Dumpster Seduction

— by Trash Mouse —

The rest stop was on a quiet stretch of freeway just outside the city. Over the years the edge of town had moved ever closer and nearly overtaken the place, almost no one ever stopped there anymore. It was only a few more minutes until you reached town.

I pulled my car into the rest stop, and turned the engine off and snapping out the lights. A three AM the only light came from the few lamps around the rest stop, and the glow of the freeway traffic on the other side of the trees. Sitting in my car I watched the parking lot until I was satisfied that I was the only person around.

Stepping out of my car I flicked my tail in excitement and held my breath. I had only done this twice before, and that was month ago. The warm weather and clear night was to indicting for me just to stay home and dream.

With a flick of my hips I closed the car door and walked back to the trunk, pulling it open with a touch of the key fob. I pulled my shirt off in a single motion, and then took of my bra, dropping both in the trunk. The slight chill in the air ran over my fur and made my nipples stand firmly at attention.

Looking around again I kicked off my shoes, then wiggled out of my pants and panties in one practiced move. They all went into my trunk as did my socks. Soon all I wore were my glasses and watch. I shuffled my feet on the ground, a stone pinched between my toes. I picked up my keys and slammed the trunk closed, hearing it lock.

I bent down and tucked the keys into a void inside the bumper, where they will stay put for a few hours.

I gave the rest stop one more look around and took in a deep breath. Quickly, I hurried across the parking lot to my goal, the pair of large dumpsters that stood alone near the back fence. Throwing open the lid of the first one I was disappointed to find it almost completely empty, with a few sparse bags lying in the bottom.

“There had better be something here,” I muttered, adjusting my glasses and flicking back my large ears. Carefully I lifted the lid of the second dumpster and let out a pleased squeal when I saw that it was nearly full to the brim. Large black trash bags filled most of the container with a few smaller bags tucked around the gaps.

A smile crossed my face as I made another glance around the rest stop. Setting the timer on my watch for an hour I grabbed the lips of the dumpster. It was grungy but not slimly, and easy enough to grasp onto. I placed my foot in the gap where the truck would hook the dumpster and lifted myself up. My leg flicked over the edge and my foot settled into the soft trash.

I relaxed slightly, letting the cold metal rub at the edge of my neither lips, it sent a pleasant shiver through my body to focus on my nipples. Holding back a soft moan I pushed off with my free leg and fell into the dumpster. I landed in the trash with a pleasant sound, feeling the bags compress around me, the smell quickly filling my nose.

Lying on top of the trash I reveled in the feeling, wiggling my tail around the bag and twisting softly in place. The plastic was cold against my fur but very comfortable as it conformed to my body. I could have stayed there all night but for the flash of light that meant someone was pulling into the rest stop with me.

My hand shot up and grabbed the lid of the dumpster, pulling it down over myself and blocking out all but a hint of light. Moving quickly I pushed the bags around, trying to be silent as I did so. As soon as I had room I crawled around the bags and pulled them down over myself, feeling the heavy bags fall down and pin me half way down the large bin.

I moved the trash a bit more to make sure I was completely covered. I was almost done when I heard someone walking towards me. I froze in place, wondering if they would pick my bin or the empty one. It was 50/50 and the other bin was just a bit closer. Part of my hoped they wouldn’t pick mine, I wasn’t hidden well enough and they could see me, on the other hand the thrill was discovery was why I chose such a public place.

My fantasy won out as I saw the light grow around me as the dumpster open above me. I held my breath, trying not to move, not to breath. I could see the open around the bags about my head, an older looking wolf that was standing above me but wasn’t looking in. He moved back from the top of the dumpster and a moment later I could see something flying in, landing on the rest of the trash with enough force to knock the air from me.

The weight settled over me, pressing me deeper into my trash, the bags creaking and pressing about me. A second bag followed a moment later, then a third one, each one adding more weight onto top of my body and pressing me even deeper. I could feel the slim at the bottom rubbing at the tip of my tail.

A few moments later the wolf reached over the top of the dumpster, trying to close it. It was just a bit to full and he had to slam the lid down on the trash a few times before it finally closed.

