Messy Birthday 2007

Shokolada sitting in a big trash bag, covered in pie and pudding

This is by far the most popular picture I’ve ever posted on FetLife. I’ve got to do it again sometime soon… it was so amazing the first time! Here’s how it went down:

Imagine a dessert list with 25 whipped cream pies — 4 buckets each full of a different color of cake batter — 2 half-sheet cakes and a round layer cake — several cans of whipped cake frosting — 3 bags of marshmallows — 2 packets of strawberry PopRocks. That night, I ended up wearing everything on this list!

This was my birthday scene, and I certainly vaguely resembled a cake when it was over – or perhaps, the bakery’s leftovers. Mei planned the whole thing, but asked for my help and advice with the pre-shopping. Rarely have I gotten so worked up over a trip to Wal-Mart! We held the scene at a kink party, and the necessary supplies took up the trunk and back seat of my foreign car. Just getting our donated play area tarped up and the supplies prepped took over half an hour.

When the time came to begin the scene, I mixed up 5 boxes of cake batter into each bucket, by hand. (A mixer would have been far better.) A few of the ladies at the party wandered in, having heard of the upcoming scene, and ended up helping make the cream pies. (One pie tin + an entire 16oz. tub of Cool Whip, thawed overnight in a styrofoam cooler of fridge = one juicy, sloppy, heavy-coverage pie!)

This was to be a bagged scene, so we set up the plastic frame, looked at the clock, and knew it was time. The scene was open to the whole party, and several more of the guests wandered in to watch. I triple-bagged the frame, and Mei had me put one of the sheet cakes in the bottom. There wasn’t any further wait… I stripped, climbed in and sat down in the bottom.

Any kinky person should sit down naked in a sheet cake at least once. The sensation is at once mortifying and erotic; if you have kinks like mine, it’s blissful. Mei brought over a special pie she’d made on a pizza pan… 8 inches of Cool Whip, spray whipped cream, and marshmallow decorations. Seconds after laying eyes on it, it was laid on me… a pizza pan of cream pie right in the face.

I can’t go into a step-by-step… I was far too floaty and blissful to retain that. But Mei offered pie privileges to any party guest who asked… I proceeded to be pied, caked, and battered by one lovely lady after another (and a few hot guys, too). One of the guests found the leftover marshmallows and began pitching them at me, trying to get them to stick to various parts of my body.Even though it was a 55-gallon bag I sat in, the goop filled up to my chest by the time they were all done!

I love messy play. I love the look of the stuff all over a playmate, but when I receive, I love the feel of it on my body. I love the thick, slippery textures. I love the giggling and fun of a playmate reveling in the chance to shove an entire tub of whipped cream in my face at once. I love wiping my eyes clear, only to feel more goo sliding down over my face from an upturned bucket. It’s sensual, and decadent, and naughty, and submissive, and silly. And Mei gave me an hour of unbridled hedonism, that I was able to share with a whole bunch of friends. I can’t thank her enough!

The shower stall was 4 rooms, a staircase, and a hallway away – and yet, I got there and got clean without tarping any of it, and without a single spot or stain on the floor or walls. You may imagine how I managed that.