Birthday Cakes

— by Shokolada —

She walked up behind me and put her arms around my neck, breathing in my ear, “So what do you want for your birthday, lover?”

I thought about that for a second, then announced, “I want you.”

She giggled. “You already have me, silly!”

“No,” I corrected her, “I mean I want you to be my birthday cake!”

It took her a second to get that, and a smile spread across her face. “Another messy fantasy, hmm? All right – when do you want to do it?”

I craned my head back and kissed her, upside down. “How does tonight sound?”

The grin became wide, and I wondered what she was thinking. “Tonight’s just fine! Get what you need, and I’ll see you this evening!”

Well, I went out to run the rest of my day’s errands, but frankly, my mind wasn’t on what I was doing… I think the one clerk was slightly mystified when I accidentally called her my lover’s name. My last stop was by the grocery store, where I got what I’d need – and an odd look from the cashier at the quantities involved!

I returned home with my bags… she called out that she was waiting for me in the kitchen. I walked in to behold my sweetheart clothed only in the ‘crystal green’ plastic wrap, bound about her torso from neck to crotch. “You’re going to have to unwrap your present before you can play with it,” she laughed at me, “but first…” and she made sure I was stripped nude. She slipped a disposable plastic apron over my body, giving my penis and balls a quick grope through it as she leaned against the table and let me peel her transparent covering away from her. There were traces of moisture caught in the wrapping once I pulled it away from her crotch, and I realized from that and from her stiff nipples that the combination of expectation and carefully localized friction had my lady ready for me now! At another time, I might have taken advantage of that… but I wanted to see her covered in gooey frosting first!

She lay down on the table, which she’d also covered to protect it; I used the remnants of her wrapping to secure her wrists and ankles to the table legs. She hadn’t expected it, but didn’t struggle until I was done, and then only a token amount… the plastic wrap would have given way under a real effort, but it was all part of the game, and she was having as much fun as I was.

I unearthed the dozen cans of ‘extra creamy’ chocolate frosting from my bag of supplies… too much, probably, but better to have extra than not enough! A kitchen drawer supplied a large spatula, and I scooped out the first gob.

A disappointed look appeared on her face as she saw the spatula. “Couldn’t you find a better way to smear me with that stuff?”

Well, her wish was my command! I scooped frosting from the spatula to my hand, filled my other hand with the rest of the can, and slapped my laden palms aganist her belly. They began moving in ever-increasing circles over her stomach and sides.

“The man doesn’t even put his sticky hands on my breasts,” she grumbled as I scooped more chocolate into my hands and onto her body. “I guess I have to start issuing written invitations.”

“Not so!” I responded. Giving up on keeping anything tidy, I’d finished with the chocolate, and retrieved a few cans of vanilla from the bag. “I’m just looking for a bit of contrast here!”

As the vanilla was applied to her breasts, she began to moan and shift around on the table, tugging at her bonds. “Unnhhh… yes… that’s better,” she sighed. A bit of work with the spatula resulted in a pair of nice circular lines defining the border between the two flavors.

“Not done *yet,” I said. I collected another handful of vanilla and gently but firmly shoved it into her conveniently accessible crotch. Handwork and spatula work gave her a vanilla g-string, though the effort wasn’t made any easier by her excited squirming.

“Are you done?” she gasped.

“Nope… still have to do the face,” I smiled as I opened the last few cans.

She bit her lip. “Oh, noo… I don’t want to wait, come on, come on!”

“Sorry, honey. The only sure faster way would be to thoroughly pie you.”

She nodded. “Okay, I like that idea!”

“So do I – but I didn’t bring any. Here you go!”

“You – mmmph!” she finished as a glob of fudge dropped over her hastily closed mouth. I took even more care here: didn’t want to cut off breathing or sight, and I delicately avoided getting any in her hair. The result,after careful smoothing, was a dark shiny brown face split with twinkling blue eyes and a gleaming white grin, and nicely framed by her soft brown hair.