As soon as he was gone I reached down and rubbed my sex with my hand, teasing my soaked snatch with two fingers as the bags settled around me. I could hardly move, the weight pinning me in place with only a little wiggle room. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out, but that was a worry for when the alarm on my watch went off.

My fingers started moving faster as I moaned inside my trashy prison. I wiggled what I could, teasing and playing with myself, slowing work my other hand though the tight trash until I could rub my breasts. I teased each nipple in turn, rubbing it with my thumb as my fingers worked in my sex.

I shivered and pleasure ran though my body from fingers to toes. I wiggled and twisted in the bags, felling them rub all over my body in very pleasant ways. My fingering of my sex picked up speed, soft gasps escaping me, the heat of my breath trapped by the bags that pressed near my face.

Pulling my fingers from my soaked cunt I grabbed at one of the bags, pulling it down so I could start humping it, feeling the plastic rubbing at my excited sex. I was panting heavily now, my body shivering as I worked myself, my trash pushing me towards the edge.

I twisted about in place, crying happily as I fucked at the trash, feeling my body crash over the cliff and start to shake with a huge orgasm. The trash bags twisted and creaked around me as I moved as much as I possibly could, which wasn’t much.

When I finally settled down I relaxed back into my trash, feeling my part in it. I was still panting happily, pushing the bag away from my sex. The trash felt wonderful around me, firm and giving at the same time, exactly the way I wanted to be.

Laying back I closed my eyes and let the feelings wash over me and take me away into a pleasant sleep.

* * *

The sound of something hitting the dumpster finally woke me from my slumber. For the first few moments I wasn’t sure where I was, feeling the warm plastic pinning me firmly in place as clanking filled the environment around me. Finally it came back to me, the happy feeling of being with the trash.

I relaxed for a few more moments until the sounds around me finally penetrated my brain. It wasn’t the sound of someone moving around the dumpster, something banging against it. I didn’t know what it was; my alarm would have gone off before the trash pickup.

Even so I decided to double check my watch. It took a few moments to move it in view, and when I pressed the light on it I was dismayed to see that nothing happened, the battery was dead.

A jolt of worry ran through my body as I struggled under the trash. My worst fear was confirmed when I felt the dumpster start to lift under me. I cried out, trying to get the attention of whoever was operating the machinery, but the trash muffled my words.

The lift was shaky, raising and pausing over and over until I felt myself start to tilt. I clawed at the trash, watching the lid start to swing open, letting in the light of the dawn. Under me I could see the open top of a garbage truck, its maw open to take me inside.

I struggled and kicked in place, trying to do something, anything, as I felt the trash around me start to slide. I clung to the bags, feeling myself start to slide along with them. I let out a scream as I fell from the dumpster and into the back of the truck, more bags falling onto pot me, burring me again.

Pushing the bags away I tried to climb to the top of the pile, finding it more difficult then I had ever expected. Above me the dumpster started back down, and at the same time I heard the compactor beginning to press at the trash around me.

I cried out again. I had always dreamed of this, being in the trash, feeling it compress and compact around me, making me one with it, but I knew it wasn’t safe. There was no way I could survive, even if it was as part of one of my greatest fantasies.

Even so, I wasn’t going to give up or give in, not while I could move. I kept climbing around the compressing trash, feeling it growing tighter with every passing moment. I struggled, reaching for the daylight above me, yelling for them to stop, to let me out before it was too late.

Some of the bags around me started to pop, raining trash over my head. I tucked my ears back, crying out. I was stuck in place, the bags so tight I was surprised I could even breathe, and there was pressure on every part of my body. I wanted to cry, I knew it was always a risk, but I never dreamed that this was how I would go. I honestly wished I could enjoy it, for at least the last few moments.

Moments later the compactor stopped, leaving me just a hair of breathing room.

I let out a gasp or surprised and pleasure. I might be able to make it out of this in one piece, depending on if I could get free before the driver started the compactor again.

