One More Splatterday Night

– by The Mongoose –

Denise was kicking back one Saturday afternoon, getting some studying out of the way, when Jamie burst into her room wearing a big grin. “Yo, Denise. Watcha doing tonight?” “I should keep studying, but I wouldn’t mind hitting a party later.” responded Denise. “Do you know about any?”

“Funny you should mention that…” said Jamie as she sat down next Denise and started stroking her long, dirty blonde hair “A couple of friends invited me over to their place tonight for a get together. I’m sure they’d love to meet you.” “I dunno. What are you all doing?” “That’s classified information.” Jamie then kissed Denise lightly on the lips and said invitingly “Wear those crotchless pantyhose. Things are gonna get wild tonight.” “Now I’m intrigued!” shot back Denise as she grabbed Jamie and rolled on top of her “Can I get a sneak preview?” “A quick one!” said Jamie as she pulled down her shorts to reveal her neatly trimmed bush. Denise reached down to finger her friend and P.I.E. sister, as the two exchanged a wet french kiss. “Mmmm. you get me sooo hot.” moaned Denise as she licked her fingers, wet with Jamie’s juices. “Okay. That’s enough for now.” blurted out Jamie, breaking the mood “I’ve got a ton of errands to run. I’ll leave directions for you.” “What should I wear?” “Mmmmm….How ’bout that little black cocktail dress and those black spaghetti strap sandals with the stiletto heels.” “Sounds like a plan. What are you gonna wear, Jamie?”

“It’s a surprise.” teased Jamie as she jotted the directions down “But I think you’ll like it. Make sure you are there by 9:00 tonight.” “Okay. I’ll try to keep my mind on Statistics in the meantime.”

When Denise arrived, she was greeted at the door by a short, sexy girl with long, curly brown hair. Her eyes were big and green, her lips full and pouty, and her skin tanned and flawless mediterranean. She was dressed in a white slip dress, tan stockings, and a pair of white, strappy high-heeled sandals. She was perfectly made up. She looked at Denise in a way that left no doubt about her intentions. “Mmmmm. Jamie said you were cute, but wow…you look just like that little knockout in that movie Wild Things.” The petite brunette extended her hand “My name’s Heather. Denise, you’ll be joining me for the full treatment.” “Sounds great, Heather. But where’s Jamie?”

“Jamie will be with us momentarily.” reassured Heather Heather took Denise by the hand, and led her to a vinyl sofa with one arm, as if it were a piece of a sectional. The two vixens sat down on the sofa and Heather proceeded to ring a small handbell. A gorgeous redhead dressed up like a french maid entered the room. She was fairly tall (5’8), and leggy, her porcelean skin lightly covered in freckles. Her strawberry blonde hair was shoulder length, winged back and feathered. Her eyes were baby blue. She curtsied and then focused her attention on Heather, while barely stifling a giggle. “Wendy, this is our new friend Denise. She’s come to join us with the festivities tonight.” Heather began stroking Denise’s thigh “I think she’d like the full treatment, and I’d like the same.” “A most excellent selection, madam.” Wendy began to giggle “My assistant and I will be back in a moment.” When Wendy returned, she was pushing a five foot rolling tray filled with a variety of cream pies, cakes, and other foodstuffs. Behind her with another tray was Jamie. She was dressed identically to Wendy, wearing a french maid costume, fishnet stockings, and black, strappy 4 inch high-heeled sandals. Her long blond hair was tied back in a ponytail. Jamie smiled devilishly as she picked up a gooey, oversized coconut cream pie and slowly sauntered over to Denise. Mustering up her most seductive voice, she asked “Are you going to rub that pie in my face?” “Oh, you bet I am,” cooed Jamie as she paused to momentarily nibble on Denise’s ear Before Denise could respond, Jamie smushed the coconut cream pie into her face, slowly twisting it for maximum facial coverage. Denise’s whole body tingled as the pie cream smeared lusciously all over her perfectly made up face. When Jamie removed the pie tin, large pieces of crust slowly fell off Denise’s face onto her ample cleavage, leaving her face totally covered with white pie cream. Jamie used her tongue to clear away Denise’s eyes just in time to witness Wendy giving Heather a faceful of chocolate cream pie. Heather smacked her lips to indicate her approval. As the two french maids got up to procure more ammo, the two pied beauties admired each other’s creamy visage and shared a brief kiss. Soon enough, Wendy and Jamie had returned, each girl armed with two banana cream pies. Wendy delivered both her pies to Denise’s face, one right after the other. Jamie used her pies to sandwich Heather’s face. “Wow, I am so pied!” exclaimed Denise “Give me more! I want more!”

