Catch-up Posts

Not ketchup posts: that stuff is more noxious to play with in large quantities than you’d think. Anyway. My time-management skills failed my a bit last week, and I’m a bit behind in several announcements. The pie-based TARDIS is still under development, so going back to last Monday is out of the question. So anyway.

First: I had the wonderful privilege of appearing on The Big Little Podcast last week, for The Big Show. The BLP is a podcast for those curious about the many perspectives and variations of kinky and erotic ageplay, and the people behind it are amazing. I’ve used the trappings of ageplay often in my messy dessert scenes, and that play often inhabits a space between grownup sexuality and the immaturity of a child; so I thought I had something to contribute. Mako and Spacey made me feel especially welcome, even when my microphone began to think I was a trance DJ. If you have even the slightest curiosity about ageplay, you should head right over to their podcast ASAP.

Second: I’ll not be presenting any of my classes at this incarnation of Debauchery, but I will be doing short ‘tastes’ of encasement play at their Exploratorium. One’s Exploratorium experience can be enhanced by donations to the NCSF, so I’m bringing the pallet wrap, trash bags, duct tape… and even my vac bed and “subbie storage” trash can! It’s looking like Oct. 28th will kick off quite a weekend!

Third: I am, however, presenting two classes at The Geeky Kink Event the weekend after! Attendees will be able to check out “Wrapped, Bagged, and Packed: Plastic Encasement” and “Fetish Hits the Fan: Kink in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Fandom” with moi, standing in front blathering and probably dressed funny 🙂 So, my fellow pervy nerds – the event tickets are selling out fast! Check it out!

And those notes are both much of what I’m behind on, and a lot of why! There’s more fun stuff coming very soon, so stick around…

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