Deanna 3: A Slice of Humble Pie

— by Robyn —

Deanna’s Messy Adventures Episode 3: A Slice of Humble Pie

Deanna rolled over and touched the alarm button on her bedside clock. The annoying beeping stopped. It was time to get up and get ready for work. Of course, "getting up" would presuppose that one had been asleep. That had not been something Deanna had been able to accomplish during the night.

Deanna’s mind was still running a hundred miles an hour. The mix of emotions had her stomach tied up in knots and she wasn’t sure what to do about the influx of dizzying feelings. On thinking back to the strange turn of events that had happened the previous Monday Deanna was not sure what to expect. She had convinced herself at one point that the food-fight she’d gotten into with Margaret and her daughter, Veronica, was nothing to be concerned about. It was a mistake that just got out of control. The mess was cleaned up, the damages paid for and, best of all, the animosity between Deanna and these two other women had been removed. As a matter of fact a friendship may have been started.

Yet, when Deanna took a look at how her boss, Kelly Merrico, might react to an employee going berserk on two customers she could see where her actions could be grounds for dismissal.

The pleasure that Deanna had received from getting Margaret and Veronica messy didn’t help resolve the raging conflict within her. The enjoyment was so great that she had gotten herself messy again just last night. There was just something about the feeling of slippery, sticky, wet, messy substances covering her body that really turned her on.

How could she feel this way? How could she act as if that justified or nullified the destruction she caused at her place of employment?

Deanna figured that Kelly would probably never know what happened. She’d covered her tracks very well and knew that neither Margaret nor Veronica would say anything about the incident. If she just ignored the situation it should be OK… it should be, but the problem with trying to hide the truth is that the harder you force it out of view the easier it is for that truth to pop out somewhere else.

No, the guilt Deanna had inside her convicted her to face the music, confront Kelly and hope for the best. This was going to be one of the hardest days of her life but Deanna knew this for the best.

Kelly was a terrific boss. Deanna was paid well for her work. Kelly arranged her work schedule to coincide with her class schedule and had usually been granted any time off she requested.

Still, Kelly was more than just a good boss, she had become a dear friend and mentor. Deanna hoped that her own future would turn out as well as her boss’s. Kelly really had it together. At the age of only 39 she was balancing a business by herself, was active and influential in the community, attending many high society events and looked terrific. Kelly worked out several times a week at a local health club and kept a firm, sexy figure to match her beautiful face.

With raven black hair, sultry features, smooth skin and a set of red lips that could pout with the best of them, Kelly was gorgeous. However, the feature that Deanna most noticed was Kelly’s crystal blue eyes. The iris was rimmed with a beautiful, navy blue ring, which caught everyone’s attention and held it there. One could say it was almost mesmerizing.

Deanna knew that there was no way she could look into those intense eyes and lie or simply avoid the truth. There was only one solution: Confront the situation and hope for the best.

However, Deanna thought that dressing up a little today might increase her chances of not getting the ax. She had read somewhere that looking your best improved your mental attitude. She figured she needed all the help she could get. Besides, it would be a lot harder for Kelly to fire an employee who was on time, worked hard and looked professional as opposed to someone who was habitually late and looked like trash spilling out of a bag.

Deanna quickly showered, grabbed a light breakfast and dressed for work. She selected a white, silk blouse and her favorite, black skirt, which stopped, above her knees by about 3 inches. She wore black nylons and a matching pair of black low heel shoes. Deanna thought that if she chickened out telling Kelly the story during the day she could invite her out after work for a drink. She would be somewhat dressed up for that event if need be.

Deanna expected to arrive well before Kelly at the bakery since she had left earlier than usual. But when she approached the door she saw it was already open. As she entered the door she could hear Kelly talking. She walked through the display area and back to the kitchen.

"Hello…" Deanna called out, "is that you, Kelly?"

Kelly poked her head through the doorway of her office and, with a big smile, waved to Deanna. Then she pointed to the phone indicating that the person on the phone had her tied up.

"Wheew…" Deanna quietly sighed. "Kelly must not suspect anything or she would have hung up the phone and kicked butt," she thought.

Kelly looked at the list of pastries, cakes and pies that needed to be prepared while she tied her apron around her trim waist. Seeing that there were 40 cream pies more than usual she went straight to work on the creations.