“Ask and you shall receive!” replied Wendy, as she dumped a tub of Kool Wip into Denise’s cleavage and then used her hands to reach in and massage her braless breasts. Jamie, meanwhile, pulled Heather’s dress down to her waist and then took two key lime pies out of their tins and pied her bare breasts with them. She kissed Heather full on the lips as she did this, and Heather was starting to get wet between her legs. Denise looked over and felt a twinge of jealously, but it quickly dissapated as Wendy pulled her dress down and started sucking on her cream covered breasts. Next, the two french maids each produced two cans of spray cream. Both Denise and Heather got completely coated from head to waist in spray cream. Both girls then had their dresses removed, leaving Denise wearing only her tan, crotchless pantyhose and black sandals and Heather wearing her white garter, tan stockings and white sandals. Wendy then directed them to kneel on the sofa, facing each other. Jamie re-emerged, carrying two large lemon merangue pies. She proceeded to simultaneously pie Heather’s and Denise’s butts, pushing the two girls into each other, prompting them to kiss and fondle each other. Wendy followed up with two frosted blueberry pies, which she rubbed into each girl’s wet muff, getting them even hotter. Denise and Heather began to finger each other, moaning softly between kisses. As their lovemaking intensified, the two french maids dumped a large pot of oatmeal over their heads. As a finishing touch, Heather and Denise each received a gooey chocolate cream pie in the face, lovingly rubbed in by Wendy and Jamie, respectively. Both girls orgasmed almost immediately, before collapsing in a heap. Wendy and Jamie almost fell down laughing at the sight of the two messy lovers exhaustedly nuzzling each other “Okay! That’s enough!” Wendy shouted out as she sat down on the sofa between Denise and Heather and handed each a banana cream pie. “I’m off duty! Somebody pie me!” Denise and Heather promptly obliged, singing Happy Birthday before sandwiching Wendy’s cherubic face with the pies. “Wow! That feels soooo… good.” As Wendy wiped pie cream from her eyes, Jamie re-emerged carrying a long, overfrosted, sheet cake. Denise and Heather lined their faces up next to Wendy’s and Jamie smushed the cake into all three faces. When Jamie removed the sheet, all three faces were completely coated in gooey, pink and white frosting. Excess cake was smeared all over Wendy’s already somewhat messy uniform, and massaged into her breasts. Denise and Wendy got involved in a passionate french kiss/breast massage. Heather got up and fetched two cherry pies while Jamie picked up two key lime pies. Heather, after getting Wendy’s attention, flung the cherry pie into her face, splattering cherry filling all over. She then did the same to Denise, even more forcefully. Heather then unlaced the front of Wendy’s uniform and pulled it down to reveal Wendy’s ample breasts. Jamie took the key lime pies and rubbed them into Wendy’s breasts, concentrating on her fully erect nipples. Denise grabbed two lemon merangue pies, and sandwiched Heather’s head and face with them. Both girls then picked up a coconut cream pie and re-focused their energy on Wendy. As Jamie sucked on Wendy’s stiff delicious nipples, Heather removed her maid uniform and panties and pied her wet pussy. Denise used her pie to once again coat Wendy’s face in white. Denise then slid down and began to suck on Wendy’s right breast while Jamie continued to nibble on her left. Heather buried her face between Wendy’s legs and began to tongue away. Wendy moaned and writhed as all three tongues explored her pleasure zones. This went on for a few minutes, until Wendy motioned to Jamie to get more pies. Two chocolate cream pies were procured, one of which was handed to Denise. Heather now had zeroed in on Wendy’s clit, and Wendy’s moans intensified accordingly. Sensing Wendy was about to orgasm, Jamie took her pie and smashed it into Wendy’s face, twisting the crust into little pieces. Denise followed accordingly and Wendy exploded into a furious orgasm. When Heather was finished she climbed up on top of Wendy and gave her a sloppy kiss. The two pie faced lovers smiled at each other and rubbed noses affectionately. Meanwhile Denise and Jamie stood up and faced each other. Jamie licked her lips seductively. She had spent all evening pieing her gorgeous girlfriends and withstanding the temptation to let herself have it. It was now time for her pretty, lightly freckled puss to be on the receiving end of some gooey, creamy pies. Denise could see that her sorority sister and shower buddy was dying to receive her first pie in the face of the evening. Picking up a squirt bottle of chocolate syrup, Denise decided to build Jamie’s anticipation by squirting syrup all over her maid’s uniform. Heather and Wendy both got in the act and soon, Jamie was coated with syrup from her neck on down. Denise then picked up two strawberry gateux and proceeded to empty the contents into Jamie’s cleavage, using her hands to massage them into her breasts. Jamie loved the feel of Denise’s hands rubbing the creamy mess all around her fully erect nipples, but the pouty look on her face betrayed her need for immediate face-pie contact. Heather continued the tease by sandwiching Jamie’s pulled back hair with two key lime pies, leaving her perfectly made up face spotless. Wendy took a lemon merangue pie, lifted up Jamie’s skirt and pied her panty clad butt. Denise then pied the front of Jamie’s panties, making sure to slip a finger between her wet folds while working the pie in. Denise then made a show of sucking the same digit clean seductively, before picking up a coconut cream pie and holding it to Jamie’s face. Jamie