He caught himself, wondering what had made him blurt that out. It was true, though. He had never stopped to think, before, about why he got vaguely turned on watching a pie fight in a funny movie, while everybody else just laughed. He did own a copy of The Great Race, but it was because of the cool cars in that movie, or so he thought.

“I do? Well, I don’t know why I’m saying this to you, but it feels great all over me. Would you… would you think I was weird if I asked for a hug?” Tina said, and Tony opened his arms, finally realizing that rational thought was becoming useless in this utterly fantastic situation. He held Tina’s gooey body in his arms, oblivious to the mess she was making of his white shirt and pocket protector. She looked up at him, and her eyes closed and her lips parted. He bowed his head and kissed her. They stood for quite a while, lips smacking against lips, and then Tony felt a moist probing. This almost caused Tony’s knees to give way once more. She was slipping him her tongue! The most beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed ponytailed cheerleader in the whole school was slipping him the tongue! “Oh, no! What should I do?” thought Tony, frantically. “Enjoy it, dummy!” came an unknown voice in his head.

They kissed for quite a while longer, and finally stopped to catch their breath. Tina, all inhibitions gone by this point, said “Your clothes are getting all messed up. Here, let me undo your shirt.” Tony was beyond resisting at this point, and obediently allowed Tina to remove his shirt. She immediately began undoing his pants, and he didn’t protest. Soon they were both naked. One of the folding tables stood nearby, and it still held several cream pies left over from the barrage. Tina walked over and grabbed one. “You’re going to find out what this feels like!” said Tina, as playfulness overtook her embarrassment. “But…” Tony tried to say, but the first pie was thrust firmly in his face with a twist.

Before he could react, a cool, creamy smooth mousse pie was thrust directly into his manhood. Tina squished the pie around, and felt his rock-hardness in her hand. This was fun! She grabbed another pie, and treated him to a second helping. She then stuffed a lemon cream pie into his butt, as he stood, stunned. This was almost more arousing than seeing Tina covered with pie, he thought. He found himself asking Tina for some more pie. She obliged, with two more to his face, one over the top of his head, one in his crotch, and one more in his butt. “Now me!” she said. Tony grabbed two large pies, and mushed them simultaneously in Tina’s face, sandwiching it between them. Grabbing two more, he thrust them into Tina’s ample breasts, slowly twisting and squishing them, enjoying the firmness of her bosom. Taking two more pies, he squashed them into her crotch and butt, forming a cream bikini bottom. She grabbed another pie, and placed it on the chair. “You first”, she said, and Tony sat down on it. He could barely believe how good it felt. Tina then placed another pie face-up on his lap. She sat on his lap, and he felt the pie filling squish out from under her and all over his erection. She put her arms around Tony’s head, and pushed his face into her creamy breasts.

“This must be what heaven is like!” thought Tony. His adventure wasn’t over, though, by a long stretch.