Really. LOTS of weather.

I need a better cover story. After less than a week at my new day job, a co-worker asks:

“So, you have WordPress experience?”
“Yep! Done some decent work!”
“What kind of blog are you working on now?”
“Oh… I… manage a site… for a friend.”
“Cool, I’d love to see it! Let’s pull it up!”
“Well… errr… it’s a bit adult in nature.”
“Oooo, really? What kind of stuff do you talk about?”
“D’uhhh… kind of obscure, really… you probably haven’t heard of it… Oh! Say! Lot of weather we’re having, huh?”


So, I’m going to mess with the site this weekend. Folks may have to re-register, but if this works, I will be able to offer free bonus content to the registered members. Free is good, right?

If I break the site, bear with me. It will be back quickly!