gave Denise a puppy dog look as her sorority sister teased her with the pie. “Oh I can’t hold out any longer.” moaned Jamie in a baby girl voice as she lightly stroked Denise’s pussy. “Will you pleeeease let me have it?” Denise finally obliged and smushed the coconut cream pie into Jamie’s waiting face. “Wow! That feels so nice.” cooed Jamie as she wiped her eyes clear. “You look so hot all covered in pie…” said Denise before she kissed Jamie passionately on the lips. “…I wish I had a big hard cock to fuck your brains out with.” “Funny you should mention that…” giggled Wendy “…Heather and I have a wide selection of toys for your sapphic satisfaction. May I recommend this strap-on model with corresponding tickler? You’ll be the hit of the party!” While Heather went to get the dildo, Wendy and Denise took turns smearing all white whipped cream pies in Jamie’s face. Heather soon returned and proceeded to strap the dildo on Denise and wipe her face clean. Wendy stripped Jamie down to her fishnet stockings and high heeled sandals and cleaned off her face with a stripped towel. Denise then led Jamie over to the sofa, laid her down on her back and propped her head up with a couple of pillows. Jamie spread her legs wide open as Denise climbed atop her and gently inserted the dildo. Denise’s first couple of thrusts were tentative, but soon she started to get into a rhythm. Jamie wrapped her legs tightly around Denise as each thrust penetrated her deeper and deeper. Both girls had momentarily forgotton about pies, until Wendy snuck up behind Denise and smeared an entire tub of Kool Wip in her face, dripping the excess cream onto Jamie’s relatively clean, bare breasts. Denise cleared her eyes, licked her lips and then wrapped her arms around Jamie and gave her a deep soul kiss. Almost as soon as their lips parted, Heather plastered each girl’s face with a banana cream pie. The fresh coating of pie cream sent both Denise’s and Jamie’s libidos into overdrive and the thrusting and grinding intensified to an almost convulsive level. Seeing that the two were on the verge of orgasm, Heather and Wendy decided to subject their passion contorted faces to a rapid fire series of whipped cream pies. Denise was loudly moaning “Oh oh oh oh…” and Jamie was practically screaming. The pieings continued until the final climax and beyond. It was complete overkill as both girls faces and bodies were totally coated with white cream. The two lovers collapsed into each others arms, savoring the moment, softly nuzzling each other. After giving Denise and Jamie a couple of minutes to regain their energy, Wendy shouted out “Swap partners!” and extended her arm towards Denise. As Denise got up off the floor, Jamie removed the dildo from her friend’s waist, all the while staring at Heather lustfully. The petite brunette picked up a fresh towel, walked over to Jamie and cleared off her face. Heather then handed Jamie the towel and the long haired blonde returned the favor. The two girls looked at each other and giggled before Heather took the initiative and pulled Jamie towards her and began sucking on her tongue. Jamie responded by playfully fingering Heather’s pussy. “So ya gonna fuck me or what?” Heather whispered into Jamie’s ear as the two girls lay down between two trays of lemon merangue pies.. “Mmmmaybe” deadpanned Jamie as she subtly planted a pie in Heather’s face. Heather paused for a moment and smacked her lips. “Thanks. I needed tha…” Before she could finish, Heather was on the receiving end of another bakery bombshell. “Oooh, you’re sneaky…” she said as she cleared her eyes and picked up a pie off her own. “…but not sneaky enough” Heather quickly turned and aimed her pie at Jamie’s face. However, Jamie had the same idea, and was ready with another pie. The two girls pied each other’s face simultaneously, as Jamie wrapped her leg around Heather’s. Heather turned her back to Jamie, who slid over so that her breasts rubbed up against Heather’s back. Jamie reached over to grab a pie, which she promptly smushed into Heather’s breasts. As Jamie massaged Heather’s breasts, she nibbled on her ear and neck, prompting the lusty brunette to begin fingering herself. Soon her hand was joined by another, as Jamie joined in. Slowly grinding in unison, Jamie managed to get Heather quite worked up. “I think you’re ready now, Heather.” cooed Jamie as she spread her lover’s legs and climbed in between. Jamie strapped on the dildo and positioned herself directly above Heather. “Penetrate me.” purred the sultry brunette. Jamie happily obliged, guiding the dildo between Heather’s wet folds. Each slow thrust produced a gentle moan from Heather, who showed her appreciation by pieing Jamie’s face. She then took a second pie, and treated herself to a facial. Jamie giggled and began to rub noses with Heather, before exchanging a series of brief soft kisses. Jamie then planted her arms and began to increase the intensity of her thrusts. Heather spread her legs wider, allowing Jamie to penetrate even deeper. Heather’s moans turned to screams, as Jamie approached full speed. Moments later, both girls orgasmed simultaneously. Jamie collapsed next to Heather and removed the dildo. “Damn, that was a workout…” giggled the pie coated blonde “…I have a whole new respect for guys.” “Who needs a man, when someone as soft and beautiful as you can fuck my brains out?” said Heather as she smoothly smeared one of the remaining pies all over Jamie’s face. “Yeah, I crave women.” said Jamie as she wiped pie from her eyes. “The way they look, the way they feel…” “…the way their pussy tastes…” “Yeah, that too!” giggled Jamie as she treated Heather to a sensuous pie in the face “I bet yours tastes pretty good…” “I’ll let you taste mine, if I can taste yours.”