In the meantime Kelly was busy in her office for a long time with phone calls. This was nothing out of the ordinary. Deanna had noticed that whenever Kelly was gone for more than a few days there were always many phone messages to return. Kelly was so popular that even a small break in her routine caused many customers, friends and business partners to miss her.

After almost three hours Kelly finally emerged from her office. Deanna’s back was turned and didn’t see her approach.

"Deanna…" Kelly said with a sound of relief and excitement. "It’s so great to be back and see you again."

Deanna turned around wiping her hands on a towel. Kelly came up to her and gave her a big hug and held the embrace for a few seconds. Deanna returned the hug though inside she felt like a Benedict Arnold betraying the trust of this wonderful friend.

"Oh, the meeting was dreadful" Kelly continued. "Every speaker was an absolute bore. I kept pinching myself to stay awake, there was nothing to do in the hotel and I missed being with you."

"I know that when I left you were in a very depressed mood from your boyfriend, Ian, dumping you like he did. I felt so bad that I had to leave you alone like I did but it couldn’t be helped. Do you forgive me?"

"Oh, Kelly," Deanna blurted out, "of course I forgive you. You have nothing to be sorry for, you’ve always been such a great friend and you’ve helped me in ways that you don’t even know. I’m the one who should be apologizing… I’d been walking around here like a zombie the last couple of weeks with who knows what mood swings."

"Do you forgive me?"

Kelly smiled and said, "You’ve been the best friend to me. I can’t forgive you for something you didn’t do," and gave a little wink.

"Actually I’m over Ian now but there’s something I should explain to you about how that was resolved. You may want to hold that thought about forgiving me. While you were gone…"

Just then the phone rang.

"I’m sorry, Deanna," Kelly said with frustration. "The phone has been non-stop this morning. I’ve so much to catch up on and tons of messages that I need to respond to. Will it be OK if we talk later and get caught up on things?"

"Uhh, sure," Deanna replied. "Yeah, of course."

Deanna was disappointed that she wasn’t able to release the feeling of guilt that had been building up inside but thankful that there was plenty of work to occupy her mind. She quickly started in on creating the many pies.

Almost 3 hours had passed by before Kelly emerged from her office again. But before Deanna could say anything Kelly informed her that she needed to run some errands and wouldn’t be back until the afternoon.

Deanna continued to keep working taking only a short break to run down the street to a fast food restaurant and grab a quick bite to eat. At around 2:30 she had completed all of the desserts that were on the list. She was in hopes that having finished her work would give her some free time to talk with Kelly when she returned.

Just as she was finishing the last set of cream pies the phone rang.

"Hello, Deanna, this is Kelly. I need to follow up with you on a couple of things."

"Sure," Deanna replied. "What’s up?"

"How long will it be before you’re finished with the cream pies?"

"I just finished putting whipped cream on the last ones"

"Wow, you’re really quick," Kelly said. "That’s great! I need to ask a couple of favors from you then. Take those extra 40 cream pies on the list and set them aside on the tables, they’re for a special engagement tonight that I’ll take care of.

"Now I need you to start mixing up 6 large bowls of cake batter; 3 vanilla and 3 chocolate. Will you do that for me?"

"Sure, no problem," Deanna said.

"I should be back in about a 45 minutes. Just leave the batters in the bowl till I arrive. I’ll help you when I get back. Thanks again, Deanna. You’re the best!"

Deanna hung up the phone and should have felt warm and fuzzy from the compliment. Instead she felt terrible. Deanna was sure that when Kelly learned what had happened she no longer would be "the best" any more.

A little after 3:00 Kelly came back. She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a beautiful red, sleeveless satin gown with matching elbow length gloves and spike shoes. The dress gently hugged her well-toned body. Not too tight that it rolled anywhere but not so loose that it fell away from her body.

The neckline plunged deeply revealing a sharp cleavage formed by Kelly’s large breasts. A slit ran up the front to Kelly’s thighs allowing her shapely legs to easily push apart the smooth material as she walked. She was definitely dressed to the nines.

"Wow," Deanna gulped when she saw Kelly. "You look gorgeous!"

"Thanks," Kelly said as she beamed a smile. "It’s for the engagement later on."