A spritz of chocolate-flavored spray cream topped each nipple and the frosting just over her crotch. I inserted a few birthday candles into the inexpensive little flower-shaped holders that keep wax drippings away from the confection, and wrote, “Happy Birthday!” to myself in pink icing on her chest.

“Light ’em and make a wish, dummy,” she smiled. “After all, you dont want your cake to cool down, do you?”

I lit the candles, picked up a towel, and used it to snap myself some pictures for later. “I saw *this coming,” she commented sardonically.

“Yep – got my wish in record time!” I blew out the candles, knocked them aside, and was on top of her. She broke her wrist bonds and pushed me back long enough to rip aside the apron I’d completely forgotten about in my heat, then, as I moved my face down to get at her crotch, she pulled me back onto herself. “No way, mister… I want you inside me now!!!”

I complied.

As hot as we’d both become, we didn’t last long. I came first, but my few remaining thrusts afterwards were enough to bring her along. I eased myself out of her, remaining cuddled close, and licked her face playfully. “Mmm, you are a tasty dish, my love,” I breathed into her ear. Suddenly, I felt her hand playing about my cock and balls, as she started nibbling on my ear, and using another trick or two guaranteed to bring me toa quick recharge. “Honey, what are you doing?”

“You mean you can’t tell?” she giggled. “Loosen my feet, hun.”

I did so, and she got up, taking me by the hand. In the spare bedroom was an incredible sight – she’d taken the sheets of the matress and replaced them with plastic, then frosted the whole top of the bed in the same brand and flavor of frosting I’d bought! The pillows had been slipped into garbage bags and replaced, with the words “Happy Birthday to ME!!” written large enough to cover them with several tubes of icing. “Did you forget, I’ve always celebrated *my birthday this same day? ‘One of the wonderful coincidences about us’, I believe you used to tell me in e-mail.” She laughed.

I walked toward the display. “Good grief! This must have taken you – whoof!”

She’d tripped me! She tripped me, and given me a bit of a shove too, so I flew forward onto the bed and landed face first. My head hit the pillows, so I only got a green smear of icing on my face, but from neck to toes I was coated in goo.

“A much quicker way to cover someone, to be sure!” she crowed in triumph. I heard the camera click a few times, then she helped me roll over, and took a few more. I discovered why my birthday bed was even softer than usual… there had been a thin layer of yellow cake under all that. Now, I was sticky front and back from the neck down, and had icing in my hair. I looked up, and she had straddled me… a heavily piled cream pie in her hand.

“Oh, lord,” I moaned.

“Hold still and take it like a man!” she ordered with a wild grin. At least four inches of cream and chocolate landed on my face. As I wiped it away from my eyes and nose, more landed on my body from a nearby table. I closed my eyes as I felt squish after squish on my already thickly-coated body. When I opened them during a pause in the action, she was ecstatically applying two more to her own breasts, and I leaned over to grab a third for her face. As she blinked that away, another cream pie arrived in her crotch… she laughed and gently did the same to me with a (luckily) particularly deep one.

“Now, then, I hope you last a little longer this time – ’cause this is my birthday present!” She settled down and let me slide into her. Between our combined arousal and the gunge covering us, I slipped in quicker than either of us expected, and we both released gaspy moans. When she could, she started rocking up and down, and my own hips soon joined the dance. This time, there was no urgency, however – our hands played in the slime on our bodies, our tongues played aroud faces and nipples, and our lips met frequently. Slowly, thrillingly, we built to a peak, and this time reached it together.

Exhausted, she collapsed beside me, rolling away and incidentally covering her own back. We were only touching by grasping hands, yet after the experience we’d just had, that was as intimate as complete body contact.

Finally, she sighed. “When’s our next birthday?”

“A year from now.”

“I was afraid of that.”

“I do get paid again in two weeks.”

She rolled over to smile at me. “And… it’s gotta be somebody’s birthday then. Right?”

I winked back at her. “Far be it from us not to observe a birthday as important as… whoever’s.”

She scooped cream from my chest and flicked it at me. “I love you, sweetie. Happy Birthday.”