Heather climbed on top of Jamie, spread her legs, and lowered her pussy to Jamie’s lips. She then lowered her head and began tonguing Jamie’s wet mound. The 69 went on for about five minutes, until each girl orgasmed once again. Meanwhile…….. As Heather and Jamie were messing about, Wendy and Denise prepared for some creamy fun of their own. Wendy began the proceedings by slowly tilting a punch bowl filled with butterscotch pudding over Denise’s upturned face. The pudding slowly began to drip down Denise’s face, eventually obliterating her features. Wendy took a second bowl and poured it over Denise’s bare chest. The excess pudding flowed over her breasts, and dripped down all over her high heeled sandals. Wendy looked down and shook her head “Oh dear. I’ve made a complete mess of your sandals. If you’ll have a seat, I’ll clean them off for you!” “Why thank you, you’re so considerate…” said Denise as she opened up a folding chair and sat down. “Wait!….Something’s not right.” “What do you mean?” “Hmmmm…” Denise paused for a moment before picking up a coconut cream pie and planting it squarely in Wendy’s face. “THAT’S what was missing.” “…of course.” sighed Wendy as she gently cleared her eyes. “You DO have a lovely pair of feet. I bet they’re pretty tasty.” “You have a foot fetish?” giggled Denise “That’s SO cute. Let me get them a little messier for you.” Denise then took a large chocolate cream pie and placed it on the floor. She dipped her tan pantyhose covered toes into the pie, swirling the brown and white cream all over her black sandals. She then picked up the cherry, placed it on her pie covered right big toe and offered it to the kneeling Wendy. “Mmmmm. A sandal sundae. My favorite!” said Wendy right before she ate the cherry. The coconut cream faced redhead proceeded to suck on Denise’s toes, using her tongue to explore each nook and cranny. She then turned her attention to the thin black sandal straps, cleaning them off, before focusing on Denise’s instep, kissing it and sticking her tongue in between the instep and sole. After one more go-around on Denise’s toes, Wendy repeated the process on her new friend’s left foot. Denise was surprised to find herself really enjoying the way Wendy made love to her feet. All of a sudden she was struck by this strange new desire to find out what fishnet tasted like covered in cream and blueberry filling. Convienently, Wendy was outfitted in strappy black stiletto sandals and black fishnet stockings. Without saying a word, the two girls exchanged places. Denise placed two blueberry cream pies on the floor. Wendy sunk her feet into the pies, enveloping them in blue and white goo. Denise then grabbed another coconut cream pie, walked behind Wendy and pied her face from behind. Wendy playfully sucked on Denise’s fingers as pieces of crust dripped from her face. Denise then picked up a banana cream pie, handed it to Wendy, and knelt in front of her. With mock solemnity, Wendy smushed the pie into Denise’s face. Denise stayed motionless for a moment, enjoying her pie in the face. She then cleared her eyes and treated herself to a two course serving of pie `a la foot. As Denise kissed, licked and sucked on her feet, Wendy moaned appreciatively and began to finger herself. As much as Denise was enjoying tonguing Wendy’s feet, she knew that the place for her face was between Wendy’s legs. Kissing her way up the calf and thigh, Denise allowed her tongue to guide her to Wendy’s hot, moist pussy. Wendy could now see why Jamie always raved about Denise’s cunnilingus skills. The girl was a powerhouse. Her tongue had more moves than Muhummad Ali. She was also the most beautiful woman Wendy had ever laid eyes on. While Wendy, Heather and Jamie were all easily cute enough to make any man’s head turn, Denise was in a whole other league. Her long light brown hair was lightly streaked with sun beached blonde, her penetrating blue eyes and full lips projected a vulnerable sensuality, and her body…let’s just say that in a black mini-dress and strappy high heels she could tempt any woman to experiment with bi-sexuality. And damn she could eat some pussy. In almost no time, Wendy was convulsing as wave after wave of orgasm pulsed throughout her body. As Denise lifted up her head, she was greeted with a key lime pie sandwich, courtesy of Wendy. Both lovers stood up, embraced each other’s firm body and kissed passionately. “I’ve got a surprise for you, Denise.” whispered Wendy as she nibbled on her lover’s ear. “What is it?” asked Denise. “Follow me” Wendy led Denise around a corner, where a bed of gooey sheet cakes had been laid out. “Oh my God!” squealed Denise “Jamie must have told you about our first night together. This is too much!” “Too much of everything is just enough, my little princess. Too much icing, too much custard filling…” ” …and you quote the Grateful Dead.” blurted out Denise “I love the Dead.” “So do I, Denise, but we’ll talk tapes later.” said Wendy “Let’s get messy!”