"Well, you shouldn’t be helping me with these bowls of batter. I don’t want you to ruin your dress," Deanna protested.

"Oh," Kelly responded, "I’ll be just fine. Don’t forget I’ve been doing this for a long time now. I think I know my way around the kitchen."

"Well, if you’re sure that you’ll be OK with it… umm, Kelly, can we sit down and talk while we’re working on these?"

"Sure, Deanna," Kelly said, "sit down at the table and I’ll join you."

Deanna sat down with the large bowl of vanilla mix she had been stirring by hand. Kelly quickly added the ingredients for a chocolate cake in the 6th bowl and sat down next to her. Deanna’s heart was pounding and her stomach felt like it was in her throat.

Deanna began to tell the story of what had happened two days ago. How a misunderstanding over her old boyfriend, Ian, with a woman customer and her daughter resulted in a very messy food fight in the store.

Deanna tried very hard to keep her composure but by the end of the story it became more and more difficult to speak. Finally the words began to trip on her tongue and the emotions backed up inside her till they spilled out as tears from her eyes. Between sniffles all she could say was, "I’m so sorry… please don’t fire me."

Kelly reached out her hand and grabbed Deanna’s arm. Deanna looked up with tear-filled eyes and saw the compassion on Kelly’s face.

"Oh, Deanna… it’s OK," Kelly pleaded. "I know what it’s like to lose someone you love to another woman. I think I’d probably feel just as angry as you did if the one who stole him away were to rub it in my face. I understand, really, I do.

"Don’t worry about your job. I’m not going to fire you. As a matter of fact, I’m sort of proud."

Kelly’s words of reassurance had calmed down Deanna but now she was a little confused by those last remarks.

"You’re proud of me?" Deanna asked with unbelief. "How in the world can you be proud of me for what I’ve done?"

"Well…" Kelly continued, "I know about what happened here on Monday. At least I knew most of what happened but not why it happened."

"How did you find out?" asked Deanna.

"I guess you didn’t know about the security system in this place. The videotape showed almost everything that happened. Plus, when I was going over the books, I noticed that there were a lot of pies and cakes purchased by Margaret Gordon along with many others purchased by some ‘street walk-in’.

"We normally don’t have that much over-the-counter business and the charges for the items were more than the inventory sold."

"Oh…" Deanna said, "I tried to guess as to how many cakes and pies that much filling and batter would have made. I guess I was a little off, but I wanted to make sure that I covered the costs."

"And that’s why I’m proud of you, Deanna," smiled Kelly. "As far as you were concerned, there wasn’t any video tape. You could have kept quiet about it and simply lied if I were to question you, but you didn’t. You cleaned the mess, paid for the damages and yet still came to me and confessed. I’d say that’s pretty admirable.

"If it hadn’t been for the video tape I might not have ever thought twice about it.

"Of course starting a food fight with customers wasn’t such a hot idea. If it hadn’t been for Margaret and Veronica being good sports about it and taking on equal responsibility you could have easily been arrested and charged with assault and battery, not to mention it being very bad for my business to have such publicity. You were very lucky."

"I know," Deanna said with some relief, "I shouldn’t have done that. I let my emotions take control of my actions. It won’t happen again, I promise."

"I believe you," said Kelly, "but there is something about that incident that I need to ask about and I want you to give me a straight answer, don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me the truth, OK?"

"I will," Deanna responded.

"On the video I couldn’t hear what was being said, but it appeared after the fight you were all apologizing to one another and making up. You even shared some friendly hugs so I assume that everything was squared away. Is that correct?"

"Oh, yes," Deanna replied. "All three of us are cool. I don’t have any bad feelings towards either Veronica or Margaret and they have nothing against me. If anything we’ve started a good friendship. It’s safe to say that we’re all angry with Ian, but that’s water under the bridge."

"That’s good to hear," said Kelly. "However after the anger and hurt had been released and the three of you had reconciled your differences, you still messed each other up with more pies and whipped cream. It seemed like you were enjoying getting dirty.

"Tell me, Deanna, did you enjoy getting messy and doing the same to the other women?"

Deanna paused for a moment and her eyes got a little larger. She looked down at the bowl of batter and began stirring again. Not sure how this was going to sound when she said it she drew in a deep breath and pressed on.

