The Initiation

– Author Unknown –

At Florida Tech, for approximately $80,000, after 4 or so years, one could get a piece of paper that led to a high paying engineering job. Jamie, however, wasn’t looking for work. She was looking for a husband; preferably one with a high paying engineering job awaiting him upon graduation. Unfortunately for her, she happened to attend the only engineering school in the U.S. with a 5/1 female to male ratio. Of all the many sororities on the Florida Tech campus, only one was consistently the focus of attention of the male minority. If you truly wanted to hook a man, you did whatever it took to become a sister of Pi Iota Epsilon. Jamie was prepared to do whatever it took. Becoming a PIE sister was not a given, even for a stunner like Jamie. The pledge period lasted virtually all freshman year. During the pledge period, all pledges had to wear polyester pants suits and earth shoes while on campus, among numerous other indignities, while they slaved to cater to the sisters every whim. If a task was not met to the sister’s satisfaction, the pledge was subject to humiliating public punishments, including walking around campus topless, covered only with a whipped cream bra. Needless to say, many pledges did not make it through to initiation night. Jamie were lucky in that she had a very supportive big sister in Denise, who would repeatedly defend her from the abuse of the other sisters. Denise’s moral support was probably the biggest reason Jamie made it to initiation night. As Jamie got ready, she began to feel a sense of relief. For the first time in almost a year, she could wear makeup and do up her hair. She wore her long blond hair straight, and parted in the middle. Her skin was blemish free, soft and lightly freckled. She stood barely over 5 feet tall, and barely looked her 18 years, with just a hint of baby fat remaining on her. She was cute as a button, and squeezably soft. When she arrived at the PIE house, Jamie gathered with the other initiates in a waiting room, outfitted in a white, over the shoulder toga dress with gold trim and strappy, 3 1/2″ white high heeled sandals. As an extra touch she wore glossy white toenail polish, which perfectly accentuated her bronzed toes. In the waiting room, the tension grew every time a pledge was led away to appear before the initiation tribunal. When Jamie’s turn came, her pulse began to race. She had heard rumors of what went on at sorority initiations, ranging from silly to outright dangerous. After all she had been through, however, Jamie decided there was no turning back. She was prepared to do anything to become a PIE sister. As soon as the door of the waiting room closed behind Jamie, Denise emerged from around the corner. She was dressed professionally in a red tailored suit, black silk blouse, sheer black stockings, and strappy black sandals with 4″ stiletto heels. Denise was flat out gorgeous. Her eyes were the deepest baby blue, with long lashes. Her dirty blonde hair was long and wavy, her lips bee stung. Her body was 5’6″, 105 pounds of toned perfection. Her eyes and lips combined to project an alluring combination of innocence and experience. The 20 year old Lolita was the perfect tour guide for the journey her 18 year old charge was about to take. “Denise, I’m so glad to see you.” Jamie said as she exhaled “Are you going to be with me through the initiation?” “Yes I am.” said Denise with somber tone that reflected the seriousness of the proceedings. “Jamie, you’re going to do just fine. Just be sure to think carefully before answering any questions. There’s not much room for error. You are allowed three chances in front of the tribunal. If you mess up three times, you will be banished for life.” Jamie gulped. “Are the questions difficult?” “Not if you think.” replied Denise. With that, the two girls followed the sergeant-at-arms into the initiation chamber. Jamie was seated in front of a long table. Denise stood behind her. On the other side of the table sat Nikki, Jamie’s chief tormentor during the pledge period. The statuesque redhead was wearing a low cut black cocktail dress, suntan stockings, and a pair of black high heeled sandals. Nikki placed three candles on the table, all the while staring devilishly at Jamie. When she finally spoke, her voice was cold and forbidding. “Greeting, worm. I’m gonna make this simple. I’m gonna ask you some questions. You’re gonna give me some answers. If you answer incorrectly, I blow out a candle. If I blow out all three candles, you’re done. Capish!” “Yes, master.” After 10 minutes of questioning, Jamie was down to one candle. Nikki stood up, walked around, and then sat down on the table directly in front of