— by Shokolada—

Jeanette checked the batteries in the camera. They were fully charged, and the memory card was clear.

* Cold, sticky slickness slid down her chest, slipping over her nipple and making it jump to attention. Paula’s tongue swooped in to clear some of the vanilla-flavored tracks left behind, coming so close to that sensitive spot… *

She checked the floor and walls. The silver tape held down the plastic sheeting nicely; neither Jeanette nor Paula would forget the lengthy cleanup from the time a strip of tape came loose just as the pudding hit the wall.

* Velvety chocolate running down Paula’s hair, her shoulderblades, and the small of her back as Jeanette sketched love notes and dirty words in the delicious fingerpaint… *

Nothing that would stain was left in the path to the big shower in the bathroom. Luckily, that first bathmat had been a cheap discount-store refugee, and really not worth trying to save.

* Paula’s delighted giggle as she grabbed a pair of banana cream pies, and slapped them simultaneously to each side of Jeanette’s already goeey head. “I herd U like sammiches so I made you a sammich for dessert!” she squealed… *

She brought in a stack of shop towels, and set them nearby, to make certain that they’d be able to clear eyes, noses, and anywhere else necessary.

* Jeanette tasted both cake and Paula as her tongue darted into the gap between Paula’s thighs. Paula groaned at the ceiling, and lifted her legs a little to try to clamp Jeanette’s head into place. All the slippery goo made this impossible, so Paula brought her shins around behind Jeanette’s head as she upended a bowl of brownie batter over her feasting lover… *

There wasn’t anything left to do. The oven continued roasting dinner, the bouquet of flowers spread their fragrance through the front hall, and the clock stubbornly refused to move any faster. One more hour before the whipped cream in the fridge finished defrosting, and two more hours until Paula got home from work to discover Jeanette’s idea of a quiet anniversary evening. These would be two long hours.


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