Nic Buxom: Art of Domination

I’ve been reading Nic Buxom’s webcomic nearly since it began. Her real life job as a West Coast dominatrix provides her with a lot of great reality-based material! She’s a great artist with a wonderful sense of humor, and I enjoy every strip (though a few have been somber and serious, so ‘enjoy’ may not be the right word for those).

Imagine my delight when she did a comic about messy play! Though, the comic does imply that she’d not previously seen it taken to quite that level before. Of course I loved it, and as soon as I found out she had a Twitter account too, I began stalking following her there. We’ve traded a few messages, and today I felt it was time to add her to my linkroll at the bottom of my pages.

Now, if we can just get her to do a comic about trash bag encasement play… of course, if she needs some real-life experience to base it on, I know a dude – bit of a goober, but very polite – who’d happily help her out there.