"Kelly, the truth is I did enjoy it. It was fun and exciting, you know… something kind of naughty."

"I see," said Kelly as she too returned to mixing her chocolate batter. "Do you think getting messy is something you might do again?"

"Actually – I already did, " Deanna confessed – her heart beating a little faster. "Last night I got out some eggs, pancake batter and syrup and got messy with that."

Deanna looked up at Kelly to see what her response was but Kelly showed no emotion. She just continued stirring the batter.

After several long minutes Kelly said, "I understand how you might enjoy that sort of thing. It does have an interesting and exciting fascination. Yet, I need to know that you wouldn’t do something like that again to our customers."

"Oh! Of course not!" Deanna blurted.

"If a rude customer came into the store some day while I wasn’t here getting under your skin and did something like this – you wouldn’t retaliate, would you?"

With that remark Kelly took the spoon, which she’d been using to stir the batter, and rubbed it along the length of Deanna’s nose.

Deanna was stunned. She slowly picked up a towel and wiped off the large smear of chocolate on her nose.

Oh no, thought Deanna, Kelly is really pissed at me. "Absolutely not! I would never do anything like that to a customer again. No matter how rude they were to me. You have to believe me, Kelly."

"OK," Kelly said, "I believe you."

Kelly continued to mix her batter as did Deanna. Another several moments of silence passed then Kelly picked up her conversation again.

"Let’s say it isn’t a stranger who comes into the store. Let’s say it’s a good friend who’s just having fun and things get a little out of hand. Let’s say they do something like this – what would you do?"

Kelly laid the stirring spoon on the table. Deanna looked up and watched Kelly slowly take her gloved hand and hover it over the bowl of batter. She slowly placed her index finger into the thick, creamy mixture then drew it out and let the brown batter drip off the end of her finger.

Deanna watched with fascinated apprehension as Kelly now took her whole hand and slowly pushed it into the brown goo. Kelly left it in for a couple of seconds then brought her hand out. Her once beautiful, satin glove was now given a thick layer of glistening batter dripping off the fingertips and back into the bowl. Kelly looked directly into Deanna’s eyes then reached out her arm and began smearing the glove over Deanna’s face.

Batter covered almost every spot of Deanna’s face and into her hair. Deanna was still unsure of what was happening. Was Kelly really mad at her or was something else happening? She decided not to take any chances and answered, "Even if it were some friend, I wouldn’t start a food fight…"

"Deanna…" Kelly said with a low, sultry voice, "you’re not the only one who likes to get messy. That’s one of the reasons why I got involved with this business. I liked getting messy. Why do you think I have a big shower in my office? I use it to clean up myself after I’ve had a messy session."

Deanna sat motionless with batter dripping from her face onto her apron. She watched as a devilish smile slowly came across Kelly’s face, then she smiled too. She did nothing to stop the exciting feeling of the cool liquid staining her face as it ran down her neck.

"Now, let me ask you again," Kelly continued. "Let’s say it’s a very close friend, like me, and we’re all alone. There are 40 extra pies and six large bowls of batter just sitting around. The door is locked and we’re in a playful mood. What would you do if I did something like this?"

Kelly took both hands and dipped them in the batter. Both gloves, ruined by the chocolate pudding, hung heavy with the sweet sauce. Kelly put a hand on either side of Deanna’s face and began massaging her whole head.

Deanna’s hair soon was soaked and matted down in chocolate but she loved every second of it.

"Well," Deanna said after Kelly had finished, "if it were you and I here alone and you did that to me I would probably do this…"

Deanna dipped both her hands into the vanilla batter and began rubbing Kelly’s face and hair in retaliation. Kelly gave a slight moan as the cool liquid touched her body then the two began to giggle.

"I take it you’re not really going to any engagement tonight," said Deanna, "and that the pies and batter aren’t for any party."

"Oh there is an engagement and party," Kelly said. "The party is here and the engagement is your punishment. You can’t have messy fun in my store and not invite me. I’m afraid you’ll need a dose of humble pie."

"Ooooh," Deanna squealed with delight. "I’ve been a bad girl, I deserve to be punished."

"Very well. Please stand up and take off your apron."