Struggling with the trash I tried to get myself free. After a couple of minutes I wasn’t any closer to the exit then I had been when I started. At least I had gotten the bags away from my head and I could see the morning light above me, at least until it was blocked by outline of a head and a light shining down into my face.

I blushed and turned away, then looked back up at him. “Um… hi?” I said in embarrassment.

“Oh thank gods, I stopped it in time,” the man said with a deep sigh. He started to climb down into the trash with me. “I wasn’t sure I heard anything, but I didn’t want to take the risk.”

“I’m glad you did. I wasn’t keen on dieing here,” I said, working my hand free and offering it to him. He grabbed it and bracing himself against the trash. I could see that he was a hyena, a bit overweight and about twice my age. He was kind of cute all told, wouldn’t mind meeting him under better circumstances.

He pulled hard on my arm as I tried to push with the other one. There was a great deal of pressure in my shoulder, but before my body gave the trash did. The pressure of it easing as I started to rise out of the trash. I lurched up in a single move and found my upper body free, letting him see me in my full glory.

He let out a small gasp and turned his eyes away, but a moment later they looked back at me. “Why are you nude?”

I blushed even more. “I was playing with the trash.”

Looking down at me he shook his head. “Well, you look like trash now. Come on, let’s get you out,” he said. Bending down he slipped his arms under mind and pulled my tight to his chest. His jumpsuit was rough against my nipples and slightly mucky, making them hard. With a grunt he pulled me clear of the trash and set me on the soft bags.

I didn’t pull away from him, instead I rested my head against his neck. “I bet it’s not every day you find a mouse in the trash,” I said.

He chuckled and kept holding me. “Not a little mouse like you,”

My blush grew even deeper as I pulled away from him, giving him a close look. His jumpsuit was a bit dirty and slightly frayed. A patch on his chest said that his name was Bruce.

“You don’t have to tell anyone, do you? My car is just over there, I can clean up and go,” I said softly.

He pulled back, a touch of a frown on his thick muzzle. “I’m not sure. We’re supposed to report anyone we find digging around the dumpsters.”

“But I wasn’t digging around! I was playing with myself!” I said in protest, a moment later I realized what I had said. My blush was as bright as my hair and I looked away.

The hyena looked a bit puzzled. “Playing?” he asked softly.

I cast my eyes down, only to see the crotch of his jumpsuit starting to stir. Slowly I nodded my head. “I like trash, it feels nice,” I said, rubbing my finger over the bags we were sitting on.

“So you’re some kind of pervert?” he asked, reaching out to place a hand under my chin and lifting my head up until I looked him in the eyes.

“Pretty much,” I replied, flicking my tail. A moment later a jolt of pain rushed up the length of it. I let out a short howl, turning around and grabbing the appendage. Apparently I hadn’t gotten away as clearly as I thought, as there was a point about three fourths down the length of my tail where it bent at an odd angle.

Bruce let out a slight sigh and reached out to touch my tail. “Oh, it’s broken.”

“I guess I didn’t get away unharmed,” I said, holding my tail in my lap, petting it slightly below the break. It didn’t hurt unless I moved it.

“That’s too bad, we should get you to a hospital,” he said.

I nodded and signed, letting go of my tail and looking back at him. My mood was a bit spoiled, but he looked as excited as ever. We sat in silence for a few moments, the smell of the trash rising around us as the sun rose above. The bags crinkled, settling with our weight as we looked at each other, his eyes were brown. My arousal was growing returning.

Finally he leaned it closer to me, a small smile on his lips. “Would you like…” he trailed off, reaching out to touch my breasts.

I smiled and leaned back, kissing him. “Be gentle, don’t hurt my tail,” I said as I broke the kiss.

“Lay down,” he said, unzipping the front of his jump suit revealing a normal set of street clothing. He carefully pulled it off and set in the corner. As I laid myself out on the trash bags I watched him pull off his shirt, pants and underwear.

As soon as it was free I reached out and took his cock in my hand, giving it a few careful strokes. Feeling the firmness in my hands and his precum on my fingers.

He smiled and pushed my hand away, holding a condom in his other hand. With a practiced move he ripped it open with his teeth and removed the rubber. He rolled it down over his cock in a single motion, the latex pulling tight around him for a moment, leaving only a small pocket of air in the tip.