Jamie. “Last question, worm!” grinned Nikki mischievously “This one is for all the marbles. Get it right and I call you sister, get it wrong and…” Nikki then feigned blowing out the final candle. “I’m ready.” said the visibly nervous Jamie. “OK, then. What is the color of my dress?” Jamie breathed a sigh of relief. “Black!” she replied. “Are you sure?” “Of course I’m sure.” “That’s funny. I remember that class we were both in last semester. When we went over the electromagnetic spectrum, I distinctly remember hearing that black is the absence of light, and therefore the absence of color. Black is a hue, not a color. Oh well…” Nikki then blew out the final candle. “Denise, show this worm out.” “What the hell kind of question is that, Nicki?” replied Denise angrily “You can’t bust out a pledge with a stupid trick question like that?” “Uh correction, Denise” replied Nikki coolly “I can, and I just did.” “You jealous bitch. You’re not going to get away with this. Jamie’s in, or I walk out with her” “Suit yourself.” replied Nikki. “Denise!” interjected Jamie “You don’t have to do this.” “I insist! This is bull#@$%!” “Chill out, Denise.” admonished Nikki “There is still one way Jamie can get in.” “How’s that?” “The Humiliation Ritual, silly.” laughed Nikki “You’ve GOT to be kidding. We haven’t used that in over ten years. Hell, none of us have ever seen the Humiliation Ritual first hand.” “Which is why I’ve added my own little twist, Denise. Just how badly do you want Jamie to become a sister?” “That’s a stupid question, Nikki. I’d do anything, you know that.” “That’s what I wanted to hear. Are you willing to be humiliated in front of your sisters?” “Don’t answer that!” interrupted Jamie “Denise, you really DON’T have to do this with me.” Denise grasped Jamie’s hands and looked directly at her “I’d LOVE nothing more than to be humiliated with Jamie in front of my sisters. Do your worst, Nikki.” “Why does Denise have to do this?” asked Jamie. “Look, Jamie.” said Denise “We’re in this together. I’ve already said that I would do it. Just do everything Nikki tells you to do and be prepared for anything. I can assure you, everything will stay inside this room.” As Jamie nodded her assent, Nikki was directing some of the other sisters to wheel in carts containing a variety of pies, cakes, and other foodstuffs. Denise took off her blazer and led Jamie over to a large blue tarp that had just been laid out. Denise whispered into Jamie’s ear “Look, don’t let these jealous bitches get to you. I plan on having the time of my life. Let’s just have some fun and give them a show. Stick with me kid and you’re in like Flynn.” She then gave Jamie a tender kiss on the cheek that made the young pledge feel a little flushed. Nikki then took command. “Jamie, I want you to take this bucket of honey, and let Denise have it.” Jamie looked to Denise, who nodded enthusiastically. Jamie then picked up the bucket and slowly dripped it over Denise’s waiting head. As the intensifying flow of honey descended upon her, Denise tilted her head back to let the sticky goo pour down on her face and onto her silk blouse. All the while, she kept a satisfied smile on her face. “Very good worm.” said Nikki “Now Denise, you’re not going to let a lowly pledge do that to you, are you?” Without saying a word, Denise lifted a heaping banana cream pie out of its tin. Still smiling, she put her left arm around Jamie’s shoulders and hugged her. With her right hand, Denise took the pie and put it in Jamie’s face. As Denise rubbed the messy pie all over her face, Jamie was surprised how good it felt. Licking her lips, she thought to herself “Mmmm, tasty.” Wiping her eyes, Jamie could see that her pieing went over well with Nikki. “You look good in banana cream. But I think you’d look better in chocolate.” With that Denise picked up a bucket of chocolate syrup and hurled the contents at Jamie. The dark brown syrup totally covered Jamie’s face and also got all over her white toga. However, some of the syrup also landed on Nikki, who was standing behind Jamie. “Nice shot, Denise.” said Nikki sarcastically as she pulled up a chair. “Look at my brand new sandals! They’re an absolute mess! Denise, get on your knees! Jamie, bring me over two key lime pies!” Jamie handed the two pies to Nikki, who then proceeded to sandwich her face with them, turning Jamie’s entire head into a messy swirl of cream, chocolate and lime filling. “That’s for letting Denise mess up my sandals, worm. Go get two more pies!” Nikki then turned her attention to Denise “As for you, you can put your tongue to good use for a change. Clean off my feet!” “Yes master.” Denise took Nikki’s right foot and lifted it to her mouth. She started with