Deanna obediently complied with the order. It was difficult to stand due to the quivering anticipation her body was feeling but she rose to her feet, untied her apron and tossed it on the table.

Kelly picked up two banana cream pies and placed them on the floor in front of Deanna.

"Step onto these pies," Kelly commanded.

Deanna gingerly pressed first one black shoe into the meringue then stepped in with full weight. The yellow custard oozed out and over the top of her shoe. Then Deanna duplicated the action with her other foot.

The feeling of ruining her good shoes was so exciting. She loved it!

"OK, now step back out, take off your shoes and then stand back in the pies again," Kelly whispered.

Deanna obliged her master. The feeling of her stocking feet sliding into the creamy mess made her sigh with delight. She rocked back and forth and ground her feet in the mess to force the mixture into the pores of her nylons. It was cool and wet to her skin.

Kelly pulled a chair around and placed it behind Deanna. She then picked out a chocolate cream pie and placed it on the seat of the chair.

"I want you to pull your nylons down, Deanna."

Deanna reached under the black skirt with her messy hands and pulled down her nylons to her knees.

"That’s far enough," Kelly said. "Now, lift up your skirt."

Deanna grabbed the hem of her skirt with her custard covered hands and pulled it up to her waist. Her exposed white, cotton, bikini panties outlined her round bottom. The rush of cool air on her thighs and hips made her tingle.

Kelly placed her messy hands on Deanna’s shoulders. Her gloves, still soaked with the chocolate batter, stained her silk blouse a dark brown color. She gently pressed Deanna slowly into the waiting pie.

Kelly looked directly into Deanna’s eyes as she pushed her down. When Deanna’s warm, soft mound and smooth cheeks touched the cool, sticky cream on top of the pie Deanna drew in a quick breath and gasped. Kelly could see in Deanna’s eyes exactly what she was feeling for she’d experienced that sensation many times before. However, this was the first time that she was able to share it with a friend.

Kelly continued to push Deanna into the pie making her grind her hips into the frothy goo. A large amount of pie filling pushed out from under Deanna’s bottom and plopped onto her feet. It had a wonderful sound.

Kelly picked up another cream pie and slapped it onto the front of Deanna’s panties. Again, Deanna quivered with delight and gasped for air as Kelly rotated the pie smearing it all over Kelly’s underwear.

"OK, you may put your skirt down now, Deanna."

Deanna smoothed out the skirt over her legs and waited while Kelly picked up the bowl of vanilla batter from the table. She knelt down in front of Deanna and placed the bowl on the floor. Then, with quick tugs, she ripped Deanna’s nylons off from her legs.

Deanna had remembered how intense the erotic feeling was when Veronica had held her in place and Margaret poured batter down her pants. Being dominated by another woman was a bit exciting to her and she breathed faster with each rip of the stockings.

Kelly pulled off the final shreds of material from Deanna’s feet. She picked up the bowl and began to pour the contents slowly over Deanna’s knees.

The thick fluid ran in swirls down her legs and pooled at her feet. When enough of the yellow cream had been applied Kelly started to massage Deanna’s legs smearing the batter completely over every inch of her smooth gams.

Kelly picked up the bowl and stood up. Deanna sat motionless as Kelly poured the entire mixture of batter onto her lap. There was just enough material on the skirt that it formed a shallow depression when the weight of the batter fell onto the surface. Acting as a bowl the skirt held a large portion until it began to overflow and run down the sides of Deanna’s hips and legs.

Kelly helped the soaking process by rubbing her hands all over Deanna’s lower torso until the entire front portion of the black skirt had been layered with a sweet, yellow covering. Kelly enjoyed rubbing the sticky glop around Deanna’s slender hips.

When she had finished ruining the skirt she instructed Deanna to stand again. Pie filling dropped off from under her skirt as she stood. Still with both feet in the pies on the floor Kelly asked her to lean forward with hands on the table. She continued massaging Deanna’s skirt around her cute butt until the back side was as destroyed as the front.

Kelly lifted up the skirt and tucked the hem under the waist line holding it up permanently. With Deanna’s beautiful tush exposed Kelly picked up two cream pies and whacked Deanna’s bottom. One pie on each cheek, rubbing and twisting them around until her knickers were thoroughly soiled.