I parted my legs and reached up, pulling him down to me. We kissed as his hand slipped down to rub my sex, teasing my lips with a course finger. It sent a warm jolt through me, my juices starting to flow without any further prompting.

Our tongues played with each other as he maneuvered his erection towards my sex, the head teasing my lips for a few moments before he slowly pressed himself inside of me. His penetration sent a shiver through me, it had been long since I had been honestly fucked.

The kiss grew stronger as he started to thrust into me, starting slow, letting my juices slicken his condom. I trusted my hips back to him, my arms slipping around his back and rubbing the course fur over his spin.

He moaned around my tongue, starting to pick up speed, his hands teasing over my sides as his belly rubbed against my own. My hands reached down and rubbed at his large but firm ass, feeling the muscles tensing with each thrust. The trash under us squeaked and groaned with every move we made, echoing with the wet sound of his thrusting.

We broke the kiss, panting in time. I pressed my nose against the fur of his neck, taking in his scent. It was mainly the strong sent of fursoap, but below it was the familiar smell of the trash he worked with every day. I slipped my arms back up, pulling him tighter to him.

Bruce started to pick up speed, grunting with each thrust as he slammed into me. I could feel the condom moving around his cock, rubbing and teasing almost like it had a mind of its own.

Lifting my head I pressed my muzzle against his ear. “Faster,” I whispered, clenching myself around him. I could feel my body starting to shake in pleasure.

“Of course little trash mouse,” he replied, and started to slam against me. I let out a moan and pulled him even tighter, gasping in pleasure with each thrust. My pent up needed started to grow in a way my fingers couldn’t provide on their own, and with a cry I started to orgasm.

The hyena trusted hard into me, letting out a whimper then a yell of pleasure, his own orgasm following only moments after mine.

Our bodies shook together, every twitch, ever breath synchronized and as one. Finally we gasped out in time, our mutual orgasm abating together as he collapsed on top of me.

“That was better than I’ve had in a very long time,” I whispered.

He chuckled and slowly pulled out of me, rolling to the side. His cock started to sag as he reached down and pulled the condom off, throwing it onto the trash around us. “You are fun in the sack.”

With a smile I sat up, then let out a small cry as caused a jolt of pain to rush through my body. “I better get to the hospital.”

“You should get cleaned up first,” he replied, with a smirk he threw his underwear to me. “Put those on.”

I realized that it was half way an order. Without a word I pulled the briefs up my leg and carefully worked my tail through the hole in the back, which was stretched fairly large from his thick tail. At the same time he pulled his shirt and pant back on, smiling at me the whole time. He kicked his jump suit to me as well. “These too.”

Looking at the stained garment for a moment I smiled and slipped it on as well, felling it hang slightly lose on my frame. I pulled the zipper up under my chin, the fabric rubbing at my nipples.

Bruce chuckled as he stood up. “You look like a proper garbage man,” he said.

“Don’t you mean garbage woman?” I asked, standing up as well.

“Nope, a man,” he replied with a smirk.

Together we pulled ourselves out of the top of the truck and down the ladder to the ground. The rest stop was empty other than his truck and my car. He escorted me towards it, rubbing my back.

“Do you want to get together some time?” I asked as I finished my keys out from under the bumper.

He shook his head. “I don’t keep trash around. You have a good life little trash mouse, and keep out of the dumpsters,” he told me, then turned around and walked back to his truck.

I watched him go, standing there in his work suit as he climbed back in to the truck, started it up and pulled out of the rest stop. I decided he was right, I shouldn’t be risking myself in dumpsters. I was going to have to get one of my own.

Climbing into my car I started the engine and pulled out of the rest stop, taking the half an hour drive home. I wasn’t sure what I would tell the hospitable about my tail. Maybe that I fell down the steps on the way out and landed right on it, breaking the bone. I was also going to have a kink in my tail for the rest of my life, tails never did set right.

Even so, I felt it was worth it, and there was a smile on my face all the way, and then to the hospital.

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