Nikki’s fishnet clad toes, licking and sucking each toe before working her way up the instep. “Mmm…I’m enjoying this on so many levels, you wouldn’t believe” Nikki said teasingly as Denise licked syrup off her ankle straps. As Denise finished tonguing Nikki’s feet clean, Jamie took position behind her, each hand holding a de-tinned coconut cream pie. When Denise lifted her head up, Nikki gave the signal and…THWAPP…Jamie smushed both pies into Denise’s face, twisting and smearing the crusts all over her head, neck and shoulders. As Jamie slowly rubbed the pies in, her bra-less breasts pressed up against Denise’s back. Her nipples were becoming hard as Denise squirmed about. Both girls forgot about the crowd around them, they were having fun making all this mess. Nikki brought over two more buckets; this time filled with chocolate pudding. After giving each girl a bucket, Nikki commanded the two of them “turn their outfits into a dry cleaners worst nightmare. Jamie started by pouring her bucket over Denise’s upturned face, before dripping the pudding down her cleavage. The pudding began to well up inside her black silk blouse, even squirting out a little between the buttons. Denise retaliated by first tossing some pudding right onto Jamie’s toga. She then pulled open the toga and dumped the rest of the pudding into Jamie’s cleavage. After doing this, Denise surprised Jamie somewhat by grabbing her breasts through the toga and massaging them, allowing the pudding to drip down. Denise then pulled Jamie close to her. When they hugged, the excess pudding welled up beneath their clothing, squished out in all directions. At this point, Nikki stepped back and let the two participants improvise. Jamie was starting to feel aroused, in spite of herself. She was beginning to get the feeling that the Humiliation Ritual involved a little more than messy play. The thought of sex with another woman was heretofore unthinkable, but somehow, at this moment, Denise seemed to feel just right. Before Jamie could ponder this any further, Denise surprised her with a cherry pie topped with whipped cream. Jamie stood motionless, tasting the tart cherries, as Denise giggled like a schoolgirl. After a moment, Denise gently wiped Jamie’s eyes clear, and handed her a huge lemon meringue pie. Denise, as she playfully stroked Jamie’s still relatively clean hair, whispered in her ear “You’re doing great. You give great pie. Now pie my face like you’re fucking me!” Jamie cheerfully obliged and thrust the gooey confection into Denise’s waiting face. As Jamie rubbed the pie in as slowly as she could, Denise undid the buttons of her blouse, revealing a pair of perfectly proportioned breasts bound by a pudding soiled push-up bra. Denise then took Jamie’s pie covered fingers into her mouth, and slurped them sensuously, like she was performing fellatio. Denise then stroked Jamie’s cream and cherry filling coated cheek softly, before going over to the cart and picking up two more banana cream pies. She handed one to Jamie and without a word being exchanged the two girls pied each other’s face in unison. Without hesitation, Denise pulled Jamie to her and the two exchanged a passionate kiss. This kiss was followed by a series of little kisses to each other’s eyes, noses, ears, cheeks, and chins; all the while rubbing their faces together to share as much pie cream as possible. Giggling in anticipation, Jamie removed her toga, exposing her bare, pudding covered breasts. Denise led her over to one of the carts, which contained a massive lasagna type tin, filled three inches deep with butterscotch pudding. Removing her bra, Denise bound Jamie’s hands behind her back with it. Positioning Jamie in front of the tin lengthwise, Denise stood behind her, hands on the sides of the cart, her bare breasts pressed against Jamie’s shoulder blades. Denise suddenly pulled the tray toward Jamie, jackknifing her, and forcing her face, breasts, and entire upper body into the butterscotch pudding. After several dunkings, Denise untied Jamie’s hands. Jamie immediately picked two chocolate cream pies up out of their tins, and smushed them into Denise’s bare breasts. Denise’s nipples instantly got erect as Jamie’s fingers investigated them. Denise was ecstatic that Jamie was as horny as she was. After the two pies, Jamie continued to work on Denise’s breasts. Picking up two thawed containers of Kool Wip (notice the lack of any copyright infringement) Jamie applied them to Denise’s perky breasts in a manner that recalled not only Soupy Sales, but former Missing Persons lead singer Dale Bozzio. The Kool Wip maneuver earned the pledge a round of cheers from the gathered audience. Not to be outdone, Denise gathered