The two lovers lay down in the bed of cake, and promptly made themselves at home, playfully rubbing handfuls of gooey sweetness all over each other’s faces and bodies. Wendy and Denise rolled around in the mess, caressing and fondling each other as they completely coated their bodies with white icing and yellow cake and custard. Wendy sucked on Denise’s tits as she rubbed cake all over her firm ass. Denise stroked Wendy’s pussy with her still sandal clad toes as she gave her a frosting shampoo. Next, Wendy knelt behind Denise, her firm D-cups pressed against Denise’s back. As she continued to smear cake all over Denise’s face, Wendy nibbled on her neck and fingered her pussy. Denise was getting really hot by this point and soon she turned around, picked up a handful of cake, rubbed it all over Wendy’s face and forcefully kissed her on the lips. After a long french kiss, their lips parted and Denise lay down on her back. Wendy climbed on top of her and kissed Denise all over her face as the two shared a messy embrace. Wendy gradually worked her way down Denise’s perfect 10 body, nuzzling on her neck, massaging and sucking on her breasts, kissing her flat firm tummy, and then parting her legs to indulge in some serious pussy eating. Wendy was no slouch in the cunnilingus department, as Denise’s tensing, gyrating body would attest. As she orgasmed, Denise gave herself yet another faceful of cake. Afterwards, Wendy lay down next to her lover, who treated her one more facial. Exhausted, they relaxed in each other’s arms. Shortly thereafter, Heather and Jamie, also worn out, joined their friends in the bed of cakes for some final nuzzling and cake facials. The night had been an unbridled success, as each girl realized a new threshold of pure carnality. Not even the two hour clean-up dimmed their enthusiasm. All four agreed that this wouldn’t be the last time they’d get together and even began discussing new recruits for the next pie fight. Yum Yum!