Kelly then grabbed the bowl of chocolate batter she was mixing, pulled back the waist band of Deanna’s panties and emptied the entire bowl of the creamy substance over her buns.

The thick batter made Deanna’s panties bulge as the brown liquid filled up the space. Chocolate batter began to seep out from under the elastic bands around her legs and spill out over the top. Batter ran down Deanna and, as Kelly rubbed the panties into Deanna’s body, the cool mixture squirted up inside her private orifices.

Deanna was almost on the verge of ecstasy. All she could do was quiver and sigh a long, "ooooohhh!" as the batter slithered all the way down her long legs and emptied into the cake tins she was standing in.

When Kelly had finished rubbing the batter around she pulled Deanna’s skirt out from its tuck and laid it back down over her bottom. She patted it down so the inside would stick to the chocolate. Then she grabbed two pies and smashed them again on the outside of her skirt, wiping them down until the entire back side of her skirt was slimed over with chocolate and cream.

She had Deanna stand upright again the smashed two more pies to Deanna’s hips wiping them down then two on the front. Deanna’s bottom half was completely covered with pies, cream and batter. Kelly smiled at her.

Kelly had Deanna sit back down into the mess on the chair. She obediently and wantonly wriggled her sweet cheeks into the accumulation of pies and batter with a smile on her face. The feeling of squishy, messy food being pressed all over her good clothes and body was intoxicating.

Kelly grabbed two pies and hit Deanna directly on the chest. One pie delivered to each breast. She twisted, rocked, rubbed and wiped the pies until the once white, silk shirt was a smeared brown and white almost see-through piece of flimsy, streaked material. The shirt clung so tightly to Deanna’s contours that the outline of the bra she wore underneath could be easily seen.

Kelly took her hands and wiped pie around Deanna’s firm breasts, over her shoulders, down her sleeves and onto her flat tummy. She continued this until the shirt was completely saturated.

Then she delivered the quintessential pie to the face. A great smack of a sound as the heavy, cream pie was smashed square onto Deanna’s beautiful countenance. The consistency of the filling was so thick and even that when Kelly pulled the tin away you could not see any features on Deanna. It was a solid sheet of pie with whipped cream pressed into the hair hanging down the sides of her head.

Deanna didn’t move a muscle; didn’t even attempt to wipe away the pie. The sensation was mesmerizing, if she could she would have bottled that feeling so she could wear it all day long like a favorite perfume. If only it could stay there forever, she thought.

Before the pie to the face had a chance to slide off Deanna was greeted with another on top of the head. Kelly plopped this one down rather gently so as not to lose too much filling and cream in the delivery. Then she pressed it down into Deanna’s hair twisting and wiping it down the back.

All of Deanna’s hair behind her was matted down flat to her back. There was hardly a strand that hadn’t been soiled with pie.

Then came a cream pie sandwich. Kelly stood behind Deanna and fired the blast smashing the mess onto what few clean parts of Deanna’s head was left.

Deanna began to giggle and wiped away enough pie from her eyes so she could see.

"Oh, this is great!" Deanna cried out.

"I’m glad you like it," retorted Kelly. "And now, for the final measure of punishment."

Kelly picked up another mixture of chocolate cake batter and poured it directly over Deanna’s head. Deanna raised her face to greet the precious liquid and welcomed its cascading flow down her body.

The thick chocolate encased Deanna flowing completely over her pretty face; over her hair; down her neck; into and over her shirt; onto her lap. Kelly looked at the engulfed figure and it reminded her a little of chocolate rabbits you see at Easter time. How good they are to eat.

Kelly used her hand to wipe the last drops of batter. Both women began to massage the sticky mixture all over Deanna’s body turning her into a solid wall of sugar. They laughed and giggled as the wandering hands spread the sweet confection.

Kelly leaned close to Deanna’s ear and whispered, "Now it’s your turn. I want you to treat me like you did Margaret and Veronica. Tie me up and get me messy. Get me very, very messy."

Deanna’s heart quickened its beating as she turned to face Kelly. As a mischievous smile grew on Deanna’s gunged face she thought how she must have the most wonderful job in the world.

To be continued…

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  1. I love watching ladies pie eachother! I enjoy seeing women creamed! This is fun to watch!