the leftover Kool Wip and gave Jamie an extensive facial. As Jamie wiped her eyes clear, Denise took the corner of the butterscotch pudding tin and guided it to Jamie’s still clean white panties. As she filled Jamie’s panties with the pudding, Denise took the opportunity to nibble on Jamie’s voluptuous, pudding covered breasts. Taking Jamie’s left nipple into her mouth, Denise alternated sucking, licking, and lightly biting it. Once Jamie’s panties overflowed with pudding, Denise began fingering her little sister through the soaked cotton fabric. As she did this, Denise continued to use her tongue on Jamie’s breasts, occasionally coming up to exchange messy French kisses. Soon, Denise got down on her knees, yanked Jamie’s panties down to her ankles, and started eating her out furiously. Jamie started breathing deeply, she had never felt pleasure like this in her eighteen years. As Denise began to zero on her clitoris, Jamie picked up a lemon meringue pie. A warm feeling began to overtake her body. Waves of ecstasy began to wash over her. Jamie took the pie and plunged it squarely in her own face as she rode Denise’s face into orgasm after orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, Jamie stumbled back woozily, still blinded by pie. She stepped out of her panties and presented herself to the PIE sisters, who gave her a standing ovation. Suddenly emboldened Jamie announced “For my encore, I would like to thank my big sister, Denise, for everything she’s done for me, ESPECIALLY tonight! Come here, lover!” “It was my pleasure” replied Denise as she held Jamie in a warm embrace “I’ve wanted you since the first moment I laid eyes on you at the induction ceremony. I hope tonight is the first of many times.” The two lovers then kissed passionately. “Mmmm, I don’t think we’re finished yet.” cooed Jamie.”I want to taste you.” Jamie, with the help of some of the PIE sisters, laid out twelve large frosted sheet cakes, enough to resemble a gooey queen size mattress. Taking her big sister by the hand, Jamie led Denise to the cake bed. Denise lay down on her back and Jamie began by picking up some cake and rubbing it in her lover’s face. Denise moaned her approval. Jamie then rubbed more cake all over Denise’s body, focusing on her breasts. Jamie then opened four more tubs of Kool Wip. Two tubs were massaged into Denise’s body, a third was dumped in Denise’s panties. Jamie scooped out the contents of the fourth tub with both hands and plopped them on Denise’s face. Jamie then lay on top of Denise and started kissing her face, totally covering her face with Kool Wip. As she did this, Jamie began grinding her body against Denise’s, the Kool Wip providing a terrific lubricant. Slowly, Jamie used her tongue to work her way down Denise, moving to her neck, her shoulders and then her quivering breasts. Jamie loved flicking, licking, and sucking on Denise’s firm round nipples. Denise was getting hot and wet. Finally, Jamie had worked her way down to Denise’s panties. With a big knowing grin, Jamie hooked her thumbs around Denise’s panties and pulled them down. Spreading Denise’s legs, Jamie pulled back her hair and plunged her face into the Kool Wip surrounding Denise’s wet mound. Although this was Jamie’s first taste of female, her tongue proved remarkably adept at finding Denise’s pleasure spots. Denise held firmly to the back of Jamie’s head, riding her face as Jamie’s tongue and teeth explored each fold. As Jamie sucked on her clitoris, Denise’s moans began turning into screams. Nikki and several of the other PIE sisters couldn’t resist picking up cream pies and pelting Denise’s face with them, as Jamie brought her her to orgasm. Afterwards, the two lovers hugged and kissed and rolled around in the cakes. Still having not got enough of each other, Jamie and Denise worked their way into a 69 position and brought each other to another orgasm. Emerging from the cake-bed TOTALLY covered from head to sandal clad toe, Denise and Jamie walked over to Nikki to await her judgment. Nikki broke into a big grin. “Welcome aboard Jamie! You are now officially a sister of Pi Iota Epsilon! A true PIE sister in every respect.” Jamie smiled shyly and said “Thank you. Tonight has been a dream come true. As far as being a true PIE sister in every respect…” Jamie then took a banana cream pie that Denise had slipped her and put it in Nikki’s face. “Now I’m a true PIE sister!” “Okay…I deserved that.” said Nikki as she flicked off pieces of crust from her face “Mmmm, banana cream… my favorite!” The PIE sisters shortly thereafter launched into a full blown pie-fight as Denise and Jamie slipped out, showered and spent the rest of the evening drinking champagne and making love.